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Commercial Recumbent Bike – Definitive FAQ Guide

Recumbent bikes remain a favored choice for a great lower body or cardio workout.

This indoor training bike gets preference above other upright stationary bikes. Because of their added comfort. But it is also a front runner in the field of durable commercial cardio equipment.

Are you looking for a commercial recumbent bike manufacturer or supplier? One that delivers premium quality fitness equipment at exceptional prices. Then you have come to the right place!

In this FAQ guide, we dive into the key aspects you need to consider when buying commercial recumbent bikes in bulk.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial recumbent bike?

Commercial recumbent bikes are indoor bikes that allow users to cycle seated low.

It offers a larger seat with full back support. The foot pedals are in front of the user, whereas the traditional upright bikes do offer this.

Recumbent bikes are a popular choice for intense lower body workouts. It is also great for cardiovascular training. It allows the user to cycle backward, adjust resistance and vary cycling speeds. This creates a variety of challenging workouts in a relaxed and supported position.

The commercial recumbent bike is a favorite amongst recovering athletes. It is also an excellent choice for first-time gym-goers. This fitness machine is an excellent addition to a commercial gym or fitness studio.

No matter what your needs are – at Yanre Fitness we have the best commercial recumbent bike for you.

Commercial Recumbent Bike 13

Figure 1: Commercial Recumbent Bike

2. What is the function of a recumbent bike?

A recumbent bike is a cycling machine designed to give athletes a full lower-body workout with complete back and support.

Commercial recumbent bikes contain a larger seat than an upright stationary bike. The reclined seat allows users to position themselves behind the pedals not above them. This body position removes pressure from the lower and upper back. It also removes pressure from the shoulders and other joints. Users can experience a less stressful workout. All while their lower body, back, and upper body are completely supported.

A recumbent bike is a beneficial exercise tool for your gym. It can benefit clients who are recovering from injury. It is also great for users who suffer from any form of back pain or joint pain or are new to training in a gym.

Commercial Recumbent Bike 14

Figure 2: Use of a Recumbent bike

3. What is the difference between a recumbent bike and an upright training bike?

Commercial recumbent bikes offer a reclined, natural seated position. The handlebars are in line with the shoulders, and cycling pedals positioned in front of the user.

Traditional upright training bikes mimic the feel and shape of a traditional road bike. The handlebars and pedals are below the user.

Recumbent Bike Pros

  • Full body and back support
  • Easier on the lower and upper back than upright bikes
  • Easier on joints than upright bikes
  • Large, comfortable seat for low supported workouts
  • Pedal and handlebar positions create better posture
  • Lower risk of injury or falling off the bike
  • Safe to use for beginners or injured users

Recumbent Bike Cons

  • Offers very little arm and core workout

Upright Bike Pros

  • Offers a whole body workout
  • Works the core muscles due to upright positioning
  • Engages arm muscles because of weight support on the handlebars
  • Mimics outdoor riding experience

Upright Bike Cons

  • Cycling position is harder on the user’s joints than the recumbent bike
  • No lower or upper back seated support
  • Users can have difficulty balancing on the bike, risking injury
Commercial Recumbent Bike 15

Figure 3: Recumbent bike vs upright bike

4. What are the key features of a commercial recumbent bike?

Four key features define a commercial recumbent bike. They are the handlebars, the pedals, the reclined seat, and the height-weight capacity.

Let us define why these key features are so important.

Dual Positioned Handlebars

Commercial recumbent bikes feature handlebars to the front of the user. But they also have handlebars to the sides of the seat.

The handlebars to the front of the user, above the pedals, allow athletes and users to relax their shoulders and upper back. This also aids in pushing the body into the support seat for a better exercise experience.

The handlebars to the sides of the seat help users to pull their upper body weight into the seat. This offers better lower back support during uphill or higher resistance exercise sessions. Premium recumbent bikes feature thumb control and heart rate monitoring devices. These are inside the seat-side handlebars for a super training experience.

The specialist handlebars to the front and the side of the bike increases safety and grip.  

Commercial Recumbent Bike 16

 Figure 4: Recumbent bike Dual Handlebars


Commercial recumbent bike pedals are to the front of the user and have comfortable toe straps.

The pedals fitted to the front of the user rather than underneath make recumbent models the ideal exercise tool for injured users. It also aids people with injuries or users who suffer from back or joint ailments. The toe straps allow athletes and users to fix their foot to the bike for a non-slip cycling session and great grip training experience.

Commercial Recumbent Bike 17

Figure 5: Commercial recumbent bike pedals

Reclined Seating

Commercial recumbent bikes have large and comfortable recliner seats.

Commercial recumbent bike manufacturers pride themselves in the unique designs. They offer various adjustable seat models available on the market today. This larger than normal seat offers superior back and lower body support. It aids in relieving muscle and joint stress. It is also great for a stress-free workout.

The reclined seat on a commercial recumbent bike makes it a great exercise machine. Especially for users who struggle to maintain their balance during cycling workouts. It is also a great tool for recovering athletes or users who need extra body and joint support during training sessions.

Commercial Recumbent Bike 18

Figure 6: Commercial recumbent bike pedals (Image src: SpiritFitness)

Height-Weight Capacity

Commercial recumbent bikes can manage a user weight capacity of 140 Kgs. The adjustable seat makes it comfortable to use no matter how short or tall the user is.

Recumbent bikes are well known for their increased height and weight capacity. This is because recumbent bikes place less pressure on the mainframe and pedals than the pressure on an upright bike.

Commercial Recumbent Bike 19

Figure 7: Adjustable Height-weight capacity on the commercial recumbent bike

5. What are the types of commercial recumbent bikes?

There is only one type of commercial recumbent bike.

It happens often that recumbent elliptical machines are mistaken to be the same as recumbent bikes. bars on the co

The handlebars on a recumbent bike are stationary and designed for comfort and support. They are not for exercise purposes. A recumbent elliptical has moveable handlebars for arm exercises and workouts.

Commercial Recumbent Bike 20

Figure 8: Recumbent Elliptical

6. What are the specifications of a quality commercial recumbent bike?

Yanre Fitness manufactures commercial recumbent bikes from high-quality materials. They make use of unique designs and premium-grade materials.

At Yanre fitness we apply only the best materials. This is to ensure durability and satisfaction. The unique ergonomic design ensures a smooth and effective workout.

  • Container loading: 30 pcs / 20’ FCL, 65 pcs / 40’ FCL, 75 pcs / 40’ HQ
  • Carton Size- 1750 * 580 * 850 mm
  • Set up size -1700*740*1380 mm
  • Net Weight – 80 KGS, Gross Weight: 105 KG
  • EMS bike with self- generating power system
  • Has a high Power Magnet and Flywheel to generate enough tension and resistance
  • Has a 16-step tension control system
  • Features a hand-pulse system for heart rate display
  • Certification: GS
Commercial Recumbent Bike 21

Figure 9: Features of a commercial recumbent bike (Image src: Yanre Fitness)

7. What aspects to consider before buying a commercial recumbent bike?

When you are looking to invest in a good quality recumbent bike there are three important points you need to consider.

Weight and Height Capacity of Your Commercial Recumbent Bike

If you are looking to kit out your fitness studio or gym with a good quality recumbent bike, opt for a model that has wider weight and height options. This will ensure that users of all shapes and sizes can train on the equipment. It will also cut down on injury or damage.

Adjustable Reclined Seat

It is vital to ensure that the seating of your recumbent bike is as adjustable as it is comfortable. The commercial recumbent bike is a favorite among users. It is safe and comfortable especially during times of injury or back pain.

Make sure your commercial recumbent bike manufacturer understands your needs for premium quality. Ask for breathable, and comfortable seating. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

When investing in a commercial recumbent bike, opt to work with a manufacturer who offers a water-tight warranty. One that covers the frame and all the parts of your recumbent bike.

8. Is it easy to assemble a commercial recumbent bike?

Yes, it is easy to assemble a commercial recumbent bike.

Commercial recumbent bike manufacturers include a detailed, easy-to-read guide.

They also pre-assemble some of the parts in the factory. To make assembling your commercial recumbent bike in your fitness center hassle-free.

9. How to assemble a commercial recumbent bike?

When you are assembling your commercial recumbent bikes in your gym yourself, follow these easy steps.

10. How to adjust resistance settings on a commercial recumbent bike?

Commercial recumbent bike’s resistance can adjust fast.

11. How to adjust the saddle height on a commercial recumbent bike?

Adjusting the saddle position on a commercial recumbent bike only takes a second.

The position of the saddle on a commercial recumbent bike is important for user safety. Positioning it too close or too far can cause severe strain on the user’s joints and muscles and may lead to injuries.

12. How to care for a commercial recumbent bike?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of a commercial recumbent bike will ensure long life and use in your gym.

  • Never spray cleaner on to the frame
  • Spray cleaner onto a damp cloth and use this to wipe down the bike 
  • A mixture of soap and water will do wonders
  • Never use abrasive or oil-based cleaning products
  • Never wipe down the chain or belt with a towel or soapy water
  • Clean chain or belt with a brush to remove buildup or dust
  • Check and tighten the screws to prevent damage

The life of your fitness equipment is dependable on how often you clean and maintain it.

13. What is the wholesale price of a commercial recumbent bike?

Commercial recumbent bikes are available in bulk for as little as $1980 per bike.

At Yanre Fitness we pride ourselves in manufacturing premium quality commercial recumbent bikes. Fitness equipment that will work wonders in your commercial gym or fitness studio.

Order your premium quality recumbent bikes in bulk now!

14. Final Words

China has some of the top commercial recumbent bike and gym equipment manufacturers in the world.

We can ensure you of the best quality commercial recumbent bikes. We also offer the most affordable wholesale prices.

Want to import commercial grade recumbent bikes in bulk from China? Contact us Right now!