What it Takes to Create a Functional Yet Stunning Gym Layout


The success of a commercial gym relies on its appearance and functionality. Selection of the proper gym layout and adequate equipment is the key to attract more clients. 

With the latest trends in the fitness industry, you can’t afford to stay behind. Think about building a modern facility that focuses on customer preferences. 

You must consider even the smallest details while developing the layout of your gym. If looking for clues, we have something to share. 

Here, we have compiled those essential aspects that might help to achieve your goals. So let’s see how you can create a functional and appealing layout for your gym.

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1. Why Commercial Gym Layout is So Important?

If you wonder why to create a commercial gym layout, there are reasons for such preference. It’s a way of introducing a variety of elements to build an ideal gym. 

When you are planning a gym layout, be innovative and collaborate with professionals. By using a simple yet right idea, you can bring your gym back to life. It ensures a smooth running of your gym.

An ideal layout allows the gym users to enjoy their workout. This leads to gaining satisfied members who continue visiting your gym. This is what every commercial gym owner wants to achieve.

Usually, people prefer businesses that anticipate their needs and offer unmatched customer experience. So, make sure to care for the preferences and comfort of the clients.

What it Takes to Create a Functional Yet Stunning Gym Layout 5

Figure-1 Showing a commercial gym layout

You can help members to develop a lifestyle that is healthy and suits their preferences. It serves the purpose of developing a trustworthy appeal. As a result, members develop a connection with the gym.

The selection of the right color combination can improve your gym’s atmosphere. This helps you create an ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Providing an excellent and relaxing environment helps members to concentrate on their workouts. Hence, a perfect gym layout contributes to building user’s confidence. This encourages them to keep coming back. 

2. Flexible Commercial Gym Layout

The concept of a gym or fitness club continues to evolve. This demands building a flexible commercial gym. A building or area specifically developed with the future in mind is easy to adapt. 

You can introduce design and layout changes without any extra effort. Take into consideration those materials that are suitable for alterations. It requires less time and money when making desired changes.

Pay attention to this factor when creating storage. You can’t do much if the allocated space for the storage facility is too small. Therefore, when making the layout of your gym, spare sufficient space for this purpose.

3. Essential Gym Layout Considerations

Previously, there wasn’t any kind of layout or design plan for fitness clubs or gyms. However, at present, a perfectly crafted layout is an integral part of commercial gyms. 

The consumer demands have changed depending on the prevailing trends. This is why commercial gym owners pay so much attention to the layout and design. 

Below are some of the highly recommended layout considerations that you can’t afford to miss. 

3.1 Safety should be the Priority

Safety has been the top priority for gyms and similar other facilities. However, with the outbreak of Covid-19, there is no room for error. You must devise a clear line of action.

To start with, place your gym equipment in a way that is easy to clean. Also, provide a hand washing or sanitizing facility at the entrance. 

There should be a suitable distance between the equipment. This ensures easy accessibility even during peak times. As a result, exercisers can perform their workout without any fear of getting hurt. 

Before finalizing the layout, it would be appropriate to conduct a risk assessment. Be sure to do this. It can help you identify the hazards and eradicate them. 

For this purpose, create a rough layout plan. Also, discuss the hazards during numerous situations. After that, walk around the gym and note down possible hazards or safety concerns. 

You must think about securing the safety and well-being of your clients. In this way, you can express that how much you care for the safety of your gym members.  

3.2 Divide Your Gym into Standard Workout Zones

Depending on their fitness goals, gym enthusiasts perform four major types of workouts. These include strength training, cardio, resistance training, and stretching. Therefore, a commercial gym layout must meet the equipment needs of each workout. 

Create suitable zones by placing the equipment at their desired locations. For instance, you can allocate independent areas for resistance, strength training, and cardio.  

You can help gym users to perform their workouts in a perfect fashion. Just provide them with the best gym layout for a better flow. Usually, an individual layout plan depends on the type of your clients.

If the majority of your members relates to women who just need to tone up, you need a different layout. So, pay attention to this particular aspect before planning a commercial gym layout.

3.3 Take Advantage of 3D Modeling

If you want to see how a particular gym layout appears in reality, go for 3D modeling. Using 3D modeling can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you create a functional and aesthetically pleasing layout for your gym.

Building a gym requires proper management of resources. With 3D modeling, it’s possible to assess the budgetary requirements depending on the placement of equipment. 

What it Takes to Create a Functional Yet Stunning Gym Layout 6

Figure-2 Gym layout 3D modeling

Hence, you can have a rough estimate of the total cost of your gym equipment. Asides, you can also plan the equipment placement without any hassle. 

This technology allows you to make certain amendments without even buying the equipment. In short, 3D modeling is the simplest way to create an ideal gym layout.

3.4 Choose the Best Gym Flooring Option

This is the area where gym owners make the most common mistake. A perfect flooring option is the backbone of a gym or fitness club. Hence, it’s one of the key elements of a gym layout.

Gym flooring offers a comfortable and safe workout space. So, the selection of this item requires your attention. You can either choose different types of flooring or go for a single flooring option. 

However, choosing multiple flooring is advisable. You can use durable flooring in the free-weight area. This will prevent damaging the floor beneath. It would also offer better soundproofing. 

For stretching and warm-up areas, you can rely on soft and anti-slip flooring. Further, using different colors can also help to demarcate the key workout areas. But you can go for the option that best suits you.

3.5 Streamline Equipment Placement

If you own a commercial gym or planning to build a facility, choosing the right equipment is critical. It would be of great help during equipment placement. 

In the same way, creating a gym layout can also help you with the placement of gym equipment. Having a dedicated slot for a piece of equipment can streamline the procedure. 

Once the equipment arrives, you just need to guide it to the respective place. Also, you can lower the chances of damaging your equipment during frequent shifting.

What it Takes to Create a Functional Yet Stunning Gym Layout 7

Figure-3 Gym equipment

3.6 What Types of Amenities Your Gym will Offer?

Creating a commercial gym layout also includes finalizing the standard amenities and facilities. To assist you, here are the popular options. 

  • Your gym layout must include a reception or information area
  • Don’t forget to include lockers and washrooms
  • Comfortable and spacious changing/dressing room
  • Hydration area
  • Some optional amenities include refreshment area, lounge or Cafe 
  • Proper ventilation and temperature control system
  • Audio/visual/entertainment equipment 
  • Internet access 

3.7 Bring to Life What You Have Visualized

If you have some plans in your mind, it’s time to visualize the same. You can implicate your desires while creating a gym layout plan. 

Making a commercial gym layout requires careful consideration. Specifically, if you want a gym that stands out among the rest, be prepared for the hard work.

Therefore, make sure to do your homework before going any further. It would be beneficial to draw out the layout plan. It would help you understand that how your specific design would look like.

However, there are certain limitations too. You have to respect the needs and preferences of your gym members when making a layout. It’s not bad to bring to life your ideas but you must prioritize what your clients demand. 

The best way is to create a winning combination of both. You need to follow a balanced approach when creating a gym layout. Follow this rule, when choosing between your imagination and the client’s preferences.   

4. Equipment Selection is Crucial

There are two major types of equipment depending on the workout. These include:

  1. Cardio Equipment 
  2. Strength Equipment 

The cardio equipment mainly comprises treadmills, cycling, and stair climbers. On the other hand, strength equipment includes plate-loaded and free-weights.

What it Takes to Create a Functional Yet Stunning Gym Layout 8

Figure-4 free weights

You must choose the equipment depending on the requirements of average gym users. Don’t buy all the stuff and force it into the gym. It will not only increase your budget but also make it hard to place the equipment.

So, it would be a great idea to select the equipment at the time of creating the gym layout. This allows you to dedicate a specific area for particular equipment or group of equipment.  

5. Think about a User-friendly Gym layout

No doubt, a perfectly designed layout is the key to building an optimal commercial gym. To help you with this, here are the basic tips for creating a user-friendly gym layout.

5.1 Stay Focused During Peak Time

Peak times are challenging for the gym members, as they find it hard to access the equipment. Therefore, observe your gym during peak times. It’s a perfect way to identify the major issues and inefficiencies.

Once, you know the flaws, addressing them would be much easier. Most probably, you just need to shift some equipment. However, some situations might ask for complicated reshuffling.

Utilize maximum time and effort at the time of planning a gym layout. Your hard work would pay off in the end. In short, it’s worth assessing the issues and finding a solution.

What it Takes to Create a Functional Yet Stunning Gym Layout 9

Figure-5 Gym during peak time

5.2 Know Your Member’s Need

The drawings on the paper don’t translate the actual circumstances. So, when planning the layout, don’t forget to assess the preferences of your members. 

Take into account the demands of your prospective members. Note down what your competitor is doing. Also, analyze what theme would work for your members. 

Even after finishing the layout process, continuously monitor the feedback of your clients. In fact, a person visiting your gym is a valuable source of information.

What it Takes to Create a Functional Yet Stunning Gym Layout 10

Figure-6 Satisfied gym members

5.3 Create a Perfect Flow

You should have an idea of how your average member performs the workout. This ensures the pros and cons of current equipment placement. In this way, you can introduce some changes to enhance accessibility. 

Also, equipment grouping allows the members to access the required machine for their workout. To make things smooth, stay connected with the users and pay attention to their input. 

6. Final Words

Apart from factors like location and membership fee, gym layout is also critical. So, don’t underestimate the key consideration of a commercial gym layout. It can affect the decision of a potential member.

Hence, make sure that you have sufficient space to assist the traffic flow. Besides, choose the required equipment before planning the layout. Similarly, the color scheme should be enticing too. 

You must consider all such things before creating a gym layout. The appearance and layout of your gym will determine whether your members will stay or leave.

Therefore, show patience and put some effort when finalizing a commercial gym layout. 

If you need further assistance, Yanre Fitness can help you in making the most suitable gym layout for your commercial gym.

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