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Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 1
Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 6


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Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 7


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Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 8

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Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym – The Definitive Guide

Rubber gym flooring is one of the best ways to maximise the efforts of your gym members. During training this surface is perfect to reduce impact and provide shock protection for the body. 

Rubber gym flooring is accessible, sustainable and great to protect your gym’s space. You may have questions about the commercial rubber gym flooring. So we have prepared the following FAQ guide to help in your research. 

Let’s start.

Table of Contents

Definition of Rubber Gym Flooring

The rubber gym flooring is one effective way to protect the flooring and the gym equipment. It is used worldwide in most gyms and fitness centers. This is a key tool to keep your gym members from slipping or sliding amid exercising.

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 9

Figure 1. Commercial rubber gym flooring 

Types of Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber Tiles 

Tiles are versatile and usable for both large and small gyms. It has a modular design and is the most durable indoor choice. These are solid tiles, connecting together by interlocking edges. 

These come in certain sizes and its puzzle design makes each tile less heavy. The interlocking edges can require adhesive for fixing it to the ground. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 10

Figure 2. Rubber tile 

Rubber Rolls

These are great for larger sports areas, with fairly easy installation. This gym tool has a significantly reduced number of seams, compared to other flooring. 

These flooring comes in large rolls. The advantage is the length is adjustable. But one roll can be quite heavy. No adhesive required to fix the floor to the ground.

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 11

Figure 3. Rubber roll 

Gym Mats 

These pieces are flooring options but which can also be used for exercising. Gym mats are designed for workout surfaces. They are also suitable to install under your gym equipment. 

They come in rectangular modular parts. Depending on the model, you can use or not adhesive for a stable installation. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 12

Figure 4. Gym mat 

Functions of Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber gym flooring offers important functions for a gym owner. Below you have a short description of of the most important functions:


For a gym owner, the safety of your members is vital. Including rubber flooring in your gym space is among the precaution measures. Commercial quality rubber flooring reduces the risk of injury from falls, absorbs the shock from falling and provides suitable friction to prevent slipping.


In any sports center there are intense exercises such as jumping, dropping weights, pushing, pulling and running. Over time, this continuous impact can have consequences on the athlete’s body. Rubber gym flooring is created to reduce discomfort and minimise fatigue. 

When you equip your gym with rubber flooring, you ensure your gym members perform to their highest level. Also, rubber flooring has anti-shock features. This will deflect the weights as they are being dropped down. 


Gym owners look to use superior flooring that provides comfort during use. Rubber gym flooring has an excellent texture. You can feel the padding under the feet. It is pleasant to touch and comfortable to train on. It has high resistance features thus, suitable for intense workouts.  


All that intense workout will produce significant noise. Rubber gym flooring will reduce the noise transmission. When heavy weights impact the ground, the vibrations and the sounds will be absorbed in the flooring. Your gym and the surrounding spaces will keep its professional look. 

Easy Maintenance

This gym flooring is easy to clean and, thus, to maintain its lifespan. Once installed, you need to pay little attention to cleaning procedures. Simply swipe. Its advantages will show over time in your pocket.  

Great Aesthetics

Last but not least, how the gym floor looks is crucial for professional impressions. Commercial rubber gym flooring has colour insertion or patterns that makes them appealing. Your gym members will be impressed by the airy and polished look.

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 13

Figure 5. Functions of commercial rubber gym flooring example 

Key Features of a Rubber Gym Flooring


Rubber gym flooring was created specially for heavy workout sports centers and high-traffic areas. In other words, it can withstand a barbell beating, busy gyms, cross training boxes and more. It can hold up to hundreds of people walking on it without cracking. 

For gym spaces, the best type of rubber is the one with high density. A dense rubber is tough and durable. Both crumb and virgin rubber provide enough durability for your gym space. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 14

Figure 6. Features of commercial rubber gym flooring 

Safety Features

As a gym owner, when you say rubber, safety is your primary concern. Commercial rubber gym flooring is designed to provide excellent features in case of fire behaviour and smoke emissions. 

At the same time, rubber gym products are made of raw materials that do not harm people, such as asbestos, halogens or PVC. 

However, you must consider that only superior quality products include these features. If you want to confirm the quality of the rubber gym flooring, contact Yanre Fitness now.

Waterproof Material

Rubber is a great material where moisture is involved. This material is naturally water-resistant. Spilled water or sweaty training sessions, your floor will not absorb any of those. It also provides traction in wet conditions. 


The surface of the gym must be labeled with slip-resistant features to avoid falling or slipping. This is specially important for heavy lifters who can cause serious accidents if falling. 


A quality rubber gym flooring will reduce noise distortion. If your gym members have a sound sensibility, the rubber flooring is your best choice to prove noise abatement. 

Anti-fatigue Label

A good rubber flooring will have compounds that offer a high degree of anti-fatigue properties. An anti-fatigue label is a certification that your rubber has higher flexibility and resiliency. It will maintain its lifespan and provide good comfort under-foot.

Price Accessibility

Commercial rubber tiles and rolls vary in price, according to the manufacturer. Average prices start as low as $1 per square foot.


Tiles or rolls, rubber gym flooring is versatile. It can be used in all the spaces of your commercial gym. Their design and colors make it creative and appealing. 


The average size of rubber gym tiles and rolls is typical 10 x 10 inches gym flooring with thickness levels of:

  • ¼ inches 
  • 8 mm
  • ⅜ inches
  • ½ inches 

However, for commercial gyms 8 mm of thickness is just about right. For Olympic lifting, you would need at least ⅜ inches thickness. ½ inches is recommended when repeatedly dropping dumbbells and kettlebells is performed. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 15

Figure 7. Commercial rubber gym flooring thickness 

Manufacturing Materials

Manufacturers use 2 main types of materials for rubber gym flooring which is virgin rubber and recycled rubber. 

Virgin rubber comes from the rubber trees and is highly reliable. It provides tensile strength, elasticity and excellent tear and wear resistance. Regardless of the temperature, natural rubber does not lose its flexibility. 

Recycled rubber or crumb rubber is made of recycled vehicle tires. It allows the material to obtain extremely durable features. Also low-maintenance is a bonus of recycled rubber. 

Product Factors to Consider

For a gym owner, the health care when using his gym equipment is important. So you must make sure there are no harmful emissions from your rubber gym flooring. 

There are numerous scientific studies of both virgin and recycled rubber. Virgin rubber is considered safe because it’s extracted from nature. Recycled rubber may have different interpretations. Let’s consider some factors in analysing this issue:

  • Composition
  • Manufacturing process 
  • Flammability 
  • Sustainability 


Virgin rubber is composed of latex mixed with water. Both are natural and the resulting products are biodegradable. 

Recycled rubber is made of old car tires, that are disintegrated and sticked together with heat or industrial glue. Then, new products are modeled and sold. 

Manufacturing Process 

Virgin rubber is easy to process. The liquid latex is poured straight into the mold and left to dry. This procedure contains far less contaminants than recycled rubber. Of course, a low-quality manufacturer will add contaminants to both virgin and recycled rubber. Better avoid them. 

Recycled rubber is made of small particles of used rubber. Afterwards, these particles are glued together or molded under heat. 

If the rubber is glued during the manufacturing process, this is susceptible to contamination. If the rubber is molded under heat and pressure, it is a perfectly  harmless and safe production method. 

The problems appear when low-grade manufacturers use any of the bellow substances:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • Lead
  • VOC

This may be harmful if inhaled. 

Yanre Fitness is a premium supplier of commercial quality rubber gym flooring. For your safety, the rubber floor we commercialize is being manufactured only with high-quality rubber. It is molded only under pressure and heat. 

Yanre Fitness provides only rubber that is free of asbestos, VOCs, and other harmful chemicals. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring for Your Gym - The Definitive Guide 16

Figure 8. Rubber molding machine 


All types of rubber can be classified with some flame retardant properties. But nowadays, rubber tiles and rolls receive an extra layer in their composition. This is to provide fire resistance. 

Thus, never buy cheap rubber gym flooring or without fire behaviour. It can cause serious fire accidents.


Sustainability is becoming an important issue for the rubber industry. Thus, producers must ensure the caring for the natural rubber supply, managing the loss of natural forest habitat, and minimal damage to the environment. 

For synthetic rubber, the source is petrochemical and not renewable. But this can be recycled. 

Yanre Fitness collaborates only with suppliers that provide transparency in their supply chain. This is to ensure that the rubber comes from a sustainable source. 

Installation Tips


As a gym owner, you may wonder how difficult it might be to install the rubber gym flooring on your own. 

If you have selected rubber rolls, the technique is to lay them across the space. Near the walls you can cut the extra-bits. If required, apply double-sided tape or adhesive. Firmly push on the rubber rolls to fix them. 

If you have selected rubber tiles, then it’s like making a puzzle. Match each tile one to another and you’re ready. Most of the time, tiles have interlocking edges for a proper lock. You may not require any adhesive. 

However, consider expansion and shrinking. These produce significant changes over time in the flooring. 

Rubber flooring is porous due to the rubber particles. Most of the time, salts can get trapped into the pores and can cause expansion. When temperature is fluctuating, rubber flooring can expand and contract several times. 

Also, from natural causes, rubber tiles shrink a little. This is why it is recommended to pack them as tightly as possible when installed. 

Suitable Surfaces 

Many gym owners ask what kind of surfaces are suitable unde the rubber gym flooring. The answer is that-

Flat hardwood is a special surface that needs a protective paper underlayment. On top of it rubber flooring is installed. 

Concrete is the easiest option, is straight, does not require any special underlayment. 

Carpets are still popular, even though they are not ideal. Today, only old gyms still use this material. But with the right commercial rubber flooring, you can overcome this shortcoming too. 

Maintenance Tips


Commercial rubber gym flooring is easy to clean. No chemicals are required. They could damage the color or worse, it can erode rubber. 

Simply swipe the floor, and with water clean all the areas. In the case of stubborn dirty zones, just use a mild detergent. Use clear water to rinse. 

Deodorising the Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber tiles and rolls normally have an odor. Some of the compounds of the rubber flooring are trapped in the rubber during the manufacturing process.  

However, if exposed to open air for a while, the odor will fade. Other people use a cup of vinegar into a bucket of water. Vinegar will neutralize much of the rubber odor. Let air-dry. 

  1. Things to look for when choosing commercial rubber gym flooring 

When you decide to choose a certain rubber gym flooring, pay attention to the manufacturer, the quality features and customizable options.

Reliable manufacturers that are:

  • Internationally recognized
  • Quality certified by ISO or awarded other international quality standards

Quality features such as:

  • Premium raw materials
  • Harmless construction methods
  • Stain, mold and slip-resistant
  • Fire retardant  

Customizable options like:

  • Color or pattern customization 
  • Brand, logo or slogan printing 

Yanre Fitness is a top-level rubber gym supplier, we use only premium raw materials and have all international quality certifications. If you want to confirm any of the features above, contact us now. 

Final Words 

I hope the above guide has answered most of your questions about commercial rubber gym flooring. 

If something is still questionable, contact Yanre Fitness to clarify all doubts.

Now that you have decided what types of flooring is best for your gym, let Yanre take care of your order. To fully equip your gym, contact Yanre today and we will get back to you with a quick quote.