Back Extension Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

If you are looking for a commercial back extension machine for health and fitness centers, you have come to the right place! A back extension machine is a must in every gym and fitness center. 

But before that, you should know some important things before purchasing a back extension machine for sale. This FAQ guide will answer all of your questions about the back extension machine. 

Table of Contents

1. How to choose the back extension machine?

First of all, you should check the machine’s quality and overall construction. Major aspects you should consider for quality check are: 

  • Frame
  • Specifications (weight capacity, size)
  • Cushioning
  • Versatility
  • Warranty offered
  • Customization
  • Pricing
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Safety

Also, make sure to buy only from trusted gym equipment manufacturers. Yanre Fitness offers quality commercial gym equipment and a trusted brand since 1997. 

2. How much space does the back extension machine take up?

Usually, lower back extension machines would take up about 1 to 2 square meters of space. However, be sure to leave about 5 square meters for each machine so that your members have enough space for training.  

3. How much are back extension machines?

The usual price of back extension machines may range between $1,000 up to $3,000. Yanre Fitness offers back extension machines that suit your gym equipment needs. The 61A17 is the best-selling model under the back extension category.

Back Extension Machine 5

Figure 1. Yanre 61A17 Back Extension Machine 

Yanre Fitness back extension machines have the following features:

  • Contoured and ergonomic seat and back support
  • Frictionless resistance 
  • Ergonomic footrest 
  • Accessory holders for a water bottle, mobile phone, keys, and towel

4. What is the weight capacity of a commercial back extension machine?

Some back extension machines have a maximum weight capacity between 250 and 400 lbs. It varies according to the brand and size of the back extension machine. 

5. Can a commercial back extension machine accommodate all users regardless of height?

No. Most back extension machines can accommodate people between 5’0 and 5’10 in height. For obvious reasons, children should not use this machine. The same can be applicable with Yanre’s back extension machines for sale. 

6. Is a back extension machine easy to move around?

No. The commercial back extension machine usually weigh over 100 kg, which would require at least two persons to move it around. So you should better place it properly at the very beginning. 

Meanwhile, Yanre Fitness back extension machines are bulky as it is. In this case, some parts need to be dismantled first before moving to another location. 

7. What is the frame finish of a back extension machine?

Back extension machines are made from industrial-grade and heavy-duty steel frames with a powder-coated finish. This material and frame finish aims to help the machine withstand harsh elements and heavy use. 

8. Is the foam upholstery of the back extension machine safe and comfortable?

Back Extension Machine 6

Figure 2. The cushion of back extension machine 

Yes. The back extension machine has a high-density foam upholstery with PU leather and an integrated ABS guard cover. It also has between 2 to 4 inches of cushioning for better usage and comfort level during exercise. 

9. Is a back extension machine adjustable?

Yes. Yanre Fitness back extension machines have adjustable parts to adjust the weight and the back roller.

Back Extension Machine 7

Figure 3. A back extension machine has different adjustable weight levels that will suit the user’s workout needs. 

Back Extension Machine 8

Figure 4. Yanre Fitness Back Extension Machine

Back Extension Machine 9

Figure 5. The machine roller has adjustable levels as well.

Back Extension Machine 10

Figure 6. Once you have adjusted the weight and roller according to your preference, the user can now start doing the workout.

Some back extension machines also have several adjustable levels to decrease or increase height. The roller is also adjustable to better suit the user’s comfort and support level. 

10. What is the difference between a back extension machine, the hammer extension machine, and the Roman chair?

A Hammer back extension machine is the same as a back extension machine, back hyperextension chair, and Roman chair. Roman chairs are smaller and more compact than the standard back extension machines (similar to what Yanre Fitness offers). 

Nonetheless, all of them belong to the same exercise machine category. Different names but with the same use and purpose. 

11. Can I customize the back extension machine with my brand logo and other colors?

Yes. Yanre Fitness, a well-trusted trusted commercial equipment manufacturer, can customize the back extension machine with your chosen color option and brand name. Simply provide the preferred specifications for customization requests.

12. How can you find a reliable back extension machine manufacturer?

China is the ultimate gym equipment manufacturing hub. From there, you can find reliable equipment manufacturers with quality products at affordable prices. Make sure to check customer reviews online as well before buying commercial gym equipment. 

Yanre Fitness is one of the most trusted commercial gym equipment manufacturers in China. Feel free to visit our factory today if you are interested with our commercial gym equipment. 

13. Conclusion

These are the most frequently asked questions about the commercial back extension machine. 

Want to buy the back extension machine at a wholesale price? Yanre Fitness offers you quality commercial-quality gym equipment and fitness accessories. 

If you have more questions and other concerns about our other available gym equipment, feel free to contact us. Let’s do business soon!