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Commercial Gym Mats – Definitive FAQ Guide

Do you want to know the best features of a commercial gym mat?

Are you looking to buy commercial gym floor mats wholesale?

Do you want to determine which type of commercial gym mat you should buy?

Do commercial gym mats have huge demand in your distribution center? 

Do you want to educate yourself about the characteristics of commercial gym mats?

Whatever your problem may be, we have got a solution for you! Our detailed FAQ guide for commercial gym mats is specially written to cover all the aspects of commercial gym mats. So, without further delay, let us start our discussion.

Table of Contents

What are commercial gym mats?

Commercial gym flooring mats are an important part of any gym. They are required to cover the original gym floor to prevent damage. It also adds a refreshing look to the gym. 

There are multiple advantages of using commercial gym flooring mats. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Shock absorption
  2. Aesthetics enhancements
  3. Prevents Slippage
  4. Traction
  5. Comfort 
  6. Convenience 
  7. Trainers Safety 
Commercial Gym Mats 9

Figure 1. Commercial gym mats

Are there multiple types of commercial gym mats according to the material?

Yes, there are multiple types of commercial gym flooring tiles. A brief description of them is listed below:

Foam Mats

Foam mats are made up of High-Quality EVA. They are used in gyms that do not offer heavy-weight equipment. 

The benefit of using foam flooring mats is that they can be easily installed. They provide excellent comfort and shock absorption. Above all, they are cheaper than most of the other types of commercial gym flooring mats.

However, they have some drawbacks too. They are not long-lasting so you might have to replace them sooner than some of the other types. They get damaged by heavyweights and provide low traction if wet. 

Commercial Gym Mats 10

Figure 2. Foam gym mats

Turf Mats

Turf mats are small pieces of synthetic grass that are manufactured using Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP). They can be used in all types of gyms.

The major benefits of using turf mats are that they provide excellent shock absorption and are aesthetically pleasing. 

Moreover, they are long-lasting and can be used where heavy machinery is used. 

However, some of the disadvantages are its complicated installation and higher cost. Besides, they are not very efficient in protecting sub-floor.

Commercial Gym Mats 11

Figure 3. Turf gym mats

Rubber Mats

They are made up of natural tree rubber or recycled rubber. Rubber mats are suitable for all gym types. 

The major advantages of using rubber mats are that they are budget-friendly and long-lasting.

 They have excellent shock absorbance powers, and they can be easily installed. 

Despite these benefits, they can be smelly if the quality of rubber is not good. 

Commercial Gym Mats 12

Figure 4. Rubber Gym Mats

Carpet Mats

Carpet mats come in multiple types depending on the material. They can be made up of nylon, wool fibers, or polyester. They are excellent shock absorbers and cheaper as compared to other types of flooring mats.

However, they are not long-lasting and do not provide sub-floor protection. They can also give rise to mold if wet. 

Commercial Gym Mats 13

Figure 5. Carpet Gym Mats

Do commercial gym rubber mats have different types?

Yes, there are 4 different types of rubber commercial gym mats.

Tough Mats

They are made up of recycled rubber. They can be used as flooring mats, equipment mats, and yoga mats. They have excellent shock absorbance.

Thickness: They are generally ¼ inches thick.

Size: They are available in 4 different sizes.

Weight: It ranges from 18lbs to 60lbs depending on the size of the mat. 

Commercial Gym Mats 14

Figure 6. Tough Mats

Impact Mats

Impact mats, also known as plyometric mats, are made up of reground rubber. They are ideal for high-impact exercises such as jumping. 

Thickness: They are generally 3/8 inches thick.

Size: They are generally available in 4*6 inches. 

Weight: They weigh approximately 2lbs per square foot. 

Commercial Gym Mats 15

Figure 7. Impact Mats

Premium Mats

They are manufactured by the vulcanization of recycled rubber tires. They are used in a commercial gym for CrossFit and Olympic lifting. 

Thickness: They are generally 3/8 inches thick.

Size: They are generally available in 4*6 inches

Weight: They weigh 47lbs

Commercial Gym Mats 16

Figure 8. Premium Mats

Shock Mats

They are manufactured by the vulcanization of recycled rubber tyres. They are also used in commercial gyms for CrossFit and Olympic lifting as well as under gym equipment. 

Their shock absorbance and noise reduction capabilities are 3 times greater than regular rubber mats. 

Thickness: They are generally ¾ inches thick. 

Size: They are available in two different sizes i-e 47*71 inches and 47*94 inches

Weight: Their weight ranges from 100lbs to 130lbs depending on the size of the mat. 

Commercial Gym Mats 17

Figure 9. Shock Mat

Are there any eco-friendly commercial gym mats?

Yes, eco-friendly commercial gym flooring mats are widely available in the market. 

Generally, rubber mats are eco-friendly since they are manufactured using recycled rubber. Yanre Fitness offers an exquisite range of eco-friendly rubber mats. 

Which type of commercial gym mat is commonly used? 

Rubber flooring mats are the most used type of commercial gym flooring mats.

They are used because of their excellent shock absorbing features, versatility, and durability. Moreover, they are cheaper than other types and they can be customized to any size and color. These features of rubber gym flooring mats make them the most valued form of flooring. 

If you are looking for rubber mats, then visit Yanre fitness’s official website. We offer a wide variety of commercial gym flooring. 

Commercial Gym Mats 18

Figure 10. Rubber Gym Mats

Do commercial gym mats differ in thickness?

Yes, commercial gym flooring tiles come in a variety of thicknesses. The thickness of commercial gym flooring mats ranges from ¼ inches to 1 inch. 

The thickness of commercial gym flooring mats differs according to the areas of the gym where they will be used. Because they differ depending on the equipment placed on them. 

We recommend using ½ inches thick mats where heavy equipment is placed. Such as bumper plates or treadmills. It is done to ensure that the sub-floor is protected from the impact. 

However, for simple exercises and walking areas, 3/8 inches is optimal. Please note that the price of flooring increases with the thickness. 

Commercial Gym Mats 19

Figure 11. The thickness of commercial gym mats

How much do commercial gym mats cost?

Commercial gym mats cost approximately $3 to $18 per square foot.

Their cost depends on the type, thickness, and quality of mats. Rubber mats are the cheapest commercial gym mats. 

What is the size of a commercial gym mat?

Commercial gym mats are available in a variety of sizes. 

They are chosen depending on the area of the gym. You might need a variety of sizes to completely cover your gym floor. Following are the general dimensions of commercial gym flooring mats.

  • 3*6 inches
  • 4*6 inches
  • 4*8 inches
  • 4*10 inches

Please contact us to know the exact dimension of the flooring mats we have. 

What is the difference between commercial gym mats and tiles?

Commercial gym flooring mats and tiles differ in the shape. 

Mats are small pieces of flooring rolls. However, flooring tiles are specially designed with interlocking edges to keep them in place. 

Although flooring mats are long-lasting as compared to tiles, they require glue to be kept in place and they might curl up from the edges. 

Commercial Gym Mats 20

Figure 12. Commercial gym tiles

What is the difference between commercial gym mats and rolls?

Mats are the miniature version of flooring rolls. 

The difference comes in their usage. Flooring rolls are generally used for larger areas while flooring mats are used to cover corners or they can be placed randomly, wherever required. 

Commercial Gym Mats 21

Figure 13. Commercial gym rolls

Do commercial gym mats should be waterproof or not?

Yes, commercial gym flooring mats should be waterproof. Following are some of the benefits of using waterproof mats:

  1. They are less prone to damage. 
  2. You will not have to worry about drying them. 
  3. There are no risks of infection because waterproof mats cannot develop mold.
  4. They do not cause a smell due to sweating.

Do I need professionals to install commercial gym mats?

Seeking help from professionals depends upon the type and quantity of flooring mats. 

If you are concerned about the installation process, you can refer to the user manual. However, if you have a large area to cover using flooring mats, we recommend you get some help to speed up the process. 

Does commercial gym mat installation require glue?

Yes, commercial gym mats require glue for installation. 

It is used to keep them in place and prevents edges from curling up. 

However, some mats also come with anti-slip features but in a commercial gym where they come under a lot of wear and tear, gluing them is the best option. 

How to install commercial gym mats?

Commercial gym mats are very easy to install. If you have a small area to cover, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you can always look for some extra help.

 The following are the three different methods that can be used to install commercial gym mats:

Loose Installation:

If you think that you might have to move your gym mats after some time, you can just lay them loose wherever required. However, in this case, the mats might slip or curl up after frequent usage. 


For light attachment, you can use double-sided tape. Apply tape to all the sides of the mat, lay it down, and give a little pressure to stick it down. In this way, you will be able to remove the tape if you decide to move your gym mats. 


In a commercial gym, especially CrossFit gym, we recommend gluing down the mats. It will prevent slippage and curling edges. However, once you glue them down, you will not be able to remove the mats. 

Can I cut commercial gym rubber mats for installation?

Yes, you can cut them to modify the size of the mat. 

Follow the procedure below to cut rubber gym mat:

  1. Carefully mark the required size.
  2. Score the mark using a sharp knife to create a deep crease.
  3. Bend the mat at the crease to deepen it.
  4. Score the rest of the joint portion with the knife until it gets separated. 

Is it beneficial to use underlay under the commercial gym flooring mats? 

Yes, we recommend using underlays in a commercial gym because of multiple reasons. 

  1. Increases shock absorption. 
  2. Reduces noise.
  3. Stabilizes floor.
  4. Sub-floor protection
  5. Increases the life of gym flooring.

However, there are multiple varieties of underlays. Make sure to choose one according to the commercial gym flooring mats type. Following is a brief description of which type of flooring is compatible with which type of underlay.

Wood flooring: Cork underlay

Carpet Tiles: Rubber underlay

Vinyl flooring: Cork underlay

Commercial Gym Mats 22

Figure 14. Underlay for commercial gym flooring.

Do commercial gym mats reduce noise? 

It depends upon the type and quality of commercial gym mats. 

Rubber mats are excellent noise absorbers. The noise-reducing property of the mats is directly proportional to their shock absorbance quality. The higher the shock absorbance capacity, the greater will be its noise reduction property. You can also use underlay to further reduce the noise. 

Do commercial gym mats get affected by temperature?

Yes, the temperature has an impact on the commercial gym mats. Rubber mats are generally affected to a higher extent as compared to the others. 

However, this is not a big issue. To minimize the effect, you can lay down your mats and wait for 2-3 days before applying glue. As a result, mats will either expand or contract freely and you will be able to set them properly. 

Which areas of the gym should be covered with commercial gym mats?

The complete area of a commercial gym flooring should be covered. 

It reduces the risk of injuries and prevents dirt accumulation. However, you do not necessarily need to use mats all over the floor. Use commercial gym flooring rolls to cover larger areas and for corners, you can use mats. 

Do commercial gym flooring mats smell?

Yes, this issue is often associated with rubber mats. The intensity of smell depends on the quality of the material and the manufacturing process. 

Usually, the smell is irritating only in the first few days of the installation. After that, the smell diffuses in the air and becomes unnoticeable. 

How can I quickly reduce the smell of commercial gym mats?

Although the smell vanishes after a few days, if you want to accelerate the process, you can do damp mopping using a mild solution of detergent and water. It will reduce the rubbery smell quicker than usual. 

Do commercial gym flooring mats come in a variety of colors?

Yes, commercial gym flooring mats are available in a variety of colors. The most popular colors include black, brown, green, and red. 

Moreover, Yanre Fitness provides you the option to customize the color of your commercial gym flooring tiles according to your preferences.

Commercial Gym Mats 23

Figure 15. Color options for commercial gym mats

Should I print my brand logo on commercial gym flooring mats?

It depends completely on your preferences.

 If you want to give a personalized look to your gym, you should go for it. Moreover, selling logo printed mats in a distribution center can be a great source of publicity. 

Please contact us to communicate your requirements and we would be happy to customize your gym floor mats wholesale. 

What are the important factors while determining the type of commercial gym mats?

Multiple factors should be kept in mind before making this decision. Following are the factors that will help you in determining the type and material for commercial gym flooring. 

  1. Nature of your original gym floor. 
  2. The equipment available or mostly used in the gym.
  3. The level of trainers you have. 
  4. The area of your gym. 
  5. Your budget.
  6. Your flooring replacement schedule. 

All these factors should be kept in mind before choosing a product. 

What is the average shelf-life of commercial gym mats?

The average shelf life of commercial gym flooring mats depends on their type. Usually, rubber mats last longer than carpet flooring mats. 

Rubber flooring mats can last for up to 8 years depending on the quality. Their shock absorbance property is reduced with daily wear and tear. Therefore, to ensure the safety of users and the equipment, replace them after they are worn out. 

How can I properly maintain the commercial gym mats?

Regular cleaning is required to properly maintain and increase the shelf life of commercial gym mats. 

Any loose dirt, debris, or spillage should be vacuumed. Moreover, use mild soap or detergent mixture for damp mopping of the floor. 

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or solvents because they slowly decrease the quality of the flooring. You can find this information in the user manual of your commercial gym mats. 


We hope that after carefully reading this FAQ guide for commercial gym floor mats, you have got the answers to all your questions related to commercial gym mats. This information is necessary to choose a product that perfectly suits your requirements.Yanre Fitness offers durable and eco-friendly commercial gym mats at an affordable price. We are a leading gym mat manufacturer in China. Contact us for more information and to get a customized price quote.