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Commercial Cable MachineDefinitive FAQ Guide

Cable machines provide unmatched versatility and convenience for your gym. 

With having a high-quality cable crossover machine, you can reduce your time and expense to get additional equipment for your gym. 

However, you should be aware of all the hurdles you could face during the buying journey of this major fitness equipment. 

Therefore, it’s necessary to know all the important FAQs related to commercial cable machine buy. 

We have prepared the definitive FAQ guide for commercial cable machines. 

So, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. What is a cable machine?

A cable machine (aka. cable crossover machine or pulley machine) is a crucial gym equipment used for weight training. 

You can perform almost any kind of exercise with a cable machine that you do with barbells or dumbbells. 

This versatile gym equipment offers a specific motion for weight lifting. Due to this, you explicitly target particular muscle groups with every repetition.

2. How is a commercial cable machine structured?

A commercial cable machine is composed of a rectangular steel frame that is usually 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. Inside this, you will find a weight stack attached through a wire or cable. This cable is then linked to a shaft or handle. Its adjustable pulleys can be set to any height. 

3. What are the common parts of a cable machine?

A cable machine is composed of heavy-metal moving parts such as:

  • Pulleys
  • weight stacks
  • and cables

4. What are the major benefits of having a cable machine in the gym?

There are many benefits of having cable machine in the gym including, but not limited to:

  • A cable machine is convenient to use.
  • A cable machine is super versatile gym equipment that offers to perform a range of exercises properly. 
  • As compared to free weights, a cable machine provides more flexibility.
  • This gym equipment hardly takes any time to set up. Weight adjustment is comparatively easy and less time-consuming when it comes to cable machines.
  • It doesn’t require too much space in the gym.

5. What types of commercial cable machines are used in the gym?

Usually, commercial cable machines come into two categories:

  • Single Pulley
  • Double Pulley

Single Pulley: Single pulley cable machines come with a single cable attached to a weight stack. Due to its one pulley, you will need to put the full weight of the force.

Commercial Cable Machine 11

Fig 2 – Single pulley cable machine (image src – trustyspotter)

This type is perfect for two-handed moves such as:  

  • Rope face pulls
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Cable upright rows
  • Rope bicep curls
  • And more!

Double Pulley: Double pulley cable machines feature two cables linked to the same weight stack. Due to this assembly, it offers extra grip and lightening to the load. And you can lift more weight. 

Commercial Cable Machine 12

Fig 3 – Double pulley cable machine (image src – Amazon)

Usually, these types of cable machines come with dual handles systems. 

Double pulley machine is best suited for various high-intensity motion exercises such as:

  • Cable flys 
  • Overhead cable presses

6. What is the difference between a cable machine and a smith machine?

A cable crossover machine is a heavy machine with a large stand with adjustable pulleys. Weight lifting is done by a cable that is linked to pulleys and lets the user pull the weight using various handles or ropes. 

On the other hand, a smith machine has a barbell linked to the machine that moves up and down in a fixed motion.

7. What is the height of a commercial cable machine?

Most of the commercial level cable crossover machines come with 80’’ to 85’’ height level. 

8. What is the width of a commercial cable machine?

The width of a commercial cable machine starts from as low as 35’’ and goes as high as 150’’ depending on the machine type. 

9. What is the length of a commercial cable machine?

The length of a commercial cable machine starts from as low as 35’’ and goes as high as 170’’ and even more. 

10. What are the dimensions of a commercial cable machine?

The most common dimensions of a commercial grade cable crossover machine are 65”W x 43.5”L x 84”H. 

Commercial Cable Machine 13

Fig 4 – Showing dimensions of a cable machine (image src – legendfitness)

11. What material is used to manufacture a commercial cable machine?

The mainframe of a commercial cable machine is made of premium commercial quality high-grade gauge steel. 

12. What things to consider while buying a commercial cable machine?

Given below are some most important considerations to select the best commercial level cable machine for your gym.

Space Consideration

If you are planning to buy a new commercial cable machine, the most important thing to consider is the floor and ceiling space you have.

A regular commercial-grade cable machine has too much height and width and will take larger space. And so it is better that you estimate the actual width and height of your buy, and then compare it with the gym space, especially the ceiling space.

On the other hand, many gyms also consider two single pulley machines to work as a double pulley. This may take more space, and so choose wisely. 

Remember: A cable machine with more pulleys will also cost you more. 

Choose the Weight Stack According to the Reduction Ratio 

When buying a pulley machine, try to use the reduction ratio to find out how much weight you will require. A reduction ratio of 2:1 means 100 lbs of weight actually provides 50 lbs resistance. Hence, you will select a 200 lbs weight stack for 100 lbs resistance. 

Usually, more pulleys result in an extended reduction ratio. Therefore, determine the reduction ratio to decide how heavy a weight stack you have to buy.

Select the Must-have Accessories

Selecting the must-have accessories for your commercial cable machine will provide max possible exercise combinations you will ever need in one single system. Here are the must-have cable machine accessories:

Straight handle: With straight handle, the machine will provide the facility to perform bicep curls and tricep pushdowns exercises.

Single grip handle: Normally, the commercial cable machine comes with a single grip handle. Alternatively, you can also purchase it separately.

Rope handle: With rope handle, the machine will provide more variety to exercises such as tricep pushdowns or bicep curls.

Commercial Cable Machine 14

Fig 5 – Cable machine must have accessories (image src – chiliguides)

Keep the Budget in Mind

Keep the budget in mind when buying a cable crossover machine. There is a difference between a home cable machine and a commercial grade cable machine. For your gym, you will always select the high quality, heavy-duty, and larger machine. 

And commercial cable machines are more expensive than home machines. 

One more important consideration you can’t miss here is to buy additional attachments later. And hence you may go wrong with the calculations. While keeping this in mind, you should have some calculations in mind about types of attachments and accessories you will need to get later. This way, you can calculate the total cost well before.

Read the Warranty

When buying your next commercial gym cable machine, don’t forget to check the warranty of this gym machine. Generally, premium quality machines offer extended warranties. 

13. How much does a commercial cable machine cost?

The average price of a commercial level cable machine is around $2000 to $4000. Other multi-purpose or hammer strength cable machines will cost even more. 

14. What is the maximum weight stack of a commercial cable machine?

Most commercial grade cable machines offer 400lb to 500lb maximum weight stack.  

Commercial Cable Machine 15

Fig 6 – Weight stack (image src – indiamart)

15. Is it possible to increase the weight stacks of a commercial cable machine?

Most of the commercial level cable machines let you add some extra pounds.  However, the weight stacks are fixed for the weight machine

16. Can I get a customized cable machine?

Yes, you can customize your selected cable machine with your favorite color and logo at Yanre Fitness.

17. Does a commercial cable machine offer additional attachments?

Yes, you can add attachments to your commercial cable machine, from simple handles to ropes, bars, and more as per your needs. Here is the list of additional attachments for a commercial cable machine:

  • Single startup handle
  • Pulldown rope 
  • Rotating straight bar
  • Revolving curl bar
  • Double D row handle
  • Wide D handle row bar
  • Multi-purpose attachment
  • V handle
  • And more!
Commercial Cable Machine 16

Fig 7 – Cable machine attachments (image src – Pinterest)

18. Final Words

We hope this commercial cable machine FAQ guide has answered most of your questions. We tried hard to include all the questions that can help in buying a commercial level cable machine for your fitness center. 

If something is still questionable, you can consult with us.  

And if you are interested in importing our optimum quality and heavy-duty cable machines, Contact Us to get a quick quote today!