Wholesale Massage Balls – The Ultimate Guide

Every commercial gym is a combination of heavy and light exercise equipment. While every gym machinery has its own importance, massage balls hold a unique distinction. Just like the gym equipment, your gym members also need light body refreshers like massage balls. 

They will be needing it to relieve their body pain, relax their muscles after gym exercises, and improve their blood flow to achieve relaxation. But where to buy massage balls from? Would it be a good idea for you to choose massage balls wholesale?

This detailed guide contains all the information you need to know about having massage balls in your gym. 

Let’s start!

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Definition of Massage Balls

A massage ball is a round-shaped object just like a tennis ball. It is used for self-massage techniques in a gym. It is generally made up of materials like rubber or plastic and it comes in different shapes and sizes.  

Main Features of Massage Balls

Massage balls are different from ordinary balls in many ways. Let’s have a look at some of the main features that differentiate massage balls from the rest of the ordinary balls. 


Ordinary massage balls generally have more elasticity as compared to massage balls. The massage balls are not very elastic because the purpose of massage balls is to provide tenderness to the body rather than having a bounce effect.


A massage ball is not easily compressible. People mostly use massage balls to roll on their bodies. Or they also slide the parts of their bodies over massage balls to achieve the required soothing effects to the target areas of their bodies. 

Physical Properties

Massage balls have specific physical properties. They may vary in size and shape. You will see a variety of massage balls in different commercial gyms. Some of them are plain massage balls. Others may have pins on the outer layer of massage balls to give the acupuncture effects. 

Another important physical property of massage balls is the material used in manufacturing these balls. They are mostly made up of vulcanized rubber, PVC plastic, or foam depending upon the purpose of massage balls. 

Types of Massage Balls

Most of the studies have confirmed that massage balls are the essential tools to reach deep muscle tissues. They help relieve the pain and are good for myofascial therapy. We all have different and unique bodies so the massage balls also come in different types. 

Let’s discuss the types of massage balls and their uses.

Lacrosse Massage Balls

A lacrosse massage ball is generally composed of a solid vulcanized rubber material. It is specifically designed to give tenderness to constricted soft tissues and target trigger points or small knots of tension in our bodies. 

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 1

Figure 1: Lacrosse massage balls (Image src:walmart)

It is also great for massaging muscles and their surrounding tissues to get rid of pain and relieve tight muscles. It can fit in the palm of our hand and the arches of our feet. It is typically used for myofascial release. 

Spiky Massage Balls

A spiky massage ball has spikes or pins-like structures on its outer surface. It is known for performing massage therapy and getting relief of knots, tightness, and muscle tension. Using spiky massage balls maximizes muscle recovery for many athletes and bodybuilders.

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 2

Figure 2: Spiky massage ball (Image src:amazon)

Spiky balls are perfect to treat knots and tight areas. They also work on a myofascial system to reduce muscle tension, increase mobility, regularize blood flow and recover injuries.

Vibrating Massage Balls

A vibrating massage ball will provide muscles with a vibrating sensation while giving better blood circulation and help relieve sore muscles. It comes in different varieties in terms of size, which allows you to choose a ball that’s appropriate for the particular body part. 

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 3

Figure 3: Vibrating massage ball (Image src:amazon)

Vibrating massage balls make it easy to target deep muscle tissue without the aid of another person. This type of massage ball can be more helpful for your gym as it involves multiple gym members. 

It reduces pain and increases relaxation by massaging pressure points. It also helps recovery from injuries with the aid of vibration effects and natural push of body weight.

Peanut Massage Balls

Peanut massage balls are peanut-shaped balls. They are generally made of two massage balls joined together. You can think of these massage balls as dumbbell-shaped balls with a very small or negligible handle joining the two massage balls together. 

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 4

Figure 4: Peanut massage balls (Image src:blkboxfitness)

These massage balls are made out of innovation to treat a wider area of the body. As a single massage ball can only target a limited area of the body, these balls are meant to reach the area that would have required two massage balls at the same time. 

Uses of Massage Balls

People have been using ball massage techniques to relieve their muscles for a thousand years. So, the use of massage techniques is as old as the history of Homosapien. 

A typical use of a massage ball is to make the ball in contact with the user’s painful body parts. Then a gentle pressure will be applied until the person says the pain has started fading away or the sense of relaxation is felt.

That person may feel the pressure of the massage balls but this pain will be the sweeter one as it will drive the bad pain away.  

If you have a trainer in your commercial gym, you can ask him to do it for your members. 

Your members can target many unreachable areas of their body with a massage ball as mentioned below.

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Hands
  • Forearms
  • Calves
  • Feet

Massage balls are also used by many yogis to increase their efficiency, flexibility, and mobility.

Benefits of Massage Balls

A good gym provides a variety of exercises in a safe and comfortable environment for males, females, and people from different age groups. 

Let us discuss what benefits massage balls can bring to your gym members. 

  • Post-exercise relaxation 

Lifting weights or performing hardcore exercises can be difficult for some of your gym members. Even if they have a habit of exercising with heavy equipment daily, they need to relax their muscles after a workout. 

Massage balls can be the best tools to release muscle stretches after tough exercises.

  • Relieve pain in the body

Gym exercises or a hectic daily routine can cause muscle pain. Whatever is the reason for body pain, a relaxing massage lets the pain fade away, and eventually, the pain also disappears in most cases. 

These massage balls are excellent sources to treat the aching joints of your gym members. 

  • Best for body wellness

By targeting specific trigger points, massage balls can reduce tension and pain levels as well as improve muscle and joint movement of targeted areas. This gives a feeling of better overall health and fitness to the users. 

Having these massage balls in your gym will certainly give a call for a better lifestyle for your gym members. 

  • Improved blood flow

A good blood flow is a natural cure to a hundred health problems. Using a massage ball improves the overall blood flow in a person’s body. Studies have shown that it is also beneficial to treat blockages in veins and hence it helps prevent daunting health issues like a heart stroke. 

You can also use these benefits of massage balls to attract more gym members. 

  • Posture improvement  

You may have gym members who are daily commuters and job persons. They have a routine to sit in a posture for a whole day in the office. 

Massage ball therapy is a good option for them to release to correct their posture. 

  • Anti-stress qualities 

Stress or anxiety leads to many health issues in the long run. Additionally, it is one of the most prevailing issues in our society. Massage balls work on the user’s touchpoints to give a therapeutic effect. 

So, your gym members can massage their stress away by targeting their deep tissues with the help of massage balls.  

  • Biological benefits 

Massage ball therapy has many biological benefits too. It enhances the effects of brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin which improve a person’s mood. It also improves nerve function and is beneficial in improving skin tone and appearance. 

So, your gym members can really have tangible health benefits by using massage balls regularly. 

  • Anti-aging effects 

Regular massage therapy also increases collagen production which helps prevent aging of the skin such as the appearance of wrinkles. This is the feature that would most likely attract a major portion of your female gym members. 

Nevertheless, it is equally beneficial for your male gym members too. 

  • Cheap and affordable 

Massage balls are cheap and affordable so you can have many massage balls in your gym. That’s why massage balls wholesale rates would suit your needs. 

You can contact Yanre Fitness for affordable rates with the premium quality of massage balls. We are the best choice for the gym owners for providing massage balls wholesale options.

  • Easy to keep in your commercial gym

Massage balls are small in size. That’s why you can place it anywhere in your commercial gym. You can also have a dedicated section in your gym for these massage balls. 

You can keep multiple massage balls in your gym because they occupy less space as compared to other traditional gym equipment. 

  • Easy to move

Massage balls are quite easy to carry and move anywhere in your gym. Unlike other heavy equipment in your gym, these massage balls can be placed anywhere. 

If you have utilized the massage balls wholesale prices, you can also consider placing massage balls with each of your gym equipment so that every gym member gets used to having self-massage with these balls. 

  • Ideal for amateur gym members 

Every gym has a list of members who are not professionals. Massage balls are very easy to use as they go quite easy on the body. No special training is required before using massage balls. 

So, these massage balls are ideal for beginners and amateurs in your gym. 

Exercises with Massage Balls

Using massage balls is very simple. Your gym members can use massage balls themselves. They can also hire the services of your gym trainer to guide them through the process. Massage balls can be used in several ways on different parts and muscles of the body. 

Some of the simple and typical exercises are mentioned below. 

  • Foot massage

Place the massage ball under the arches of the person’s foot. Roll the ball back and forth with pressure on the foot. It shall provide him/her relief from tight arches.  

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 5

Figure 5: Foot massage with spiky massage ball (Image src:amazon)

  • Legs massage

Let your gym member sit on the mat or commercial gym flooring rolls and stretch out his leg to work with. Place the massage ball underneath his calf and move the hips back and forth. The massage ball shall move up and down to the calf muscles. 

Repeat the action to the hamstrings, and move across the muscle instead of moving parallel.  

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 6

Figure 6: Legs massage (Image src:optp)

  • Back massage

Place the massage ball on the back of a user. Try to locate the area of aching back. Roll it up, down, and sideways. Move his back gently to massage away the pain.  

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 7

Figure 7: Back massage (Image src:walmart)

  • Shoulders massage

Place the massage ball between the user’s neck and shoulders. Gently push his back into the wall and move up, down, sideways and in a circular motion. This will relax his shoulder muscles and release the pain while treating the aching points.

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 8

Figure 8: Shoulder massage (Image src:aliexpress)

  • Arms massage

Place the user’s forearm on the table over the massage ball. Move the arm back and forth by pressing the ball downwards to the table. This is a proven technique to soothe the aching arms. 

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 9

Figure 9: Arms massage (Image src:physioroom)

  • Neck massage

Place the massage ball under the user’s neck laying him/her down on the mat. Ask him to move the neck back, forth. The average and in a circular motion using the head to massage tight areas. Let the user breathe normally keeping the neck relaxed. 

This exercise can help get rid of neck constraints and allow flexibility.

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 10

Figure 10: Neck massage (Image src:japantrendshop)

  • Glutes massage

Let the user lie upside down. Keep the massage ball rolling towards the user’s buttocks. This area is often filled with tension like the hamstrings due to sitting on an office chair or in front of a computer. 

Move the massage ball deeply in a circular motion to relieve this tension, much of which comes simply from sitting.

Wholesale Massage Balls - The Ultimate Guide 11

Figure 11: Glutes massage (Image src:omniamoveandperform)

Safety Measures

Let’s discuss what safety measures your gym members have to take before and during massage ball sessions. 

Following are the guidelines that you or your trainer can tell your gym members for safe massage. 

  • Ask the users to warm up their bodies before starting massage ball therapy.  
  • Advise them to be hydrated. 
  • Don’t allow users to attempt massage ball therapy if they are experiencing intense pain or injury. You need to ask them to consult a physician in that case.
  • Overuse or a rough usage of massage balls may also lead to something unpleasant. Try to ask your members to create a balance in their massage therapies.
  • Ask the gym members to avoid unnecessary stretches while using massage balls. They should do the stretches to an extent where they are comfortable. 

Pro tip: While using massage balls certainly shows improvements, don’t guarantee any results to your gym members as nothing is for sure. Every person has a different body structure. So, they have to check out what works for themselves. 

Tips to Maintain Massage Balls

Just like any other equipment or device, massage balls also need to be used carefully if you want to use massage balls for the long term. 

Following are some of the tips that can help you keep the massage balls for as long as you can. 

  • Cleanliness

Cleanliness of massage balls is the foremost important thing in keeping them safe for longer use. Ask your gym maintenance team to keep checking the massage balls and take quick action if they are getting damaged due to lack of cleanliness. 

  • Storage conditions

As most of the balls are made of rubber so keep them away from high temperature and fire. There are no special temperatures to store the massage balls. You can keep them at room temperature. Also, try to keep them away from water and humidity. 

  • Take care of edges and spikes

The edges and pins on the massage balls are specially designed to reach the required trigger points in a person’s body. You need to make sure that the edges and pins on the massage balls are intact. 

  • Avoid rough usage 

The rough usage of massage balls may lead them towards getting damaged. This would decrease their efficiency. So, you are advised to keep them away from children and irrelevant persons. 

  • Check for batteries

If you have vibrating massage balls that require batteries, you are advised to check the battery power. Using massage balls with low-strength batteries also decreases the life of massage balls. 

The Average Size of Massage Ball

The size of massage balls depends upon larger to smaller muscles. Larger ones have 3 to 5 inches of diameter and the smaller one has a 1.5-inch diameter. Larger massage balls are for larger muscles like the chest and smaller balls for smaller muscles like palm or feet arches.

Small massage balls with diameters ranging between 1 to 5 inches are most effective for the hands, feet, or forearms while the medium massage balls are ideal for the calves, glutes, and neck. 

Large massage balls with a diameter ranging 3 to 5 inches are used to treat the back, chest, and shoulders.

The Average Weight of Massage Ball

The average weight of massage balls varies from 80 grams to 350 grams per massage ball. In the case of Peanut massage balls, the weight may reach up to 500 gm per Peanut massage ball as it has two balls attached together. 

The weight of a massage ball is very important because the heavier the ball the more likely it is to stay where you put it. Like the lacrosse ball which is made of solid vulcanized rubber from surface to crust.

Customization Options in Massage Balls

Customization on massage balls is very easy. You must have seen massage balls with a gym name written or engraved on them. This gives you the advantage of standing out from your competitors in the town. 

Your gym members would take you more seriously and professionally. Yanre Fitness has your back when it comes to providing customized massage balls. We can give you a quote for customized massage balls that would have your gym name on them. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Massage Balls Wholesale

As much as these massage balls look simpler to use, buying them at wholesale prices can be a tough call. You cannot rely only on the lowest prices because that may hurt the quality and eventually, you may end up losing your gym members’ interest in massage balls. 

Following is the list of factors you need to consider while making massage balls wholesale deals. 

  • Firmness and hardness

Each body part responds differently to the firmness or hardness of the massage ball. Like injured tissues need soft massage balls. So keep in mind the softness and hardness of the massage ball as per the needs of your gym.

  • Grip

A great massage ball has a good grip so it may not slide against a wood floor, wall, or your client’s skin. The grip makes it easier to control the movement and prevents the ball from slipping out from under your client’s body or falling if he/she is using it against the wall.

  • Quality  

Quality is something you need to consider carefully. Make sure that the massage ball is durable and has no side effects on the client’s body when he/she uses it.

  • Batteries

Vibrating massage balls require a battery to vibrate. Keep in mind the quality of the battery and other accessories like the charger especially while going for vibrating massage balls wholesale options.

  • Competitive price  

Pricing is one of the most important factors while buying anything for your commercial gym. That’s why we advise you to contact us and we will be right there with the best massage balls wholesale prices. 

It would be best to buy them from a professional and verified supplier like Yanre Fitness who has been in the industry for 24 good years. 

The Average Price of Massage Balls Wholesale

The overall average price of massage balls wholesale ranges from as low as $0.2 and goes up to $3.5 per piece. 

Let’s have segregation of massage balls at wholesale prices according to the nature of massage balls. 

  • Natural rubber lacrosse massage balls wholesale prices are also offered from $0.4 to $1.5/piece. 
  • The prices of Spiky mini deep tissue massage balls wholesale range from $0.2 to $0.5/piece. 
  • 5-inch silicon rubber massage balls wholesale rates range from $2.50 to $3.50/piece. 
  • Silicon rubber Peanut massage balls are available in the market at $1.20 to $3.5/piece. 

Final Words

A good gym promotes versatile physical activities. You must have understood by now how important these small massage balls are for your commercial gym. 

Having massage balls should be one of your top priorities if you care about gym members and want to add value to their lifestyle.

We have tried to cover every bit of information regarding massage balls in this article. If you have more questions regarding massage balls wholesale, do let us know in the comments. 

We will also be waiting for your valuable feedback and queries. Contact us and you will find us a click away.