The Expert’s Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 5

Are there too many commercial leg presses in the market that it confuses you which one is right for your gym?

Well, who’d better be qualified to guide you in picking the best leg press machine than its creator? 

Yanre Fitness has been in the business of manufacturing strength equipment for decades now. The reputed company has gained enough authority to guide you in selecting the best leg press machines for your business.

We will give you comprehensive details about the leg press machine and how you should pick one that’s just right for your gym. We also have done the honors of picking out what we think are the best commercial leg presses in the market right now.

So, sit back, relax, and be informed!

Table of Contents

Before we jump into selecting a leg press machine for your business, let’s check first if a leg press machine is what you need for your gym. Maybe you need a different machine like the squat rack.

1. Leg Press Machine VS Squat Rack: Which One Do You Need?

Leg press machines and squat racks both develop the quadriceps or front part of the thigh. However, they have different effects on the physical development of your gym members.

1.1 Squat Racks Are For…

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 6

Figure 2: Squat rack in action

Functional Training

Functional training is important to both pro athletes and individuals with low mobility. Using squat racks for functional exercises develops the ability of the user to rise up and down, pick up low objects, bend, and reach out.

If you need resistance equipment for aerobics classes, HIIT training, and mobility enhancing classes in your gym, squat racks may be the right machine for your gym.

Body Building

Squat racks are multi-functional equipment more built for bulking up. That’s the reason why you see them more often in the weight training room than in other places of the gym. If you need another free weight training equipment for bodybuilding, then you should buy a squat rack instead.

Core Strength Training

When doing squats, the body is typically loaded from top to bottom. It challenges the user to stabilize the body by developing the core. 

HIIT training classes, bodybuilding workouts, yoga, Pilates, cross-training, and other strength training workouts will need developed core strength.

So, if you are looking for a piece of equipment to supplement these activities in your gym, you will be better off with a squat rack.

Overall Lower Body Conditioning

The squat exercise is known to enhance not only the back part of the legs but also the hamstrings, glutes, calves, and even the core. 

That’s why it is the exercise used by most weight lifting athletes, bodybuilding exercisers and even peloton trainers in your gym. All these exercises and activities need leg and core power to hold up to the physical stress.

If most of your clientele want to bulk up their lower body including their core, then the squat rack is the right equipment to get for your weight room.

Balance and Coordination Training

As explained before, a squat exercise enhances the core of the body. The core is responsible for stabilizing and giving balance to the body. It is also a medium of strength transfer from the lower body to the upper and vice versa.

In essence, core training is balance and coordination plus strength transference training. In addition to that, exercising on the squat racks activates other stabilizer muscles all over the body.

As with the need for a squat rack in your gym, you need to have a clientele that is more sports-oriented rather than casual exercisers. These individuals need balance and coordination training the most than others.

1.2 Leg Press Machines Are For…

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 7

Figure 3: Commercial Leg Press Machine for your Gym

Body Toning

Leg press machines are the best in adding muscle volume to the legs. It’s a more palatable machine for users who don’t want to bulk up but only need to control the contour of their body.

If your gym primarily caters to people that want to shape up their physiques, then you are good at adding a leg press machine for their usage.

Developing Leg Power

The leg press machine not only enhances the strength of the quads but also other muscles of the lower body. 

Peloton classes, plyo training, marathon athletes, gymnasts, and the likes benefit from this development. Gyms that accommodate these kinds of training can make good use of the leg press machine for this purpose.

Leg press machines are also appropriate if you have clients that need to enhance their leg power and endurance. 

Develop Proper Form

Unlike squat racks, leg press machines have back, and leg supports that adjust and guide the user’s form while exercising.

Beginners in strength training and occasional exercisers can benefit from this assistance. And with this fact, leg press machines are better suited for gyms that want to serve individuals with varying types of fitness levels – from beginners to advanced exercisers.

Leg Muscles Isolation

This is the main difference between the squat rack and a leg press machine. Squat racks are made to affect all parts of the body at lower intensities. Leg presses are used when your clients want to concentrate on exercising their leg power alone.

Leg power isolation is important for plyometric exercises, aerobics classes, yoga, and Pilates sessions. If you are offering any of these training and classes in your gym or recreational studio, then a leg press machine might be the best addition to your gym equipment.

Beginner Exercisers

Leg press machines have the benefit of being a piece of intuitive gym equipment. That is, your gym members don’t need a coach or trainer to tell them how to use the machine. This is very helpful for individuals who are new to exercising and would want some initiation first before experiencing the real deal.

If most of your clients are casual exercisers or those who only workout for their general health, then the leg press machine is the right equipment for them. Not only is the leg press machine intuitive, but it also helps them understand how exercising in proper form feels like.

Now, if you’ve resolved that you need a leg press machine in your gym, then it’s time to know the equipment better. You need to understand how it works and what is your option for the leg press machines to make an informed decision on the best leg press machine for your gym and patrons.

Great decision on adding a leg press machine to your gym! It’s important to understand the different types of leg press machines available so you can choose the best one for your gym and clients. Let’s dive into the details and explore your options for the perfect leg press machine! And if you’re ready to purchase, check out Yanre Fitness for top-quality gym equipment.

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2. Everything You NEED to Know about Leg Press Machines

There are just two things you need to understand about leg press machines. And that is,

  • The Resistance Mechanisms of Leg Press Machines, and
  • The Types of Leg Press Machines

2.1 Resistance Mechanisms of Leg Press Machines

The resistance mechanism of gym equipment is what gives the exercise a bit of a challenge depending on the user’s preference. In the case of leg press machines, more weights added means a heavier load to carry.

For commercial leg press machines, there are only two types of resistance mechanisms:

  1. Plate loaded resistance
  2. Selectorized resistance

Each type of resistance mechanism affects the cost, build, framing, weight capacity, performance, and other aspects of the leg press machine. So, you have to be aware of them to properly select the best commercial leg press machine for your gym.

Plate Loaded Resistance

Plate loaded gym equipment uses the standard or Olympic weight plates of barbells to add resistance. 

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 8

Figure 4: Plate loaded commercial leg press machine

Leg press machines with plate-loaded mechanisms have a standard or Olympic weight pegs to attach the weight plates to. There are also weight pegs for storage of the weight plates not in use.

The weight plates are either placed at the back of the pedals or along the rails of the sled.

  • Upsides of plate loaded equipment
  • Plate-loaded equipment is a symbol of strength. It emulates power and brute which is why so many weight lifters are attracted to gyms with a lot of plate-loaded equipment.
  • Plate-loaded leg press machines are the most common type of leg press people see in the gym. That means you don’t need to ask for a trainer to help your gym members show them how it works.
  • They are very sturdy. They are known to take up a lot of beating for long periods.
  • They are very versatile. Plate-loaded machines can be used with smaller weights that cannot be accommodated by selectorized machines. Further, it can take up heavier weights too compared to selectorized ones.
  • These machines let users perform isolated exercises that focus on one muscle group. Perfect when your clients are in for a conditioning program.
  • Plate-loaded leg presses are also very low in maintenance. Because they are manually operated, you don’t need a specialized technician to perform the repairs or equipment maintenance.
  • Depending on the size, plate-loaded leg presses can also be a space saver. The main and only component of plate-loaded equipment is their main frame. That saves you some more space for other gym equipment.
  • Another good advantage of having plate-loaded equipment is you can always use another set of the old weight plates for your new machine. A chance to save some bucks for your gym.
  • They usually come pre-assembled. That is because the main frame parts need to be machine and solidly welded so that It doesn’t break. The advantage for you is that you don’t need to pay for someone to assemble it for you. Another couple of bucks of savings for your gym.
  • Plate-loaded equipment is also cheaper because it does not have complicated systems. Manufacturers can work on them without much R&D involved.
  • Manufacturers of plate-loaded machines can produce more units of them than they can with selectorized ones.
  • Downsides of plate loaded equipment

The disadvantage of plate-loaded equipment is that it takes too long to set up. It also needs to be re-setup every time the user wants to add resistance to it. This disrupts their routine and makes each user stay longer in the equipment. 

In terms of business, it means fewer gym members can use the equipment which lessens your revenue too. New gym members tend to find another place to work out when they always have to wait in line before they can use your equipment.

Another disadvantage of plate loaded leg presses is it costs more to ship them. Because they come pre-assembled, the size of the crate it needs to have is larger and it takes up a lot of space in the cargo hold. As you know, the volume and weight of cargo determine the logistics fee.

Selectorized Resistance

Selectorized machines have rectangular weight plates stacked (weight stack) and enclosed in a case. The weights are carried by a cable and pulley system that connects them to the leg press machine.

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 9

Figure 5: Selectorized commercial leg press machine

It is operated by inserting a pin to the desired weight amount into the weight stack. The weight stack has a mechanism that isolates the weight selected. Only those weights will be lifted by the cable attached to it.

  • Upsides of selectorized machines
  • Convenience is the greatest advantage of selectorized machines. It only takes less than a minute to set it up. 
  • Just like the plate-loaded ones, selectorized leg press machines are intuitive to use. Though a newbie or old school gym member would need a little introduction to how it works before using the machine.
  • Another plus point for the selectorized leg press is safety. Since the weights are confined in a case and not being lifted on the machine, there’s less to no possibility of dropping the weight plates if not slid in securely.
  • Some selectorized equipment has built-in mechanisms that offer more resistance at points in the exercise with greater strength advantage and less resistance at weaker points in the exercise. This ensures consistent resistance training throughout the cycle of the exercise.
  • Another advantage for your gym is that more people could use it in a short time compared to plate-loaded ones. That means more revenue for your gym.
  • Smaller increments of resistance are also possible in selectorized machines. It benefits your beginner-level users and gym members that want a slower pace of weight training.
  • Downsides of selectorized machines
  • The major drawback of selectorized leg presses is that the amount of weight the user can carry is very limited. They will need to select only the ones programmed in the machine. Though the range of selection of weight amount is wide, the maximums and minimums of plate-loaded machines still surpass it.
  • Another downside of these machines is that their weight stack cannot be upgraded. Once the assembly is set, you cannot add more weights to it. The only solution is to buy another machine that has a higher weight stack capacity if your users outgrow the current one.
  • Because of its somewhat sophisticated system, selectorized leg presses have very high maintenance costs compared to plate-loaded ones. You need a specialized technician to do the necessary repairs and maintenance.
  • Aside from the high cost of maintenance, spare parts for selectorized machines are quite costly. And sometimes, when they break, it’s usually the end of them. Especially when the issue is in the cable and pulley system or in the machine’s wiring.

In general, plate-loaded leg presses are mostly favored by fitness centers that want to cater to clients that are in their advanced fitness levels. Those that need body conditioning, are serious weight lifters and are professional weight lifting athletes. They are the ones who most often prefer plate-loaded machines. 

Plate-loaded leg presses are also favored by gym owners that want to present themselves as the go-to fitness center for professionals. It tries to appeal to the male consumers of fitness centers – bulky, no fuss, serious gym junkies.

As for selectorized machines, they are best suited for gyms that want to service all fitness levels. You can accommodate individuals from occasional exercisers to beginner and advanced level clients.

Selectorized leg presses are also for gyms that cater mainly to the general public. Those that offer weight loss training, aerobics classes, Pilates, and such can make use of the selectorized leg press machine.

After understanding the resistance systems a commercial leg press machine may use, let’s move on to familiarizing the types of leg presses available in the market.

2.2 Types of Leg Press Machines

Here are your options for leg press machines. Leg press machines can either be:

  1. Horizontal leg press machine
  2. Vertical leg press machine
  3. 45-Degree leg press machine

Each of these types has its suitability and pros and cons.

Horizontal Leg Press Machine

Also known as the seated leg press machine, this variation of the leg press lets users push back a resistance-activated platform forward with the use of both feet. 

A horizontal leg press machine has the easiest resistance of all types of leg presses. This is because of the lesser strain in the muscles that the horizontal push creates for the lower body muscles.

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 10

Figure 6: Horizontal Leg Press Machine

Horizontal leg presses can be either plate-loaded or selectorized. The plate-loaded versions of horizontal leg press machines have the weights either placed at the back, front, or under the equipment. For selectorized ones, the cable attached to the weight stacks is always connected at the back of the pedals of the leg press.

What is convenient about horizontal leg presses are their side handles. The handles aid for easier grip and helps the user maintain the proper form while doing the exercise.

Also, the handlebars improve the individual’s ability to focus all its leg power on the exercise. Because the body can maintain the position while gripping the bars, it takes away any energy it needs to stay in position and concentrates it into pushing the pedals.

The pedals for horizontal leg presses are usually a large 1’ x 1.5’ footplate. Manufacturers are currently on the trend of producing oversized platforms for more comfort and protection of the users.

Back support for horizontal leg presses is often adjustable up to 30 degrees of incline. Some have back support which can be leaned back to a full-on lying-down position. However, these kinds are rarely manufactured.

As for the price, horizontal leg presses are much cheaper than 45 degrees and vertical leg presses. They are also priced less when bought with a combination of other resistance machines like in a multi-station. As predicted, standalone horizontal leg press machines will be a bit pricier than those combined with other machines.


  • Because of the horizontal positioning of the weights, the exercise is quite easier when done with other types of leg presses.
  • The user’s body is more secure because of the upright or seated positioning of the machine.
  • Handles on either side of the seat help in maintaining proper form. It also helps in giving the user more leg up for the exercise. Giving them more leg power to resist heavier weights.
  • They are usually used for warm-up and cool-down purposes. When you have CrossFit or HIIT classes in your gym, this is an alternate prep and post-workout machine for them.
  • Seated leg presses are the way to go for body toning purposes. They don’t stress the leg muscles too much but just enough to tone it to a well-rounded shape.


  • The cheaper models of these types of leg presses can give the user pressure on their knee joints.
  • It’s easier to make the mistake of tucking the chin into the chest which releases the head. This disturbs the form of the user while exercising.
  • Horizontal leg press machines are not ideal for athletes and exercisers that want to work on the overall build of their body. That is because seated leg presses are designed to give the lowest resistance possible. Plus, they may lose their form if they continually use a seated leg press.
  • They are more fit for your beginner-level gym users. That means, it can only serve a fixed amount of clientele of your gym.


  • Horizontal leg press machines are good for gyms that have beginner-level patrons. The equipment can guide them into the proper form of doing leg presses. It can even help them in properly doing other exercises.
  • Gyms that have physical rehabilitation programs can greatly benefit from the horizontal leg press. The exercise can help gain leg strength recovery by easing the resistance to the leg.
  • Slow progressive leg power is what sets apart the horizontal leg press from other types of leg presses. This is recommended for old age users, physical rehabilitation patients, and users with body toning goals.
  • Gyms with aerobic exercises, Pilates, yoga, and the likes can make use of a horizontal leg press machine. The equipment guarantees progressive leg strength training without the need to do too much work.

Vertical Leg Press Machine

As its name implies, the vertical leg press machine allows for a leg press exercise in an up and down direction. 

Vertical leg presses are regarded as the most challenging out of all types of leg presses. The center of the gravity of the weight plates is directly above the user. And it takes more force to push an object when its center of gravity is directly centered on you.

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 11

Figure 7: Vertical Leg Press Machine

Vertical leg press machines have a much simpler mechanism than horizontal ones. That’s why they take up the least space among the three types of leg presses.

In addition to the back support, a head or neck pad is provided for the comfort and protection of the user. These supports are also adjustable to suit the user’s body configuration. Instead of a footplate, a lever bar is used for pushing the weights up and down.

Most vertical leg presses are plate-loaded ones. The weight pegs attached to the lever bar are usually Olympic bars. But a standard sleeve may also be bought so your standard weight plates in your gym can be used.

For safety and intensity adjustment of the leg exercise, safety or locking pins in increments of 2” or more are placed on both of the upright frames to secure the lever bars. There are usually 3 locking pins with a ½” diameter size of heavy-duty steel to ensure the safety of the vertical leg press.

And because of the stability and safety issues, vertical leg presses are fixed gym equipment and can only have rubber soles at the feet. It is also advisable to bolt fix the vertical leg press so any untoward incident is minimized.

The load capacity of a vertical leg press is rated at 1000 lbs to 1500 lbs depending on the make and model.

As for the price, plate-loaded vertical presses are more affordable than selectorized ones. They are also space-savvy. However, safety-wise selectorized vertical presses are more favorable.


  • It does not only strengthen the quads but also the glutes and hamstrings of the user.
  • It gives full back support at any point in time of the exercise.
  • It gives the most challenging leg workout among the three types of leg presses. 
  • Compared to the horizontal leg press, a vertical leg press machine can create more leg power.
  • They are the right kind of equipment for your gym users that need to isolate and bulk up their lower body. It exercises not only the back part of the leg but also the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
  • It’s the safer alternative for a squat rack.
  • The vertical leg press allows for more variations in muscle isolation. This is a benefit that can be enjoyed by intermediate to advanced exercisers. And for athletes that need leg strength conditioning.
  • Unlike squat machines, practicing free weights exercises on a vertical leg press is much safer. You won’t need to provide a spotter for the users.


  • Safety is the biggest concern in a vertical leg press. Since the weight is right under the exerciser, accidents may happen if the safety locks give in.
  • It cannot hold up more weight than a 45-degree leg press machine.
  • Not suitable for individuals who have a bad back or neck. 
  • The exercise is so taxing that it’s not going to work for beginners or individuals who have injuries.
  • It is not as versatile as the horizontal leg press machine. It can only accommodate intermediate to advanced level exercisers.
  • If not used properly, it can quickly cause physical harm, immediate or progressive.


  • Fitness centers that have athletes as clients can make use of the vertical leg press. It is a very good lower body conditioning machine for them.
  • You can also purchase a vertical leg press machine if you have weightlifters in the gym.
  • When purchasing a leg press machine, it is important to ensure that the safety pins and locks are made of heavy-duty steel. And that the system 
  • The equipment is a great option if you offer cross-training, HIIT classes, plyometric classes, Peloton training, and other kinds of high-intensity workouts in your gym.

45 Degree Leg Press Machine

The angle of the 45-degree leg press machine gives a lot of features that the horizontal nor the vertical leg presses can’t give.

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 12

Figure 8: 45-degree commercial leg press machine

In a nutshell, 45-degree leg presses are the largest among all types of leg presses but also the most versatile one. While the horizontal or vertical leg press can only be used by beginners or advanced users, a 45-degree leg press is available for all types of users.

That is because the 45-degree angle steers away from the load of the weight plates away from the user so it will be easier for beginners but can still pose a challenge for individuals with advanced fitness levels.

A 45-degree leg press machine can either have one large footplate or unilateral/bilateral foot pedals. The advantage of having separate footplates on leg presses is the chance to isolate and work on one leg while the other is resting. Or to focus on the toning and muscle growth of the other in case there is an unsymmetrical balance in the lower body muscles of the user.

For 45-degrees leg presses, the back supports are multi-adjustable. That means it could go up or down, sides and incline less or more. It’s designed this way to give comfort to the user since a 45-degree angle might be uncomfortable for some.

Just like the horizontal leg press, the 45-degree leg press machine also has grip bars for added support. And similar to the vertical leg press, the carriage of the machine has increments of safety pins so the user can adjust how much farther the weights can go down.

To securely guide the sliding up and down of the plates, the 45-degree leg press has steel guide rods and linear bearings to stimulate a smooth gliding of the equipment. For plate-loaded 45-degree leg presses, plates are used on either side of the weight pegs and either a standard or Olympic weight plate can be used.

45-degree leg presses are the priciest of the three types of leg press machines. This is because of its versatility to accommodate all fitness levels. Plus, the mechanism and the parts to manufacture a perfectly 45-degree angle need some state-of-the-art and accurate equipment.


  • Most 45-degree leg presses are made for commercial purposes. They are very sturdy and can pack a lot of weight.
  • Can accommodate beginner to the advanced level exerciser
  • Adjustable enough to help the user train muscles in full motion range
  • It can carry a substantial amount of weight plates, more than a horizontal or vertical leg press machine can bear.
  • It allows the user to perform a hack squat – a plus for you and your gym users.
  • In addition to developing the hamstrings, glutes, and quads, the 45-degree leg press machine also strengthens the buttocks, adductors, and calf muscles
  • Unilateral or bilateral options for the pedal are convenient for your users who don’t want to exhaust themselves fully.
  • The pedal options also help in the progressive development of the muscles. Easing the user to the resistance of the workout.
  • Its linear bearings provide a smooth, quiet motion.


  • Occupies a lot of space in your gym.
  • Since the 45-degree leg press machine is a very versatile piece of equipment, its price is at the highest point of all the leg press machine types.
  • Most 45-degree leg presses come in the selectorized type of resistance loading which is known to have pricey maintenance costs.


This is the type of leg press machine you need if you want to cater to a wide variety of users in your gym. It can be of use for beginners to advanced users as well as give them a full range of lower body exercises.

A 45-degree leg press machine is the right gym equipment for your gym if you want a safer option for body toning and building equipment. The machine is the right alternative for a vertical leg press.

The 45-degree leg press machine is suitable for gyms that have a lot of space to fit at least three of these. 

Or you can invest in one of these if you only have limited clients that need a leg press machine for their regular weight lifting workouts.

All in all, the types of leg press machines have their unique and special features that may answer your requirement for a leg press. Choose a horizontal leg press if your gym has patrons that use your facility for general exercise and physical rehab.

A vertical leg press, on the other hand, is more suited to gyms that have pro exercisers, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and athletes on your members’ list. It should be noted that although a vertical leg press machine is quite intuitive to use, only experienced ones should be using it.

Lastly, 45-degree leg press machines are the way to go if you have a very diverse set of clients. From beginner fitness level individuals to advanced and pro athletes, these are the types of individuals a 45-degree can serve. 

However, keep in mind that the 45-degree leg press machine is quite expensive. You would also need a considerable amount of space to accommodate them.

It is important that you understand the general types of leg press machines and the resistance type each uses. It will dictate what type of leg press and ideal resistance type should be used for your gym. 

At this stage, you may have a better feel of the specifications you want from your commercial leg press machine for your fitness center. 

Let us now share our top ten picks of the best commercial leg press machines. The leg presses were scrutinized according to the design, mainframe durability, and ergonomic characteristics.

3. Top Ten Picks of Leg Press Machines

  1. Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press
  2. Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press
  3. Yanre 82022 Plate Loaded Vertical Leg Press
  4. EliteFTS Monster Mondo Leg Press
  5. Yanre EI7328 Seated Leg Press
  6. TDS Vertical Leg Press
  7. Rogue ISO Leg Press Machine 35
  8. Panatta 1SC085 Horizontal Leg Press
  9. Yanre 82028 45 Degree Leg Press
  10. Discovery Series Plate Loaded Angled Leg Press

3.1 Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 13

Figure 9: Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press

Body Solid’s LVLP has a commercial rated 2” x 3” steel mainframe with fiberglass reinforced nylons. The frame is also electrostatically coated to ensure that it lasts for years. It has a double-stitched upholstery made from DuraFirm ergonomic cushioning. 

its stunning features include:

  • DuraFirm™ cushioning laid on a fully adjustable back support
  • Aircraft quality steel cables that are also nylon coated
  • Solid steel guide rods with chrome plating helps for a frictionless leg press motion
  • With a direct press system that delivers accurate weight resistance
  • Large pivoting footplate
  • Can accommodate various foot positions
  • With a fully adjustable back support.
  • The back support ensures proper alignment so the exerciser would not have to deal with a sore body after the exercise.
  • Pillow block and sealed ball bearings
  • Dimensions: 72” x 75” x 35” (HxLxW)
  • Can carry up to 1000lbs of Olympic plates
  • Cost: USD 4,200

3.2 Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 14

Figure 10: Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

The PVLP156X is the only vertical leg press made by Body-Solid. It’s known to be one of the top vertical leg presses in the market and is the safe alternative to the smith machine. Its diamond plate steel footplate helps in the comfort of using the leg press without having to worry about balancing the equipment in the soles of the user’s feet.

It is incredibly durable and the most lightweight vertical leg press in the market. 


  • Plate loaded vertical  leg press
  • Steel diamond plate footplate to aid in the balancing of the bar on the soles of your feet
  • The mainframe is made of durable steel with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish
  • Extra-thick back cushioning and neck pad for added support
  • Extra-wide footplates help in better positioning of the upper body. It prevents users from having joint pain because of too much exertion of force to move the weights up and down.
  • With 3 dual adjustable ½” locking points to secure the safety of the users
  • Nylon bushings to make a smooth, consistent motion
  • The plates are slid into three 1” standard weight plate pegs
  • An Olympic adapter sleeve is also available if needed
  • It has a 400lb capacity for each weight plate peg
  • Dimensions: 61” x 46” x 48” (H x L x W)
  • Cost: USD  600 – 800

3.3 Yanre 82022 Plate Loaded Vertical Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 15

Figure 11: Yanre 82022 Plate Loaded Vertical Leg Press

Coined as one of the most efficient and cost-competitive commercial leg presses in the market, the 82022 plate-loaded vertical leg press of Yanre Fitness boasts a hammer strength mainframe. It also is prided to be the simplest vertical leg press machine with the added feature of angling it less than 90 degrees from the user.


  • With chrome-plated weight plate sleeves
  • The adjustable back support helps in making the user more comfortable during the exercise
  • It’s a vertical leg press machine with a twist. When most vertical leg presses are a 90-degree against the user’s lying body position, the Yanre 82022 is tilted a little bit more. This helps in giving the user some leeway when exercising.
  • The angled position of the footplates makes the vertical leg press be of use for beginner level to experienced level users. That means more clients can use the vertical leg press.
  • It has a space-saver design which gives you more room for more leg presses like this one or other gym equipment.
  • The Yanre 82022 vertical press comes pre-assembled except for the weight pegs, footplates, and back support. This means you will pay less for shipment than other leg presses.
  • An ergonomic design that helps in the proper form of your clients
  • The mainframe is made of a 40mm x 80mm x 3.00mm Q235 pipe
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy footplate
  • Furniture grade PU leather with high-density foam upholstery
  • Manufactured using the CNC process
  • With adjustable seat and back support
  • Cost: USD 800 – 1,100

3.4 EliteFTS Monster Mondo Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 16

Figure 12: EliteFTS Monster Mondo Leg Press

It currently holds the title of the strongest leg press machine in the market. Because of its durability and heavier than usual weight capacity, this is one of the recommended leg press machines for fitness centers and commercial recreation areas.

The EliteFTS monster mondo leg press has footplates split into two for iso lateral leg presses, calf raises, and toe presses.


  • Very suitable for commercial weight rooms with 3” x 2” solid steel frame.
  • Frame weight is close to 1,200 lbs
  • The unilateral/bilateral foot plates are designed for muscle isolation.
  • Footplate size: 53” x 20”
  • The footplates also have 4 linear bearing guide rods to ensure their stability. The 1.5” linear bearings ensure a smooth pressing motion.
  • With multiple resistance band attachments points
  • Adjustable safety catch pins
  • Extra-wide adjustable back support with high-density cushioning for full-back protection.
  • Dimensions: 66” x 107” x 68” (H x L x W)
  • Cost: Contact manufacturer for price

3.5 Yanre EI7328 Seated Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 17

Figure 13: Yanre EI7328 Seated Leg Press

A selectorized machine, the EI7328 seated leg press of Yanre Fitness features a unique path of motion that produces a natural exercise. This is the best commercial leg press machine for beginners to get started in their fitness journey. 

It also has a safety feature that prevents the exerciser from overexerting their muscles when the user cannot extend their legs as fast it normally should at a certain length.


  • Uses a 75mm x 130mm x 3.0mm Q235 steel pipe that’s commercially rated to withstand tons of pressure.
  • Has high-density foam upholstery with PU leather “furniture grade” cover
  • Manufactured within a tenth of a millimeter accuracy by Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) processing
  • POM material is used for its bearings and cables to ensure the lowest friction and excellent stability of the machine parts.
  • With a full shroud for the weight stack case
  • Shroud is made of 4mm thick ABS virgin material that makes it heavy duty and endures high impacts.
  • With wire cables that can withstand 1400kg of force
  • Cost: $800 – $1000 per unit at wholesale price with a set minimum order quantity

3.6 TDS Vertical Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 18

Figure 14: TDS Vertical Leg Press

This vertical leg press made by TDS is truly a commercial-grade machine made with heavy-duty steel but will not cost as much as most commercial vertical leg presses do. It has a 1000lb cumulative weight capacity for its dual weight pegs. A lovely takeaway for your client bodybuilders to take their leg power to the next level.


  • Plate loaded with 8 heavy rollers
  • It has 4 heavy-duty stoppers for a safe vertical leg press workout
  • It can take up as much as 1000lb weight capacity
  • Extra-wide footplate for better comfort and grip on the weight bar
  • Comes with 2 standard weight plate pegs
  • An Olympic adapter sleeve is optional
  • With 3” thick stitched paddings
  • Dimensions: 47” x 49” x 75” (D x W x H)
  • Cost: USD 800 – 1000

3.7 Rogue ISO Leg Press Machine 35

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 19

Figure 15: Rogue ISO Leg Press Machine 35

It’s one of the strongest leg press machines for commercial gyms. With 2,475 lbs weight capacity, your clients will never outgrow Rogue’s ISO leg press 35. Rogue’s 45-degree leg press has a larger footplate to improve the user’s stability while using the machine. Its footplate also provides more space for on-frame Olympic weight plate storages.


  • Plate-loaded 45-degree leg press machine with more than double the weight capacity of any commercial leg press machine.
  • Features unilateral or bilateral footplates for the user’s muscle isolation preferences.
  • Footplates measure 64” x 98” which is a lot larger compared to other designs or makes.
  • It has 17.25” and 10.5” weight plate posts
  • You can load in Olympic sized weight plates
  • Its foot decks’ angles can be adjusted
  • Spring-loaded stop handles
  • It has adjustable back supports for a comfortable workout for your clients.
  • Dimensions: 47” x 9” x 64” (H x L x W)
  • Cost: USD 4,750
  • The equipment comes fully assembled so you don’t need to worry about hiring a tech to put it together. And you can have it available for your gym members the moment it arrives.

3.8 Panatta 1SC085 Horizontal Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 20

Figure 16: Panatta 1SC085 Horizontal Leg Press

The best horizontal leg press for beginners. Just like Yanre’s EI 7328, the Panatta 1FE085 has been designed to provide a functional leg press movement. It’s only one of the few leg presses that offer a completely lying down position when for a horizontal leg press.

It has a medical-grade counterpart made for physical rehabilitation, the 1SC085M.


  • A lying horizontal leg press machine
  • A selectorized machine with a magnetic pin-loaded weight stack.
  • With a graphic instructional chart on the shroud of the machine to guide beginners in using it and performing the exercise the right way.
  • An adjustable full back support
  • Handles for support is at the top of the back seat so the user can use the machine even when lying down
  • The carriage is also adjustable to suit the user’s exact leg length
  • With wide footrest for safety and user’s convenience
  • Cost: On Request

3.9 Yanre 82028 45 Degree Leg Press

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 21

Figure 17: Yanre 82028 45 Degree Leg Press

Yanre’s 82028 45 degrees leg press is the slimmest of all makes of commercial leg presses in the market. It also boasts of its space saver design despite that it is a 45-degree leg press machine. Most leg presses in the market take up at least 5sqft. Yanre’s 82028 only takes up a maximum of 4sqft of space.

The machine also has hard chrome weight plate sleeves that are compatible with a standard weight plate.


  • Made from a 40mm x 80mm x 3.0mm Q235 industrial mainframe.
  • With adjustable seat positions
  • It has support handles on either side to keep the user from slipping into an improper position.
  • The handles also provide leverage for the user to give more leg power and concentrate its upper body strength to the legs.
  • The foot of the machine also has a rubber covering to ensure that it does not scratch the floor of your gym. it also provides more grip and stability of the equipment.
  • Comfortable padded supports upholstered with PU furniture grade leather
  • Mechanically designed to imitate the best and ergonomic pressing movement for the human body.
  • With hard chrome plate sleeves that can fit standard size weight plates.
  • Simple and has an intuitive design and mechanism which helps a beginner get started with the training even without a trainer’s help.
  • Cost: USD 800 – 1,100

3.10 Discovery Series Plate Loaded Angled Leg Press

The Discovery Series leg press is one of Precor’s commercial leg presses. It’s among the leg presses with the best safety features and is made of class build quality. Its oversized platform ensures that the user could do the exercise comfortably without having the need to be accurate in placing their feet on the platform.

The Expert's Top 10 Picks for Best Commercial Leg Press Machines 22

Figure 18: Discovery Series Plate Loaded Angled Leg Press


  • The 45 degrees angled seat can be adjusted to three different positions for optimum support and comfort.
  • There are four weight plate sleeves for easier and faster installation of the weights as the workout progress.
  • Its linear bearings give it a smooth lift when using the equipment.
  • An oversized curved foot platform ensures users’ safety and suitable for any user build.
  • Carriage stops have been strategically placed so the user can see them while exercising.
  • Cost: USD 4,700

Have you got your pick yet of the commercial leg press machine you need from our list? Now, let’s get to business and show you the way on how to get premium quality leg presses at a great discount.

4. Takeaways

Purchasing a commercial leg press machine can be quite easy when you have the right guide ropes to lead you in the right direction. 

As said before, you should start by understanding the specifications of the leg press machine you need for your gym. Then you can proceed in the vetting process of where to purchase them.

Always follow the cardinal rule in procuring any equipment for business. Buy them in premium quality at the lowest possible price. And you can never be wrong in purchasing from international manufacturers like Yanre Fitness.

Take your pick now from the selection of premium quality commercial leg press machines from Yanre Fitness.

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