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Butterfly Pectoral Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

A butterfly pectoral machine is available in most commercial gyms. It is a popular piece of strength equipment with multiple uses.

Are you interested in adding some butterfly pectoral machines to your inventory? But all the available variations are making it difficult for you to choose.

Stress no more!

I have put together this FAQ guide, especially for this purpose. It will remove all your confusion. And help you come to a profitable decision.

Let’s start…

Table of Contents

What is the nature of a butterfly pectoral machine?

It is a strength-based machine that targets the pectorals, deltoids, etc.  

The movement only happens at the shoulder joint. It is referred to by many names, like:

  • A pec-fly
  • Machine fly
  • Pec-deck fly
  • Seated lever fly, etc.

The pectorals are important muscles used for day-to-day work. Like lifting things, pushing things, picking up the groceries, etc.

A butterfly pectoral machine isolates this muscle and builds its strength. Thus, making everyday activities easier and manageable. 

What are the types of butterfly pectoral machines?

There are many variations of a butterfly pectoral machine available on the wholesale market. All of which target & develop the chest, shoulders, and abdominals.

These include:

  • Pectoral fly machines
  • Pec – deck machines
  • Pec-fly & rear-delt machines (combination)
Butterfly Pectoral Machine 6

Figure 2 – Yanre Fitness butterfly pectoral machine

Is the pec-fly / pec-deck version of a butterfly pectoral machine the same thing?

No, they are not.

Although both versions target & develop the muscles of the chest wall. There are some differences between the two machines.

With a pec-fly machine, the elbows are straighter and the weights are as far out as possible. This means that more muscles are involved in moving the weight.

The pec-fly has a wider starting point as well.

A pec-deck on the other hand has a narrow starting point comparatively. The elbows form a 90-degree angle with the gym floor.

What is the difference between a pec-fly / a pec-deck butterfly pectoral machine?

The differences between a pec – fly & a pec – deck butterfly pectoral machine are as follows:

Both arms fully extended Parallel to the floor
More muscles needed to move the weights
Targets the outer pectorals
Wide range of motion
Wider starting point
Arms bent at the elbow At a 90 – degree angle with the floor
Fewer muscles needed to move the weight
Targets inner pectorals
Range of motion restricted
Narrow starting point

What are the important features of a butterfly pectoral machine?

The key features of a butterfly pectoral machine that make it versatile are:

  • Add-ons (bottle holders, towel hook, cell-phone holders, etc.)
  • Incremental add-on weight on the weight stack
  • Instructional placard display
  • Iso-lateral movement arms
  • Rotating handles 
  • Angled back pad
  • Adjustable seat height
  • High-capacity weight stack

The seat on the Yanre Fitness’s butterfly pectoral machines is torsion spring adjustable. Torsion springs make changing the seat height a smooth & comfortable experience.

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 7

Figure 5 – Torsion spring seat adjustment

What are the properties of a pec-fly / rear-delt, butterfly pectoral machine?

It is a dual-function machine that targets the pectorals and the deltoids. Its key features are:

  • Adjustable pivot arms
  • Built-in storage
  • Multiple handle positions
  • Two exercises in one machine
  • Adjustable starting point
  • Pop-pin to switch between pec-flys & rear delts
  • Multiple starting positions
  • Full shroud weight stack
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Small footprint
  • Heavy-duty cable

The pec-fly / rear-delt combo by Yanre Fitness shifts smoothly between the two exercises. It is a sturdy & comfortable machine, with strong steel construction.

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 8

Figure 6 – A pec-fly, rear-delt combo butterfly pectoral machine

How to shift between pec-fly / rear-delt, on a combo butterfly pectoral machine?

At the top of the movement arms, are two adjustment wheels. A pop pin is used to shift between a pec-fly & a pec-deck exercise.

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 9

Figure 7 – Adjustment at the top of the movement arms

If the adjustment wheel is in a zero position, it is set up for a rear-delt. Positions three & above are meant for a pec-fly.

Also, for a pec-fly, the user is facing outwards. Whereas, for a rear-delt, the chest is resting against the back pad.

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 10

Figure 8 – Adjustment mechanism with pop pins

What is the function of a CAM in a butterfly pectoral machine?

The purpose of a CAM is to change the resistance of a butterfly pectoral machine. CAMs maintain tension in the target muscle group.

The CAM on Yanre Fitness’s exercise machines is made of POM material. It is very strong and allows the CAM to be smooth & easy on the joints.

What are the advantages of a butterfly pectoral machine?

The advantages of a butterfly pectoral machine are as follows:

  • Isolation
  • Adjustable features
  • Combo butterfly pectoral machines
  • Iso-lateral training
  • Reduced injury risks
  • Better posture


Isolation means that a single muscle group or joint is isolated by the fitness machine. A butterfly pectoral machine works on the chest muscle.

It does so by isolating the shoulder joint.

Adjustable features

There are many adjustable parts in a butterfly pectoral machine. The seat height can be increased or decreased as needed. 

The movement arms are adjustable as well. To shift from one exercise to another. 

Some machines have a foot-press. It brings the movement arms forward so they are within easy reach.

All these adjustable features make butterfly pectoral machines versatile. And adaptable to all kinds of users.

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 11

Figure 9 – Adjustable seat height

Combo butterfly pectoral machines

Depending on the manufacturer, a butterfly pectoral machine can be either:

  • Standalone
  • Combination

Combination machines target more muscles. They are also cost-effective in the long run.

Iso-lateral training

The importance of this feature cannot be stressed enough. Iso-lateral training ensures that both sides of the body develop equally.

The movement arms can be moved together or one at a time. In the same or opposite directions. The weight load can be the same on both sides or different as well.

Reduced injury risks

The risk of injury is low for a butterfly pectoral machine. The user is seated and the movement path is fixed to provide added safety. 

There is no stress on the back and the core is not needed to stabilize the weights. This makes a butterfly pectoral machine suitable for beginners as well.

Better posture

Butterfly pectoral machines improve posture and reduce stress on the shoulders and back from being seated all day.

Is it possible to upgrade the weight stack of a butterfly pectoral machine?

No, you shouldn’t add more weight to your fixed weight stack, without asking the manufacturer.

The weight stack limit is there for a reason. Your machine is made to handle that weight. Adding to it without expert guidance is not safe.

Ask your manufacturer if there is an upgrade available for your weight stack. Some manufacturers have optional heavier weight stacks for their machines.

These have to be purchased separately of course.

Or get a butterfly pectoral machine with an incremental add-on weight option. For a 5 lbs. weight step-up, the incremental weight is half of that (2.5 lbs.)

An incremental add-on weight will help you build strength gradually. And it is small enough to not damage your machine or cause you an injury.

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 12

Figure 10 – Weight stack of a selectorized butterfly pectoral machine

What should you look for in a butterfly pectoral machine before placing your order?

If you want to place a wholesale order for a butterfly pectoral machine. Then you should look into the following features:

  • Adjustability – It makes the machine adaptable to users of all sizes. 
  • Pec-station – This means there is an option to do two or more types of chest exercises.
  • Weight capacity – A higher weight capacity makes strength equipment versatile.
  • Range of motion – Machines with a  controlled range of motion are the best to avoid injury.
  • Accessories – These make fitness equipment more attractive to users (e.g. bottle & cellphone holder, instructional placards, etc.) 
  • Machine weight – A lighter machine is easy to move & store, when not in use.
  • Sturdy construction – High-gauge steel makes strength machines long-lasting.
  • Upholstery – High-density foam padding with furniture-grade PU leather cover is best for commercial fitness equipment.
  • Finish – Two layers of powder coating or a chrome coated finish is sweat resistant & rust-proof.
  • Warranty – Always check the warranty period provided by the manufacturer.

Is a butterfly pectoral machine better than free weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc.)?

Free weights and resistance-based machines both have their place in a workout routine. Free weights engage more stabilizer muscles and are better for strength building.

But they are also injury-prone & difficult to use for beginners.

Equipment like a butterfly pectoral machine is safe to use, easy to learn & available at most gyms.

Therefore, it could be argued that a butterfly pectoral machine is superior to free weights.

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 13

Figure 11 – Free weights (Dumbbells)

Is a butterfly pectoral machine beginner-friendly?

The following qualities make a butterfly chest machine easy to use for beginners.

  • Easy to use a weight stack
  • Instructional placard
  • Restricted motion path
  • No free weights
  • Seated position
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Padded backrest for support
  • Little to no learning curve

Can I customize a butterfly pectoral machine?

Yes, you can.

Wholesale equipment can be customized to better advertise your brand. And keep your customer base engaged.

Yanre fitness provides the option to customize the:

  • Logo
  • Logo design
  • Frame color
  • Color of the upholstery

When placing your order for wholesale butterfly pectoral machines. Discuss your requirements with the manufacturer.

Provide them with a sample of what you want to customize and they will accommodate your wishes.

What is a pec-station?

Pec-station is a term used for a machine that can perform more than one chest exercise.

Like: A Pec-fly / rear delt combo (Butterfly pectoral machine)

A pec-station is space-saving & cost-effective. And it can be used to isolate more muscle groups comparatively.

What type of weight load is used in butterfly pectoral machines?

Butterfly pectoral machines are plate loaded as well as pin loaded. 

Plate loaded butterfly pectoral machine:

A plate loaded butterfly pectoral machine uses regular, weight plates. Weight plates are bought separately.

  • Round
  • 2 – inch center hole
  • Can be used with most plate loaded machines
  • Easily available

Pin loaded butterfly pectoral machines:

Also known as selectorized. The weight stack is fixed. It is attached to the butterfly pectoral machine.

  • Rectangular weight plates
  • Increase in 5 Kg steps
  • 2.5 Kg incremental add-on weight
  • Magnetic weight pin
Butterfly Pectoral Machine 14

Figure 12 – A pin loaded butterfly pectoral machine

Butterfly Pectoral Machine 15

Figure 13 – A plate loaded butterfly pectoral machine


There is no question about how important a butterfly pectoral machine is for a commercial gym setup.

It is a popular wholesale fitness machine. I hope that this FAQ guide was useful to you. And now you are in a better position to make your choice.

Yanre Fitness manufactures all versions of butterfly pectoral machines. The quality & construction is unmatched.

Look through the whole range & make your choice.

You will not be disappointed.

Don’t be shy. Ask for a quote now!