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Multi-Purpose Gym Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

When running a fitness studio, you should be wise in choosing the right equipment to make a profit.

Multipurpose gym machines are one of the profitable space-saving equipment.

But how do you purchase one that’s right for your studio?

This FAQ guide will give you all there is to know when buying multipurpose gym equipment.

Table of Contents

What is a multipurpose gym machine?

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Figure 1: Multi-purpose gym equipment at a fitness studio

A multipurpose gym machine or multi-station is a piece of exercise equipment that combines four to five machines into one.

 Most multi-stations include exercise equipment such as:

  • peck deck stations
  • shoulder or chest presses
  • abs crunch
  • preacher curl pad
  • leg developer
  • weighted row

There are customized assemblies offered, giving gym owners the chance to cater to more clients.

What are the types of multi-purpose gym machines available?

There are only two main types of multi gym commercial machines:

  • Single user machines
  • Multi user machines

Single-user machines only allow an individual to use one kind of gym equipment at a time.

Multi-user machines can serve multiple members at the same time.

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Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 13

As for the features of multi-gym equipment, you will have four choices.

Type 01: Selectorized Multi Gym

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 14

Figure 4: Selectorized Multi Gym

Multi-gym commercial machines have one or more weight stacks.

It uses a system of pulleys to select the weight plates loaded by inserting a pin into the weight stack. These types of machines are efficient for the fast-paced turn arounds of your users.

Type 02: Plate Loaded Multi Gym

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 15

Figure 5: Plate loaded multi gym

Plate-loaded multi-stations used weights that are commonly seen on barbells.

They have a greater weight capacity than other types. Thus, they are appropriate for heavy lifters.

Does the plate-loaded multi-gym include a weight rack?

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 16

Figure 6: Multi gym with weight racks installed near it

For multi-gym trainers, weight racks are part of the mainframe.

For other types of multi-gyms, you might need to install a weight rack to store the weight plates.

Do squat racks and pull-up stations come with multi stations?

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 17

Figure 7: Multigym trainers with squat rack

Yes, squat racks and pull-up bars are available in some variations of multi-gyms.

Multigym trainers have this option in their assembly. These squat racks can also either be plate-loaded or selectorized.

Pull-up stations are also available in multi-gym assemblies. You need to select the right design for your multi-gyms.

Is it easy to move the multi-gym machine around?

No, most multi-gym machines are fixed due to the huge size and heavy weight. So make sure that you put it in the proper place at the start in case you need to move it in the future.

However, if you still need to move it to other places, be sure to find 2 or 3 persons to assist you.

Can users select different loads when using multi-user gym equipment?

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 18

Figure 8: Four-station Multi gym with four weight stacks

Yes, multi-user selectorized multi-gyms can accommodate several users at the same time. This also follows that they can select different loads for the weight stacks.

Can multi gyms be used for cardio exercises?

Yes, your members can use multigyms for their cardio exercises.

Your users can use low resistance, high repetition workouts for their cardio exercises.

Can you add attachments to the multi-station?

Yes, you can use other attachments for the multi-stations.

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 19

Figure 9: Cable attachments for multi gym

These may include:

  • Single Handles
  • Bar Attachments
  • Lat Bars
  • Row Cables
  • Cable Pulley Systems
  • Cable Attachment Sets
  • Cable Attachments
  • Attachment Sets
  • Curl Bars
  • Dual Purpose Bars
  • Rope Cables
  • Leg Press
  • Weight Stacks

What is the space requirement for a multi-purpose gym machine?

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 20

Figure 10: Proper Spacing of multi-gym at the studio

Multipurpose gym equipment will use approximately 50 to 200 square feet of your gym space (5 to 20 sqm).

You would also need at least a couple of feet of safe distance between machines.

What is the price range for multi-purpose gym equipment?

Multi-purpose gym equipment can be as cheap as $1,000 up to $2,500.

This depends on the number of stations, functionality, and make. You also have to consider import taxes, shipping fees, and other dues when buying from abroad.

What are the considerations in buying multi-purpose gym equipment?

You have to consider four key features when choosing the suitable multipurpose gym equipment for your fitness studio.

  • Workout stations
  • Equipment adjustability or versatility
  • Affordability
  • Studio Space
Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 21
Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 22

Workout stations

It’s not only the number of workout stations that gym owners have to consider.

You would have to think about the type of stations that your user would want to use frequently. Do most of them do strength training or full-body workout routines?

Adjustability or Versatility

Your multi-purpose gym equipment should serve users from beginners to professional gym enthusiasts.

And should also be intuitive when it comes to adjusting the weight stack and its many functions.


Consider your investment and ROI for the equipment.

You should have a fair computation of when you will recover your capital and be comfortable with it.

Studio Space

Another obvious fact to consider is the available room you have for the multi gym equipment.

Take into account the equipment’s size. Plus, the safe distance it should have to maintain your customers’ safety.

Do I need to assemble the multi station gym equipment when it arrives?

Yes, multi station gym equipment needs to be assembled when they arrive at your location.

However, though they may come in parts, manuals for installation are provided. The instructions are quite intuitive and catered to be understood by the layman.

Check out this video below for a sample on how to assemble a multi station gym equipment easily.

What are the best materials used for multipurpose gym equipment parts?

For Main Frame

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 23

Figure 13: Main frame multi gym

Almost all gym machines have stainless steel mainframes.

The material is very sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and is aesthetically attractive. It is also flexible in that it can be shaped to any form without compromising the material’s integrity.

For seat and back cushioning

Almost all gym machines have stainless steel mainframes.

The material is very sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and is aesthetically attractive. It is also flexible in that it can be shaped to any form without compromising the material’s integrity.

For weight stack

Multi-Purpose Gym Machine 24

Figure 14: Weight stack for selectorized multi gym

The best weight stacks should be made of cast steel plates to ensure their high durability.

Cast steel weight plates are virtually unbreakable and don’t chip easily. That way, it maintains the accuracy of its weight or load.

What is the average weight a multi-purpose gym machine can carry?

Medium end multi stations would have 30-35kg (66-77 lbs) capacity. Heavy-duty multi stations can endure from 70-90kg(150-200lbs) of weight. 

The capacity of multi-purpose gym equipment for weight stacks depends on its design and vary from different brands.

Where to import multi-purpose gym equipment?

There are many manufacturers that offer high-quality multipurpose gym equipment. And for a much better price too.

Among all these manufacturers, Yanre Fitness is the go-to gym equipment producer.

The award-winning company has over 40 patented gym equipment[5]  certificates. And that includes your chosen multi-purpose gym.

What are the advantages of purchasing multi-purpose gym equipment from China?


Chinese multi gym suppliers have lower labor and raw materials costs than other countries. And this results in lower price tags on their products.

Production Process

The Chinese government gives grants to manufacturers to improve their research and development.

 This boosts the manufacturing plant’s production capacity. So, they can supply you with more equipment at one time. This will save you tons of money from shipping and import taxes.


Finally, Chinese plants are now being encouraged to produce high-end multi-gym equipment. This is partly due to competition with other countries like the US and Australia.

And so, you would most likely find excellent quality multi-purpose gym equipment from China.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have a complete guide on purchasing your multi-purpose gym equipment.

If you have decided on the right multi gym for your fitness studio, don’t hesitate to call our sales. Yanre Fitness will surely give you the highest quality of multi gyms at a much affordable price.

And remember, buy the multi-function gym equipment that best fits your patrons’ preferences. That way, you can maximize your investment.