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  • Over 95% of clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness after trying our commercial fitness equipment personally.

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  • All our gym equipment adjustable system is easy & effortless to use
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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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Commercial Fitness Equipment – Definitive FAQ Guide

Looking for the best quality commercial fitness equipment and not sure from where to get them? Then look no further! 

Our vast collection of commercial fitness equipment is here to fulfill your every need. 

The FAQ section will answer every question you have and help you choose the right equipment for your gym. 

Table of Contents

1. What is commercial fitness equipment?

Commercial fitness equipment is usually a general term for weight machines, hammer strength, functional trainer, plate loaded hipster, etc. They are designed to cater to different abilities. Thus, it will have a greater range of adjustable functions and settings compared to typical gym equipment.

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Figure 1: Yanre Commercial Fitness equipment 

2. What are the types of commercial fitness equipment?

There are many types of commercial fitness equipment. 

Some of them are given below :

Cardiovascular Machines

These types of machines are used for doing cardio exercises in the gym. They include treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowing machines, stair mills, spin bikes, and they come in different forms. Having a large variety of cardio equipment is essential for gyms as users can easily spend 30 minutes in one machine. 

Commercial Fitness Equipment 18

Figure 2:Treadmill 

Resistance Machines

These machines are used to isolate muscle groups and build targeted muscles. These include leg press machine, leg extension machine, hack squat machine, leg curl machine, pec deck machine, chest press machine, cable crossover machine, butt blaster machine, etc. 

Commercial Fitness Equipment 19

Figure 3: Leg curl machine 

Strength Training Machines 

These machines are used to build strength and typically have weight stacks. These include standard barbell, Olympic barbell, standard weight plate, kettlebell, dumbbell, Smith machine, weight machines, etc. 

Commercial Fitness Equipment 20

Figure 4: Rubber hex dumbbell 

Flooring Equipment

For flooring, gyms typically use thick padded mats. These mats are designed especially for gyms. They protect the hardwood/concrete surface of the gym. Mats include thick exercise mats, yoga mats, foam mats, EVA mats, vinyl mats, etc. 

Commercial Fitness Equipment 21

Figure 5: Gym mats

3. What is the difference between home fitness equipment and commercial fitness equipment?

Commercial grade machines are designed to serve the majority of individuals likely to use the equipment. The machine is durable and will offer a good service under long time use. 

Commercial machines will have a heavy-duty box section, durable seat coverings, steel cables, and cast steel weights. Generally, each commercial machine will only perform one exercise (some will differ). Normally a single commercial grade gym station will weigh in somewhere in the range of 250Kg.

Domestic machines are made using lightweight materials. Our commercial fitness equipment is sold for commercial purposes that will perform various exercises for the user.

Commercial Fitness Equipment 22

Figure 6: Commercial fitness equipment in the gym

4. What are the different things to consider before buying commercial fitness equipment?

Commercial fitness equipment comes in various models and there, are many different types. So you must know exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some of the things you might want to consider:

Space Analysis 

Your gym doesn’t only need space for equipment. You also need space for changing rooms, offices, bathrooms, and communal areas. 60% of your gym’s space should be designated for cardio and strength equipment, and the remaining 40% in use for other functionalities. 

If you’ve decided to open a gym, the first thing you should do is design the gym layout. While you can change the ratios slightly but deviating too far from the mentioned stats may cause a negative impact. For member retention, user experience is a significant factor. If there is not enough space in the gym, it will make for a bad experience for the members.Therefore, before you decide to buy fitness equipment for your gym, you should assess the space properly. 


Your budget will be a primary factor in deciding which type of fitness equipment you can buy. It is better to invest in affordable fitness equipment at first. Buy what you can afford at this stage. This will become an incentive for your business in the long term.

Investing in gym equipment that is more durable and has multi-functions will last longer and is less likely to break. This will give you a larger return on your money. 


The quality of your product is highly dependent on your budget. The more you are likely to spend, the better your gym equipment will be. If you are opening a luxury gym with a premium membership cost, then this should be reflected in your workout equipment

Your gym members will always expect the very best, and therefore, it is essential that you buy quality equipment. 

Buy vs Lease

Buying and leasing both have different aspects to it. While buying your equipment is the best option, it also requires more capital. If you can’t afford to buy large-scale equipment at first then you have the option of leasing gym equipment. 

5. Why do people prefer commercial fitness equipment?

People prefer commercial fitness equipment as they have many advantages over the home gym equipment. The top four reasons why people love commercial gym equipment is given below:

Durability: Commercial gym equipment is highly durable and built for round-the-clock heavy use. They are made using high-quality material and featuring the latest designs. 

They require low maintenance and will give you hassle-free service for years. Manufacturers also provide a graded service policy for commercial gym equipment.

More advanced features: As these machines are targeted for heavy gym usage, they come with a lot more advanced features. They provide the perfect combination of safety and features. 

Wider range: Commercial fitness equipment has a better selection in terms of machines and designs. You get to choose the right type of machine to build your dream gym. Besides, manufacturers also provide the opportunity for custom-designed machines. 

More value for money: Although they are more expensive in initial investment, commercial gym equipment provides more value in a long period. You get gym equipment that lasts much longer than home gym equipment.

Commercial Fitness Equipment 23

Figure 7: Commercial Multi-station gym equipment 

6. What are the most recommended commercial fitness equipment for setting up an initial gym center?

Commercial fitness equipment is going to be used by people of all ages in the gym. It’ll be under continuous use the whole day. So you must choose a reputed brand and buy quality equipment. 

Which fitness equipment is needed most by your gym will depend on the kind of environment you are working to build, along with the interests of your membership. 

Here are a few categories of commercial fitness equipment that are essential for providing a full gym experience:

  • Free Weights
  • Weight Benches & Racks
  • Functional Trainers & Multi-gyms
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing Machines
  • Bikes: Recumbent Bikes and Upright Bikes
  • Elliptical Cross-trainers
  • Exercise Mats
  • Fitness Accessories: Fitness Ball, Foam Roller
Commercial Fitness Equipment 24

Figure 8: Essential gym equipment (Free weights) 

7. What are the 10 most commonly used commercial fitness gym equipment?

  1. Treadmill: This is one of the most commonly used popular commercial gym equipment. It is used for warming up and burning calories. 
  1. Ellipticals: This is regarded as one of the best commercial gym equipment because of its low-impact features. It means less tension is distributed to the joints. Therefore, it lessens the chance of exercise-related injuries. 
  1. Stationary Bikes: People use this as a replacement for outdoor bikes. Warming up, burning calories, or having a full workout, everything can be done using this machine. 
  1. Aerobic steppers: It is a simple yet highly effective commercial gym equipment. It helps users to perform exercises such as jumping drills, step-ups, and lateral jumps. 
  1. Cable Pulley Machines:  Cable pulley machine is a type of fitness equipment that uses a weights system. The weight stacks are lifted by pulling the pulleys. Both sides of the machine can be used at the same time. You can adjust the pulleys to perform various exercises depending on what type of muscle you want to exercise. 
  1. Weight machines: This is for those who want to build their muscles. One of the most popular pieces of gym equipment in every gym, It is particularly a favourite of hardcore athletes and body-builders. 
  1. Free weights: Barbells and kettlebells are typical examples of free weights. This commercial fitness equipment enables users to exercise upper muscles by using the full range of motion. 
  1. Abdominal Crunchers: This gym equipment is used to train the abdominal muscles. Regular exercises on the machine can help tone abdominal muscles and build strength. 
  1. Rowing Machines: This gym equipment is used to train the full body and, it enhances flexibility and versatility. 
  1. Exercise Balls: Commercial gyms can’t operate without this effective piece of gym equipment. It is versatile gym equipment that helps to target abdominal muscles. 

8. Why does quality matter while buying commercial fitness equipment?

The quality of your product plays a crucial role in determining your overall brand image. If you have a clear idea of what your client’s type is, then it will be easy to decide what quality you should get.  Clients who pay premium fees expect quality equipment. 

If you are thinking of opening a luxury gym, then it should be visible in the quality of the equipment. Investing in quality equipment that represents your brand image is always advised. 

9. Where to find trusted commercial fitness equipment suppliers?

The best way to buy commercial fitness equipment is from a trusted supplier. China being one of the largest manufacturers in the world, has a lot of fitness brands. 

Top 10 best fitness equipment brand manufacturers in China:

  1. Johnson
  2. Impulse
  3. Yanre
  4. WNQ
  5. DHZ
  6. Shua
  7. Relax
  8. Body Strong
  9. MBH
  10. Orient
Commercial Fitness Equipment 25

Figure 9: Yanre Fitness brand 

10. Is it reliable to buy commercial fitness equipment from websites?

Yes, it is reliable to buy commercial fitness accessories from online websites. But you have to choose a trusted supplier otherwise, there remains the chance of getting scammed. 

‘Yanre Fitness’ has been designing and manufacturing gym equipment since 1997, and being one of the largest fitness brands in China, you can trust us. 

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Figure 10: Yanre Fitness website 

11. What is the process of importing commercial fitness equipment?

The competition is increasing in the fitness industry, and the costs of running a gym are skyrocketing. So you should choose your equipment wisely. ‘Yanre Fitness’ offers cost-effective and quality fitness equipment for your gym. 

Here are a few things you have to do to complete the importing process :

  • Have a picture of what kind of gym equipment you want to buy. It is more profitable to choose highly-priced items when you are importing products from China.
  • You have to decide on a trusted supplier for your chosen gym equipment. You can deal directly with a factory or manufacturer that produces and delivers products directly abroad. 
  • You need to familiarise yourself with the Incoterms (International Commerce Terms) rules & policies for importing from outside. 
  • Choose your preferred shipping method. Sea freight services are cost-effective but can take a long time. If you have the necessary budget and aren’t willing to wait, then you can go for air freight services. 
  • Calculate the shipping cost and other extra costs you might have to face and prepare accordingly. 
  • Pay the import taxes and other import duties. This will depend on the rules of your country and what type of product you decide to import. 
  • Receive your shipment and check that everything is okay. Set up the fitness equipment in the gym and enjoy. 

12. What is the basic maintenance of commercial fitness equipment?

Regular maintenance of gym equipment is a must for running a profitable and successful business. Nobody likes a filthy work environment in the gym. So, you must maintain the gym equipment properly for customer satisfaction and a high retention rate. 

Equipment audit: Check out all the equipment regularly and prepare to give it a thorough testing and audit. Make sure it is working properly and there is no faulty gym equipment running. 

Equipment deep clean: Gyms are sweaty places and need to be sanitised regularly. To keep the equipment bacteria free you should clean them regularly and do a deep antibacterial cleaning every two months. You should focus on mats, seats, benches, touchpads, and any other commonly used equipment where germs can spread.

Equipment repair and service: If you are not familiar with gym equipment testing and repairing, then you should always hire an expert. A monthly check-up on the exercise machines will make sure they are functioning properly and will stop any accidents from happening.

Commercial Fitness Equipment 27

Figure 11: Gym equipment maintenance 

13. Final Words

We hope this FAQ on commercial fitness equipment was able to answer all of your questions. We tried our best to include everything relating to commercial fitness equipment. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll try to answer your query. 

And you want to import some commercial fitness equipment then get in touch with us. We’ll help you make your purchase experience as smooth as possible.