Gym Timer – Definitive FAQ Guide

We all know that going to the gym is essential for our health, but we also know it can be tiring if you don’t plan your workout.

What if there was a tool that helps you plan your workouts? Well, there is such a tool.

The tool is a Gym Timer. And trust me, it sure does its job very well because many fitness professionals have been using it for years.

We will answer all your curiosity about Gym Timer in the following FAQ.

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What is a gym timer?

The gym timer is a digital timer that the instructor can program with the desired time limit for your client’s workout.

Gym timer comes with five standard modes:

  • Basic clock mode
  • Interval mode
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Count-up timer
Gym Timer 1

Figure 1 – A gym timer

What are the benefits of buying a gym timer for the long term?

Prevent Injury

A gym timer would help your client ensure that their workouts performed at an even pace throughout it and know how long their exercise has been going on.

With this information, your client will know when to stop and take breaks or switch exercises instead of the instructor telling them to stop or do another workout.

Track Workout Progress

If you buy a gym timer, your client can track their workout progress.

The instructor also can see your client’s progress and decide about their workout progress so your client’s workout will be more efficient.

Gym Timer 2

Figure 2 – Benefit of gym timer

How long does the gym timer battery last?

There are two types of gym timer based on power resources:

  • A gym timer that plugs into wall outlets will never need the replacement of a power resource.
  • A battery-powered gym timer needs to change for at least two or three years.

The built-in battery-powered gym timer ranges from 1 hour to 8 hours for each session and up to 30 hours for standby time. You can charge it with the charger if the battery is empty.

The lifespan of this battery depends on your frequency of use and what settings you have selected (i.e., if you use it as an alarm clock or for setting intervals, then it will have a different lifetime).

Gym Timer 3

Figure 3 – Gym timer battery

Will a gym timer replace an instructor?

A gym timer can do a few things that an instructor can’t;

  • It can show the entire workout routine
  • It will never get tired of telling you how much time has elapsed
  • It won’t complain if your client does something wrong or skips out on one of your client reps.

However, there are some disadvantages as well.

  • The instructors have skills in motivating their students and keeping their attention focused not to lose track of time which a gym timer can not do.
  • The instructors teach other people how to exercise correctly, and they can correct people who don’t know how to do specific exercises.

So, the answer is that a gym timer will not replace an instructor.

Gym Timer 4

Figure 4 – Gym Instructor

How to use a gym timer for more efficient workouts?

At most gyms, a timer works as an interval trainer.

You can set your timer to go off every 15 minutes or other fixed-time intervals and then perform exercises for that amount of time before having a short break.

For example;

  • If your client is on the treadmill, they should start walking at about three miles per hour for five minutes straight (or until the alarm sounds).

Then increase speed to four miles per hour for another five-minute interval. Repeat this pattern by increasing speed again each time you reach 11 mph to get your heart rate up even more.

  • You could also set the same setup while your client is riding a bike. Try alternating between pedaling faster and slower within predefined time sets.
  • For aerobic workouts, set the timer to go off every 15 minutes or other fixed-time intervals and perform exercises for that amount of time before having a short break.
Gym Timer 5

Figure 5 – Set up a gym timer

How to choose the gym timer type?

Depending on what kind of workout routine one does, different types of gym timer tools are available. However, three particular styles dominate the market:


It works based on hours and minutes with an adjustable hand that it can set up to measure seconds too.

It means they are perfect for body-builders or weight lifters and those who need a precise way of working out intervals between sets.

But if you don’t need any timing function, it might be better to buy one without this feature.


It can count down from 60 minutes or have all sorts of different programmable options, such as switching off automatically after use while also counting down.

It is perfect for more complex workouts like circuit training, where you need to know how much time has elapsed between sets.


Typically, it starts at twenty-nine minutes which is handy if you want to break a task down into chunks.

And it can set up some options with alarms which are great for working out periods.

Gym Timer 6

Figure 6 – Gym timer types

What are the best gym timer features you have to consider?

There’s no clear winner in terms of popularity. It depends on what exercise people do at the gym.

Some people prefer countdown clocks, while others find digital-style timers more helpful in measuring specific intervals during workouts like weightlifting or running on a treadmill.

Some people even use stopwatches as reminders to do things with less than two minutes left until the next event is happening.

But here is a list of the essential features to consider when purchasing a gym timer for your gym.

  • Easily readable, large display
  • Able to be used with gloves on
  • Long-lasting battery life (if you choose to buy with a built-in battery)
  • Backlit screen or glow feature when in low-light conditions
  • The ability to set the alarm
  • The ability to save workouts or load previous exercises from memory onto the timer avoids mistakes and confusion about what your gym client’s training is performing during that time slot.
  • The ability to get audio feedback via headphones while performing the exercise is also beneficial. This way could be done through Bluetooth connectivity if possible.
  • A gym timer with application support for smartphones
Gym Timer 7

Figure 7 – Best gym timer

Can a gym timer sync with a smartwatch?

Since smartwatches usually track your exercise, you can sync a gym timer with it. Of course, with the gym timer that has smartphone application support to sync with a smartwatch.

All that’s required is;

  • Set the stopwatch on the watch before starting and then syncing when finished.

Cons: The downside of using this method is that there will be an extra step in stopping and resuming operations.

Both would require syncing, which takes time, as well as battery power from your device.

The best way to do this is;

  • Setting up all of the workout modes you want to do beforehand on your smartphone.

For example, you want to do the treadmill for one hour, weightlifting for a half-hour, and riding a bike for a quarter-hour.

You can set up those three exercises on your smartphone and then sync them with the smartwatch.

After you do the first exercise, the smartwatch should detect your motion and start tracking the activity.

Gym Timer 8

Figure 8 – Sync gym timer with smartwatch

Does the gym timer support smartphone applications?

Yes, it is. Some gym timers are compatible with popular smartphone applications. The popular top three of the applications is:

  • RunKeeper
  • MapMyFitness
  • MyTracks

You can connect it by using a Bluetooth connection. Make sure to run the application before setting up the gym timer.

Gym Timer 9

Figure 9 – Gym timer support smartphone

What are the advantages of portable and fixed gym timers?

Here are some Pros and Cons of both types;

Portable Gym Timer


  • It is easier to move around especially for V.I.P member of your gym
  • It can be placed anywhere
  • No wired needed


  • Need to recharge if the (built-in) battery dry out
  • High possibility being steal

Fixed Gym Timer


  • It can install the entire unit on one wall
  • No need battery


  • The more gym timer used, the more wired which potentially annoy your client
  • Need an empty huge wall to install it
Gym Timer 10

Figure 10 – Portable and Fixed Gym Timer

How to treat a gym timer?

Here some advice to get a long-lasting gym timer lifespan;

  • Do not store the timer in a humid place
  • Make sure it does not get wet
  • Tap the surface with a dry cloth to remove any dust before use to prevent short circuit caused by contact with fingerprint fats
  • If needed, wipe gently of LCD controller with a soft cloth, water, and soap solution thinner than dishwashing liquid
  • Avoid rubbing hard cleaner on the screen like clothes detergent!
  • Charging should be done at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius (built-in battery)
  • Avoid storage temperature higher than 50 degrees Celsius when charging horizontally
  • Before connecting the charger into the outlet (earthed), the plug must be pulled off
Gym Timer 11

Figure 11 – Treat a gym timer


This FAQ guide has covered all necessary information about what to look for when buying, using gym timers, and why you need it so much for your gym.

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