PVC Yoga Mat Factory – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you planning to partner with a PVC yoga mat factory to supply your business? But you don’t even know where to start?

You’ve come to the right place. This FAQ guide will have all the details you need to start your search and get the right PVC yoga mat factory for your business needs. 

We will give you business model options so you can work closely with a PVC yoga mat factory. We will also help you in your search for a PVC yoga mat factory and many more.

So, sit back, read, and be informed!

Table of Contents

How does the PVC yoga mat factory sell its products?

There are three channels at which the PVC yoga mat factory sells or distributes its product. Each channel is classified according to how many times the product changes hands before it gets to the consumer.

PVC yoga mat factory’s distribution channels:

  • One-level channel
  • Two-level channel
  • Three-level channel

One level channel

The product only changes hands once before it gets to the consumer. 

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 5

Figure 1: Illustration of one-level distribution channel

One level channel happens when the PVC yoga mat is sold directly to the retailer by the PVC yoga mat factory. The retailer then distributes or sells the product to end-users or consumers. 

Two-level channel

As with its name, two-level channel distribution systems use two intermediaries before the product gets to the consumer.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 6

Figure 2: Example of two-level distribution channel

In this case, the two go-betweens are the distributor or wholesaler and the retailer. The PVC yoga mat factory sells its goods to the distributor or the wholesaler. These two bulk buying businesses will trade the PVC yoga mats to the retailers. Retailers eventually sell it to customers.

Three-level channel

The PVC yoga mat will be handed down first to an agent, then to a wholesaler or distributor and lastly to the retailer. 

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 7

Figure 3: Three-level distribution channel explained

The agencies are usually trading companies hired by the PVC yoga mat factory to find buyers for them. Or they can also be sourcing agents or agencies that wholesalers or distributors tapped to find the right PVC yoga mat factory for them.

You must understand how the PVC yoga mat factory sells its products. When you know how the system works, you can better decide which channel best works for your company.

Why should I buy directly from the PVC yoga mat factory?

Here’s what you gain when you buy straight from the PVC yoga mat factory.

  • Lower costs
  • Ability to purchase in small quantities
  • Direct line of communication
  • Improved Transport
  • Improved Quality Management
  • Improved customer service

Lower costs

When you directly buy from the PVC yoga mat factory, you only pay for the firsthand costs of producing the product plus the factory’s set profit margin. Your chance of getting a discount is also very viable. 

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 8

Figure 4: Sample calculation of the cost from manufacturer to the retailer when there are intermediaries involved

Ability to purchase in small quantities

Most PVC yoga mat factories would set a minimum order quantity to buy the PVC yoga mats. These set floor quantities may be too large for small to medium-sized companies. But it’s still possible to purchase small batches of PVC yoga mats. 

Look for these opportunities to purchase small batches of PVC yoga mats from the factory.

  • Find PVC yoga mat factories that are looking to market their products internationally. These factories would be willing to agree to a much lower MOQ. 
  • If you can, commit to a long-term contract with the PVC yoga mat factory. They will likely agree to that. The lower quantity will only be offset by the longer supply engagement.
  • Buy from the PVC yoga mat factory’s excess stock. They will be more than be happy to let go of some of those extra PVC yoga mats.
  • Or you can negotiate for a slightly higher price per unit in exchange for a lower MOQ.

Direct line of communication

You get to speak with the PVC yoga mat factory when there are quality issues with the product or delivery timeline mishaps. Having a direct line with the PVC yoga mat factory eliminates misconceptions and miscommunication. Your issues can also be addressed as quickly as possible.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 9

Figure 5: Business consequences of indirect and bad communication

Improved Transport

Oversight of the PVC yoga mat factory is lessened when the product is transferred to the distributor’s facility. 

They don’t have control over whose order placements are going out first. And any trouble with the export/import processing cannot be attended to by the factory. These all can be avoided if you are talking with the factory themselves.

Improved Quality Management

Getting the goods from the PVC yoga mat factory means they’ve got complete responsibility for the products’ quality. You can take your quality-related issues straight to them. Talking to a third party to relay the complaint lengthens the resolution time of the issue.

Improved customer service

The PVC yoga mat factory knows its product best. And when it comes to maximizing the usage of their PVC yoga mats, they are the best people to give you advice. Also, you can get all the features of their PVC yoga mats for marketing from them. When any issues relating to quality, delivery, and others, it’s best to contact the producer directly.

Should I become a distributor or wholesaler of the PVC yoga mat factory?

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 10

Figure 6: Choosing between a wholesale or distribution business

In a nutshell, here is the summary of what a distributor and wholesaler do.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 11

To better judge if you’re fit to be a distributor or wholesaler, weigh these pros and cons.


PVC Yoga Mat Factory 12

Figure 7: The Benefits of being a distributor

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 13
PVC Yoga Mat Factory 14

Figure 8: Advantages of being a Wholesaler

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 15

How do I become a wholesale partner of a PVC yoga mat factory?

You have to understand how the system works to better navigate it and become a successful wholesaler of a PVC yoga mat factory.

Here’s how it works:

After understanding the scheme, proceed to plan your wholesale business. Do these necessary steps:

  1. Identify your market
  2. Figure out the type of wholesale business you want to start
  3. Find your home office and warehouse
  4. Find your PVC yoga mat factory
  5. Set up a website
  6. Create a return policy

Identifying your market

You need to know where and to whom you should be selling your wholesale goods. Your target market area might be easy enough. You can be marketing them within your county, state, province, or even sell nationally and internationally.

Office and warehouse location

Office location can be as convenient as your home. However, this will not do if you are targeting PVC yoga mat factories as your supplier. You need a decent office space that’s near your clients. 

Your chosen warehouse should be convenient for you, your PVC yoga mat factory and near your retailers’ area.

But for a suitable warehouse, here is a guide for choosing the right storage space. Consider these points.

Rental rates and taxes

You will need to lease a warehouse for your first few years of being a wholesaler. In the US, rental rates for warehouses range from $2.56 per SF to $16.50 per SF per year. 

Consider also the tax structure, government regulations and tax incentives in your area. Programs for certain industries may also be available. It might be worth your while to look into it. 

Workforce availability and labor skills

When choosing your warehouse, consider the availability of a workforce in the area. Too much demand for warehouse labor but too little in the pool would drive the labor cost up. Consequently, that cost will trickle down to the rental rates.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 16

Figure 9: A simple illustration of the relationship between labor demand and wage rate

Try to find a balance between the skills of the workforce and its availability. A poorly skilled workforce can affect customer service and the productivity of the warehouse. In your case, it translates to a longer delivery time for customers, mishandled products at the warehouse and canceled orders.


Choose a warehouse that has:

  • Accessibility to highways and exit ramps
  • Average traffic speed
  • Average traffic volume
  • Highway interconnectivity
  • Easy public transportation penetration
  • Proper safety signs and road signals
  • Safe road conditions


Consider being close to:

  • Airports, railways, and ports
  • Your target market (close to retailers you’d like to serve)

What type of market do PVC yoga mat factories target?

PVC yoga mat factories are focused on selling to distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. They may release advertisement and marketing ads for consumers, but they rarely sell their products to end-users.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 17

Figure 10: Conducting a Consumer Analysis – Steps

As a wholesaler, it pays to understand what type of market the PVC yoga mat factories focus on. Answer the who, why, and when to better understand your target market.

Who buys PVC yoga mats?

  • They are usually women between their 20s and 30s.
  • They are concerned with their health and fitness.
  • They have an income to afford yoga classes, yoga apparel and gears.
  • They are those that want to relieve their stresses in life. They may also want to achieve physical flexibility and strength.
  • They can be serious yogis that need to have a more spiritual experience and seeks to meditate.
  • They are often travelers and appreciate art.

Why do people buy PVC yoga mats?

  • a novice yogi looking for an affordable PVC yoga mat
  • They may want to buy a cute or cool PVC yoga mat.
  • Their current yoga mat is too slippery.
  • Their current mat is already worn out.
  • Their current mat thins quickly. Or it may be too thin that it hurts when they use it in kneeling positions.
  • Their current mat is starting to smell bad.
  • It’s a new year, and they want a new mat.
  • Or they want to start caring for their health through yoga.
  • It’s for gifting.

When do people buy mats?

January and February 

This is the season of the “new year, new you” cliché. People would want to be the better version of themselves. Almost all the time, they would want to care more about their health and well-being. And yoga is a very viable option.


Think about selling your products early in the summer, maybe three months before. Everybody would love to look their best in a bikini or trunks. They would probably see yoga as a convenient way to do it. This would also be a perfect time for advanced yogis to be one with nature.

The Holidays (November and December)

These are the gifting seasons, and everyone always loves to join in the merriment. 

Do PVC yoga mat factories only deal with a particular type of wholesaler?

PVC yoga mat factories choose their wholesalers depending on their fitness to their business structure. What’s important for these manufacturers is that they can trust you, and their product is in good hands.

Here are the types of wholesalers PVC yoga mat factories usually do business with.


Merchant wholesalers use an agent or broker to find retailers for them. The agent and broker do the sales pitch and marketing then he gets a commission for the sale. 

You can use this kind of scheme if you plan to sell different and varied types of products. Your agent will just take their pick on what to sell depending on the retailer’s needs.


As its name suggests, specialty wholesalers focus on one specific product and industry.

The advantage of specialty wholesalers is you have your focus on one industry. It makes marketing easier and your shop more credible. You can claim you are the go-to wholesaler for yoga products.


Online wholesalers are often found on B2B marketplaces like Alibaba, eBay, or DHgate. You open a wholesaler account with the website and market your products there.


Dropshippers also operate online. They partner with online retailers to deliver the goods directly to the customer’s address. 

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 18

Figure 11: How dropshipping works

The wholesaler drafts a contract with the retailer. Once the retailer makes a sale, the order details and payment are routed to the wholesaler. The drop shipper then delivers the product according to the customer’s specifications.

What do PVC yoga mat factories look for in their wholesalers?

PVC yoga mat factories want wholesalers that can:

  1. Order in volume
  2. Place consistent orders
  3. Reach a wide base of retailers and customers
  4. Communicate clearly
  5. Be a partner in their business
  6. Pay on time

When presenting yourself to the PVC yoga mat factory’s representatives, try to point these things out. Give them your commitment and lay them out your business strategy to help their business grow.

How to search for a PVC yoga mat factory to supply my wholesale business?

Find your PVC yoga mat factory by:

  1. Searching on the internet
  2. Attending trade and exhibit shows
  3. Using your network
  4. Sourcing agency

The Internet

Find a PVC yoga mat factory to supply your business on the internet through:

  1. Social media 
  2. B2B marketplaces
  3. Google

Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn are your go-to social media websites in finding a PVC yoga mat factory for your wholesale business. LinkedIn, for example, gives you an overview of the company, its size and head office location. You can even connect with some of their employees registered on LinkedIn. They can give you inside information on how the company operates.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 19

Figure 12: Yanre Fitness LinkedIn Profile

B2B marketplaces

B2B marketplaces connect you to any business. You can find domestic and international PVC yoga mat factories there. All you have to do is be diligent in searching and verifying them.

Some of these B2B marketplaces are:

  • Alibaba
  • DHgate
  • eWorldTrade
  • EC21
  • Thomasnet
  • Marker’s Row


A search in Google is the quickest way to find PVC yoga mat factories. 

To better enhance your search, use the keywords “Leading PVC yoga mat factories in (your country or internationally)” and “Trusted PVC yoga mat factories”. Look into blogs and articles. Pick the five or ten PVC yoga mat factories that you often see in these listings or articles.

Trade and exhibit shows

Fitness and health trade shows will be the type of event you’d want to attend. You’re likely to find reliable PVC yoga mat factories here.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 20

Figure 13: Yanre Fitness joining health and fitness trade shows

There are advantages in using trade shows to find PVC yoga mat factories:

  • The legitimacy of the PVC yoga mat factories. The PVC yoga mat factories attending these shows have been pre-screened by the organizers of the event. They have the papers to show for it.
  • You can ask your questions to the PVC yoga mat factories, and it gets answered right away.
  • You will get a quick physical inspection of their PVC yoga mats in the event. So, you’ll have a feel if they produce PVC yoga mats that are up to your standards.
  • Your time spent on finding the right PVC yoga mat factory is faster. It also gets easier when you can gauge your supplier face to face.

Use this website to find schedules of health and fitness trade shows. https://www.eventseye.com/fairs/st1_trade-shows_fitness-wellness.html


Use your business network to find PVC yoga mat factories to source your products. Ask your business partners, associates, friends and colleagues. You can also ask them to point you to a reliable sourcing agency or middleman to help you find a PVC yoga mat factory.

PVC Yoga Mat Factory 21

Figure 14: Using your business network to find your PVC yoga mat factory

Trade industry associations like the local chamber of commerce can help too. They will have a list of domestic PVC yoga mat factories you can check out. 

Sourcing agency

You can use the help of a sourcing agent to find a PVC yoga mat. Aside from finding your supplier, a sourcing agency can also offer assistance in:

  • Negotiate your contract with the PVC yoga mat factory
  • Establish the payment terms
  • Do market research for you
  • Test the product quality
  • Perform factory audits
  • Establish the standards for your PVC yoga mat
  • Hire a reliable third-party QC
  • Help you with logistics (export/import process, shipment)
PVC Yoga Mat Factory 22

Figure 15: Qualities of a Good Sourcing agency to help you find your PVC yoga mat factory

How do I choose a PVC yoga mat factory as my supplier?

Here’s what you need to do to thoroughly evaluate your suppliers:

  1. Ask for a Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  2. Use the details from the RFQ to pick the five most favorable ones.
  3. Ask for a sample product from your best picks.
  4. Select the top 3.
  5. Request for a factory audit from your top three choices.
  6. Get your final choices. If you’re planning to wholesale the PVC yoga mats, you can actually use three or more PVC yoga mat factories.

What details should I give the PVC yoga mat in my RFQ?

Send these details to the PVC yoga mat factories you’ve initially selected.

  1. Name and a brief profile of your company
  2. Specifications of the PVC yoga mat (dimensions, thickness, color, texture, design, etc.)
  3. Quantity of the PVC yoga mats (If you are ordering by batch, indicate each batch quantity and the timelines.)
  4. Your shipping address
PVC Yoga Mat Factory 23

Figure 16: RFQ form template

Ask them to give you these details as well:

  1. Price of the PVC yoga mats per specification
  2. Cost for shipping, import/export and others
  3. MOQ as set by the PVC yoga mat factory
  4. Payment terms and method
  5. Business and product certifications
  6. Compliance certificates
  7. Production and delivery timelines
  8. Brochure of their yoga mats

From these initial details that your potential PVC yoga mat suppliers provided, pick your top five. It would be best to ask someone to tabulate the data. It would give you a clearer picture of who’s likely you want to have a business partnership with.

What details should I give PVC yoga mat factories to request a sample product?

Tell your top three PVC yoga mat factories these specifics:

  1. The model number, dimension, color, thickness, etc., of the PVC yoga mats you need a sample of. If you need samples for different models or types, list them separately.
  2. Ask for the sample request cost.
  3. Your shipping address.
  4. Inform the supplier you will conduct a test with their samples.
  5. Ask for the sample production and delivery timeline.
PVC Yoga Mat Factory 24

Figure 17: Product sample request form

What should I check when visiting the PVC yoga mat factory?

When doing factory visits of your top three PVC yoga mat suppliers, make sure the factory checks these boxes.

  1. Has an efficient way of organizing the facility.
  2. They have the production capability for your goods.
  3. The facility has a good working condition for employees and equipment.
  4. They have the appropriate warehouse with enough inventory capacity.
  5. They have properly maintained equipment.

Factory Organization

Well-organized factories use the 5S Workplace Organization. 

  • Sort – They have a system to sort items and put away unnecessary things and tools.
  • Set in order – They organize their tools according to usage and easy access.
  • Shine – The factory is regularly cleaned.
  • Standardize – They have standardized equipment maintenance procedures and adhere to each equipment’s advised EMS (Equipment Maintenance Schedule).
  • Sustain – They have a system in place to ensure that everyone practices the 5S in the workplace.
PVC Yoga Mat Factory 25

Figure 18: 5S Lean method for 6 Sigma

Production capability and planning

When visiting the factory, pay close attention to their:

  • Production department’s visual boards. 

You will see if the factory consistently reaches its production targets when compared with their current progress. 

  • How much of their operation is being done by sub-suppliers. 

Factories often use sub-suppliers for their packaging or delivery operations. However, be sure that they don’t use these companies in crucial parts of their operation. When they do, issues in quality control, production time, or shipping may be quite complicated because of the third-party involvement.

  • Proper Operation Disruption Plans

Ask to get a hold of their last year’s operation schemes for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc. These occasions are expected to disrupt the factory’s operation for days or weeks. Proper planning is of utmost importance to ensure that the factory’s production targets and commitments are met.

Working Conditions

When doing a run-through of the factory’s facility, observe if:

  • Employees are wearing adequate PPE.
  • There are maintenance and repair tagging on equipment.
  • The facility is well-ventilated.
  • The facility is well-kept from safety hazards.
  • There are proper exit signs and procedures in case of an emergency.
PVC Yoga Mat Factory 26

Figure 19: Safe and good working conditions

Warehouse and Inventory

Check if the warehouse has:

  • The first-in-first-out policy for raw materials and products. 
  • Proper storage of toxic and combustible raw materials.
  • Well-addressed materials. The lot address of an item checks out. It is not hard to find it, it is actually there, and its quantity also checks out.
  • Enough space to store additional raw materials and finished products for your order.
PVC Yoga Mat Factory 27

Figure 20: Efficient warehousing

How does the PVC yoga mat factory do its quality control?

PVC yoga mat factories like Yanre Fitness do the following quality check inspections of their yoga mats.

  1. Appearance check
  2. Product measurement (dimensions and thickness)
  3. Function check
  4. Odor check
  5. Colorfastness
  6. Pantone comparison
  7. Fitting test with inner roller
  8. Seam strength test
  9. Loading test
  10. Adhesive strength check
  11. Material density check, if applicable

These quality checks are performed by the factory’s QC and confirmed by a third party. So, you know that the PVC yoga mats from Yanre Fitness are of premium quality.

Does the PVC yoga mat factory make customized mats?

Yes, PVC yoga mat factories can handle customized mats. However, the extent of the customization would depend on the equipment available. Negotiations will always be at the table for the additional equipment needed.

PVC yoga mat factories like Yanre Fitness has a state-of-the-art facility and a highly praised R&D team to help you create your customized PVC yoga mats. 

Does the PVC yoga mat factory allow the printing of my company logo?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows for logo imprinting in your purchased PVC yoga mats. You can finalize these additional requirements during negotiations.


Now, you are fully armed to find your PVC yoga mat factory, your business partner. 

In your search, you might also find that Yanre Fitness can be your best bet. Yanre Fitness has been in the business of providing PVC yoga mats for more than 20 years. The company also has a state-of-the-art facility for producing premium quality PVC yoga mats.

So, get on the phone and call us now. Our customer service and sales team will be happy to serve your needs.