Gym Roller Wheel – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to buy a gym rolling wheel?

Do you have a lot of demand for gym roller abs in your distribution center?

Do you want to buy a commercial ab wheel for your gym?

Do you want to educate yourself about the different features of the gym roller wheel so you can better present them to your customers?

Then do not worry about these questions anymore. We have compiled a detailed FAQ guide on the gym roller wheel that will answer all your queries. 

This is a simple piece of equipment that might look similar to each other. But there are several complexities involved in it. 

Let us start discussing what are the different characteristics of a gym wheel for abs.

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What is a gym roller wheel?

A gym roller wheel is a piece of inexpensive gym equipment. It consists of a wheel with two handles. 

It works on ab muscles and lower back muscles. It can also be used to reduce belly fat. The following are a few exercises that can be performed using the gym roller wheel. 

  1. Bridge Hold
  2. One leg roll out
  3. Plank to Pick
  4. Knee tucks
  5. Oblique tucks
Gym Roller Wheel 1

Figure 1. Gym roller wheel

What are the different types of gym roller wheel?

There are two types of gym roller wheel. Both give the same results. The difference comes only in the usage stability. A brief description of both types is as follows:

Single-wheel gym roller:

As the name indicates, these rollers have a single wheel in the center. However, it does not impact the intensity of the exercise in any way. 

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a Single-wheel gym roller:


Small Size:

Since single-wheel gym rollers are smaller than dual-wheel, they are portable and easy to carry around. 


There is a little price difference between single-wheel and dual-wheel gym rollers. This is because they have a single wheel and are smaller in size, their cost of production is less. 


Less stable:

Single-wheel gym roller is less stable than dual-wheel gym roller. This is because the surface touching the ground in a single-wheel gym roller is small. This feature is more prominent on carpeted floors because the carpet adds more resistance to the wheel movement. 

Gym Roller Wheel 2

Figure 2. Single Wheel Gym Roller

Dual wheel gym roller:

This type of roller has two wheels between the handles. As a result of this addition, it is more stable and smooth. The following are the pros and cons of using this type of gym roller:


Easier to use:

The larger center of gravity of the dual-wheel gym roller helps the user to keep it in an upright position more easily. Besides, due to this stability, the wheel can be moved against resistance using little effort. Therefore, it is easier to use them on the carpeted floors as well. 


Large size: 

Dual-wheel gym rollers are larger and heavier than single-wheel gym rollers. Therefore, they are not easy to transport and carry. 


This additional wheel in the dual-wheel gym roller comes with an additional price tag. However, there is not much difference between the two. 

Gym Roller Wheel 3

Figure 3. Double wheel gym roller

What are the advantages of buying a single-wheel gym roller over a dual-wheel gym roller?

The choice between both types depends on personal preferences and requirements. 

However, you should have this information so you can offer the best equipment to your customers. We have listed the conditions explaining which type of gym roller wheel one should buy in which scenario:

Single-wheel gym roller:

  1. If you need to transport the gym roller wheel from one place to another. 
  2. If you want users to exert more effort in keeping the gym roller wheel in an upright position. 
  3. If you are low on budget and your customers also demand cheap equipment in your distribution center. 

Dual-wheel gym roller:

  1. If your customers need to have more stability while using gym abs roller.
  2. If you have carpeted floor in your commercial gym. 
  3. If you are not tight on budget for your commercial gym. 
  4. If you and your customer do not need to displace the wheel. 

Consider the above points to analyze which type of gym roller wheel suits your requirements. 

What are the important features of a gym roller wheel?

Although all gym roller wheels look similar, there exist multiple differences. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following aspects of a gym roller wheel to identify which one suits your requirements. 


The stability of the wheel is the major factor determining the efficiency of the exercise. Therefore, you should always check the stability of the wheel. 

The stability of the wheel depends on the following four factors:

  1. The diameter of the wheel, the larger it is, the more stable the wheel will be. However, some users like to challenge their stabling strength by using a wheel of smaller diameter. 
  2. The material used to manufacture the wheel. It should be non-slip. Otherwise, it would be hard to control the motion of the wheel during exercise. 
  3. The surface of the wheel can be smooth or contoured. A smooth surface is slippery therefore it should be avoided. Whereas, treaded or contoured surfaces increase friction between floor and wheel. Therefore, it is easier to use. 
  4. The connection between the wheel and handles should be strong so that it does not shake during exercise. 

Handle grips:

Carefully check the grip quality of the handles in the gym roller wheel. They should be padded and have an efficient design to be used without strain. Moreover, some manufacturers offer handles of different sizes. Therefore, make sure to choose one that can fit the requirements of various types of people. Otherwise, buy different sizes of handles. 


A gym roller wheel often comes with a knee pad to reduce the strain on the knees during exercise. However, if you require other accessories, always look for all-in-one deals. These deals can save you a lot of money. The accessories that can be provided with a gym roller wheel are listed in the later sections of this article. 

What are the materials used to manufacture gym roller wheel?

Different types of materials are used to manufacture gym roller wheels depending on their parts. 

Following is a brief description of them:

  • The handles are made of padded EVA foam or rubber. 
  • Tires are made up of treaded non-slip rubber and PVC.
  • The inner shaft is made up of nickel-plated steel or stainless steel. 

What is the average price of a gym roller wheel?

A gym roller wheel can cost between $20 to $50.

The price of the gym roller wheel depends on its type and quality. Yanre Fitness offers quality and affordable gym roller wheels. Contact us to get a price estimate based on your order quantity. 

What are the average dimensions of a gym roller wheel?

The following are the average dimensions of a gym roller wheel:

Handle Diameter: 1.25 inches

Handle length: 5.25 inches

Overall length: 16 inches

Wheel diameter: 8 inches

Wheel thickness: 3 inches

However, these measurements might differ according to the type of roller and the manufacturer. Therefore, please contact your manufacturer to know the exact measurements. 

What is the average weight of the gym roller wheel?

The average weight of a gym roller wheel is 1kg. 

However, the weight of the gym roller wheel depends on the type of wheel and the manufacturing material. Therefore, if you want to estimate the shipping charges, please contact us to know the exact weight of the gym roller wheel. 

What is the average weight capacity of the gym roller wheel?

The average weight capacity of a gym roller wheel is 220kgs to 280kgs. 

It refers to the amount of user weight that the roller wheel can hold. Therefore, make sure that the trainers in your gym fall into this category to avoid injury and damage to the equipment.

Are there any accessories provided with the gym roller wheel?

Generally, a gym roller wheel is paired with a knee pad. However, some manufacturers provide multiple other accessories. Some of them are as follows:

Knee pad:

A knee pad is usually provided with an ab roller. It is a rubber pad that is kept under the knees during exercise to avoid strain on the knees. It has a length of 34cm, a width of 16cm, and a thickness of 1cm. 

Gym Roller Wheel 4

Figure 4. Knee pad with gym roller wheel

Resistance bands:

Resistance bands are flat or hollow bands made up of flexible rubber. They are usually provided in sets. When combined with the ab roller, they are used to increase the resistance in exercise to achieve better results. 

Gym Roller Wheel 5

Figure 5. Resistance band

Push up bars/ handle grips:

Push-up bars or handle grips are small accessories used with the gym roller wheel. They are made up of stainless steel with rubber handles. 

Gym Roller Wheel 6

Figure 6. Push up bars

Does the gym roller wheel come assembled?

No, gym roller wheels are shipped unassembled. 

The handles are separate from the wheel packaged in a box. It is done to reduce the shipping cost as an assembled gym roller wheel would occupy greater space. Moreover, it also reduces the chance of damage. Since unassembled rolling wheels are compact, there are fewer chances of them to move during shipping. 

Lastly, the assembly process of the gym roller wheel is a simple process that can be done in a few minutes. Therefore, this is not something that you should be worried about. 

Can I customize the color of the gym roller wheel?

Yes, Yanre Fitness provides color customization services for gym roller wheels. 

They are usually available in red, black, yellow, blue, or brown. However, the color for the handle padding and rubber wheel can be customized according to your requirements. 

To know the charges and other details regarding this service, please contact us. 

Gym Roller Wheel 7

Where can I buy a gym roller wheel in China?

If you are looking for a commercial quality gym roller wheel in China, Yanre Fitness is your place to go!

We are a trusted wholesale manufacturer in the world of gym equipment and accessories. So, visit our website to place your order or contact us to know more about the products. 


So this marks the end of our FAQ guide on the gym roller wheel. We hope that, after carefully reading it, you got answers to all your queries. Therefore, you now must be able to decide which product you want to buy.

Yanre Fitness offers a stable gym roller wheel with an affordable price tag. Feel free to contact us for more information or to get a customized price quote.