Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 5

Strength equipment is the lifeline for every commercial gym. Hence, make sure to choose among the best strength equipment brands. By seeing the top brands in your gym, a client starts to feel the positive vibe. 

Top-notch strength equipment reflects safety and trust. Therefore, gyms having such equipment attract more people. Buying the best equipment is a key to gain more members.

However, many gym owners consider it hard to find a top brand offering strength equipment. If you are one of them, we might have a solution. 

Here, we have compiled top-of-the-line strength equipment brands. These are the best places to look for the equipment of your choice. 

However, before moving ahead, let’s talk about another key factor. This relates to the important considerations when choosing the best strength equipment brands. So let’s see what we have here.

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1. What to Look for in Strength Equipment Brands?

Strength training is an essential workout or fitness-training regimen. Apart, it also serves as a crucial element of cardiovascular training. Achieving the strength training goals requires a specific type of equipment. 

This is the area where strength equipment comes into action. A gym offering the best strength training equipment can get more customers. However, the key is to choose the right equipment brand. 

Below, we have discussed the most essential aspects to consider when making such a choice. 

1.1 Reputation 

Usually, people link popularity with reputation. This might not be appropriate in many scenarios. For instance, some products are popular for being cheap but not for their quality.  

Hence, don’t consider just the popularity of a strength equipment brand. Make sure to tie it with the reputation and quality. This is so, as reputable brands are reliable, safe, and durable. So, the reputation of a brand is critical.

1.2 Quality

Similarly, quality should be your focus when choosing a strength equipment brand. Make sure to select a brand that offers unmatched quality. Before making any decision, try to do some online research. 

It will give you an insight into the top-rated brands. For this purpose, product reviews can be quite helpful. You can get plenty of information about the brand and its products. 

It is also possible to ask some questions while talking to customer support services. Strength equipment with quality assurance can last longer. It can save you a lot in terms of maintenance and repair costs. 

1.3 Safety

Safety is another important element that demands your attention. Commercial gym facilities have to take strict safety measures. One of these measures relates to the safety of the equipment. 

To ensure this, you need a gym equipment brand that values safety. Strength equipment involves heavyweights and accessories that can be a safety hazard. 

So, it is essential to choose a brand that offers equipment that is safe and secure. To find about the safety features, you can take help from customer reviews. 

Besides, it would be appropriate to seek an opinion from other gym owners. Normally, brands offering specific safety features mention them within the product description.

1.4 Warranty

Warranty is a clear sign of the product quality a company is offering. If you want to differentiate a good product from a bad one, just check out the warranty. 

It has been widely observed that top brands offer a maximum warranty. These companies are confident about the quality and performance of their products. 

This also applies to the buying of strength training equipment. High-quality equipment comes with a reasonable warranty. So, look for brands offering strength equipment with an extended warranty.

2. Strength Equipment Brands to Choose From

Choosing among the strength equipment brands might sound tricky. Especially, when there are too many options, finding the best one might be difficult.

To assist you, we have shortlisted the top strength equipment brands. You can choose any of the brands listed below, depending on your budget and preferences. 

2.1 Life Fitness

Launched in 1968, Life Fitness is among the early manufacturers of gym equipment. Since its inception, this brand carries a mission of manufacturing premier exercise equipment.

Being one of the oldest names in the industry, Life Fitness has lived up to expectations. It has helped the generations of athletes/exercisers to reach their fitness goals. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 6

Figure-2 Olympic squat rack by Life Fitness

Apart from other products, this brand is popular for its strength training equipment. Life Fitness has always tried to bring innovation into its products.

Besides, Life Fitness is also consistent when it comes to manufacturing quality. The company relies on industrial-grade materials that are strong and lightweight. 

Life Fitness is a viable choice if you are looking for one of the leading strength equipment brands.    

2.2 Precor

Precor is one of the most trusted names in the fitness industry.  This brand offers high-end strength training equipment for commercial gyms. After its launch in 1980, Precor continues to produce the latest technology gym equipment. 

The innovation is within the DNA of this company. Even the earliest designed equipment by Precor was quite efficient. Although this manufacture offers various products, yet strength equipment is its pride. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 7

Figure-3 Plate loaded strength equipment by Precor

Precor is a brand that ensures unwavering quality. The customer support is excellent. This means that the company doesn’t forget its customer after selling the product.

2.3 Hammer Strength

As the name suggests, Hammer Strength is a brand that offers strength-training equipment. This company started its production in the 90’s. Since then, there is no looking back for Hammer Strength.

The equipment manufactured by this brand is of premium quality. This is why commercial gyms prefer this brand when buying strength equipment. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 8

Figure-4 Ultimate Rack by Hammer Strength

The ergonomically designed machines ensure the best possible workout experience. This is possible as the equipment offers a natural range of movement. Hence, the exerciser doesn’t feel any kind of discomfort. 

2.4 Star Trac

Star Trac is one of the leading names in the industry. This company offers high-end and innovative gym equipment. This manufacturer offers a range of gym equipment. 

These include Cardio, CrossFit, and Strength training equipment. However, the strength training equipment is quite popular. It is trendy yet functional. 

When manufacturing the equipment, Star Trac considers the customer needs. As a result, the equipment proves to be highly efficient and user-friendly. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 9

Figure-5 Dual Multi-Press by Star Trac

After running its business for more than 20 years, Star Trac knows the ins and outs of the industry. So, equipment designed and created by this company gains much popularity. 

If Star Trac strength equipment falls within your budget, it would be a great choice.

2.5 Yanre Fitness

Modern, functional, and convenient; these are the best words to describe Yanre Fitness. This brand is out there for quite some time and is gaining popularity at a consistent pace. 

Yanre Fitness offers a wide range of commercial gym equipment. Aside from the other gym equipment, this brand is a great choice for strength training. 

The materials used by this company are long-lasting. This allows the equipment to serve longer. Also, the performance of the machines doesn’t disappoint you even after years of use. 

This is possible only, as Yanre Fitness never compromises on the quality. The commitment to its customers is another reason for the popularity of this brand. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 10

Figure-6 Strength equipment by Yanre Fitness

The product range is affordable too. This means bringing some new stuff to your existing gym won’t be that difficult. Also, people creating new gyms can trust this brand.

With the help of an experienced team, you can get your gym designed without any hassle. You can also equip your gym with the latest technology equipment. 

Yanre Fitness stands out among the rest. The reason for this is the dedication of this brand. They not only sell gym equipment but also help to strengthen their customer’s facility.

Big Brand Quality, But Factory Price.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Yanre Fitness offers both.

2.6 Cybex

Cybex International stands among the leading manufacturers of gym equipment. Especially, Cybex boasts of developing premium strength equipment. These machines offer a variety of incredible features.

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 11

Figure-7 Cybex Bravo Advance by Cybex

This brand is popular due to the ingenuity of designs that its equipment carries. Such machines allow the exerciser to stay in line with the body’s natural movements. 

Hence, the workouts become a lot easier and safer. It also lowers the chances of injury. Besides, an exerciser can ensure optimum efficiency while using such equipment. 

Cybex has always tried to innovate. This factor is visible in the design and quality of the equipment. Therefore, gym owners throughout the world recognize this as a trustworthy brand.

2.7 Iron Company

Iron Company is a renowned name in the fitness industry. It sells different kinds of fitness equipment. But, this manufacturer is an authority in the free weights area.  

No doubt, free weights are integral for strength training. Dumbbell training, barbell workouts, and Kettlebell exercises are a few of the examples. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 12

Figure-8 Pro-Xl Half Rack by Iron Company

Iron Company strength equipment can help exercisers to gain muscles and strength. This is a goal, which most of the people entering a gym are carrying. You can help them achieve it. 

Offering the best equipment to your members would enhance their performance. You can choose between the different strength equipment by Iron Company. These include squat racks, weight benches, and functional trainers. 

2.8 True Fitness

Talking about the strength equipment brands, True Fitness is the option to consider. The commercial-grade strength equipment is capable of meeting your needs. 

The sturdy structure and impressive performance are the features linked with this brand. It doesn’t matter whether the gym is big or small. True Fitness is a viable choice for every commercial gym. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 13

Figure-9 Strength equipment by True Fitness

True Fitness machines are reliable and durable. The worldwide network of customer service is another plus. This suggests you can get the required assistance whenever required.

2.9 NordicTrack

If you need outstanding and performance-oriented gym equipment, NordicTrack is a trusted name. Strength training equipment by NordicTrack tends to a perfect choice for commercial use. 

Usually, commercial gym owners look for a brand that offers high-quality equipment. Also, easy-to-use machines are on the list. This is the area where NordicTrack leads ahead. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 14

Figure-10 Fusion CST Pro by NordicTrack

This company offers all sorts of strength equipment. You can make a selection depending on the type of your gym, budget, and available space. The latest equipment is also compatible with different fitness apps including iFit. 

Equipment offered by NordicTrack allows an exerciser to perform different strength workouts. This allows them to achieve their fitness goals.

2.10 ProForm

If you have high-quality equipment in your commercial gym, it can make a difference. The gym users would enjoy their workout and show satisfaction towards the outcomes. 

This is so, as the top-rated brands like ProForm manufacture versatile gym equipment. Such equipment allows performing a variety of exercises. 

Top 10 Strength Equipment Brands for Commercial Gyms 15

Figure-11 Power Slack XT by ProForm

Also, the durability factor adds more value to the product. This aspect is important when you are buying the equipment for commercial applications. ProForm is a brand that meets most of these requirements. 

This company manufactures durable and highly efficient gym equipment. Specifically, the strength equipment by ProForm is on the next level. 

These machines are user-friendly and offer unsurpassable performance. The designs are unique yet functional. So, when looking for strength equipment brands, don’t forget to consider ProForm. 

3. Final Words

The strength equipment brands mentioned above are quite famous. Besides, the minds behind such brands have years of experience producing gym equipment. 

Hence, all of these options have some sort of reliable factor. However, this isn’t the only aspect that counts. Rather, you have to make a wise selection depending on your requirements and budget. 

Hopefully, this guide would help you narrow down the choices.

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