Roman Chair


Roman Chair


Yanre Fitness’ 61A43 Roman Chair works your lower back, glutes, hamstring and abdominals muscles. It features sturdy and padded supports that stabilize your body and maximizing its effectiveness.


Roman Chair 7

Roman Chair, Roman Bench, Adjustable Hyperextension Bench For Sale

Need a supportive piece of equipment to strengthen and tone your lower torso? Buy the best Roman chair at a wholesale price from Yanre Fitness. Besides offering this high-quality adjustable hyperextension bench for commercial use, Yanre is a leading self-design gym equipment manufacturer with a range of fitness machines and accessories for worldwide delivery.

Roman Chair Basics

What is a Roman Chair? A Roman chair, or Roman bench, is an adjustable hyperextension bench with an angled seat pad, supportive foam rollers, a footplate, and handles integrated into a single unit. It places you at an incline of 45 to 60 degrees, allowing effective back extension while strengthening your abdominals, obliques, lower back muscles, and gluteus muscles.

Functions of a Roman Chair

  • Multiple Muscles Worked

Our Roman bench offers exercises for the erector spinae muscle in your back, along with the hip flexors, abs, obliques, and glutes.

  • Exercise Variation

Roman chair exercises are diverse, needing only a change in positioning to allow back extension, straight leg lifts, and Roman chair situps etc.

  • Safe and Effective Workouts

With sturdy, padded supports that are small enough to allow free movement, the Roman bench allows safe workouts while stabilizing your body and maximizing effectiveness. The adjustment option in our Roman bench further enables users with different body types and fitness requirements to comfortably settle into the unit.

Features of the Yanre Roman Bench

Yanre Fitness offers high-quality hyperextension Roman chairs for sale, having a 45-degree angle to suit various training groups and methods. Using this hyperextension bench in different positions enables you to target a wide range of muscle groups for building strength and mass.

Our gym Roman bench features a double guide rail made of alloy steel material and foam rollers to allow secure exercise. It features a linear bearing structure and high-density foam upholstery for optimal comfort. Using our Roman bench can also help improve blood circulation and relieve pain, along with strengthening and conditioning your muscles.

Adjustable Roman Bench Specs:

  • Mainframe adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe All pipes are Q235 qualified.
  • 45 degree Roman bench, suitable for different training groups and training methods.
  • Adjustable foot position equipped with handle.
  • The alloy steel material double guide rail and linear bearing structure are adopted to ensure the safe and quick.
  • Adjustment and to ensure the strength requirement of the whole structure.
  • High-density foam upholstery, “furniture grade” PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover.
  • N.W.:60kgs/132lbs
  • G.W.:70kgs/154lbs
  • Installation size:1544*893*958mm/ 61*35*38in

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