Ultimate Guide to Gym Gloves with Straps

Gym gloves are a simple and small fitness accessory. Gym gloves with straps, in particular, play a key role in making workouts safer & preventing injuries.

Like every other small gym accessory, gym gloves are also widely available. It makes choosing the right one a difficult task.

In this article, I have collected all the relevant information about gym gloves. It will answer all the questions in your mind & help you make an informed choice.

Let’s begin,

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1. Gym Gloves Definition

Gym gloves look like any other gloves. The difference is that these are designed to protect the hands during workouts.

Gym gloves ensure a firm grip & wrist support as well.

Gym gloves are also referred to as exercise gloves, weight lifting gloves, & workout gloves.

Gym Gloves with Straps 1

Figure 1 – Gym gloves with wrist straps

2. Uses of Gym Gloves

The basic purpose of using gym gloves is protection & safety. Exercises like weightlifting put a lot of stress on the hands & wrists.

Repeated exposure to this stress will cause calluses, blisters, & thickening of the palms. Like any joint in the body, the wrist is also prone to injury, wear & tear.

Most of this damage is preventable with the use of gym gloves. They will protect the hands, wrist, & fingers during exercise so that full benefit is achieved.

Gym Gloves with Straps 2

Figure 2 – Gym gloves with long straps

3. Types of Gym Gloves

Gym gloves have two main types:

  • Gym Gloves With Wrist Support
    • Half-finger Gym Gloves with Wrist Straps
    • Fingerless Gym Gloves with Wrist Straps
  • Gym Gloves Without Wrist Support
    • Palm-less Gym Gloves
    • Grip Pads
    • Five Fingers
    • Gym Gloves with Hooks

3.1 Gym Gloves with Wrist Straps

As the name suggests, these gloves have a strap with a Velcro closure. It wraps around the wrist & provides support to the joint during exercise.

There are three types of gym gloves with wrist support:

Full-finger Gym Gloves with Wrist Straps

Full-finger gym gloves look like traditional gloves. These gloves provide the most protection as they cover the hands completely.

The palm of the gloves usually has some padding for comfort & grip.

Mesh is used in the glove design for proper ventilation. The wrist support has a Velcro closure.

Gym Gloves with Straps 3

Figure 3 -Full-finger gym gloves

Half-Finger Gym Gloves with Wrist Straps

The fingers for this type of glove end halfway. These are the most common type of gym gloves used.

They are equipped with wrist straps & have padded palms for support.

Half-finger gym gloves have mesh parts to make them breathable.

Gym Gloves with Straps 4

Figure 4 – Half-finger gym gloves

Fingerless Gym Gloves with Wrist Straps

Fingerless gloves look similar to half-finger gloves but cover up less area. The top has two straps going across the back of the hand & fingers, leaving the knuckles bare.

These gloves have a wrist strap as well.

Most of the coverage is at the palm to provide padding, grip & protection. 

Gym Gloves with Straps 5

Figure 5 – Fingerless gym gloves with straps

3.2 Gym Gloves without Wrist Straps

This type of gym glove has no wrist support. These are mainly used to protect some selected parts of the hands.

Like palms & fingers.

Palm-less Gym Gloves

These gloves only have four fingers & cover the top of the palm. The thumb, lower palm & back of the hand is open. There is no wrist support either.

These are used for grip development & to protect against calluses.

Gym Gloves with Straps 6

Figure 6 – Palmless gym gloves

Grip Pads

Grip pads may or may not have wrist support. Both versions are available in the market. They are easy to put on & take off.

The function of grip pads is to avoid sweaty palms & have a firm grip.

Gym Gloves with Straps 7

Figure 7 – Grip pads

Five Fingers (Half-finger) Gym Gloves or Finger Supports

These provide minimal protection as they only cover the lower half of the fingers. The covered area is safe from calluses & injuries.

These are breathable & help with the grip.

Gym Gloves with Straps 8

Figure 8 – Five fingers (half-finger) gym gloves

Gym Gloves with Hooks

Gym gloves with hooks or lifting hooks boost grip strength. They have only two parts:

  • A wrist straps
  • Attached lifting hook

These gloves are used by weightlifters. The back of the hook is padded for comfort. The wrist strap is thick & has a Velcro closure.

Gym Gloves with Straps 9

Figure 9 – Gym gloves with weightlifting hook

4. Parts of Gym Gloves with Straps

A gym glove with a wrist strap has the following parts:

  • Palm surface: This part of the glove is padded. The padding is usually microfiber, silicon, or spandex. The padded area prevents calluses & provides a firm grip.
  • Topside: The top is mostly for protecting the back of the hand & leads to the wrist strap.
  • Fingers: The finger coverings are either full or half. Some gloves cover the thumb while others don’t.
  • Wrist strap: This is also referred to as a wrist wrap. It is a stiff band with a Velcro closure. The wrist strap protects & re-enforces the wrist joint.

5. Importance of Wrist Straps for Gym Gloves

Gym gloves with wrist straps provide better protection & support. The wrist strap itself comes in different sizes & thicknesses.

The level of wrist protection & support increases with the thickness of the strap. Almost all wrist straps have Velcro closures. It makes it easy to put on & adjust the glove.

Wrist straps make it easy to adjust & fit the glove according to personal preference. Yanre Fitness gym gloves have thick wrist straps with strong Velcro closures for maximum support.

Gym Gloves with Straps 10

Figure 11 – Importance of the wrist strap

6. Construction of Gym Gloves with Straps

The materials used for the construction of gym gloves are:

  • Rubber
  • Silicon
  • Spandex
  • Leather 
  • Neoprene
  • Cotton Mesh
  • Microfiber

6.1 Rubber

Rubber gloves are cost-effective & comfortable. They have an inner lining of sweat-wicking materials that will keep the hands dry & prevent slipping.

6.2 Silicon

Silicon is a common material for gym gloves. It is very rubber-like & provides grip as well as friction.

Silicon is mixed with neoprene for an extra firm grip.

6.3 Spandex

Spandex is a synthetic polymer. It is used for gym gloves because it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Flexible

Spandex gym gloves are durable, long-lasting, & easy to clean.

Gym Gloves with Straps 11

Figure 12 – Construction of gym gloves with straps

6.4 Leather

Leather gloves are sturdy & long-lasting. They provide a very firm grip. Leather is a natural material.

Leather gym gloves cost more than other gym gloves.

6.5 Neoprene

Neoprene is a synthetic material similar to rubber. It is very resistant to heat & sweat. 

6.6 Cotton Mesh

This material makes gym gloves breathable. Cotton mesh gloves are well-ventilated & comfortable.

6.7 Microfiber

Microfiber is another commonly used material for gym gloves. Good-quality microfiber gloves are flexible & breathable.

Pure microfiber is slippery, so materials like silicon are mixed in for traction & grip. 

7. Benefits of Gym Gloves with Straps

There are many benefits to wearing weightlifting gloves. Some of which are:

  • Protection & Comfort
  • Chalk-free
  • Firm grip
  • Stability
  • Technique
  • Cushioning Effect

7.1 Protection and Comfort

Gym gloves are beneficial to both beginners & experienced lifters. These protect the hands from friction injuries, like swelling, blisters & calluses.

The extra padding keeps the palms safe, with wrist straps providing much-needed joint support.

7.2 Chalk-free

Gym chalk will keep the hands dry & provide a firm grip. The resulting mess is difficult to clean, though. It is a powder & can be breathed in.

There is always a chance of sensitive users being allergic to it.

Gloves are a much safer choice. They have many added benefits as compared to gym chalk. There is no danger of breathing it in or having an allergic reaction to it.

7.3 Firm Grip

The purpose of gym gloves is to reinforce your grip. Sweaty palms are a hazard waiting to happen. The grip can slip & the weight can fall, causing injury.

Gym gloves with straps prevent this from happening.

7.4 Stability

Gym gloves indirectly increase stability by providing a firm grip. The enhanced grip helps to lift better & longer.

Thus, stabilizing the movements of the body. The wrist straps protect the joint & stabilize the forearms as well.

7.5 Technique

Gym gloves with straps put the mind at ease. As they prevent any slipping, sweat, or injury. It allows for more focus on technique & learning.

7.6 Cushioning Effect

Gym gloves have padding on the palms. This cushioning effect prevents friction burns & nerve pain in the long run. 

Gym Gloves with Straps 12

Figure 13 – Padded palms

8. Gym Chalk versus Gym Gloves with Straps

Gym chalk versus gym gloves, which one is the better choice? It may seem like a difficult question to answer.

Simply put, both of these are used to achieve the same goal. Those are dry hands & a sweat-resistant grip.

Gym Gloves with Straps 13

Figure 13 – Gym gloves vs gym chalk

8.1 Gym Chalk

Gym chalk is either solid or liquid. Either way, it will keep the hands dry & provide a sweat-free grip.

It will not prevent blisters or calluses, though. Nor will it protect your hands from temperature changes.

8.2 Gym Gloves

Gym gloves, on the other hand, have many functions. They will provide protection & comfort. 

The wrist straps will support the wrist joint. The dry, sweat-free workout is an added benefit as well.

Whether you choose one or the other, it is a matter of preference rather than superiority. 

9. Gym Gloves with Straps and Lifting Straps

Gym gloves with straps & lifting straps both have their benefits & uses. Both provide protection & enhance performance.

They are not the same thing, though. These not only look different but also help with lifting in different ways.

The differences between these two gym accessories are:

It is better to use gym gloves with straps. They provide a firmer grip, comfort, & a safer workout experience.

Lifting straps are for lifting more weight only. If used incorrectly, they can cause injury to the wrist joint.

Better for padding & grip
Stronger grip
Wrist support
Only for pulling movements
Better to increase strength
Have nothing to do with the grip
No padding at all
Tied at the wrist to pull the weight
Gym Gloves with Straps 14

Figure 14 – Gym gloves versus lifting straps

10. Full-finger versus Half-finger Gym Gloves with Straps

The difference between these two versions of gym gloves with straps is the function.

Full-finger gym gloves are used for complete coverage of the hand & wrist support. These protect from blisters, calluses, friction burns, & more. They also insulate the hands from temperature changes & provide good padding.

The half-finger ones have some part of the fingers exposed. The extra ventilation makes these gloves breathable & comfortable to wear.

11. Buying Guide for Gym Gloves with Straps

Before placing a wholesale order for gym gloves, the following things should be considered:

  • Construction
  • Ventilation
  • Closure
  • Durability & Flexibility
  • Added Features
  • Straps

11.1 Construction

Different materials are used in the same gym glove to make it versatile. Mesh fabric is usually used to make the glove breathable, so is microfiber.

Neoprene is good for flexibility & grip. Leather gloves are more durable. 

Construction is one thing that should be looked into in detail before placing your order for wholesale gym gloves with straps.

11.2 Ventilation

Sweat goes hand in hand with any workout routine. Gym gloves always use materials like mesh or other design elements to be as well-ventilated as possible.

Poorly ventilated gloves are prone to slipping, friction burns, wear & tear.

11.3 Closure

Gym gloves usually have Velcro closures. Make sure that it is of good quality, thick, & able to accommodate different wrist sizes.

Poorly fitting gloves are of no benefit to anyone.

Gym Gloves with Straps 15

Figure 15 – The Velcro closure

11.4 Durability and Flexibility

Although gym gloves are small, they are an investment for most. A good pair of well-fitting gloves is everyone’s preference.

So, before you commit to buying your gym gloves in bulk, make sure that they are flexible & durable.

Flexibility will help the glove mold itself to the user’s hand size. Durable construction will make gym gloves long-lasting.

11.5 Added Features

When buying wholesale, more is always better. A versatile piece of equipment is much better than a single-use item.

Gloves with wrist support, novelty design features, or made of mixed materials are a better choice for your business than plain ones.

11.6 Wrist Straps

Simply put, wrist straps or support is the way to go. The wrist joint is under pressure when lifting or doing any exercise which requires the use of hands.

Any protection or support is beneficial in the long run.

Given a choice, always pick gym gloves with wrist support over one’s without them.

12. Customization

When you place a wholesale order, you will have the option to customize the products. Customization is a way to increase your brand’s exposure. It also helps promote customer loyalty.

Wholesale manufacturers like Yanre Fitness can customize the color, logo, & logo design according to your specifications & business needs.

13. Conclusion

In conclusion, gym gloves with straps are a versatile gym accessory. Use this article as a guide to lead you to the right pair of gym gloves for your business needs. 

If you want quality, original design, & affordability, check out the full range of gym gloves at Yanre Fitness.

You will not be disappointed.

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