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Commercial Squat Stand – Definitive FAQ Guide

Commercial squat stands are standard gym equipment in fitness studios and recreation areas. If you are engaged in these types of businesses, you should know your machine well before getting one.

This guide will give you all the details you need to decide what kind, brand, and model you need for your commercial gym or fitness business. 

You would also get clarifications on some of the questions you might have about commercial squat stands.

Now, let’s get learning and come out more knowledgeable about commercial squat stands.

Table of Contents

1. What is a squat stand?

A squat stand is a piece of gym equipment designed to be a spotter when doing lifting heavy weights.

It consists of two metal posts connected by a horizontal bar at the bottom. It has holes and notches where the user places the weights when it becomes too heavy. 

Squat stands are a great help in bodybuilding exercises. That’s why it has become a staple in fitness studios and recreation areas of establishments.

Commercial Squat Stand 10

Figure 1: Commercial Squat Stand

2. What are the types of squat stands?

Two types of commercial squat stands

  • Fixed
  • Adjustable

Fixed squat stands have two posts that are fixed in height. The height of the barbell is adjusted by changing the hooks’ position. 

Adjustable squat stands have posts that can change in height. This is done by sliding the top post up or down. 

Commercial Squat Stand 11
Commercial Squat Stand 12

3. Is the squat stand any different from a squat rack?

Yes, the squat stand has only two vertical posts while the squat rack has four. 

Both machines have the same use. However, squat racks are more massive. They are sometimes referred to as power racks or cages. They enclose the user inside it while doing weight squats.

On the other hand, squat stands are space savers and more compact. Plus, users can still do all the weight exercises they perform on a power rack.

Commercial Squat Stand 13
Commercial Squat Stand 14

4. Why are commercial squat stands better than a squat rack?

Advantages of using a commercial squat stands for your fitness studio:

  • Compactness
  • Inexpensive
  • User friendly
  • Popularity


Advantages of using a commercial squat stands for your fitness studio:

  • Compactness
  • Inexpensive
  • User friendly
  • Popularity
  • Compactness

Squat stands take up very little space in your fitness center. And so, you can put as many squat stand stations as you can. As you know in the gym business, the more members using your equipment, the better.


A squat stand is much cheaper because of its very simple structure. Manufacturers need less material and fewer hours of labor to produce one. Therefore, the equipment is much more affordable. A good thing if you want to make a profit from it.

User Friendly

The squat stand can cater to all users from novice to professional ones. It is very easy to use that the user doesn’t need an expert’s instructions to know how to manipulate it. 

A feature that you can market if you have an e-commerce business.


The equipment is very popular that most people who shop at e-commerce platforms prefer using it. This is mainly because of its compactness, versatility, user-friendliness, and cheaper price. Something that you can make a profit on if you are a gym equipment distributor.

5. How much does a commercial squat stand cost?

Commercial squat stands will range anywhere from $450 to $600. 

6. Will the squat stand come with a bench press?

No, bench presses should be bought separately. Any type of bench press would be compatible with the squat stand. So you can choose a bench press to your liking.

Commercial Squat Stand 15

Figure 6: Squat Stand with Bench Press

7. Does the commercial squat stand include the squat bar and weight plates?

No, the squat bar and weight plates are not included either. You need to buy it and provide it for your members.

8. What’s the height of the squat stand?

The average height of a squat stand is 79” or 200cm. Actual heights would vary depending on the brand and type of squat stand.

Fixed squat stands can be as high as 72” to 11”. While adjustable stands are about 55” to 70”.

9. What’s the average size of the squat stand?

A squat stand would normally take up 20sqft of space. To safely load the bar, you would need a couple of feet left and right. Then a few feet in front.

Commercial Squat Stand 16

Figure 7: Typical Commercial Squat Stand Size

10. How much weight can the commercial squat stand bear?

A squat stand can carry weights from 500 lbs (1000kg) to over 1000lbs. The weight capacity mostly depends on the make and type of squat stand.

Adjustable squat stands have load limits up to 600lbs. While fixed ones can bear over 1000lbs.

11. What kind of metal is used for squat stands?

A36 stainless steel tubes are the best metal types for squat stands. They are rigid and can handle constant heavy impacts. Be sure to find squat stands with gauge no. 7. This is the thickness preferred by commercial squat stands manufacturers since it does not buckle easily.

Q235 is another option that can be compared to the quality of A36 stainless steel.

12. What’s the usual size of the uprights of squat stands?

The uprights or vertical posts of a squat stand are typically 2” x 2” square steel tubes. 

There are also 2” x 3” steel tubes in the market. But the more heavy-duty ones used for commercial squat stands are the 3” x 3” steel tube.

Commercial Squat Stand 17

Figure 8: Squat Stand Uprights

13. Can I adjust the width between the uprights?

No, the width between the posts is fixed. On some models, you can only change its position from the center of the squat stand. 

14. How wide should a squat stand be?

A squat stand could only be as wide as 49”. This is because an Olympic squat bar ranges from 51” to 52”. And squat stands should be narrower to hold the barbells properly.

The width of squat stands range from 43” to 49”. But most commercial squat stands are 46” to 49” wide.

15. How do you check that the squat stand is welded properly?

A quality-made squat stand would be welded just like a stack of dimes in a row. Just like the image below.

That kind of welding quality is a sign of a highly skilled welder. And that translates to a well-built and high–end commercial squat stand. While you may not see this in marketing pictures, you can ask the manufacturer to send you some snippets of the welded parts.

Commercial Squat Stand 18

Figure 9: Sample Skilled Weld of a Commercial Squat Stand

16. How to find a well-built squat stand through its upright holes?

There are three things you need to ask your manufacturer about the holes on its uprights.

  • Method
  • Spacing
  • Size

These three can be a great indicator if the squat stand is well-made.


Using a laser to cut the holes on the uprights is the most ideal method of doing it. Laser-cut holes leave no dent on the metal. Thus, it maintains the metal’s structural integrity.

A clean-cut hole also results in a cleanly made hole. That means your squat stand accessories are securely fastened when inserted into the holes.


Commercial grade squat stands have holes spaced 1” apart. The 1” spacing gives the user finer control on his or her J-hooks and other attachments.

Commercial Squat Stand 19

Figure 10: Squat stand hole spacing


The size of the hole should be in the range of 5/8” to 2/3”. 

Any more or less than that can pose problems. A hole that is bigger or lesser than the usual sizes would give you a headache in finding the right accessories. 

Moreover, the hole size should not take up more than 2/3 of the width of the upright. If that happens, the uprights will buckle.

17. What are the “must-have” accessories for a squat stand?

Accessories that your commercial squat stands need.

  • Safety arms, straps, or pins
  • J-hooks (included in your squat stand, but you would need another set for bench pressing)
  • Pull up bar (included in some models of squat stands)
Commercial Squat Stand 20

Figure 11: Spotter arm, J hooks, and pull up bar

These accessories are essential for the safety and functionality of your squat stand. 

You may also buy these accessories to extend the functionality of the squat stands.

  • Band pegs
  • Dip station
  • Plate storage

Here’s a quick video of the other attachments you can add to the commercial squat stand:

18. Are squat stands stable enough?

Yes, squat stands are sufficiently stable on their own. 

But to make it safer, commercial squat stands have options to bolt it down. Or there is a stabilizer provided at the base of the equipment.

Commercial Squat Stand 21

Figure 12: Bolt and stabilizer for squat stand

19. Should squat stands be fixed to the floor?

For commercial squat stands, it is advisable that it is bolted down to the floor. 

The build, strength, and load tolerance of users varies in public spaces. Also, some users may be novices who don’t yet know how to control their movements.

If you are a gym equipment distributor, you may want your customers to have options. Whether they want to have a bolted model or one with a stabilizer.

20. Is it easy to assemble a squat stand?

Yes, squat stands have a fairly simple structure. The equipment would also come with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. So, you will be guided properly.

21. How to install a squat stand?

Squat stand installation will involve inserting pins and screws to attach the parts. It is easy to install a squat stand. 

But if you have a bolted-down model, make sure that you know how to use the equipment. Or ask the help of someone who knows how to drill holes onto floors.

22. What to consider when selecting a commercial squat stand?

You need to factor in the following when choosing your commercial squat stand.

  • Quality and Construction
  • Space
  • Fixed or Movable

Quality and Construction

The quality of squat stands can best be judged through how well it was made. The type of material used for the equipment, its weld quality, and design features. These all come into play to spot a high-end and long-lasting squat stand.


Another consideration when choosing the squat stand for your fitness studio. It should be compact enough to fit into your designated. But the metal posts should be wide and sturdy enough to be used by different individuals.

Load Limit

The weight capacity of a squat stand will normally depend on its make and brand. For fitness studios, it is better to choose a commercial squat stand with a higher load limit. 

Fixed or Movable

Squat stands are adequately stable. But for fitness centers with plenty of users, it is advisable to fix them with bolts. 

If you are a gym equipment distributor, your customers should have options. It would be a good idea to market a squat stand that can be moved or fixed.

Warranty Options

As a bulk buyer, you must consider what the terms and conditions are in the warranty of your chosen squat stand manufacturer. The longer the warranty duration, the better. You Should also know what types of damages you can claim in the warranty.

23. Where to get top-of-the-line squat stands?

There are many manufacturers that produce high-end commercial squat stands. But the best ones are in China because of its competitive prices.

Among these manufacturers, you can trust squat stands that is Yanre Fitness made. Yanre Fitness has achieved many accolades for its outstanding self-designed gym equipment.

Commercial Squat Stand 22

Figure 13: High quality squat stand by Yanre Fitness

24. Can I use my company’s logo instead on the squat stand?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows customized logos to be imprinted or embossed to your purchased commercial squat stand. Just reach out to our sales team for more details.

25. Conclusion

You now all have the details you need about commercial squat stands. Now, you may be confident enough to make an informed decision of the type that suits your business needs.

If you still have further questions, you can reach out to our sales team.

And remember, there is no other high-end commercial squat stand better than Yanre Fitness. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you and offer you a better deal.