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5 in 1 Gym Equipment – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for 5 in 1 gym equipment?

Do you wish to save space in your gym while having all types of machines?

Are you looking for a budget-friendly solution for gym equipment?

Do you want some guidelines on 5 in 1 gym equipment?

If you want answers to these questions, then sit tight and do not worry. Because our definitive FAQ guide on 5 in 1 gym equipment is going to tell you all you need to know about it. 

From types to components to buying advice, everything will be covered in this blog. So without wasting another second, let us get into it.

Table of Contents

What is 5 in 1 gym equipment?

5 in 1 gym equipment is a trainer with multiple workout machines. It allows users to work out on their arms, shoulders, chest, and leg muscles in the same machine. 

There can also be 4 in 1 and 9 in 1 gym equipment. Some machines are designed in a way that more features can be added to them.

5 in 1 Gym Equipment 14

Figure 1. 5 in 1 gym equipment

What are the different types of 5 in 1 gym equipment?

There are three different types of 5 in 1 gym equipment. 

This difference comes in their usability. 

Single Station:

  1. They have just one weight stack. 
  2. It has multiple machines but only one can be utilized at a time. 
  3. They are the cheapest of all types.
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 15

Figure 2. Single Station gym equipment

Dual Station:

Dual station gym equipment has two stations that can be used simultaneously. 

5 in 1 Gym Equipment 16

Figure 3. Dual Station gym equipment


  1. Multi-station gym equipment can be used by many people at once. 
  2. They are flexible, which means that new machines can also be added to them.
  3. They are the most expensive of all types of 5 in 1 gym equipment. 
  4. Up to 9 machines can be added to this station. 
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 17

Figure 4. Multi-Station gym equipment

Which are different types of workout machines included in 5 in 1 gym equipment?

5 in 1 gym equipment exists in a variety of forms. Its stations might vary depending on the type of manufacturer. 

The following are the few stations that are usually found in 5 in 1 gym equipment. 

Chest Press machine:

  1. A chest press or bench press machine is an integral part of a 5 in 1 gym equipment. It is used to work on shoulders, arms, and chest muscles. 
  2. It consists of a bench with handles. The handles offer resistance due to weight. they are moved either sideways or upward, depending on the type of exercise. 
  3. It has adjustable seat and shoulder stands.
  4. It can be of following two types:
  • Lying chest press
  • Seated chest press
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 18

Figure 5. Chest press machine

Pec Dec Machine:

  1. It also targets chest muscles. 
  2. It has a seat with handles that are stretched sideways. 
  3. The resistance in it is caused by the weight stacks. 
  4. The handles and chest are adjustable in this machine. 
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 19

Figure 6. Pec Dec machine

Lat Pull Down:

  1. This machine targets back muscles and shoulder blades. 
  2. It can be identified as a long bar on the top of the machine that is connected to a pulley system. 
  3. The resistance source in this machine is the weight stacks. 
  4. The exercise on this machine is performed by sitting down on the seat and the bar is pulled in front of the user. 
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 20

Figure 7. Lat pulldown

Leg Developer machine:

In the category of leg exercises, two types of machines can be included in the 5 in 1 gym equipment. It can be a leg curl machine or a leg extension machine. It is used to target hamstrings and quadriceps. 

It can be of following different types:

  • Seated leg curl machine
  • Standing leg curl machine
  • Lying leg curl machine
  • Dual seated and lying leg curl machine. 
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 21

Figure 8. Leg extension machine

Weighted Row machine:

  1. It is an excellent machine to increase strength and stamina. 
  2. It is used to work on back and upper body muscles. 
  3. It consists of handles that a user pulls towards its torso while sitting in front of the machine. 
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 22

Figure 9. Weighted Row machine

Preacher curl machine:

  1. This machine is rarely found in a 5 in 1 gym equipment. 
  2. It is also known as a bicep curl. 
  3. The weight source in this machine can be a dumbbell, barbell, EZ curl bar, or a weight stack.
  4. In this machine, the user sits on the seat and places their arms on the pad. Then weights are gripped and pulled towards oneself.
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 23

Figure 10. Preacher curl machine

The 5 in 1 gym equipment can have any 5 of these stations. Besides, individually, these machines look bigger and more complex. However, when they are combined in a 5 in 1 gym equipment, they look different since some of their parts are combined. Here is how a typical 5 in 1 gym equipment looks like. 

5 in 1 Gym Equipment 24

Figure 11. 5 in 1 gym equipment

What are the advantages of buying 5 in 1 gym equipment instead of individual machines?

All in one machine is preferred all over the world. The following are the few reasons why you should buy 5 in 1 gym equipment instead of individual machines. 

Saves Space:

In a commercial gym where you must provide a variety of equipment to your customers, space can be an issue for you to accommodate all machines. 

In such cases, buying 5 in 1 gym equipment will allow you to save space so your gym can accommodate all machines while being spacious.

Saves cost: 

One of the major reasons why all-in-one machines are preferred is their cost-effectiveness. 

If you buy individual chest presses, leg presses, and pec dec machines, you might have to spend double the amount of money as compared to a single 5 in 1 gym equipment. 

Saves maintenance cost and efforts:

5 in 1 chest gym equipment requires lesser maintenance efforts and costs as compared to individual machines. 

This is because some of their parts are integrated, they can be oiled and cleaned at once. Moreover, if some part malfunctions, you will not have to spend repair charges individually. 

What is the average price of 5 in 1 gym equipment?

The price of 5 in 1 gym equipment ranges from $800 to $3000. 

The price of the machine depends on the following factors:

  • The number of weight stacks. 
  • The number and type of stations included in the equipment.  
  • The number of adjustable options such as seats and handles. 
  • The overall strength and quality of the machine. 

What is the average weight load of a 5 in 1 gym equipment?

The average weight load of a 5 in 1 gym equipment ranges from 50kg to 150kg. 

The weight load depends on the price of the machine. The higher the weight load, the higher will be its price. 

Moreover, you can also buy additional weight stacks to be used with the machine. For a commercial gym, we recommend buying a machine with a maximum number of weight stacks to fulfill the demands of expert trainers. 

What are the different types of weight stacks available with 5 in 1 gym equipment?

A 5 in 1 gym equipment can have two different types of weight stacks.

Vinyl weight stacks:

  1. They are made up of cement or sand, which is then coated with polyvinyl chloride sheath. 
  2. They are cheaper than cast iron stacks. 
  3. They are less dense, so fewer fill up the space available for stacks. 
  4. They get damaged easily, and the cement or sand starts creeping out of the holes in the heath. 

Cast iron weight stacks:

  1. Cast irons weight stacks last longer than vinyl weight stacks. 
  2. They are more expensive. than vinyl-weight stacks. 
  3. They are denser, so fewer weight stacks would be enough. 
5 in 1 Gym Equipment 25

Figure 12. Weight stacks for a 5 in 1 gym equipment

What is the importance of cables and pulleys in 5 in 1 gym equipment?

A cable and pulley system is used to move the weight up and down. They are made of steel.  

Cables should be of the best quality. Otherwise, they might break during exercise causing injury. Moreover, a poor quality cable can increase resistance by rubbing with the pulley that will affect exercise. 

Besides, choose a machine that has a higher number of pulleys. The higher the number of pulleys, the smoother their motion will be its motion. However, the price of the machine might increase with the increase in the number of pulleys. 

5 in 1 Gym Equipment 26

Figure 13. Cable and pulley

What is the advantage of buying 5 in 1 gym equipment with adjustable seats and handles?

Buying 5 in 1 gym equipment with adjustable seats and handles has various advantages. 

This is because the non-adjustable seats and handles can only be used by a person of average height. However, in a commercial gym, you can expect your customers to be of varying heights from short to tall. 

Therefore, to enable those users to use the machine, buy it with adjustable seats and handles. 

What type of finish does 5 in 1 gym equipment have?

Finishing of equipment provides it with strength and durability. The following are the two steps involved in the finishing process of 5 in 1 gym equipment. 

Sandblasting or Pickling phosphating

In sandblasting, the equipment is blasted with sand through compressed air or steam. In pickling phosphate, a thin layer of zinc or manganese phosphate is applied on the surface of the equipment.

Sandblasting is preferred over pickling phosphating. This is because pickling phosphating harms the environment. 

The quality of sandblasting depends on the treatment duration. The longer the treatment is applied, the better the results will be. 

However, while sandblasting, sand particles might enter the pipes. Therefore, make sure that the sand is cleared from pipes. Otherwise, it may clog the screw holes and destroy your carpet. 

Powder coating

The second type of finish is powder coating. In this process, fine particles of resin mixed with color are applied electrostatically on the equipment. Afterward, UV radiation is used for fixation. 

Its price is determined by its quality and is calculated per kilogram usage. To determine the quality of the coating, you can scratch it with a sharp object to observe its adhesiveness. 

What are the important factors regarding the material used to make the body of 5 in 1 gym equipment?

The body or the structure of the 5 in 1 gym equipment is manufactured using steel pipes. The following are the few factors regarding the outer structure or pipes of the equipment that you should check for:

  • There are multiple shapes of pipes used to make 5 in 1 gym equipment. However, oval or round pipes are generally preferred over the others. 
  • The widely accepted pipe standard is Q235. It is a low-carbon steel pipe known for its excellent plasticity, weldability, strength, and tenacity. 
  • The length of the pipe should be equal to or above 40mm * 80mm. Whereas, the thickness should be 3mm. 
  • Make sure that the manufacturer used pipe bending techniques instead of welding techniques to ensure strength and durability. 
  • Wherever welding is essential, make sure that it is deep. 
  • The screws and gaskets should be anti-loose. Moreover, the length of the screws should be as high as possible. 

How can I check the quality of seats in 5 in 1 gym equipment?

To ensure the quality of seats, look for the following aspects in the seat.

Type of filling material:

The seats of 5 in 1 gym equipment can be manufactured using regeneration foam filling or high-density foam material.

  1. Regeneration foam is manufactured using recycled sponges. Therefore, it is not very durable and thin out very quickly. 
  2. The high-density foam is made from either PU or rubber. They are more comfortable and durable. The manufacturing process using high-density foam material is expensive, therefore, often manufacturers avoid it. 

However, to get the best quality, your equipment’s seat should be manufactured using high-density foam material. 

5 in 1 Gym Equipment 27

Figure 14. High-density foam

Leather type:

Leather is used to make the covering of the seat. It can be natural, recycled, or synthetic. Synthetic leather is preferred over natural leather. 

It has two types. 

  1. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Leather is tough, durable, and water-proof. However, it has a smell that might irritate some users. 
  2. Polyurethane (PU) leather is less durable. But it is more flexible and does not smell. 

Generally, good quality leather has a lesser amount of holes and it is thicker than ordinary leather. 

5 in 1 Gym Equipment 28

Figure 15. PVC leather

Support Plate:

The support plate for the seat of 5 in 1 gym equipment can be of three different types. ABS plastic support plate is the best one and it uses high-density foaming material. Whereas, Iron board and plywood work with regeneration foam. However, ABS plastic support plates are expensive to make. 

5 in 1 Gym Equipment 29

Figure 16. Support plate for seat

How can I properly maintain a 5 in 1 gym equipment?

Proper maintenance of the equipment is required to prevent rusting. It includes cleaning the surface of the equipment and keeping it away from the humid environment. 

Besides, the corrosion rate depends on the type of material used in manufacturing. For Example, Yanre Fitness uses ABS plastics to make pulleys for 5 in 1  gym equipment. This is because ABS plastics are less corrosive as compared to steel or aluminum. 

Can I get assembled 5 in 1 gym equipment?

No, you cannot assemble 5 in 1 gym equipment. 

This is because this is a heavy-duty machine with multiple components. Therefore, to reduce shipping charges and to prevent the risk of damage, they are shipped unassembled. 

However, they have a user manual that can be followed to assemble its parts. 

Can I assemble the 5 in 1 gym equipment alone?

No, you cannot assemble the 5 in 1 gym equipment alone. 

Although the machine comes with a very interactive and easy-to-understand manual, it is not a one-man job. This is because it involves multiple heavy parts that need to be held together will they are screwed. 

Therefore, always look for professional help to assemble 5 in 1 gym equipment. Not only it saves you from possible injury, but it also protects the equipment from damage. 

You can also ask the manufacturer if they offer equipment assembly services or not. 

Can I get my logo printed on 5 in 1 gym equipment?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows you to get your logo printed on 5 in 1 gym equipment. 

You can give your gym a personalized look by printing your logo on it. Besides, if you sell such equipment in your distribution center, it can act as brand promotion. 

Therefore, to avail of these services, please contact us for more information. 

Can I customize the color of my 5 in 1 gym equipment?

Yes, Yanre Fitness offers color customization services for 5 in 1 gym equipment. 

The generally accepted colors are black for the pipes and red or brown for the seats. However, if you wish to customize the color of your equipment according to the theme of your gym, we are here to help you. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information and to communicate your requirements. 

Where can I buy 5 in 1 gym equipment in China?

China is the hub of quality gym equipment manufacturers. You can buy 5 in 1 gym equipment from Yanre Fitness in China. 

Yanre Fitness offers high-quality 5 in 1 gym equipment with patent designs and environment-friendly manufacturing processes. 


Buying 5 in 1 gym equipment is not as complicated as it sounds. All you need is to know about the product and the possible options. And we hope that you got that by reading our detailed FAQ guide. Yanre Fitness offers a variety of all-in-one gym equipment. If you have any queries or want to get a customized price quote, feel free to reach out to us. At Yanre Fitness, our mission is to provide quality products and services.