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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Cable Crossover MachineDefinitive FAQ Guide

Cable crossover machines are important pieces of strength in any gym. Because it enables you to perform many variations.

Your gym is always incomplete without a cable crossover machine. Thinking of buying a cable crossover machine? Any queries about a cable crossover machine?

You can get all the information in this FAQ guide about a cable crossover machine

Table of Contents

1. What is a cable crossover machine?

A cable crossover is gym equipment. A cable crossover is versatile. 

It enables you to perform many exercises in less time. It also reduces the additional equipment that in turn saves money and space.

It uses a cable stack that enables one to focus on specific muscles. It provides an isolation movement. The main focus is to develop the upper body and strengthen the chest muscles.

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Fig 1 – Cable crossover machine(image src – Google images)

2. What are the key features of a cable crossover machine?

The listed below are the key features of a cable crossover machine.

  1. Adjustable
  2. Adequate pulleys
  3. Rowing system
  4. Unique design that saves space
  5. Easy use
  6. Multifunctional machine
  7. Jointed arm free motion
  8. Large lateral support handles
  9. Durable
  10. High-quality material

3. What are the dimensions of a cable crossover machine?

The length of a cable crossover machine is around 180 to 200 inches. The width is about 50 to 70 inches. The height is between 90 to 110 inches.

The dimensions vary from one to another. You can instruct Yanre fitness for your specific dimensional products.

Cable Crossover Machine 11

Fig 2 – Cable crossover machine dimensions(image src – Google images)

4. Are batteries included in a cable crossover machine?

No, batteries are not included in most of the cable crossover machines. You have to buy them separately.

5. What is the shape and thickness of the tube in a cable crossover machine?

The shape of the tube is square in most of the cable crossover machines. It can be rectangular and elliptical also.

 The thickness is around 2 to 4 inches.

6. How many types of handles are available for a cable crossover machine?

There are two adjustable handles present in a cable crossover machine. The handles are attached to clips. 

You can rotate the handles at any angle. 

There are three types of handles for a cable crossover machine.

  • Single Grip Handles
  • Straight Handles
  • Rope Handles

Single Grip Handles

Single grip handles are made of heavy nylon. The main purpose is for single-arm movements. 

Straight Grip Handles

Straight grip handles are mainly made of brass. The purpose is for tricep pushdowns and bicep curls using cable crossover machines.

Rope Handles

Rope handles are made of nylon material. These are also used for the tricep pushdowns and bicep curls in cable crossover machines.

Cable Crossover Machine 12

Fig 3 – Cable crossover machine handles(image src – Chill Guide)

7. How many pulleys present in a cable crossover machine?

There are two pulleys present in many cable crossover machines. The pulleys come with 180 degrees movement of rotation. 

The pulley offers a full range of motion. They also help to extend the cable life.

You can keep the pulleys at your preferred distance.

8. Can we add more weight plates to the cable crossover machine?

Yes, you can add more weight plates to the cable crossover machine. The weight plates or weight stacks do not come with a cable crossover machine.

They are not attached to it.

You need to buy Olympic weight plates or standard weight plates depending on your budget.

You can visit Yanre fitness to customize the required number of weight plates.

9. What is the average weight support that a cable crossover machine gives?

The average weight support that a cable crossover provides is about 150 to 200kgs.

The weight support for the resistance of a cable crossover machine starts around 150 to 200kgs. It can give weight support up to 800kgs and more depending on the material. 

10. What is the material used to build a cable crossover machine?

The material used to build a cable crossover machine is

Frame: The frame is made of high-quality 11 gauge steel.

Pulleys: The pulleys are made of double-bearing heavy-duty aluminum or steel.

Cable: The cable is manufactured with a polyvinyl chloride-coated heavy-duty material.

Bearings: The bearings are made of stainless steel or chrome steel material.

Coating: The equipment is coated with an electrostatic powder coating of at least two times.

Cable Crossover Machine 13

Fig 4 – Cable crossover machine material(image src – Yanre fitness)

11. What is the average wholesale price of a cable crossover machine?

The average wholesale price of a cable crossover machine is around $4000 to $5000. The price goes high depending on the quality and material used in the manufacturing. 

12. How to assemble a cable crossover machine in the gym?

The size of the cable cross-over machine is a little bulky. Most of the parts of the cable cross machine will be delivered without pre-assembling. However, you can assemble them yourself. 

It is a time-consuming process but not so hard to assemble. You can make use of the following video to assemble a cable crossover machine.

If you still have any doubts and are unable to understand, you can contact our customer support. They will provide all the solutions in detail. Our Yanre fitness customer care will help you and guide you the best.

13. How to adjust the cable crossover to perform different variations? 

The adjustable nature of the cable crossover enables you to perform many variations. You can adjust the cable cross machine for many exercises.

Standing Cable Crossover

This is the most commonly performed variation on a cable crossover machine.

The main focus is to build the chest muscles.


  1. Place the handles in an extremely high position. They should be just above the shoulders.
  2. Attach the handlebars to both the existing pulleys. Now you can perform standing cable crossover.
  3. The steps are the same for high and decline cable crossover with little variations in height and sides.

Single-arm Cable Crossover

This focuses on developing a range of motion. It also improves the balance of your body.


  1. Add a stirrup to the cable crossover machine on a single side.
  2. The handles should be placed just above your head.

Cable Crossover with Resistance Bands

This mainly focuses on building the pectoral muscles. 


  1. The power bands are required for this. Attach the power bands to the cable crossover.
  2. The power bands are wrapped on the cable crossover machine to perform the exercise.

These are the three main variations that you can perform by adjusting the cable crossover machine.

14. Can you get a customized cable crossover machine?

Yes, you can get a customized cable crossover machine at Yanre fitness. Contact us now for customization details. 

You can get a high-quality cable crossover machine at affordable prices in Yanre fitness.

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Fig 5 – Cable crossover machine Yanre fitness(image src – Yanre fitness)

15. What are some buying tips for cable crossover machines?

There are three important buying tips for a cable crossover machine. They are dimensions, pulleys, and the weight stack. You have to have a look at these aspects to buy the best cable crossover machine.

Dimensions: The dimension of a cable crossover machine is a significant factor. Because it is bulky in size and there is a necessity to check the dimensions.

Examine the following points to know the perfect cable cross machine for your gym.

  • Calculate the dimensions of your gym and compare it with the cable crossover machine.
  • Find out the exact height and width you want to buy.

Pulleys: Pulleys are the most used part of the cable crossover machine. There are many benefits linked with it. You need to take care of the following points for information about pulleys.

  • Always consider the cable crossover machine with more pulleys.
  • The more number of pulleys keeps the cable smooth and stable during exercises.
  • Also, remember the cost of the machine increases with the increase in the pulley count.
  • Decide the number of pulleys according to your budget.

Weight Stack

You can know the size of the weight stack in the cable crossover machine. But the reduction factor is always essential. The cable geometry always reduces the weight of the weight stack in the ratio of 2:1.

Have a look at the points about weight stack before buying a cable crossover machine.

  • If you are imposing 100kgs on the weight stack, there are only 50 kgs of weight at the handles.
  • Hence decide the weight stack by doubling the required weight.
  • Always find the cable crossover machine that has weight support of at least 200 kgs on both sides.
Cable Crossover Machine 15

Fig 6 – Cable crossover machine buying guide(image src – Yanre fitness)

16. Conclusion

This is our ultimate FAQ guide on a cable crossover machine, including cable machine dimensions. We tried to include all the possible questions about a cable crossover machine.

Ready to purchase a cable crossover machine? Do not wait further and do not hesitate.

Contact Yanre Fitness now for the best deals and high-quality cable crossover machine.

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