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Smith Machine


The Smith machine from Yanre Fitness is designed to provide added stability, balance, and other safeguards compared to traditional free weight exercises. The end product is a powder-coated finish that is chip-resistant and holds up far longer in commercial environments than regular paint.


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Smith Machine for Sale at a Wholesale Price

Are you in search of a gym smith machine? Get the best commercial-quality smith machine at Yanre Fitness.

We at Yanre Fitness have been self-design exercise equipment manufacturers for over 20 successful years. Our quality equipment is built to last and can provide professional-standard training to fitness enthusiasts.

Smith Machine Basics

What is a smith machine? A kind of unique gym machine that enables you to perform a range of different exercises, the smith press machine is great for strength training. Bench presses (regular or inclined/declined), military presses, holder shrugs, and even squats can be done with a smith weight machine.

The all in one smith machine makes exercising without a spotting partner quite convenient. You can use it a few times each week to take your fitness training to the next level.

The Yanre Smith Machine has a special locking feature for your safety in case of failure. This enables you to lift more load than would otherwise be possible in the absence of a spotter. Resistance training with free weights can be difficult for beginners and exercise novices. The smith rack can be effective in helping you break a sweat in no time with an entire range of resistance training exercises.

Features of the Yanre Smith Machine

  • Angular Frame

The angulation of the frame of this smith machine cage enables you to maintain the correct squat form by supporting the ideal movement path of your body.

  • Less Initial Loading

Since it doesn’t have a counterbalance, the commercial smith machine has lighter starting weights for a better training experience. This also minimizes wear while adding to the unit’s durability.

  • Cable Movement

Enabling resistance training movements in multiple dimensions, the smith machine rack allows you to define the path of motion yourself while improving stability and balance.

  • Plate-Loaded

Plate-loaded equipment is one of the most significant innovations in modern strength training. Using the body’s natural movements for muscle strengthening helps you see better and faster results.

  • Racks and Benches

The cornerstones of an efficient strength training routine include bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, and olympic lifts.

  • Easily Adjusted Stops

The safety stops on the machine can be conveniently reached from your exercising position for adjustment.

  • Stability and Balance

With the help of its footpads and solid leveler device, this smith workout machine can work well on uneven ground as well.

Smith Machine Specs

  • Exercisers only need to turn the wrist slightly with our Patented hook device to hook up the bar.
  • Main frame adopts 75*118*3.0 semi elliptical pipe, functional area adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe, all pipes are Q235 qualified
  • Counter balance design, easy for any exercisers, equipped with safety mechanism to ensure the safe use of the process.
  • 8mm thick stainless-steel hook plate, 10.8 high strength bolt connection.
  • Equipped with a barbell hanging rod, can meet the training needs.
  • 2000lb capacity Olympic bar, long service life, no deformation.
  • N.W.:225kgs/496lbs
  • G.W.:235kgs/518lbs
  • Installation size:2500*1248*2341mm/ 98*49*92in

Smith Machine Exercises

The fitness smith machine can be used to perform a range of different exercises for muscle gain and strength. For instance, a bench press done on a smith power rack can exercise the chest muscles. It’s like a barbell, but more stable. Such exercises can be done for strength with low reps or for muscle and strength endurance with high reps. As an upper-body exercise, it is usually done for mid to high reps (about 8 to 12 or even higher per set). Moreover, you can exercise your upper calf muscle or gastrocnemius by the smith weight cage standing calf raise. This is often done in reps of 8 to 12 per set or higher to contribute to a lower-body training session.

The smith machine is self-controlled. The bar has a pre-set vertical path and is held by hooks. Gently lift and rotate the bar, and it will be ready for use. In case you get stuck, immediately rotate it back in place. This, however, may not be convenient, so we recommend a spotter while using the machine. The smith gym equipment doesn’t have any self-spotting feature in its design, neither are there any bars that can be placed for holding any weight you might need to dump.

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