Barbell Rack (30-100LBS)


Barbell Rack (30-100LBS)

Yanre’s 61A54 barbel rack has the ideal design made from commercial-grade steel. It frees up a lot of your workout space that would otherwise be needed for the barbell storage rack. This 5-tier commercial barbell rack is great for both workout novices and professionals.


Barbell Rack (30-100LBS) 5

Barbell Rack, Barbell Stand, Barbell Holder for Sale

Are you on the lookout for the commercial barbell rack at an affordable price? Get the best barbell storage from Yanre Fitness.

With over two decades of excellence in the self-design exercise equipment industry, Yanre Fitness has gained loyal customers in China and across the globe.

Barbell Rack Basics

Barbell racks are convenient storage units to keep your barbells in an orderly manner. Leaving barbells lying around on the floor of your workout space can cause unnecessary clutter. That’s where barbell holder stand come in.

If you’re seriously training for fitness, going through your barbells to find the right one is the last thing you’d want before every exercise. It’s far more convenient to have them lined up in place, ready to use without interrupting your session. Barbells left on the ground randomly can also cause injury.

Yanre olympic bar holder don’t occupy much space and can accommodate a range of barbells, making them excellent for gym use. Their innovative design enables them to securely store a high amount of barbells at once.

Our barbell weight rack has the ideal design made from commercial-grade steel. It frees up a lot of your workout space that would otherwise be needed for barbell storage rack. Staggered shelving enables easy handling while minimizing the risk of injury. Barbells are prevented from rolling off by stoppers present at the edge of every shelf. Careful craftsmanship of the whole structure facilitates stability and aesthetics. The inclined form also makes it convenient to pick up barbells. This unit can be placed anywhere in your gym and will allow easy access to your barbells. It can easily bear heavy weight and store it securely as well. This 5-tier commercial barbell rack is great for both, workout novices and professionals. This gym barbell stand is fit for purchasing without any second thoughts.

Features of the Yanre Barbell Rack

  • Visual Appeal

This unit allows a convenient linear placement of different barbells. The uncomplicated design of the shelves and saddles enables easy cleaning. The innovative saddle design avoids any sharp metal edges poking out and hurting users’ hands.

  • Durable Design

Made from flat steel plates and steel tubes that have been cold rolled, this barbell weight rack is built to last. A riveting design instead of a welded one further enhances its weight-bearing power.

  • Space-Saving Storage

This rack can effectively accommodate most fixed head, pro-style barbells available in the market.

  • User-Friendly Shelf Incline

The tiers are positioned at varying angles for the convenience of picking up a barbell off the fixed barbell rack.

  • Frame and Finish

The unit employs industrial-grade steel tubes of the finest quality that have been welded at crucial areas for bearing the harshest of conditions.

  • Rubber Feet

Rubber stumps firmly keep the rack in place, making it stable and protecting its frame as well as the floor from harm.

  • Small Footprint

This horizontal barbell rack doesn’t take up much floor area and is ideal if you’re already short on workout space.

Barbell Rack Specs

  • Mainframe adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe All pipes are Q235 qualified.
  • 8mm thick stainless steel hook plate, 10.8 high strength bolt connection.
  • Ten bar set, can be placed bar straight or curved.
  • The top design of fetching barbell groove.

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