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Hip Adduction Machine For Sale – Definitive FAQ Guide

The hip adduction machine works out the hip muscles. It provides practical and safe training. It ensures effortless use and privacy during the exercise.

Hip adduction machines in every gym are a must. Without this fantastic machine, your gym studio is incomplete. 

There are some essential facts for every gym owner before buying a hip adduction machine. Check out our ultimate FAQ guide for the best hip adduction machines. 

Let’s have a look!

Table of Contents

What is a hip adduction machine?

A hip adduction machine is a piece of gym equipment that is used for the movement of muscles and exercise of thighs. It helps to stabilize the muscles. 

It  has two pads that rest on outer thighs as one sits in the device. One needs to push out legs against the pads with resistance provided by the weights during exercise. 

Hip Adduction Machine 9

Figure-1: Hip Adduction Machine

What are the specifications of a hip adduction machine?

Frame Construction

The steel structure makes the frame strong. It ranges from two-inch by three-inch tubing with eleven yards of thickness. 

Frame Finish

 Before applying the finish, each part is chemically washed to prepare the surface for maximum adhesion.


All hardware is metric and has a corrosion-resistant finish.

Instructional Placard

 The visual placard illustrates proper use.

Equipment Anchoring

Every machine has its holes in the feet; it allows installation to the basement of the gym. The hip adduction machine needs to be anchored to the floor to reduce the possibility of tipping.

Moreover, the most essential features of a hip adduction machine are as follows: 

  • Hip adduction machines boost the growth of the thigh. 
  • It stabilizes the body.
  • It provides the best leg exercise.

It is mentionable that hip adduction machines can cause injuries in the kneecap and other parts of the leg. 

Is a hip adduction machine necessary for a gym?

Yes, it is necessary. An entire leg routine shouldn’t be without the hip adduction machine, which works explicitly with muscles in the inner thighs. 

Hip adduction machines legs in the opposite direction can help work some of the smaller muscles in the outer thighs.

Hip Adduction Machine 10

Figure-2:hip adduction machine during exercise

Hip adduction machines have been becoming popular nowadays for the smartest hip-building technique. Wholesalers and gym owners can purchase bulk roll hip adduction machines from China and other countries. 

What are the dimensions of a hip adduction machine?

The dimensions of the machine are as below:

  • Idle – 67 L x 35 W x 57 H inches 170.18 L x 88.9 W x 144.78 H cm 
  • In use – 81 L x 68 W x 57 H inches 205.74 L x 172.72 W x 144.78 H cm

The dimension of a hip adduction machine is not fixed. It depends on the size and height of the machine. 

How much does a hip adduction machine weigh?

A hip Adduction machine generally weighs (with weight stack)  650 lbs that are equal to 294.83 kg. 

The total weight of the hip adduction machine depends on the size. 

How much weight can a hip adduction machine hold?

A hip adduction machine generally can hold a weight of 100 to 150 kg. It depends on the production of quality hip adduction machines. 

Most of the top-class hip adduction machine manufacturers produce quality machines. These machines can hold more weight. Yanre fitness is one of the best manufacturers of hip adduction machines in China.

How is the hip adduction machine different from a Multi-hip machine?

Hip adduction machines are used for the strongest hip. It works on the hip. It rarely works on other muscles. It is essential for hip exercise. 

Hip Adduction Machine 11

Figure-3 (a): Hip adduction machine

Hip Adduction Machine 12

Figure-3 (b): Multi hip machine

Multi hip machines are used for the movement of muscles and other parts of the body. It accelerates body movement. 

Most of the gymnasts in the gymnasium like to use a multi hip machine for the slow movement of the body. 

Why is the hip adduction machine so popular among gyms?

Yes, for a small gym or a big gym, a hip adduction machine is mandatory. 

It is so popular among gyms because of its stability. It has side handles for better positioning during the workout.

Hip Adduction Machine 13

Figure-4:Seated hip adduction machine

Hip adduction machines are used to exercise on the body muscle. It works for strengthening muscle groups. 

Most of the gym owners and wholesalers purchase hip adduction machine bulk for commercial purposes. It focuses on the hip building with good shape. 

How much space is needed for a hip adduction machine?

The total area needed is 64.5L x 65W x 70.5H cm. You should keep enough space around the hip adduction machines for easy movements. 

Hip Adduction Machine 14

Figure-5:Space needed for hip adduction machine

For space measurements idea, you can watch this video: 

How to find the best manufacturers of the hip adduction machine at wholesale price?

Generally, you search google for a better experience. I will introduce you to some manufacturers of hip adduction machines for sale at wholesale prices. 

Customer reviews: If you search hip adduction machines online for sale, you will easily find some positive customer reviews. Satisfied customers always show positive reviews for the product. And you can find out the problems from the dissatisfied customer reviews. 

Company website: Company website provides necessary information regarding gym equipment. The advantages and disadvantages of hip adduction machines are also described on the website. You can communicate easily directly with the company sales team for detailed information. 

B2B businesses: You can collect your desired products for your business or gymnasium from business to business website or online portal. Amazon, Alibaba are the best example of a business-to-business platform to purchase hip adduction machines. 

Social media buzz: Social media buzz is the authentic information of the personal experience of the customer. There is always a buzz or positive image or positive experience among the buyers that are reflected in the social media. 

You can use these mentioned sources for finding out the best sellers of the hip adduction machine. 

What is the average price of a hip adduction machine?

The average price of a hip adduction machine ranges from $500 to $700. The cost of a hip adduction machine varies in size, design, and quality. 

In which temperature does a hip adduction machine suit? 

It can be stored in an environment with a humidity range of 10% to 90%. 

Hip Adduction Machine 15

Figure-6: Safe placement of a hip adduction machine

Please make sure you store the unit in an area of high humidity, such as in the vicinity of a steam room, sauna, indoor pool, or outdoors.

The hip adduction machine is designed to function normally in an environment with a relative humidity range of 30% to 75%. 

For more details, you can watch this video: 

How many hip adduction machines are required for a large gym?

It requires 5 to 10 hip adduction machines for an ideal gym center. 

The requirements depend on the size and number of people gathered at a time. 

Hip Adduction Machine 16

Figure-7: Use of hip adduction machine

The requirement of the number of hip adduction machines depends on the size of the gymnasium. 

How to maintain a hip adduction machine?

Hip Adduction machine can be maintained in the following manners:


  • Wash through mild soap and water. 
  • Clean grips with soap and water.


  • Tight hardware is required. So, check the hardware for looseness. 
  • Carefully check frames for damage. 
  • Carefully check hand grips.


  • Carefully clean with soap and water.


  • Carefully check the hardware for tampering. 
  • Inspect the handgrips condition.

Does a hip adduction machine come with a compensation plan?

Yes, hip adduction machines have different types of compensation plans for wholesale dealings.

Wholesale customers get more priority on purchasing bulk. 

Yanre continuously maintains a good business relationship with clients in order to provide hip adduction machines at wholesale price. 

You can communicate for detailed information.

Final words

We hope this  Hip adduction machine FAQ guide has answered most of your queries. 

We tried our best to include all the relevant questions relating to this product you might be curious to know. 

To get the best product, the Yanre Fitness Hip Adduction machine would be the right choice.

Contact us for details.