Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 1

Managing a gym might seem easy. But with an ongoing list of administrative duties, what seems easy can become a dreadful task.

Most gym staff spend hours in the admin offices. They capture registrations, completing training schedules, recording income and expenses, and many more. Most gym members will stand amazed at how much time and effort goes into managing the admin tasks in a gym.

With the right gym management system, you can streamline all your office admin duties. This will ensure that you and your team are less tied up with draining paperwork. It will give you more time to invest in your gym members, and to grow your business.

In this article we will look at the ABC of gym management software systems. And we investigate how the best suited system can benefit your gym.

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Gym Management Software in a Nutshell

Gym management software helps business owners to keep track of their schedules. It also helps them schedule employees, and members. Gym Management systems is also referred to as scheduling, check-in, or fitness software.

Although there is a variety of options available, only the best solutions offer both client, and staff-facing features.

With the aid of gym management software, gym owners can assign duties to their staff. You can also delegate training sessions to specific staff members or trainers. Gym owners can also create limits to the number of members allowed per class. This way you can control the influx in your group training sessions.

Another great bonus is onboarding of new members. Gym management software makes this an almost effortless duty. Because everything is automated. Owners can track employee clock-in and clock-out times. 

Most fitness and personal trainers use gym management software. It’s easy to check and track upcoming classes and attendance. They also use this software to manage and track individual member performance. And attendance can be viewed in real time. 

Added bonus features help you to issue customized progress reports. Then there is the customer service leg of the gym management software. Customers use the software to keep up to date with events. 

They also use it to book classes, sign up and pay online, and to renew gym memberships. In some cases, more advanced software also offers the feature of detailed IBM reports. So, each member can access their own progress report on the app or online.

The best news is that this kind of management software is not isolated for the use of managing and running traditional gyms. Gym management software can also be used by yoga studios, Pilates studios, Dance and gymnastics clubs, spas, and salons. Even independent personal trainers can enjoy using gym management software.

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 2

Figure 2: Gym Management Software in action (Image SRC: Gymmaster)

The Benefits of a Good Gym Management Software System

The benefits to gain from using a good gym management software is unlimited. If you are starting out and getting familiar with gym software, you can gain benefits. Even if you have been running a gym for decades now, and are looking to simplify your systems, you will find a solution best fit for you on one of our lists.

The market offers plenty of SaaS oriented fitness programs. Each offers their own view and unique outlook on business simplifications. For every size and type of fitness business in the world today, there is a software solution to help you manage your daily tasks.

If you want to achieve success in business, you need to ensure customer satisfaction. And you need proper management of all gym functions, and a billing system that is on time and accurate. 

It is crucial to your business success that you invest in the right gym management software. One that fits your kind of business. Invest in a software that will meet your needs.

There is a vast variety of software options available on the market. It will pay you well, now, and in future, to do your homework on the software program you are looking to invest in.

Gym management software provides a powerful set of tools that will increase your gym member’s satisfaction. It will also free up your staff’s working time. In turn, you will increase membership rates and your staff can spend time on building your business.

Gym management software will help you to organize all areas of your front and back office duties in your business. It will add details of all reports in one location and help you to complete essential tasks, necessary to grow your business and run your gym . Gym management software in essence is the only tool that can help you to streamline your business.

Let us investigate the key benefits of using a management software system to help run your gym.

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 3

Figure 3: One system Software (Image SRC: Two Brain Business)

One System Management

One of the biggest benefits a great gym management system offers is the ability to manage all the key aspects of your business from one location.

The use of a gym management system in your gym will enable you to complete a variety of tasks without having to switch between software programs. You can book appointments, process payments, sign up new members. You can even balance your income and expenses and manage your staff schedules all in one place. Everything you need to operate and manage your gym is in one program.

Gym management systems enable you and your team to spend more time on the gym floor. Interacting with your clients and building your brand. Simplify all your daily management and operational tasks. Then  you can spend more time on generating leads and marketing your business.

Manage Your Leads

A gym is a membership-based business. And lead generation is a vital part to the growth and sustainability of a gym. A software program that can aid you in generating and managing leads is essential to any successful gym or fitness business.

The fitness industry is fast expanding , and competition is forever on the increase. If you want to be competitive and successful in the fitness industry you and your team must be equipped with the right tools. You need to nurture, record, and convert any possible sales leads.

A good gym management software system will provide you with an integrated solution that will streamline your sales. It will also smooth out your management, and operations process.

It will assist your sales team with every task they have to complete, from generating leads to closing the deal and signing on a new member.

Sales managers and gym owners can use gym management software to build a rock-solid sales strategy. With the use of your software system, you can design an automated sales system. You can set up call times and schedules, prompt messages to follow up on and various notifications to make sure every lead is followed up on.

Another great way to build leads and stay in touch with prospective members is by adding an email, or message campaign to your sales strategy. And your software can help you with this as well.

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 4

Figure 4: Bills and Payment Software (Image SRC: Dribble)

Bills and Automated Payments

One thing every business owner dreads, is the end of the month debtor reviews. With an automated billing and payment program, this will be a thing of the past.

Gym management software offers automated billing and payment options to your members. It provides you and your members with a hassle-free, cost-effective way to collect monthly fees from your members.

The integrated payment options can be linked to both your app and your website. When a gym member receives the automated billing, they will be prompted to complete an online payment. No more late fees, chasing up large accounts or writing off huge amounts of uncollected payments.

The automated payment option is another benefit you can add to your sign-up perks as well. New members do not have to swipe a card or run to the bank to pay sign-up fees, they can download your app and proceed with the automated payment online.

Most gyms sell different gym packages that become complicated to manage.  A great software program with automated billing and payment will take all the pain away in managing a variety of membership packages.

Manage Memberships

Any gym owner knows that your gym members are the most important aspect of your business. Without gym members to use your gym, you have no business.

But managing gym memberships and meeting member expectations can become a tedious task. The administrative duties can keep you busy for days on end. With a good gym management software system, you can automate all your daily membership management duties.

You can provide your members with app access to view online schedules and book their classes. They can book personal training and group training sessions. They can even buy fitness gear or order a smoothie via your automated system.

Having a system that supports you this way will enable you to free up admin time. And it will help you and your team to pay attention to the areas in your business that matters.

A great gym management software system also provides a safe and effective way to store information. And makes it easy to communicate gym member information. It will enable you to update your members on their weekly or monthly progress via detailed reports that only they can access. This will keep your members engaged and on track. And it will keep them coming back. 

Manage Your Team

Gym management software systems will help you to better manage your team. It offers a variety of staff management tools that will aid your staff to complete their duties more effectively and efficiently.

Most of the management software programs on the market offer integrated tools. These tools will help you to resolve class bookings and team scheduling issues. It also simplifies duties and task organizing and any internal communications.

A gym management software system that works, will manage your staff in such a way that your staff has more free time to focus on your gym members. It will increase productivity and will ultimately lead to satisfied members and happy employees. 

Detailed Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

Gym management software gives you the tools to track yourself against your business plan targets and set goals.

It offers you a full view of all the reports you need to track your gym members as well as business and your team’s performance. You can generate sales reports, membership growth reports, and forecasts. By selecting your reporting metrics, you can view your monthly revenue and expenses. You can zoom in on growth, lead conversion, team attendance and even sign-in times of your members.

It also is a useful system for trainers. Trainers can track and trace performance reports for individual members and groups. This way you will keep your team and your members engaged and motivated to stay on track. 

Digital Waivers and Contracts 

A good gym management software solution will give you the ability to not only manage, but also create waivers and contracts digitally.

Members can complete and sign contracts and waivers online. This will help you to speed up and streamline the signup process for new and prospective gym members.  

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 5

Figure 5: Digital waivers and contracts (Image SRC: Waiver Electronics)

Effective and Quick Online Sales and Member Engagement

Any great gym management software will provide your members with an easy, hassle-free link to all your digital platforms.

The software should allow new and prospective members to sign up all hours of the day, any day of the week.

It should also offer you the ability to market specials on memberships or special classes. This way you can invite the public to try out for a free period or sign up to one of your specialized classes. A great software program will link all your social media platforms to your software. This will allow you to communicate with your members and your team in real time. 

Communication Management

The gym software you choose to incorporate in your business should allow you to communicate with your team. And give you the option to connect with your members via various platforms.

It should prompt emails or SMS messages, and can even incorporate other chat platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Effective communication is vital to the success of your business.  And this tool and feature of the software will help you to market your brand effectively. It is also a great way to welcome new clients, celebrate birthdays and give feedback on performance and milestones.

Costs of Gym Management Software

Most SaaS solutions are available on the market at various prices. Gym management software is no different.

Some gym management solutions can be purchased at a once off flat rate and offers access to an unlimited number of members. For details on exactly what each software solution offers, you will have to contact the service provider themselves.

The more well known and prestigious brands will cost you more than the smaller newbies on the market. Industry leaders like Arbox or Mindbody, have essential starter packages on offer that can cost you anything from $130 per month.

On the other end of the scale you will find the more niche focused products. Products like Vargo or Wodhopper. They offer flat monthly rates of between $25 and $130 a month depending on the amount of users you need access for.

With the technology being what it is today, most gym management systems are better known as cloud based systems. These systems will charge a monthly fee. Fees can fluctuate based on the number of members and staff in your gym as well as how many franchises you operate.

Most gym management software systems also offer several customizable packages.  This depends on your needs and the functionalities you want to offer your team and your members. This way you will not pay for the features in the software that you will end up not using.

Key Points to Consider Before Investing in Gym Software

It is never easy or uncomplicated to decide on the best gym management software. The following key points can serve as a guide when you set out to shop for the best gym management software system.

Mobile Applications

With the world in virtual mode, one of the key requirements of most gym users is a mobile app. Members expect a variety of online and virtual training tools to be readily available in one platform. These tools should be easily accessible. Especially on days that members choose to train in the comfort of their homes.  

It is advisable for your business to follow the trend and offer an application to your members. Your members and your team can easily track training routines and workout progress. It is also easy to automate billing and payments via your app. And you can communicate effectively in real time with everyone who supports your brand.

This way you can strengthen your gym community. And constantly engage with your customers, increasing loyalty and building brand awareness.

Website Integration

Make sure you opt for a software provider that offers website integration. More important than a seamless experience when using your software, is that your members should feel at home. Your software should reflect your brand.

It is vital to the growth and continuity of your business that your software system can integrate with your current website. It should also be able to integrate with your other social platforms.

Customer Support

Launching a new software system in your business and introducing it to all your members is a big deal. It takes coordination, know-how and a lot of continuous support.

You need a software provider that will be available during your business hours to assist with any and every query or glitch you might have. From onboarding to a connection with your printer, your provider needs to be available and equipped to help.

An example of great customer support will most likely have an online go-to help or FAQ section that covers most of the software’s service aspects. They should also offer live chat services, 24 hour email and call availability and tutoring material.

Meet Your Needs?

Every software on the market will cover your basic business management needs. Some providers might just do it more colorful and better than others.

But you need to invest in a service provider that offers you extra features to meet your customized needs. You ultimately want to pay for value and a product that can help you grow your business and motivate your team.

Before you invest in gym management software, it is advisable to make a list of exactly what your needs are. List which areas in your management and gym operations this software will cover. 

Top Ten Gym Management Software Systems


Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 6

Figure 6: Mindbody Gym Management Software (Image SRC: GetApp)

Mindbody gym software is a cloud-based appointment scheduling and studio management solution. It is uniquely designed to fit the needs of small to midsize businesses.

The product is very popular with gyms. It is also used in personal training centers, fitness studios, Yoga and dance studios, Pilates centers and wellness centers. Midbody offers a one-stop solution. They take away the hassle and simplify all your business management needs.

They offer unique management solutions for all your fitness management needs. Including the ability of online member billing and settlement. As well as class schedules and bookings, trainer programs, and staff payroll. 

Mindbody allows your trainers to check their daily training schedules from any device. It also allows them to control class sizes and allow for last-minute substitutions. The software is extremely agile with income and expense as well as payroll management. 

Starting price for the software package is $75 per month, depending on the size of your business. They offer free demos and a free trial period if you sign up via their website.

GymMaster Health & Fitness Club Management Software

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 7

Figure 7: GymMaster Management Software (Image SRC: Softpedia)

GymMaster is designed for gyms and fitness studios of all shapes and sizes. And it is feature packed.

GymMaster management software is designed to make management of your gym and fitness studio easy and hassle free. With this software program it is easy to maintain detailed records of your members. You can easily control new sign-ups, membership renewals and family packages.

The software also allows your members to reserve slots in classes and book trainers. It allows gym owners the ability to process and track sales, as well as communicate in real time with your members and staff.

GymMaster is designed to fit clubs of all sizes. Features like a full booking system, point of sale, website and billing integration. It also offers 24 hours door access control, online booking features, and a super app for your members and your staff. With these features you will have everything you need to effectively run and grow your gym.

GymMaster is specifically designed to help you scale and grow your business. They support thousands of clubs across the world in more than 47 countries. They offer free trials and demos and the starting price for the software packages available is tailored to your business needs.

Arbox Fitness – Business Management Platform

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 8

Figure 8: Arbox Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Arbox)

Arbox tools can help you manage every aspect of your entire business, from growth to retention, membership and more. The company supports more than 1,000 fitness business owners, in 24 countries spread across the globe. All these run their gym and fitness businesses with Arbox. 

Arbox is a cloud-based, custom designed gym management platform. They specialize in streamlining and full automation of operations for gyms, fitness clubs, and studios. The software platform includes a full suite of business management tools

Arbox also offers a unique member app that can be customized with your brand colors and needs

With one click on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device, your members can access their individualized workout schedules. It is a one-stop shop application that offers a comprehensive member service. Members can book their space for special classes, book personal trainers, send you a message or simply check the latest info on your specials.

They can even extend invitations to family and friends to also sign up for classes. The app allows for online membership renewal. It also offers reminders, birthday celebrations, and real time news and communication sharing.

The starting price for Arbox management software is $79 per month and this amount will increase as your database and business grows. They offer  variety of packages based on your selection of features. They also offer a 30 day, no obligation free trial if you sign up via their website.

Okfit Gym & Studio software

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Figure 9: OkFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC: OkFit)

Okfit has been tried and tested on all gym sizes, and were found worthy. They are a great fit for all gyms, from small garage gyms to large franchise fitness clubs. 

They strive to make your daily gym management tasks faster and a clean, quick, and fast gym & fitness studio software. The software offers online management for gyms, and other fitness studios like yoga & Pilates. 

Okfit offers various features to help you manage & grow your business. It has special features for every aspect of your business. You can manage your income and expenses, membership registrations, invoicing and payments. 

The software comes with member mobile apps. Compact applications for you and your staff, and they offer professional customer support. Starting Price for this software is $6.94 per month, and they offer a seven-day free trial period via their website.

Easy Gym Software 

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 9

Figure 10: EasyGym Management Software (Image SRC: Youtube)

EasyGym software gives your members customized diet plans accompanied by their own detailed e-workout plans. And offer comprehensive body assessment reports as an added bonus. 

EasyGym is a fitness club & gym management software that offers all the bells and whistles you would need to run a successful gym.

They provide end-to-end solutions built for your windows pc. With continuous updates and feedback and follow up prompts, you can maintain great client relations and keep your members. 

Easy Gym offers a fully digitalized client experience. This includes electronic signup on your website, member-check-in, and self-service training session booking.

The software helps you to stay connected with your members in real time. It allows you to take regular feedback for membership upgrades. Also offers renewals, trails, nutrition, birthday wishes, workout results, and many more.

This online Fitness club & Gym Management system offers everything you need to operate a successful business. From billing & invoicing, membership management, Point of sale, and training management.  Add other features like class and reservations management. All in one program.

The company is extremely popular in the USA and Canada, as well as countries like Africa, India, Malaysia and Singapore. They offer a seven-day, no obligation free trial. And sign-up starting price is depending on the size of your gym, and product features chosen.


Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 10

Figure 11: Gymate Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Slideshare)

Gymate Health Club Gym Management Software provides easy, hands-on management of your fitness studio or gym.

They offer daily updated customer data with an active member feedback system. It also offers a unique tool to manage walk-in clients, online classes, trainer bookings and many more.

Gymate is designed to meet the needs of gyms and clubs of all sizes and is a feature-packed software package. It includes a point of sale with a full booking system. Add features like, active website and debit order integration. It also offers a mobile app for trainers, 24-hour door access control, and online member booking services.

The jam-packed software has all you will need to successfully manage your gym or health club. The software allows you time away from your desk while it takes care of all the tasks associated with your business.

Starting price for this software is $39 per month and you can speak to any of their consultants about a free trial or demo.


Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 11

Figure 12: Invoay Management Software (Image SRC: LinkedIn)

Invoay software is a comprehensive software solution. It is completely adaptable to your business model. It is fully scalable and tailored to meet your individual business needs.

The primary goal for Invoay is to make your life easier and to help gym owners deliver an exceptional experience to their members. It offers key features marketing, reports, finance management, and point of sale.

Invoay was designed with a vision to serve the larger segment of the Wellness and fitness studio industry. Especially businesses who are struggling to find easy-to-use, simple, and affordable software.

The software allows you to connect with your clients in real time, using automated marketing solutions. Or you can select and custom design your own marketing campaigns from hundreds of combinations available on the system.

The integrated POS system takes care of all your offline to online billing to your members. It also updates on your asset and stock records. And allows you to manage and track sales and member packages.

The starting price varies depending on your size and type of business and they offer free demo’s and trails via their website.

Wellyx Fitness & Wellness Business Management Software

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 12

Figure 13: Wellyx Gym Management Software (Image SRC: EU Startups)

With Wellyx software, configuring and managing your members, staff, and clients has never been easier. The gym and fitness studio management software are designed to work on all platforms including Mac, PC, Android, and Apple devices. It will take the pain out of managing, scaling, and growing your fitness business.

Wellyx offers fast and inexpensive solutions. It allows for easy setup so that you can get going with growing your business and selling memberships. You can add new members, update info on your staff, and adjust location information with just one click. This allows you to manage your business on the go.

As a cloud-based software, Wellyx allows you to sign in and work from anywhere. It allows 24/7 access to your member & staff information with current, updated data. It is one of the top ranked fitness and wellness business management software.

Wellyx offers the latest technology features. Features like lead and members management. It also offers staff management, appointment, and class scheduling, point of sale and many more. They have a growing team of more than 100 strong that is ready to provide hands-on support wherever and whenever your business may need it.

Starting price for this gym management software is $30 per month. They offer free demo sessions if you book via their online site.

Fitness Manager

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 13

Figure 14: Fitness Manager Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Perfect Gym)

Fitness Manager offers an all-in-one solution that will help you track memberships and member visits. It is a software package that has been designed to meet the management needs of a variety of gyms. As well as aerobic clubs, and other types of fitness studios around the world. 

This software is designed to be fast, flexible, and easy-to-use. It also allows detailed and customized schedules and reporting. See the latest stats on classes, training sessions, and product sales.

Fitness Manager makes it easy to create a wide variety of fitness packages and gym or studio services. It also allows you to track employee work time, align schedules and bookings, communicate with your members and much more.

Fitness Manager can run on various computer systems.  They offer free trials and demos, and the starting price is available on request via their website.

Fitness NU – Exclusive CRM for Fitness Clubs

Gym Management Software – Your Key to Success 14

Figure 15: Fitness NU Gym Management Software (Image SRC: software Advice)

Fitness NU offers a customized dashboard that is fully interactive, for fast and reliable updating and tracking of income and expenses.  It also allows for daily, real time updates and tracking. You can easily follow up on member enquiries, free trials, sales details, collections and more. 

Fitness NU is a cloud software, gym management application that offers the promise of hassle-free maintenance. They help you to manage your entire customer database as well as your business as a whole. The software offers various excellent features. These features will help you successfully manage your gym or fitness studio.

Their member tracking feature allows you to maintain attendance logs for your members. It automatically sync’s attendance from biometric data and can even send reminders to absent members.

The software allows gym and fitness studio owners to create as many logins for your employees as you would need. This allows owners to assign and divide a variety of responsibilities. Each staff member or role profile can be assigned their own unique tasks. It also offers time tracking and audit reports.

Starting price for this software is $97.22 per year. And they offer free trials and demo options, with extra information on every feature, via their website.

Final Words of Wisdom

In today’s world, running a gym means navigating an increasingly competitive industry. Leveraging gym management software is a powerful way to help streamline operations. This helps you to focus on growing your business. And aids you in providing the best customer experience possible.

We recommend experimenting with a free trial or scheduling a demo with the software provider that you are interested in. This gives you a risk-free opportunity to ask questions based on your specific needs. All while seeing the benefits of the software, firsthand.

Selecting the right software will need investing your time. Interact and connect with different vendors. Test their systems and extra features. The time and effort will pay off, since the right gym management software can help set your gym up for success for many years to come.

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