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Commercial Gym BenchDefinitive FAQ Guide

A commercial gym bench is very versatile. It is the backbone of any commercial gym or fitness-related business.

If you are looking for a commercial gym bench but confused by all the choices, then you have come to the right place.

This FAQ guide has all the relevant information about commercial gym benches. It will simplify your research process and make your choice easier.

Table of Contents

What is a commercial gym bench?

A commercial gym bench has a solid steel frame, with a padded seat on top. It is either fixed or adjustable in flat, incline, & decline positions. 

The user sits or lies down on the bench to perform various exercises.

Commercial Gym Bench 10

Fig 1 – Commercial gym benches

What are the main types of commercial gym benches?

Commercial gym benches have four main types.

  • Fixed gym bench
  • Adjustable gym bench
  • Olympic gym bench
  • Specialty gym benches

Depending upon the type, gym benches are either plate-loaded or pin-loaded.

Fixed commercial gym bench:

It is the most common type of gym bench. It is fixed & compact, making it stable & sturdy in the long run. The bench is foldable and can be stored in a small space.

It can either be in a flat or a seated form. 

Commercial Gym Bench 11
Commercial Gym Bench 12
  • Easy to assemble
  • No seat-gap
  • High weight capacity (200kg & above)
  • Affordable compared to other types
  • Best for bench press
  • Used with free weights

Adjustable commercial gym bench:

An adjustable gym bench is also called an FID bench. FID stands for flat, incline & decline. It costs more than a fixed commercial gym bench.

Commercial Gym Bench 13

Fig 4 – An adjustable commercial gym bench

  • Versatile
  • Complete workout experience
  • Foldable, compact & easy to move
  • Adjustable seat (from -10 degrees to +80 degrees).
  • Adjustable backrest (up to four-seven positions)
  • Pop-pin or step mechanism for adjustment
  • Zero seat-gap
  • Used with a free-standing weight rack

Olympic commercial gym bench:

An Olympic bench is also known as a barbell bench. It is available fixed, in either flat, incline, or decline position. This bench is more expensive than the other type of benches.

It is a heavy-duty gym bench with an attached barbell rack, which makes it easier & safer to store the weight while in use. 

Commercial Gym Bench 14
Commercial Gym Bench 15
Commercial Gym Bench 16
  • Heavy
  • High weight capacity
  • Spotter platform for assistance
  • Weight storage horns/pins
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Stop hooks for safety

Specialty benches:

A specialty gym bench has only one function. It targets a single muscle group in the body.

Although it supports multiple exercises, all of them are targeted at one area.

A specialty bench is available in two forms:

  • As an attachment to a larger bench. (adjustable or Olympic)
  • As a stand-alone gym bench.
Commercial Gym Bench 17
Commercial Gym Bench 18

What are the types of specialty benches?

There are multiple specialty benches.

  • Abdominal or sit-up bench
  • Preacher Curl Bench
  • Roman chair hyperextension bench
  • Glute-Hamstring developer bench

Abdominal commercial gym bench:

It is also known as a core training gym bench or a sit-up. It is a compact, lightweight bench.

  • Works the abdominal area.
  • Core trainer
  • Weight capacity 250-300 pounds
  • Portable
  • Bull horn handle for a firm grip

There are three types of abdominal gym benches:

Fixed Abdominal gym bench:

Commercial Gym Bench 19

Fig 8 – Fixed abdominal commercial gym bench

  • The bench is flat & fixed
  • Cheaper cost than the other types
  • Incline bench
  • No seat-gap
  • Leg roller & anchor at the end

Adjustable abdominal gym bench

Commercial Gym Bench 20

Fig 9 – Adjustable abdominal commercial gym bench

  • The backrest is movable from 8-12 positions
  • Incline, decline position option
  • Minimal seat-gap

Multi-workout abdominal gym bench:

Commercial Gym Bench 21

Fig 10 – Multi-workout abdominal commercial gym bench

  • Additional features
  • Sit-up attachment 
  • Hyper-extension attachment
  • Limited decline levels for bench sit-ups

A Preacher Curl commercial gym bench:

A preacher curl gym bench is also known as a Scott curl bench. 

Commercial Gym Bench 22

Fig 11- A Preacher Curl combo bench with a barbell rack

  • Only for a focused arm workout (e.g., biceps)
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable armrest (to account for user height)
  • Attached barbell rack

The barbell rack height is adjustable in some models as well. The barbell is not included with the bench.

Roman Chair commercial gym bench:

It is also known as a Roman bench or adjustable 45 – degree hyperextension bench. It is used to perform hyperextension exercises of the lower back and abdomen.

Commercial Gym Bench 23

Fig 12 – Roman chair adjustable commercial gym bench

  • Adjustable height
  • Bench incline (45-60 degree)
  • Strong steel frame
  • Angled seat-pad
  • Two-pad design
  • Add-ons (e.g., a small dip bar) 
  • Bull-horn handle for a firm grip

Glute-Hamstring developer gym bench:

It is very similar to a Roman chair but targets the muscles in the upper leg.

Commercial Gym Bench 24

Fig 13 – A Glute Hamstring developer commercial gym bench

  • Three parts:
    • Knee-pad
    • Adjustable foot-plate
    • Ankle hooks
  • For Hamstring & gluteal exercises
  • Heavier than a Roman chair

What is a zero seat-gap commercial gym bench?

An adjustable commercial gym bench with little to no gap between the seat & the backrest is known as a zero seat-gap commercial gym bench.

Most exercise bench manufacturers or fitness bench suppliers aim to keep the seat gap to a minimum (at 5cm or less).

This makes it comfortable to lie on the bench when it is in a flat position.

Commercial Gym Bench 25

Fig 14 – A zero gap adjustable commercial gym bench

Is a commercial gym bench adjustable?

A commercial gym bench is made adjustable by two mechanisms:

  • Pop-pins mechanism
  • Step mechanism

Whichever mechanism is used in the gym bench, it should be:

  • Secure
  • Smooth
  • Easy to change



What are the dimensions of a commercial gym bench?

The dimensions of a commercial gym bench is as below:

  • Average weight: 10Kg – 200Kg or above
  • Average weight capacity: 120Kg – 500Kg or above
  • Average height: 16 – 19 inches
  • Bench-pad width: (backrest or seat pad) 11-12 inches

The exact dimensions of a gym bench depend on its size, type, and manufacturer. Fixed & specialty benches are compact. Adjustable & Olympic gym benches are larger.

Most commercial gym benches are foldable. This allows for compact storage of a much larger bench.

What is the Bench-top height of a commercial gym bench?

Benchtop height is the standard height for a commercial gym bench that makes it user-friendly.

It is measured from the floor to the top of the gym bench.

The international powerlifting federation or IPF considers 17 inches (from the floor to the top of the bench) as the standard height for commercial gym benches.

Most benches have a standard height that ranges between 16-19 inches, though it may vary based on the type of bench & manufacturer.

What is the material of a commercial gym bench upholstery?

The upholstery of a commercial gym bench includes the padding for the seat, armrest & backrest as well as padding cover.

  • Seat & backrest padding: The padding for the seat, armrest, backrest, foot roller & anchor, should be firm foam. 

Yanre Fitness gym benches use high-density foam for padding which provides perfect firmness.

  • Padding cover: The padding covered should be PU leather or vinyl. At Yanre Fitness furniture-grade PU leather is used for all gym benches. 

It is sweat-resistant & provides a firm grip. 

What type of weights is used with a commercial gym bench?

Commercial gym benches are used with different types of weights.

Plate-loaded (Round weight plates):

Commercial Gym Bench 26

Fig 17 – Plate-loaded weights 

The user loads weight plates on pins or spigots of the commercial gym bench. 

Free weights:

Fixed commercial benches can be used with different types of free weights. They include barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.

Commercial Gym Bench 27
Commercial Gym Bench 28

Are there any weights included with a commercial gym bench?

No. All the weights and accessories have to be purchased separately. They are not included with the bench.

What are points to consider when buying a commercial gym bench?

These things should be kept in mind while buying a commercial gym bench.

  • Frame: The frame of a commercial weight bench should be heavy-duty steel. Other materials will degrade quickly.
  • Type: Fixed benches are durable and low maintenance, whereas, adjustable & Olympic benches are more versatile.

Specialty benches are to focus on specific areas or muscle groups.

  • Size: Fixed & Specialty benches are compact, whereas, Adjustable & Olympic benches are larger.
  • Weight capacity: Weight capacity accounts for user weight in addition to weight plates. Commercial gym benches have a high weight capacity to adapt to the improving fitness levels of the user.
  • Bench-top height: The standard benchtop height for commercial gym benches is 17 inches. A good gym bench should have a height around this number. It makes the gym bench user-friendly.
  • Seat gap: The seat gap on an adjustable commercial gym bench should be as small as possible to be comfortable while in use. Adjustable gym benches at Yanre Fitness have zero seat gap.
  • Seat and backrest adjustment: This is always an asset for any commercial gym bench. The adjustable gym benches at Yanre Fitness offer up to 3-adjustments for the seat and 7-adjustments for the backrest.
  • Upholstery: Commercial gym benches have 2-3 inches thick high-density foam padding, covered by PU leather or grippy vinyl.
  • Rack: A commercial gym bench with an attached weight rack is always an advantage.
  • Weight storage: Weight horns are part of the frame in Adjustable and Olympic gym benches. It makes it easier to change and store weight plates and barbells.

Can I customize the color and logo design of a commercial gym bench?

Yes, of course. 

Yanre Fitness will customize the color of the frame & upholstery (seat, back-rest, arm-rest, etc.) as well as the logo of the gym bench according to your specifications.

Do I need to assemble a commercial gym bench after receiving it?

Yes. Some parts will need to be assembled as commercial gym benches are manufactured overseas and delivered to the buyers. 

A fully assembled bench will have higher shipping charges because of space and handling requirements during transport.

All commercial gym benches come with an easy-to-understand instruction manual. Assembly is usually a one-person job and straightforward.

What makes a commercial gym bench easy to move?

Most commercial gym benches are foldable. They also have hidden wheels and handles, which make the gym bench easy to move and store.

Commercial Gym Bench 29

Fig 20 – Handle and wheels on a commercial gym bench to make it easily movable


This FAQ guide has all the information about commercial gym benches. Hopefully, you will find it of some help during your research.

Are you looking for quality commercial gym benches for your business? Look no further. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the gym & fitness equipment industry, Yanre Fitness has a wide range of high-quality gym benches for sale in one place. 

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