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  • Our Products Are Made with Non-Toxic TPE, Providing Safe and Comfortable Use.
  • They Repel Moisture, Bacteria, and Odor, Ensuring Clean and Hygienic Workouts.
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At Yanre Fitness, Design Transcends Aesthetics.

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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you searching for a custom yoga mat with logo providers? Planning to run a business or ordering a large quantity with your customization?

You are in the right place because we ensure you with the most authentic information regarding a custom yoga mat with a logo!

This FAQ guide will let you know about custom yoga mats with logo, design, other features, and all of your questions in mind.

Table of Contents

1. What are custom yoga mats with a logo?

A yoga mat with a customized logo is called a custom yoga mat. A custom yoga mat is different from ready-made yoga mats for its variant feature. 

In a custom yoga mat with a logo, one can easily put their designs, as well as a logo. Freedom to choose a color and convenient size are provided in the custom yoga mats.

Besides, the buyer can also choose different sizes of their desired logo.  Custom yoga mats with logos are nowadays becoming more popular than any other yoga mats.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 11

Figure-01: Custom Yoga Mat

2. What are the features of custom yoga mats with logos?

The most unique features of custom yoga mats are brand feeling as well as customized style.

Brand Feeling: Brand loyalty is the prime feature of custom yoga mats. You can feel great by using custom yoga mats from Yanre. 

Customized Style/Design: This is one of the core features for custom yoga mats with a logo because style portrays color, texture, stability, thickness, printing quality, and logo.

Well, the common features of custom yoga mats with logos are materials, stickiness, style, texture, eco-friendliness, and thickness. You will not miss the following features even if you purchase custom yoga mats with a logo. 

Materials: The most common materials that the yoga mats are made from is vinyl (PVC). Along with, to make it even more earth-friendly, manufacturers try some other materials such as jute, organic or natural cotton, recycled rubber, etc.

Manufacturers should also focus on selling latex material while many people are allergic to this material.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 12

Figure-02: Materials of Custom Yoga Mat

Stickiness: To avoid the issue of sliding, stickiness is a vital feature while buying a yoga mat. In a PVC yoga mat, this feature is profoundly available rather than other mats.

Texture: Traction is one of the important factors for the yoga mat. As the user has to play different gestures and posture on the mat, the mat must have sufficient traction capacity.

You can find it in PVC type, jute, or any other organic material (with roughness) type yoga mats. In the traditional yoga mat, there will be proper grip and resistance to sweat.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 13

Figure: 03- See the Variance

Thickness: For making your product customer-friendly, concentrating on the thickness of the yoga mat is necessary. For example, ¼ inch thickness will not give you a strong balance on the floor in case of crescent lung or tree pose, etc.

It is wise to keep the thickness up to 1/8 inch. Besides, in the travel yoga mat, the thickness remains up to 1/16 inch which is easily foldable as well as portable.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 14

Figure-04: Thickness of Custom Yoga Mat

3. What type of yoga mats is popular in the market?

There are several yoga mats found in the market which are becoming quite popular nowadays.  Here, some of them are mentioned with core features:

TPE Yoga Mat

  • Made by latex / hemp
  • Recycling scope
  • No environmental harm
  • Good elasticity and toughness
  • Anti-skid effect
  • Not heavy, easily foldable
  • Standard size and thickness available
Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 15

Figure-05: TPE Yoga Mat

PVC Yoga Mat

  • Base: PVC material (highly dense)
  • Cost-effective
  • Prominent quality material: natural latex, hemp, or other natural materials

PU Yoga Mat

  • Base: Polyurethane (an organic polymer substance)
  • Best anti-skid performance
  • The combination of natural rubber and TPE is used
Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 16

Figure:06- A PU Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat

  • Environment-friendly
  • The soft surface and waterproof
  • Heat and wear-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Conductive to mental relaxation
Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 17

Figure:07- A Cork Yoga Mat

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

  • Rubber liquid (collected from rubber tree) is used to make this
  • Rest material: fatty acid, protein, sugar, and other necessary substances
  • Expensive
  • 4 mm size is considered as standard size
  • Environmental friendly
  • Favorable elasticity, anti-skid, and proper thickness

Flax Yoga Mat

  • Main material: Flax herb ( fiber flax, oil flax, or oil fiber flax)
  • Not so comfortable
  • Rough
  • Skid resistance

4. What are the benefits of custom yoga mats with a logo?

The benefits of the custom yoga mats with the logo are given below:

  • Wonderful logo design
  • Freedom to choose the color
  • Attractive painting materials
  • Quality accessories with the logo

In B2B, a custom yoga mat with a logo is quite popular because of the freedom to apply features. At Yanre Fitness, you can choose color, materials, logo, printing materials, required accessories, quantity, etc. We will satisfy all your custom needs.

However, in a custom yoga mat with a logo, the first concentration goes on its protective effect. Manufacturers are concerned about their customers’ safety. Based on the surface patterns, each type works differently.

Later on, the given instructions to each type of mat help to guide users for a particular exercise. A standard elasticity can be another benefit that protects users from any type of uncertain injuries.

5. Are custom yoga mats with logo free from BPA’s?

Yes, most of the custom yoga mats are free from the BPA’s’

You may wonder what BPA’s mean?

BPA refers to a synthetic organic compound of Bisphenol A which is mainly used in plastic accessories and can do harm to the human body.

Most of the yoga mat manufacturers are not using such harmful materials in yoga mat production. But you shall be careful if the quote you got is much lower than the market normal price. They may use such inferior material to save cost.

At Yanre Fitness, for assuring customers safety, we check the materials containing  BPE or not while ordering the final quantity. As it is expensive for the customization all in all, we ask manufacturers to avoid using any kind of harmful materials.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 18

Figure-08: BPE Free Yoga Mat

6. What is the average price of custom yoga mats with a logo?

The minimum price starts from $10 to the maximum price at $35 of a customized yoga mat with a logo. 

Besides, prices can vary based on some factors such as:

  • A separate charge for printing/ using specific materials
  • The thickness of the mat can influence the pricing
  • Quality can influence the price
  • Based on location, the price can be lower

7. What are the supportive accessories that come with the custom yoga mats?

Manufacturers can add supportive accessories with their custom yoga mats, such as

  • Customized cover bags
  • Water bottles
  • A block
  • Customized fitness tools
  • Wristbands
  • Carrying cases, etc.

8. What are the standard sizes of custom yoga mats?

The standard size of custom yoga mats is:

  • 68 inches long
  • 24 inches wide
  • ⅛ inches thick 

Based on the tallness of yogis, the yoga mat’s length may vary, such as:

– For 5’5, the standard length would be 68 inches

– For 5’6 to 6’0, the standard length would be 72 inches

– For six and above, the standard length would be 82 inches

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 19

Figure-09: Standard Size Yoga Mat

9. What are the common designs used in custom yoga mats?

There are numerous designs done on yoga mats based on buyer’s demands. Some of the popular artwork is as follows:

Lab Combo: This design is mainly the combination of different geometrical patterns, which make the yoga mats more functional as well as beautiful.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 20

Figure-10: A Lab Combo Yoga Mat

Sapphire Deco: The main theme of this type of artwork is concentrating on blue. The pattern motivates one to pose lotus posture, birds of paradise, etc.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 21

Figure-11: A Sapphire Deco Yoga Mat

Belize Printed Xtra Lite: This is also a geometric pattern type design where you can see a Caribbean touch. This kind of mat is light weighted, and the earthy context gives a soothing vibe.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 22

Figure-12: Standard artwork Yoga Mat

Kamaka Sunset: Nature is the main focus here. The combination of sunshine and beach view will give a peaceful vibe while practicing yoga. And also it is very popular among the users as well.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 23

Figure-13: A Kamaka Sunset Yoga Mat

Wilding Haleakala: This type of mat is made from high-density materials for more softness. This design gives an invisible inspiration to the users that make them feel more energetic while participating in yoga.

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 24

Figure-14: A Wilding Haleakala Yoga Mat

10. Is it possible to see the sample of custom yoga mats before initiating the final order?

Yes of course. It usually varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, as well as supplier to supplier. At Yanre Fitness, you are allowed to check the sample before initiating the final order.

For this, an extra charge might be applied for the sample, and we also appreciate that to meet the best.

11. How to choose the best custom yoga mats with a logo?

As per distance, quantity, and quality, the service is dependent. Manufacturers may provide quality wholesale products at reasonable prices. 

Business relationships are close for B2B customers.  Yanre has been providing quality B2B services and quality fitness products. 

You can gather detailed information after watching this video.

Besides, here go some tips:

  • For the sticky mat, always choose the non-PVC mat. This kind of mat is long-lasting. Generally, PVC mat is widely used everywhere for its appearance, availability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • The design also encourages the buyer to practice regularly on the yoga mat. It inspires a user psychologically and physically.
  • Comfort is another main factor while choosing a yoga mat. This comfort consists of thickness, stickiness, elasticity, flexibility, grip, etc.
  • The length of the yoga mat is another consideration before buying. For the limited space, a 1/8 inch range is standard.
  • For easy folding, the 1/16 inch range is standard, whereas the ¼ inch range is quite thick.

12. What is the basic maintenance of custom yoga mats with a logo?

Firstly, a yoga mat lasts for 10 to 12 months. However, you can go through some basic maintenance:

Custom Yoga Mats with Logo 25

Figure-15: Maintenance of Yoga Mat

The Basic Maintenance

  • Clean your yoga mat every week.
  • Apply soapy mixture while cleaning your mat, and mildly rub the dirty surface by using a sponge. Warm water will make the process easier.
  • Be careful of leaving the soapy mixture on the surface of the yoga mat and also avoid soaking.
  • While using a PVC mat, make sure to clean the mat before using it.
  • There are particular cleansers found in the market for a yoga mat, such as handy yoga washes.

13. Final Words

Meanwhile, we have tried to convey the most important facts for you about custom yoga mats with a logo. 

If you have further queries regarding purchasing custom yoga mats with logos, contact us for details. 

Yanre Fitness can provide unique designs, super brand feeling with superior qualities, and customized services.