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Leg Press Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for versatile fitness equipment to add to your inventory? Before you look elsewhere, consider a leg press machine. 

Commercial leg press machines have improved a lot over the years. It is an essential piece of gym equipment, providing a complete range of lower body workouts. 

This fact makes it a wise choice for any gym or fitness-based business, especially when considering the various leg press machine brands available.

This guide has all of the frequently asked questions you may have about commercial-grade leg press machines.

Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

What are the types of leg press machines?

There are three types of leg press machines.

  • Vertical leg press machine
  • Seated/upright or horizontal leg press machine
  • 45-degree/incline leg press machine

Vertical leg press machine: 

In a vertical commercial leg press, the weight horns are on top of the bench. The weight plates are loaded on the weight horns manually.

The user lies flat on the bench beneath & pushes the weight up with his feet.

Leg Press Machine 11

Fig 1 – A vertical leg press machine

  • Compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-saving
  • Portable
  • Plate-loaded
  • Affordable price tag
  • Adjustable
  • Heavy-duty steel frame

Seated/upright leg press machine:

In an upright commercial leg press machine, the user is seated. The position is either at 90-degrees or a slight incline. The weight stack is to the side or in front.

Also called a Horizontal leg press machine.

Leg Press Machine 12

Fig 2 – A seated leg press machine

  • Compact
  • Space-saving
  • Easily portable
  • Pin-loaded or selectorized
  • Fixed weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety levers
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable backrest

45 degree/Incline leg press machine: 

The bench of this commercial leg press machine is at a 45-degree incline. That is why it is also called an Incline leg press.

Leg Press Machine 13

 Fig 3 – A 45-degree/incline leg press machine

  • Larger in size
  • Plate-loaded
  • Extensive weight capacity
  • Adjustable footplate
  • Adjustable seat & backrest
  • Weight storage pins/horns built-in
  • Safety bar/levers
  • Expensive

What are the types of a seated leg press machine?

There are two types of seated commercial leg press machines:

  1. It has a fixed seat & the footplate is pushed with feet to move the weights.
  1. It has a fixed footplate. Weights are attached to the seat, which moves forwards & backward over a sled.
Leg Press Machine 14

Fig 5 – Seated leg press machine with a movable seat 

What is the difference between a horizontal and a vertical leg press machine?

Horizontal/seated leg press: 

The user is seated & pushes the weights horizontally.

Vertical leg press machine: 

The user is lying on their back on the bench & pushes the weights vertically.

Leg Press Machine 15
Leg Press Machine 16

What is the difference between a pin-loaded (selectorized) and a plate-loaded leg press machine?

Plate-loaded leg press: 

A plate-loaded leg press uses weight plates. It has weight horns/pins built-in. 

Weight plates have to be loaded on the weight pins manually by the user before starting a workout.

The weight plates are available separately.

Pin-loaded leg press machines:

A Pin-loaded commercial leg press has a fixed weight stack. Insert the attached pin in the round hole on the weight plate.

The machine will only lift the weights above the inserted pin.

The weight stack has rectangular weight plates stacked on top of each other. The weight plates on top are lighter and keep getting heavier towards the bottom.

What is the weight limit of a selectorized or pin-loaded leg press machine?

A selectorized leg press machine has a fixed weight capacity. For a  300-pound weight-stack, the user can only go as high as 300 pounds.

In other words, the weight capacity can be changed but within the given a fixed limit.

To change the weight capacity, the weight stack has to be pulled apart. 

New rectangular weight-plates have to be inserted before putting together the weight stack again. 

What is the function of safety bars/levers in a leg press machine?

In plate-loaded leg press machines, the safety lever secures the weights. E.g., when the user is taking a break.

The safety lever is also called a safety lock or a safety catch. 

These are present on both sides of the leg press machine frame for easy access while exercising.

What is the average weight of a commercial leg press?

The average weight range of a commercial leg press machine is 30-400 kgs & above. The weight varies depending upon the size and type of the leg press. 

A vertical commercial leg press machine may be 35 Kg max, whereas an incline leg press can weigh 400 kgs or more.

What is the average size of a commercial-grade leg press machine?

The average sizes range for different types of commercial-grade leg press machines is:

  • Vertical leg press machine (46.8 inches* 44 inches* 59.5 inches)
  • Seated leg press machine (77 inches* 42 inches* 62.7 inches)
  • 45-degree leg press machine (83.6 inches* 47 inches* 53.9 inches)

Depending upon the type of commercial leg press machine and the manufacturer, size may vary.

What is the weight capacity for a leg press machine?

A leg press machine has a weight capacity range of 400 pounds – 1000 pounds or above.

Weight capacity accounts for both user weight & that of the weight plate/stack in use.

Leg press machines with higher weight capacity adapt well for long-term use. Commercial-grade leg press machines with higher weight capacity cost more as well.

What is the finish of a leg press machine?

Commercial leg press machines are chrome plated and powder coated. 

This type of frame finish protects them from scratches, sweat damage, general wear & tear due to long-term use.

Leg Press Machine 17

Fig 12 – Leg press frame being powder coated

Is a commercial leg press machine easy to move?

Yes, smaller machines (like vertical leg press) are very portable. 

The larger commercial leg presses usually come with built-in handles to make them easily movable from one place to another.

Is there any weight plate storage in a commercial leg press machine?

Yes. Commercial-grade leg press machines do have storage pins or horns for weight plates. These are placed either at the front or backside of the leg press. 

Leg Press Machine 18

Fig 13 – weight storage pins/horns on an incline leg press

This incline leg press from YR Fitness has four weight horns on the frame for weight storage.

Is there any assembly needed after I receive the leg press machine?

Yes. Some parts of the commercial leg press machine will require assembly.

Is it easy to assemble a leg press machine?

Yes, all machines come with clearly labeled parts. An easy-to-understand assembly guide is provided as well.

Can one person assemble a leg press machine alone?

Yes, assembly requires only one person. Another person is needed to help lift heavier parts. It makes the process safer.

Are there any weight plates included with a commercial leg press machine?

No. Leg press machines are stand-alone pieces of gym equipment. The weight plates have to be purchased separately.

What is the size of the footplate for a commercial leg press machine?

The footplate of a commercial weight bench has to be wide enough. It will allow for a more stable & safe stance while using the leg press.

Leg Press Machine 19

Fig 14 – Footplate of a commercial leg press machine

What is the foot-plate of a commercial leg press machine made of?

Heavy-duty steel forms the foot-plate of a commercial leg press machine.

 Foot-plates made of materials like plastic etc. should be avoided as they are not durable and break easily.

Is the foot-plate of a commercial leg press machine adjustable?

Yes. Foot-plates are adjustable (up to three positions) in some commercial leg press machines, while others may have fixed foot-plates.

Is the seat and backrest of a leg press machine adjustable?

Yes, both the seat and the backrest of a commercial-grade leg press machine are adjustable. A pop-pin secures the seat and backrest in various positions.

Leg Press Machine 20

Fig 15 – Adjustable seat and backrest of a leg press machine

Can I customize the color of the frame & seat/backrest cover of a leg press machine?

Yes. At YR Fitness we will customize the color for the leg press frame & the seat/backrest cover for you.

You have to provide the sample color file to us.

Can I customize the logo on the commercial leg press machine?

Yes. YR Fitness will customize your logo on the leg press machine. 

It will help you maintain brand loyalty by providing your customer base with quality products.

What makes the commercial leg press machine stable and safe?

The base of a commercial leg press has rubber pads attached to it. It provides stability while the leg press is in use.

These rubber pads prevent the leg press machine from wobbling or tipping over while in use.

Leg Press Machine 21

Fig 16 – Rubber pads on the base of leg press


In this FAQ guide, I have covered all the necessary information about wholesale leg press machines to streamline your research.

Are you looking for a commercial leg press machine for your business?

Look no further. YR Fitness has a wide range of commercial-grade leg press machines. There is no compromise on quality or standard.

So, why wait? 

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