Commercial Treadmill Mat – The Ultimate Guide

Have you recently bought a treadmill?

Are you wondering what the next step ought to be?

Are you looking for something to protect your floor from a heavy-duty piece of equipment? 

Lucky for you, we can provide answers to all the thoughts going through your head!

A commercial treadmill mat is an essential accessory to a treadmill. It serves multiple purposes, one of which includes protecting your flooring. 

However, there is an abundance of treadmill mats in the market, and going through all their specs and choosing the right one can be a lot. That is why we have compiled this guide so that you have all the answers you need while making your purchase.

Table of Contents

1. Definition

As the name implies a treadmill mat is just that, a mat. It is placed below your treadmill and serves as a barrier between the equipment and the floor. They are a necessity in any commercial gym or wholesale business. 

This is because they serve to protect your flooring from being damaged by heavy machinery. There are different varieties of mats available in the market so that you can choose an option that is the best fit for you and your business.

Commercial Treadmill Mat 5

Figure 1. Commercial treadmill mat

2. Benefits of a Commercial Treadmill Mat

 Commercial treadmill mats are necessary for your gym and distribution center for a variety of reasons:

2.1 Protects the Floor

Treadmills tend to be heavy. An average treadmill can weigh up to or more than 200lbs. considering that weight, it is safe to assume that there will be a high chance of your flooring seeing some damage. The damage can be in the form of dents and chipping etc. This is why you need to place a mat under the treadmill.

2.2 Reduces Noise

Treadmills can be noisy, especially if they are placed on higher levels. The noise can prove to be a nuisance for the people. Mats can absorb the sounds from the vibrations of the machine reducing their sound. 

2.3 Provides Stability

Commercial treadmill mats can help keep the treadmill stable. This will allow users to work out without any hassle.

2.4 Easy to Clean

Commercial treadmill mats can prevent carpet dust and floor debris from entering the treadmill and clogging it. The mats themselves tend to be easily cleanable.

3. Important Features of a Commercial Treadmill Mat

A good commercial treadmill mat has several features that decide its quality. We will discuss them now.

3.1 Moisture Resistance / Waterproof

In a commercial setting, a treadmill sees intensive usage from a variety of clients. A downside to that is the accumulation of sweat and other fluids. A commercial treadmill mat that is water or moisture resistant will prevent mold and other nasty smells.  

3.2 Non-slip Design

Treadmills can slip during exercise which damages the flooring. It is recommended to look for a commercial treadmill mat that has anti-slipping properties. This will ensure that your treadmill remains steady during use. 

3.3 Odor

Some mats have a rubbery scent to them which can be unpleasant to bear. Sometimes the smell is far too much for people to bear. Such a smell is an indicator of the fact that the materials used in the mat are low-quality and cheap.

3.4 Size

The average size of commercial treadmill mats is 6.5 feet in length and 3 feet in width. However, the size of the mat is usually correspondent to the size of the treadmill. You should always measure the treadmill before placing an order for a commercial treadmill mat.

3.5 Thickness

The average thickness of a commercial treadmill mat is ¼ inches. However, in a commercial setting, a thickness of 3/8 inches would be more suitable. This is because a commercial treadmill sees way more wear and tear than a personal treadmill. The thickness also serves to muffle the sound of the treadmill.

3.6 Materials

The mat should be made from high-quality, durable materials that last a long while and do not have an odor. The most popular choices for commercial treadmill mats are PVC and rubber. Though, there are other options available in the market. We will discuss these materials in a separate section.

3.7 Floor Surface

Since you are installing the commercial treadmill mat to protect your floor, you must keep the material of the floor in mind while making your purchase. 

For hard surfaces such as tiles, hardwood, etc., pick a thicker mat that can offer more impact absorbance. In the case of carpeted floors, you must choose a mat that is anti-slip with a good grip to make sure that your treadmill stays in place. 

4. Types of Commercial Treadmill Mats

There are currently two types of commercial treadmill mats in the market.

  1. Interlocking Pads
  2. Interlocking Mats

4.1 Interlocking Pads

These are tiles that have interlocking edges. They can be used to cover the area by interlocking the edges according to the surface area being covered. These are made from EVA foam.

Commercial Treadmill Mat 6

Figure 2. Interlocking pads

4.2 Interlocking Mats

These are larger tiles so you can cover the required area faster. You should, however, order extra tiles. You can then cut off the excess via a knife according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Commercial Treadmill Mat 7

Figure 3. Interlocking mats

5. Manufacturing Materials

Different materials are used to make commercial treadmill mats. There are three favorites in the market when it comes to commercial treadmill mat manufacturing:

  1. Rubber
  2. PVC
  3. Foam

5.1 Rubber

Rubber mats are thought to be the best when it comes to commercial treadmill mats. These mats are durable and last for a long time. Rubber is water-resistant and flexible.

Commercial Treadmill Mat 8

Figure 4. Rubber treadmill mat

5.2 PVC

PVC mats are durable, but they lack the flexibility and thickness of rubber mats. In addition to that, they have an odor. PVC mats may also have toxic materials so please check for that in advance.

Commercial Treadmill Mat 9

Figure 5. PVC treadmill mat

5.3 Foam

Foam is soft and flexible and provides excellent sound muffling. However, it is not as durable as its other counterparts and is more susceptible to humidity. The foam used in this case is EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).

Commercial Treadmill Mat 10

Figure 6. EVA treadmill mat

5.4 Combined Materials

Some manufacturers combine multiple materials to gain the best features of both materials. For example, some will use PVC to create a durable surface but keep EVA foam as the core for the muffling effect.

6. Average Price

The average price for a commercial treadmill mat ranges from $39 to $150. Of course, the price is dependent upon variables such as material, type, size. 

The low-range options may be good for those treadmills that are not used regularly. However, in case you are in a commercial setting, it is best to invest in a good commercial treadmill mat to increase the life span of your treadmill and the floor.

7. Replacement

Treadmill mats made out of durable material such as PVC or rubber do not need to be replaced often. You likely never will have to replace them unless they are extremely worn out.  Others such as EVA foam mats will need to be replaced regularly because they lack durability. 

8. Maintenance

It is a good idea to clean the commercial treadmill mats regularly. This makes them last longer and prevents odor.  PVC and foam mats need only be wiped with a damp cloth and soapy water.

However, if it is very filthy, you will need to disinfect it. For that purpose, contact your manufacturer or the manual that has been provided. Please do not use any cleaners without consulting the manual because it can degrade the product. 

9. Conclusion

It may not look important but a treadmill mat is essential for the longevity of your treadmill machine and flooring. So it is best to invest in a good treadmill mat now to save yourself from having to needlessly replace those. 

We know that having so many options can make choosing a single product very difficult. Hopefully, we have eased difficulty a bit with our guide. If you have any more queries, please contact us.

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