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Compact Leg Press for Sale – Definitive FAQ Guide

Do you want to introduce an equipment in your gym that will help customers improve their leg workout and general physical appearance?

A compact leg press machine for sale is all you need.

But how do you find the safest, durable and ideal leg press for your customers?

Keep reading to know exactly what to do.

Table of Contents

What is a leg press machine?

A leg press machine is a robust bodybuilding equipment used in gyms and fitness centers designed explicitly for leg workouts. Some models can double up as a hack squat machine when adjusted.

The benefits of working out on the leg press include developing gluteal muscles, quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings, including your overall physical performance.

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Figure 1: a leg press machine

How thick is the back and shoulder padding of a compact leg press for sale?

The back and shoulder padding of any compact leg press is supposed to offer comfort while working out. It is meant to protect the lower back of the user. 

Some have adjustable back support, with high-density foam padding on the seat and backrest. With thick padding, your head, neck, and shoulders will be well supported. The base will also be stable when pressing heavy weights.

The best compact leg press should have three-inch (or more) thick padding for maximum lower back support and comfort.

Such machines can be found only at Yanre Fitness Center. The company can customize them with company logos upon request.

How much space do you need to store a compact leg press?

On average, a compact leg press will not occupy much space. 

Depending on your needs, you’ll decide whether to get a 45-degree leg press, an upright leg press, or a vertical leg press.

To understand these three better, let’s evaluate them;

Vertical Leg Press

An average vertical leg press machine measures 46.8” long, 44” wide, and 59.5” high. The user’s weight moves right up and downwards as the back remains parallel to the floor.

Vertical machines are the smallest and lightest of all leg presses. They have a lower load limit, though.

45 degree leg press machine

This type of leg press measures 83.6” long, 47.5” wide, and 53.9” high. Of the three types of leg press devices, this is the largest. 

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Figure 2: a 45-degrees leg press

When using the 45-degree leg press machine, your legs are angled upwards, pushing the weight away. Most models double as hack squat machines.

Upright leg press machine

An upright leg press machine is smaller, measuring 77.1″ long, 42.1″ wide, and 62.7: high.

It resembles the 45-degree options except that the user will sit upright without angling the torso backward. 

To use it, you can either push away the footplate or let your feet remain in the same place while the seat is moving on a sled. 

To say the least, a compact leg press takes up very little space. You won’t have to worry if your room space is limited.

What is the difference between a vertical and horizontal leg press?

Vertical leg press

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Figure 3: a vertical leg press machine

The vertical leg press requires that you lie on your back as you kick upwards to move the weight plates vertically. The plates face downwards.

The legs are positioned upwards while the body is bent at a 90-degree angle.

At this time, your weight is on top, and with straightened knees, you’ll push the weight upward.

Advantages of a vertical leg press

  • Since your body movement is not working against gravity, there will be no strenuous pressure on your legs.
  • This machine supports your back during the entire exercise. It’s a healthy choice for people with back problems.
  • If you’re looking to boost your quads, then this is it. By kicking upwards as you lie on your back, you force these muscles to take all the weight.
  • It’s an excellent way of working out your thigh muscles. 


  • A vertical leg press setup can be uncomfortable for some, especially when pushing their weight upwards. Not so great for you if you have back pain.

Horizontal leg press

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Figure 4: a horizontal leg press

A horizontal leg press (seated leg press) gets the user seated parallel to the ground. While sitting in the chair, they’ll press the feet against the plate 12″ to 15″ apart. The plate is attached to a weight stack using a long cable. 

Depending on the machine type, a person’s weight might be behind, in front, or underneath them. 

While in a neutral position, a user should keep knees bent and feet pressed flat on the plate without lifting their heels.

When straightening legs, they’ll press against the plate while pulling the weights. The exercise is performed without letting the knees lock.

Benefits of horizontal leg press machine

  • It keeps the user in a natural position that makes your body comfortable and secure.
  • Some models have handles on the sides to help one concentrate during exercise.


  • Sitting on this machine makes the user sloppy.
  • The chin gets tucked into one’s chest, which can make the head slide off the bench. 
  • Much weight is put on the lower back, causing less focus on the legs. 
  • There’s a high risk of back injury. 
  • But when exercises are done with proper form, this leg press may be less risky. Experts recommend adjusting the back and seat to get a full range of motion without bending the waist. 

What is the recommended weight limit of a commercial compact leg press?

Most commercial compact leg presses have a weight limit of between 600 lb and 1,000 lb.

How versatile should a gym leg press be?

First and foremost, a gym leg press should have an adjustable seat and leg plates to accommodate users with different heights. 

One with a higher weight limit will also be suitable for the gym or any other fitness facility.

People come to the gym with different intentions. If you can buy a multifunctional leg press with varying workout options such as hack, squats, leg presses, calf raises, or full-body workouts, the better for your clients. You’ll be able to structure activities to fit your clients’ needs.

Visit Yanre Fitness or contact their sales department for details on the best leg press machine for your distribution center or gym. The company has a wide variety of compact leg presses to choose from.

What material should a commercial leg press be made of?

The build quality of a commercial-grade leg press should be high for maximum durability. 

Therefore, the machine should be made with high tensile alloy steel for smooth workouts. A durable alloy steel leg press will not break or even bend when handling heavy user weights or strenuous routines. 

For the padding, those coated with materials like DuraGuard vinyl are much tougher and tear-resistant. 

What safety features should the leg press have?

The best leg press machine should have these safety features;

  • A sturdy construction – A sturdy construction made of durable alloy steel will provide stability to the user when working out.
  • High tensile strength footplates – These will ensure safe pressing of the legs, especially with higher weight loads. Wider, non-slip footplates will improve comfort and keep the users’ feet in place throughout the workout session.
  • Safety levers – When a leg press has safety levers on the sides of the reclining bench, the user has stability when pressing.
  • A solid structure – To have a solid structure, the leg press must be carefully bolted and hinged. This will give people peace of mind as they work out. No one wants to use a machine that cringes as they exercises.
  • Sturdy wheels – A leg press with bearing motion and sturdy wheels makes exercising smooth and safe. 
  • High load capacity – A machine with a higher weight capacity will offer plenty of exercising options. It will safely accommodate all gym users, including the heavy-weighted.
  • Locks – Strong locks on a leg press will provide safety to users while working out. 
  • Padded backrest – A well-padded backrest will make the user comfortable without exerting pressure on the spine. It also offers safety and support to the neck, shoulders, and head.
  • Quad track roller – The quad track roller provides stability to the machine by distributing the user’s weight evenly. This ensures smooth workouts without the machine tipping and injuring them.

How adjustable should the compact leg press be?

A compact leg press machine should have an adjustable seat and leg plates. This will help users with different heights to adjust to their specific heights and motion range preferences.

For leg presses that double up as squat hack machines, the footplate position should be adjustable for users to switch to hack squat mode. 

How wide should the footplate of a compact leg press be?

Compact leg press machines are available in different models and sizes. The same goes for the footplates. Some have footplates as wide as 30 by 15 inches, while others have 60mm by 60mm footplates and so on.

The footplate sizes vary with brand.

What makes a compact leg press machine durable?

What makes a compact leg press durable is its design and build. A solid leg press machine can be made with up to 3 inches of heavy-duty steel beams to hold everything in place for a long time.

Compact Leg Press for Sale 13

Figure 5: a sturdy compact leg press machine

The parts should be solidly built with high-quality material like alloy steel for them to last a lifetime. Coated with scratch and corrosion-resistant powder coating, the whole unit will withstand wear and tear.


A compact leg press machine for sale does an excellent job of increasing leg muscles and toning up the lower body area. 

Getting the most suitable machine for your gym or fitness center is not difficult if you know what to look for. Your facility needs a strong, safe, multipurpose leg press that will serve you and your clients for many years – something that will give you a run for your money. 

Well… Yanre Fitness is the go-to gym equipment manufacturer that will customize your compact leg press to your specific needs. Reach out to their sales teams for excellent quotes on leg press products and accessories.