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Glute Machine – The Definitive Guide

Glute muscles are vital to an efficient posterior chain development. All you need to build your glute strength and experience the glute machine benefits is regular muscle training on the right glute machine.

Focused buttock muscle training has become an important part of regular exercise programs. 

Are you looking to buy the perfect glute machine to cater to its rising demand? 

Yanre Fitness, a top fitness machine manufacturer, offers premium quality glute machines for sale to suit your needs.

Here’s a definitive guide to help you take an informed decision about adding a commercial glute machine to your gym equipment fleet.

Table of Contents

1. Definition and Basics of a Glute Machine

A glute machine works your core buttock muscles – namely gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. 

The glute muscles are one of the body’s strongest and the most powerful muscles that support the upper body. They usually worked by walking, running, or squats. 

The glute machine helps you tone your posterior chain and strengthen it as a whole unit. The gym hip machines are designed to focus on different buttock muscles and firm them up.

You can also build extensive mass muscle with regular use of the glute machine. 

The exercises involved in the glute machine also help work out your hamstrings and the abdominal muscles. 

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Figure 1. Gluteus Maximus, Glute Machine for Commercial Gym (Source:

2. Types of Glute Machine

There is a huge variety of glute machines available in the market. Here are the top five machines which are the most popular ones:

2.1 Hammer Strength Glute Ham Machine

This machine comes with a subtle design specifically targeted at working your glutes. Its navigation is easy and you can adjust the equipment as per your use. 

Glute-ham raises tone up your back muscles in unison. 

Glute Machine 10

Figure 2. Hammer strength glute ham machine (Source:

2.2 Hammer Strength Hip Glute Machine

Working out on this machine helps you develop your abdominal, back, glute, and leg muscles. It is ergonomically designed and is comfortable to use. 

Glute Machine 11

Figure 3. Hammer strength hip glute machine (Source:

2.3 Standing Hammer Strength Glute Machine

This combo machine comes with a bi-directional cam system that offers instant resistance pick-up for extensive training. 

Glute Machine 12

Figure 4. Standing hammer strength glute machine (Source:  

2.4 Leg Curl Machine 

This leg curl machine works your hamstring and gluteal muscles and helps build strength and mass.

It has an adjustable seat and your back and thighs are well-supported too. It offers a wide range of inclines and angles to suit your training needs. 

Glute Machine 13

Figure 5. Prone leg curl machine (Source:

2.5 Multi-functional Glute Trainer

It is one of the ideal exercise machines for targeted buttock training in the gym.

Back leg extension exercises on this machine are among the best exercises for the butt. Its rotating footplate lets you perform multiple exercises, making your strength training comprehensive. 

Glute Machine 14

Figure 6. Yanre gluteus maximus trainer (Source:  

3. Functions of a Glute Machine

The functions of a glute machine are:

3.1 Focused Buttock Muscle Training

You can follow a training schedule and work on the glute machine to specifically focus on toning your glutes. Using the machine at least once a week can help you gain glute strength. It’s beneficial for targeted buttock muscle training. 

Glute Machine 15

Figure 7. Standing glute kickback machine for focused training (Source:

3.2 Variable Exercises for Better Toned Glutes

Including different glute machines into your training schedule allows you to add variation to your exercise program.

Back leg extension exercises, hip abductors, and ham raises etc. on such machines are among the best exercises to tone up your butt. A variety of exercises can help you work on all the glute muscles effectively. 

3.3 Isolation Workout for Glute Muscles

A glute machine is designed to work your glutes in isolation. Isolation glute workouts help shape your buttocks and tighten them up.

3.4 Effective Resistance Training

The glute machine is one of the best ways of resistance training to build strength and endurance. It also helps improve muscle size, hence, firming up and toning your hips. 

4. Features / Components of a Glute Machine

The product features are:

4.1 Pin Loaded Glute Machine

It’s easy to use both for beginners and regular gym goers. The weights can be adjusted with the pin as per the intensity of the workout. 

4.2 Stable Foot Platform

The foot platform is designed for you to place your foot comfortably while exercising on the glute machine. The surface is non-slippery and gives a firm hold to your foot. 

4.3 Commercial Grade

The glute machine is sturdy and built for commercial use. It can withstand multiple sessions during a day. 

4.4 Suitably Placed Exercise Placards with Clear Instructions

The placard with instructions on how to use the machine/precautions is placed at an easily traceable location on the machine. It acts as an easy guide for the beginners.

4.5 Quick Reference Guide for Easy Machine Assembly

The glute machine comes with a quick reference guide for you to assemble it easily. The instruction manual is also a part of the purchase.

4.6 Premium Quality Foamed Chest Pad

The machine uses premium quality foam upholstery, “furniture grade” PU leather for the chest pad. ABS guard cover, which is free from any toxic carcinogens, is also used. 

4.7 Made for All Body Types

The machine is quite comfortable for use by any body type. You can adjust the chest pads for better abdominal support and spinal alignment. 

5. Benefits of Using a Glute Machine

Here are some of the benefits of working out on a glute machine: 

5.1 Strength Gains

The exercises that you do on a glute machine helps build your lower body strength. The stronger your glutes, the better is your performance and endurance during your strength training.

For example, glute exercises can boost your ability to increase your maximum deadlift or squat. 

5.2 Better Posture

Continuous sitting gives rise to poor posture. As a result, the glutes remain inactive for long. It can also cause postural deviations such as swayback and kyphosis-lordosis.

By following targeted glute muscle training, you can get rid of your bad posture. A regular exercise routine will help you develop a healthy/correct posture.

5.3 Fat Loss and Fat Loss Maintenance

Since glutes and hamstrings are two of the largest muscle groups in the body, toning them up can substantially contribute to fat loss. Regular exercise will help you maintain that fat loss.

5.4 Improved Athletic Performance

Your glute muscles are very powerful. Well-toned glutes help enhance your acceleration, strength and endurance for your athletic needs. Focused glute training improves your ability to exercise longer, run, jump, and cycle faster. 

5.5 Increased Bone Density

Lower body strength exercises that place mechanical stress on the bones, help increase the bone-density gradually. It also prevents early setting in of bone-related problems such as osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The right set of glute training exercises can help postpone and sometimes reverse the age-related effects of bone-density loss.

5.6 Material

The glute machine is manufactured using durable and eco-friendly material. The materials used are:

Steel Q235, high-quality steel tube
PulleyCast iron 
CableJapan made wire cable 
Powder CoatingTwo rounds 
Weight stackMade up of cast iron
StuffingPU foam with synthetic leather, ABS 
Tubes Oval, Elliptical tubes – all Q235 qualified
WiresCoated wires 

6. Proper Usage of a Glute Machine

For guidance on how to use a glute machine, check out this video:

7. Factors to Consider While Buying a Glute Machine

Here are some of the important factors that you should consider while buying a commercial glute machine: 

7.1 Resistance

Check for the equipment to have strong resistance. It should be built to last. Make sure that when used in commercial settings, it is able to withstand several training sessions day by day.

7.2 Weight

The average weight of a glute machine is approximately 200 kgs. The ideal way to calculate the machine’s weight is by subtracting the load of the weight plates. The heavier the machine, the safer it is.

7.3 Prices

Look for the best quality and best prices. Buy premium quality glute machines from Yanre Fitness at wholesale prices. Whether it is hammer strength glute ham price or a multi-hip trainer machine price, be sure you get value for money.

7.4 Safety standards

Check whether the glute machine is certified and meets the standard ISO20957 parameters.

It should have a certificate of ISO20957 or equivalent such as CE, that shows that the equipment has cleared the International Organization for Standardization test.

7.5 Warranty

Look for a genuine warranty period that could last from a year to upto 10 years depending upon the material.

7.6 Storage space

Ask the manufacturer about the storage space that the machine will occupy. Whether it is flexible and portable, or will consume a fixed space in your gym. 

8. Production Process

Glute Machine 16
Glute Machine 17

Figure 8. Manufacturing process of the glute machine (Source:

8. Installation

Easy installation guide and label numbers on each part of the glute machine make it quite simple to assemble. 

If you have any queries about installation, contact us at Yanre Fitness, right away. 

9. Maintenance Tips

Here are some maintenance tips to enhance the life of your equipment: 

9.1 Keep It Clean

Regular cleaning helps keep the machine in a good condition. You may use a wet cloth or soap water to do so.

9.2 Wipe Down the Parts After Every Use

Since the machine’s parts get in touch with the body of the users, they may smell due to sweat. It’s important to clean up all the parts that get exposed to the body after each use.

9.3 Use an Antibacterial Wipe/Spray to Clean Up

It is best to use an antibacterial wipe/spray to clean up the machine to prevent spread of infections/germs.

9.4 Use a Clean, Dry Cloth to Do Away With Any Sweat or Moisture

Once you have wiped the parts with a wet cloth, don’t forget to use a dry cloth afterwards. This will make sure that there is no moisture or sweat left out by mistake.

9.5 Lubricate the Machine With 100% Silicone Lubricant

You should keep a regular check on the parts that need lubrication. Lubricate them with 100% silicone lubricant that keeps the parts appropriately oiled.

9.6 Get It Serviced Regularly

Contact the after-sale service team to keep the machine properly serviced. No part should be malfunctioning else it may cause injuries.

9.7 Keep Checking the Wires, Pulley, Cables and Pin for Wear and Tear

Make sure that the wires, pulley, all the cables, and the pin are in a good condition. Check for their wear and tear at regular intervals. 

10. Final Words

A perfect glute machine can make your workouts safe, effective, and swift. 

With a plethora of machines available in the market, it is crucial to purchase the best quality at the best rates. Want customised quotes for a compact addition to your glute training equipment?

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