CrossFit Cage – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to buy a CrossFit cage for your commercial gym? 

Do you have all the collection of barbells, but not a CrossFit cage? 

Do you want to know why it is recommended to buy a CrossFit for your commercial gym? 

Does a CrossFit cage have huge demand in your distribution center? 

Do you want to know the important features that a CrossFit cage should have? 

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are at the right place!  

Our gym equipment experts have compiled a detailed FAQ guide for you so you can understand all the important aspects of a CrossFit cage before buying it.  

Are you ready to learn about them? So, without further delay, let us get into it! 

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What is a CrossFit cage?

A CrossFit cage or a CrossFit rack is a workout station. It is used to perform heavy-weight exercises such as barbells.  

They make heavy-weight exercises safer such as bench presses and overhead presses. Following are the benefits of using CrossFit cage: 

  1. Convenience  
  2. Safety 
  3. Versatility  
  4. Ease of loading 
  5. Plate storage 
  6. Dedicated training area 
CrossFit Cage 1

Figure 1. CrossFit cage

What are the different types of CrossFit cages?

Squat Cage: 

  1. These are the simplest form of CrossFit cages. They are also known as squat stands or Squat Racks.  
  2. It is a simple bar stand with two supports. Most of them are about the height of the average man’s shoulders. Their height can also be increased or decreased. They are the cheapest of all types.  
CrossFit Cage 2

Figure 2. Squat cage

Half Cages: 

  1. They are a little advanced than squat racks.  
  2. They can support multiple weights at a time.  
  3. They provide more adjustability than squat racks. 
  4. They also have safety bars.  
  5. Pull-up bars and bands can also be attached with them. 
  6. They are known as half racks because they have functionalities only on one side.  
  7. They also feature increments on the front column. It allows precise positioning of safety bars and J-hooks. 
  8. They also have plate storage and bar storage space at the back of the rack.  
  9. Their only drawback is that they cannot be used for a heavyweight because they have support only on one side.  
  10. Best racks for overhead squats or split jerks.  
CrossFit Cage 3

Figure 3. Half cage

Power cage: 

  1. It offers the same functionalities as half racks. However, they are more stable and safer due to their cage design.  
  2. It has columns at the front and back and horizontal supports at both top and bottom of the rack.  
  3. Due to the dual support, it can be used for heavier weights as compared to half racks.  
  4. It reduces the chances of barbells being dropped to the ground when they are released. 
  5. They occupy greater space as compared to other racks.  
  6. They can be used by two people at once. One on the outer side of the rack and one on the inside.  
CrossFit Cage 4

Figure 4. Power cage

Multi-Purpose Cage: 

  1. It is the same as a power cage but without overhead bars.  
  2. It just increases the range of exercises that a user can perform.  
CrossFit Cage 5

Figure 5. Multi-purpose cage

Functional Rigs: 

  1. They are the best type of CrossFit cages. 
  2. They offer multiple functionalities without occupying a lot of space.  
  3. They can accommodate up to 10 people at once.  
  4. They can be customized depending on the type of training being performed.  
CrossFit Cage 6

Figure 6. Functional Rigs

Wall-mounted Cages: 

  1. These cages can be installed on walls. 
  2. They save space in the gym area.  
  3. Since they are fixed, they offer more stability. 
CrossFit Cage 7

Figure 7. Wall-mounted cage

Smith Machines: 

  1. Smith machines are sometimes considered as power cages while other does not include them in this category. 
  2. They are the same as power racks; the only difference is that they have barbell weights fixed on vertical runners.  
CrossFit Cage 8

Figure 8. Smith machine

Which type of exercises can be performed using the CrossFit cage?

A variety of exercises can be performed using a CrossFit cage. They are used for barbell exercises.  

Following are a few exercises that can be performed using CrossFit cage: 

  1. Pin presses. 
  2. Deadlifts, Squats, and bench presses with bands 
  3. Bottom position squats 
  4. Rack pulls.
  5. Deadlifts, Squats, and bench presses against bands 
  6. Anderson squats 

 If you have a lot of trainers in your gym who perform these exercises, you must buy a CrossFit cage. 

Which factors should I keep in mind while buying a CrossFit cage?

CrossFit cages are available in a variety of types. Therefore, multiple factors should be considered before buying one. Here is a brief description of a few of them. 


The dimensions of power racks are diverse. Therefore, you should buy one that can easily fit in your commercial gym.  

The most important is height. A very tall cage while be unstable and fixing it to the floor would be mandatory. Whereas a cage that is too small would not serve all its purposes.  

Besides, you should also consider the width of the CrossFit cage. Make sure that it does not occupy more than its dedicated space when the extra storage bars are added.  


The construction of a CrossFit cage is an important factor since it determines its overall strength and durability.  

Make sure that it is made up of strong steel and the welds are deep to avoid breakage.  

Weight capacity: 

Since a CrossFit cage is used to hold weight, its capacity should be enough to fulfill the needs of high-end users. Therefore, you should buy a CrossFit cage for a commercial gym that can hold the heaviest weight possible.  

What is the average weight capacity of a CrossFit cage?

The average weight capacity of a CrossFit cage is 150kg to 500kg.  

The weight-holding capacity of a CrossFit cage depends on its type and construction. The cage should have the maximum weight-holding capacity for a commercial gym because you can expect all types of trainers in your gym.  

What type of finish does a CrossFit cage have?

A CrossFit cage can have the following two types of finishes: 



Painted CrossFit cages are cheap. 

They can be easily re-painted 


Since a CrossFit cage undergoes heavy usage, therefore, paint can get peeled and damaged easily.  

Powder Coated: 


Power coated CrossFit cages are durable and tougher. 


They need to be transported to a coating facility if it gets damaged. 

It is expensive than paint.  

What should be the type of pipes in a quality CrossFit cage?

Since a CrossFit cage is made entirely of steel pipes, you should pay huge attention to them.  

The following are the different shapes of pipes that can be used to make a CrossFit cage.  

  1. Flat oval pipe 
  2. T shape pipe 
  3. Semi-elliptical pipe 
  4. Circular pipe 
  5. T shape pipe 

Generally, oval or round pipes are used to make a CrossFit cage.  

Yanre fitness uses low carbon steel to make pipes for CrossFit cage. They are durable and have good welding properties.  

CrossFit Cage 9

Figure 9. Round and oval pipes that are used to make CrossFit cage

How can I determine the quality of pipes that are used to make a CrossFit cage?

Multiple factors determine the quality of pipes used in building CrossFit cage. Make sure to check all those factors before buying a CrossFit cage for your commercial gym or distribution center. The following are a few of them: 

Pipe thickness and size: 

The thickness and size of the pipe determine its strength and durability. The size of the pipe used in the CrossFit cage used to be more than 40mm * 80mm. Besides, the pipe thickness should be 3mm.  

Construction techniques:  

Ask the manufacturer about this to ensure that they follow best construction practices.  

Generally, pipe bending is preferred over pipe welding or cutting. Bent pipes are more durable and prevent wrinkle depression.  

What type of safety bars does a CrossFit cage have?

A CrossFit cage can be equipped with two different types of safety bars. They are as follows: 

Flat safety bars

Flat safety bars are made up of steel. They are attached perpendicular to the CrossFit cage. It is used to hold the barbell. 

CrossFit Cage 10

Figure 10. Flat safety bar for CrossFit cage

Flexible safety straps 

Flexible safety straps are made up of reinforced nylon. They are a lightweight and convenient alternatives to flat safety bars. 

CrossFit Cage 11

Figure 11. Flexible safety strap for CrossFit cage

What is the purpose of safety rails on CrossFit cage?

CrossFit cage has adjustable safety rails. Their height can be adjusted to prevent the barbell from falling to the ground. They are used to hold the barbell in case the user is unable to complete a rep.  

Should I fix the CrossFit cage to the floor or wall?

Yes, you should fix the CrossFit cage to the floor or wall. 

This is because they are used for heavy weightlifting. They are likely to move or trip over while displacing the bars.  

However, you should make sure that the wall or floor is strong enough to hold a large-diameter bolt. Moreover, if you want to move the cage from one place to another, it will take time to dismount it and it will leave the bolt holes behind.  

What should be the average hole spacing in the CrossFit cage?

CrossFit cages can have the following two types of holes spacing: 

Regular hole spacing: 

  1. In regular hole spacing, the distance between each hole is similar and that is 50mm.  
  2. Most CrossFit cages have this type of hole spacing. 
  3. The safety bars or J-hooks can sometimes be too high or too low.  
CrossFit Cage 12

Figure 12. Regular hole spacing in CrossFit cage

Westside hole spacing: 

  1. This type of hole spacing is found in relatively fewer CrossFit cages. 
  2. In this type of spacing, the middle holes are 1 inch apart. However, the top and bottom holes are 2 inches apart.  
CrossFit Cage 13

Figure 13. Westside Hole Spacing in CrossFit cage

What is the importance of numbered holes in the CrossFit cage?

You should always buy CrossFit cages that have numbered holes.  

This is because it is important to place the barbell evenly on a cage. And numbered holes ensure that users are putting the bar in the right position. Moreover, it allows users to track the position of the bar.  

CrossFit Cage 14

Figure 14. Numbered holes in CrossFit cage

Should I buy a lifting platform with a CrossFit cage?

Yes, you should buy a flat bench and lifting platform with a CrossFit cage.  

The lifting platform protects the gym floor while providing a stable base for Olympic lifting, squats, standing overhead presses, and deadlifts.  

CrossFit Cage 15

Figure 15. Lifting platform for a CrossFit cage

Should I buy a flat bench with a CrossFit cage?

Yes, you should buy a flat bench with a CrossFit cage.  

It is a flat stand with a padded seat on which the user can lay down. A flat bench allows users to perform incline presses and seated overhead presses.  

CrossFit Cage 16

Figure 16. Flat bench for a CrossFit cage

Are there any accessories with CrossFit cages?

Yes, there are multiple accessories used with CrossFit cages.  

The following is a comprehensive list for them. 

Band pegs 

They are used to hang bands or chains on CrossFit cages. Besides, they can also be added to the bottom to increase the resistance during workouts. 

CrossFit Cage 17

Figure 17. Band Pegs used with a CrossFit cage

Rings and rope attachments 

They increase the usage of CrossFit cage. Ropes can be attached to them for exercises. 

CrossFit Cage 18

Figure 18. Rings and rope attachment with a CrossFit cage

Wallball targets 

It is used to mark the height of exercise. 

CrossFit Cage 19

Figure 19. Wallball target attachment


J-hooks are padded rubber layer attachments to reduce noise. They are also used to protect the barbell. 

CrossFit Cage 20

Figure 20. J-hooks for a CrossFit cage

Some other accessories that are not very common but are used with CrossFit cage are as follows:

  1. Parallel and stall bars 
  2. Cable crossover 
  3. Dip Handles 
  4. Mono lift systems 
  5. Weight and bar storage 
  6. Speed and heavy bags 

They may or may not be provided with the cage. Therefore, you should always contact the manufacturer to know what they generally offer. 

What is the average price of a CrossFit cage?

The average price of a CrossFit cage ranges from $800 to $1500. 

The price depends on the type of cage, its construction quality, and the supplied accessories.  

What are the average dimensions of a CrossFit cage?

An average CrossFit cage has a height of 84 inches, a width of 50 inches, and a length of 51 inches.  

The height depends on the type of CrossFit cage. Moreover, different manufacturers might have different sizes. 

Do I need to assemble a CrossFit cage?

Yes, you will need to assemble your CrossFit cage.  

This is because they are shipped unassembled to reduce shipping charges and to avoid delivery. However, assembling a CrossFit cage is not a difficult task. Just make sure that all the nuts and bolts are in the correct place and fully tightened.  

Do I need professional help to assemble the CrossFit cage?

CrossFit cage is generally easy to assemble, and they come with a user manual they can be followed to assemble it.  

However, high-quality CrossFit cages are heavy, and you might not be able to lift them alone. Therefore, we recommend taking professional help to carry the task. It can help you avoid injury and prevents the equipment from breakage.  

Can I customize my logo on the CrossFit cage?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows you to customize your logo on CrossFit cage. 

A cage with a customized logo gives a personalized look to your gym. Therefore, feel free to contact us to know the detailed procedure and to communicate your requirements.  

Can I customize the color of my CrossFit cage?

Yes, you can get color customization services for your CrossFit cage by Yanre Fitness. 

Since CrossFit cages are either painted or powder-coated, they can be customized into a variety of colors. Please contact us to tell us your preferred color and we would be happy to help you.  

Where can I buy a CrossFit cage at a wholesale rate in China?

Yanre Fitness is the best place from where you can get a CrossFit cage in China.  

We have state-of-the-art technology and patented designs for CrossFit cages that are sure to add value to your commercial gym or distribution center.  


So, this marks the end of our detailed FAQ guide.  

We hope that you got all the answers to your questions related to the CrossFit cage. Since it is important and expensive equipment, you should keep in mind all the factors before buying it.  

Yanre fitness offers high-quality CrossFit cages at durable prices. Our multipurpose CrossFit cage and smith machine is sure to attract the attention of your customers. 

Feel free to contact us for more information or to get a customized price quote.