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Planning on setting up a gym from scratch? Unless you’re well aware of modern fitness trends and equipment, you’re in for a surprise. The latest advancements in technology, along with more awareness about health and fitness, have led to the development of unique gym machines and accessories that were never heard of before.

Choosing from a plain list of gym equipment names can be intimidating, and also confusing. It’s better to get familiar with the overall look and functions of different fitness accessories. This way, you can include the best ones in your gym, while avoiding possible injuries due to lack of knowledge about them.

Here, we’ve compiled a gym equipment info resource with a cost estimate, a photo, and functions of each. The gym equipment pictures, along with a comprehensive guide on the uses and prices of each, can be a useful resource when shopping for good-quality, sturdy units that will provide optimal functionality.

Table of Content

Strength Equipment

Below is a gym equipment list for strength training, with all 30 being popularly used in home and commercial gyms. Go through them and get our updated gym equipment catalog free of cost right away!

Functional Trainer

Leg Extension Machine

Cable Crossover

Shoulder Press Machine

Smith Machine

Barbell Rack

Dumbbell Rack

Flat Bench

Adjustable Bench

Roman Chair

Sit Up Bench

Incline Bench

Decline Bench

Preacher Curl Bench

Power Rack

Standing Calf Machine

Seated Calf Machine

Leg Press Machine

Leg Curl Machine

Leg Abduction Machine

Glute Machine

Rotary Torso Machine

Back Extension Machine

Ab Crunch Machine

Lat Pulldown Machine

Triceps Extension Machine

Chest Press Machine

Lateral Raise Machine

Hammer Strength Machine

Cardio Equipment​


Spin Bike

Rowing Machine

Stepper Machine

Elliptical Machine

Gym Accessories​



Weight Plate


Resistance Band

Foam Roller

Medicine Ball

Wall Ball

Aerobic Stepper

Exercise Mat

Stability Ball

Plyo Box

Jump Rope

Gymnastic Ring

Agility Ladder

Suspension Trainer

Battle Rope

Gym Equipment Catalog​

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With all that you have learned now, you are likely to find gym equipment less intimidating. The knowledge above can help you whether you want to train with some quality equipment yourself or need to install a bunch of machines in a commercial setup.

We hope this guide was helpful and comprehensive enough to be used as a reference and detailed substitute to any mainstream gym equipment price list or catalog. If you need to know about another piece of equipment that is not in this guide, comment below, and we’ll make sure to add all the relevant info.

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