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Everything About Custom Weighted Vest – The Definitive Guide

Custom weighted vests are a new trend in the fitness industry. Lately, many gym owners are looking to custom-make their equipment. This improves the overall experience and helps personalize the workout routine for gym members. 

If you are looking to offer quality experiences at your gym and how to custom-make your weighted vest, you are in the right place. 

Because you may have questions about custom weighted vests, we prepared the following guide for you. We will tell you everything about the special features to consider before purchase.

Let’s start.  

Table of Contents

Definition of Custom Weighted Vest

A custom-made weighted vest is an excellent gym gear with special features. Generally, it is used to train strength, endurance and increase cardio resistance. However, in the fitness industry, custom weighted vests are required in two main situations:

  • Gym owners that wish to personalize their training vests, with additional features, special materials, and brand logo
  • Gym owners that have VIP clients that wish their own weighted vest, on their specific size

There are many gym equipment factories worldwide ready to fulfill this gap, at premium quality and affordable prices. 

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Figure 1. Standard weighted vest 

Benefits of a Custom Weighted Vest

If you decide to equip your gym with custom weighted vests, this will benefit both your gym members and your business. 

Your gym members will benefit from:

  • A full-body exercise 
  • A stronger muscular mass
  • Superior bone strength
  • Custom made weighted vest that serve a specific desire of your clients

Your gym business will benefit from:

  • A stronger image on the market
  • Premium design and features
  • Superior training equipment for your athletes
  • Accessible and flexible business behavior
  • Personalized training sessions
  • Problem-solving attitude toward your clients
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Figure 2. Benefits of custom weighted vest

Product Description

A commercial-grade weighted vest has the following specifications: 

Quality Materials

The material used to manufacture the weighted vests are of two types: natural and synthetic. 

Natural materials include fabrics such as sturdy cotton or fleece. If the weighted vest has no pockets for weights, then the fabric can have 4 or more layers of construction. 

Synthetic fabrics used for weighted vests are nylon, neoprene, or Cordura material. Cordura is made from fiber-based fabric technologies used in a wide array of products including military wear and performance apparel. 

Cordura fabrics are ideal for weighted vests as they are durable and resistant. To avoid abrasion and tearing of your weighted vest, Cordura is recommended. 

Everything About Custom Weighted Vest 9

Figure 3. Fabric example for a custom weighted vest

Adjustable Weight Range

Most of the weighted vests can be loaded with plates between 5 and 35 kg. Whenever choosing the final weight amount, it is recommended to consult your gym expert. Normally, this weight amount is situated between 10 – 20 % of your body weight. 

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Figure 4. Loading capacity of custom weighted vest

Different Weight Plates Location

For weighted vests, the location where to place the weights is flexible. You can place them on the shoulders, in the front pockets, or near the waist. If you need to strengthen the adhesion to the body, use the wide Velcro. 

Premium Design

Commercial-grade custom weighted vests have an ergonomic and modern design. This helps to fit the body perfectly and feel light and easy. Most of the weighted vest designs include round neck front/ back close or V neck front close. 

Commercial-grade vest design includes adjustable sizes and weights. 

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Figure 5. Ergonomic design example of custom weighted vest

Multiple User Categories

Weighted vests can be used equally by men, women, and children. The layout is adjustable, the placement of the weight is flexible and the padding ensures comfortable use. 

Custom-made Features for a Weighted Vest

Custom weighted vests have special features available that you won’t find in other models. If you choose to custom-make your gym weighted vests, consider the following features: 

  • You can use eco-friendly fabrics, recycled fabrics or you can send your own material if preferred 
  • The final number and the location of the weight plates pockets is up to you, on the shoulders, on the front or back of the vest, on the waist, etc
  • You can choose a special style of the vest, V Neck, front or back, round neck front, back or both, shoulder straps, etc. You name it, the supplier manufactures it
  • The color and the pattern are also of your choice. The purpose is to personalize your weighted vest following the gym style or your preferred motifs 
  • Weighted vests can be manufactured for all categories of athletes, at any age
  • Some manufacturers even provide handmade weighted vests, just for your business
  • Non-toxic inserts. All weights are made from non-toxic and non-harmful materials
  • Additional details. These include sewing decals, zippers, and buttons

Key Features of Custom Weighted Vest

When searching for a supplier of a custom weighted vest, there are few things to consider about this product. To ensure the best quality for your custom weighted vest, pay attention to: 

  • A comfortable use. Your weighted vest must have enough length around the neck
  • Enough width. The width of the vest must be adjustable, with quick release buckle 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap. Your Velcro shoulder strap must be flexible, with shoulder padding for protection
  • Airy material. The back part of the weighted vest must be made of breathable fabric
  • Evenly distributed weights. This feature helps your gym customers to burn more calories and is suitable for a variety of sports: fitness, walking, strength training, etc
  • Removable weight modules to easily vary the load
  • Custom-made design and colors 
  • Resistant, sturdy, durable materials and finishes
  • Customization options. Your supplier must be available for personalization. This includes items such as rubber/woven/embroidery label, Velcro patch, hangtag, logo printing, etc
Everything About Custom Weighted Vest 12

Figure 6. Key features for custom weighted vests

Manufacturer Consideration

Premium gym equipment manufacturers provide quality and accessibility before anything else. When selecting a weighted vest manufacturer for your custom gym equipment, keep in mind:

Easy Communication with the Supplier

This means that the manufacturer is approachable through email/telephone or any other modern communication device. Also, in international cases, he can communicate in at least one international language. 

Well-structured Procedures

When we speak about custom weighted vests, the organization is crucial to a successful order. The manufacturers must be able to structure all the needed details to correctly process your order. 

Important order details include the size of the vest, the weight of the client (if it’s the case), the preferred weight of the vest, and the location of weight placing, fabric, and pattern. 

Demonstrated Experience in the Gym Equipment Industry

A reliable weighted vest manufacturer will have experience in the field of manufacturing gym equipment. This experience must be visible and demonstrable through an existing list of produced sports equipment. 

Ability to Manufacturer Mass-production

For a gym owner, it’s important to order the custom weighted vest in bulk. This way, the price is better and the gym is equipped with all the necessary gear. But for this to happen, the manufacturer must have the capacity to produce in mass quantities. 

The most experienced gym equipment manufacturers are located in Asia, specifically in China. The Chinese factories have supplied the international sport requirements for decades. They have the know-how of the industry, the mass-production capacity, and the most affordable rates. 

Yanre Fitness is the premium custom weighted vest supplier, located in China. Our products follow the strictest international quality regulations. This is why Yanre Fitness is among the top three commercial-grade manufacturers in China. 

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Figure 7. Yanre Fitness factory for custom weighted vests 

Safety Tips of Custom Weighted Vest

To keep the gym’s customers safe and happy with your custom weighted vests, keep in mind some safety tips:

  • Do not use plastic materials of toxic weight plates
  • Safe and well-closed weigh pockets to avoid any injuries when accelerating the training pace. If the loads are coming out of the pockets, your athletes may get hurt at their knees or feet
  • When weighted vest training is over, the vest must be taken off and put away. In this way, you help your athlete’s health and prolong the life of your gym gear

Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning is also important for keeping your weighted vest in a good quality condition. Just use normal water, scrub the dirt and let it dry. The best way to store your weighted vest is to use a hanger. Take off the loads and store them away from the sun. 

Yanre Fitness is a custom weighted vest supplier that has safety closure for all the pockets. You can be sure that your gym customers will have safe and pleasant training with our products. 

Final Words 

I hope the above guide has answered most of your questions about the custom weighted vest. If you have any doubts, contact Yanre sales team any time.

Now that you have decided what your custom weighted vest looks like, let us finish your order.

Do you need to buy a custom weighted vest for your gym? Contact Yanre for a quick quote today!