Brand New vs. Used Gym Equipment – Which to Choose?

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Buying gym equipment nowadays is not an easy task. With the changing fitness trends that continue to modify equipment usage and requirements, there is also the increasing price of gym machines to consider.

If you’ve been associated with the fitness industry for a while, you must know there are several equipment types. Apart from their categorization based on their functions, there are brand new and used equipment categories. While many people encourage purchasing used equipment, others prefer getting only brand-new ones. The choice between old and new can get quite confusing, especially for new gym owners on a budget.

Here we discuss the answer to this crucial matter – should you buy brand new gym equipment models or used ones?

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1. Used Gym Equipment – Who Is It For?

With skyrocketing prices of gym equipment and the costs of running a gym in general, wanting to save some money is understandable. This is especially true if finances are tight and you need to stick to a limited budget.

Generally, used gym equipment is available at much cheaper costs than brand new machines. It can be tempting to save up on equipment costs and purchase refurbished models for your fitness center. However, it’s not as simple as it seems.

In the following section, we have extensively explained why used equipment is not the best option.

2. Reasons to Avoid Used Equipment

Fitness experts suggest that while the initial cost of used or refurbished equipment may be low, they can be more expensive in the long term. Here’s why:

2.1 Decreased Equipment Life

The fact remains that pre-owned gym equipment, no matter how well-functioning it may seem, has likely been used enough. The average gym machine undergoes 10 to 12 hours of usage daily. This means that even a 3-year-old machine can be well used before being available for sale.  Such equipment is also prone to wear and tear, and most of its life may be over by the time you purchase it.

2.2 Hygiene Issues

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Exposure to users’ sweat, sneakers, general dust, etc., is a common occurrence for gym machines. If you aren’t buying a well-maintained model, you’re getting dirt and grime for free!

2.3 Randomly Sourced Replacement Parts

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Many refurbished pieces of equipment have replacement parts that aren’t bought from the original manufacturer. This can cause problems in functioning over time. If you ever buy a refurbished gym machine, make sure to ask about the replaced parts and their origin.

2.4 Less or No Warranty

Mostly, used equipment isn’t sold with a warranty from the manufacturer. This can land you in more serious repairing costs if the machine starts malfunctioning at any point.

2.5 Early – and Expensive – Breakdowns

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With used equipment, often a machine that appears to run smoothly can break down sooner than you’d expect. Moreover, usually, it’s the most expensive parts that start causing issues. These include the motor, generator, or electronics.

2.6 Scams

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Unfortunately, there are many scammers nowadays in the used equipment marketplace. You don’t know whether the info provided about the usage history is true or not. We especially recommend you to avoid buying from private sellers. A trusted name in the fitness industry is a different story.

Are you still confused about spending on brand-new gym equipment? We discuss all the advantages in the next section.

3. Why You Should Purchase New Gym Equipment

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Obviously, the primary ‘disadvantage’ you may have figured about new gym equipment is the higher cost price. However, even that is not true if you look at the bigger picture. The initial investment can save you some significant repair costs with used machines.

Fitness professionals always recommend going for brand new gym equipment from a top manufacturer, no strings attached. Here are some reasons why:

3.1 Full Warranty Package

With new equipment, you get the full manufacturer’s warranty to keep you covered in case of any problems. This is especially true for leading manufacturers who give generous warranty on their already high-quality products.

3.2 No Unpleasant Surprises

You don’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns any time soon. As long as you keep up with routine maintenance and servicing, a high-quality piece of equipment will last its worth.

3.3 All the Latest Technology to Choose From

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You can get all the latest versions that have recently been launched. An updated collection of gym machines can impress any visitors to your facility and be good for business!

3.4 Plenty of Options to Choose From

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With brand-new state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll have endless options! You may have limited choices in refurbished equipment.

3.5 Plenty of Trusted Brands, Retailers, and Wholesalers

There are plenty of reliable sellers of brand-new equipment, outnumbering those selling used equipment. You can source it quickly and find a trusted manufacturer for the entire purchase.

3.6 Years and Years of Good Use

As long as you maintain regular upkeep, gym machines can last a long while. Heavy-duty, commercial-grade equipment such as treadmills from a premium manufacturer can last even ten years.

4. Tips for Buying the Best Fitness Equipment

Since gym equipment requires a considerable investment, it’s better to do some research before going ahead with random purchasing. Here are just a few pointers to guide you when shopping for high-quality products:

4.1 Do Your Research

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Know about the various kinds of equipment available out there. Select among the most popular ones to make your facility maximally functional. Go through our all-in-one guide to gym equipment and accessories for names, pictures, and prices of common equipment. We also have unique buying guides for several equipment types in our blog section.

4.2 Ensure Whether You Have Enough Space

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Make sure you have the space to accommodate the equipment you are planning on buying. Your facility won’t look nice if it is cramped without enough free space!

4.3 Make a Floor Plan to Visualize Equipment Placement

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For new gyms, make a floor plan to visualize equipment placement and how many machines you should actually buy.

4.4 Check the Equipment Warranty and Maintenance Services

Ensure that the manufacturer offers enough routine servicing and warranty on each piece of equipment. This can save you some major maintenance and repair costs.

4.5 Keep a Balanced Amount of Different Equipment Types

For new gyms currently unequipped, choose a balanced amount of fitness machines dedicated to different workout types. Have some accessories and machines dedicated to cardio, strength, and CrossFit etc.

4.6 Purchase from a Reliable Gym Equipment Manufacturer

Source an industry-leading manufacturer with a good reputation. A reliable seller makes the equipment buying experience smooth and easy.

5. Why Choose Yanre?

Yanre Fitness is a Chinese brand that offers plenty of brand new equipment types for gym use. We can provide you complete packages that include new fitness machines and accessories. Our heavy-duty creations are fit for any commercial gym, hotel health club, school gymnasium, corporate fitness center, apartment gym, etc.

Being a top manufacturer and wholesaler of self-design fitness equipment since 1997, Yanre is known worldwide for its premium quality products and a wide variety of available items. We aspire to become a leading name in the fitness world for all gym solutions.

6. Our Product Range

Yanre Fitness has brand-new varieties of several gym equipment and accessories for sale. Our commercial-grade machines and heavy-duty fitness gear include everything for strength, cardio, gymnastics, and even CrossFit training.

We offer the following equipment categories and also several pre-made and customized packages for different gym types:

6.1 Strength Equipment

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We offer everything for your strength training needs, from state-of-the-art multi jungle equipment having multiple stations to specialized weightlifting machines. Our high-quality hammer strength units are made for serious mass and strength gains. Our strength equipment is broadly listed on our website according to sale, price, and quality.

6.2 Cardio Machines

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Yanre’s premium treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and steppers can provide years of problem-free usage in any fitness facility. Our self-design machines offer optimal ergonomics to enable long workout duration without causing user injury.

6.3 Gym Essentials

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At Yanre Fitness, we keep a strict check-and-balance to ensure quality control on all our products. This enables us to offer well-made gym essentials for everyday training. We provide a range of free weights, including dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and weight plates. Other than these, you can consider buying our foam rollers, resistance bands, and cable machine attachments.

6.4 Specialized Workout Accessories

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With the increasing popularity of CrossFit training programs, it’s essential to include at least the necessary accessories for your gym members. Browse through our top-quality battle ropes, med balls, slam balls, etc., to offer CrossFit training opportunities at your gym. We also have plenty of gymnastics and yoga accessories available. Our agility ladders, yoga balls, yoga mats, gymnastics rings, and training cones can enable several different workouts.

7. Make the Best Equipment Choice Today

We are here to answer any of your queries regarding equipment selection and purchasing. Our market-competitive prices can help you stay within budget while enjoying all the benefits of new gym equipment. Contact us now for further details!

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