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  • Constructed with heavy-duty steel tube frames for durability.
  • Lifetime warranty offered, in contrast to other factories that provide only a 10-year warranty.
  • Easy-to-use equipment with a simple and uncomplicated operation.
  • Elegant design with a clean and minimalistic style, devoid of any extraneous parts.
  • Professional trainers highly regard the quality and design of weight machines.
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At Yanre Fitness, design is NOT just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.

Simple, But Significant.

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Technology Development

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development:

  • We built our R&D center with experts from exercise physiology, biomechanics, ergonomics, machinery, manufacturing and technology advancement. 
  • We have been focused on producing self-designed, affordable fitness equipment for our customers. 
  • We have created unique movement angles and equipment designs that enable our strength equipment to withstand stringent profession

The customers are always impressed with our production processes when visiting the factories.

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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Commercial Weight MachinesDefinitive FAQ Guide

Professional athletes around the world cannot get enough of the commercial weight machine. It is a favorite in every gym around the world.

Are you looking for a commercial weight machine supplier? One that delivers premium-grade products at excellent prices. Look no further!

In this FAQ guide, we look at everything you need to know about commercial weight machines.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial weight machine?

A commercial weight machine is a multi-stationed, muscle-building weight machine. It allows athletes the comfort to change weights via weighted plates. These plates attach to metal pulleys and cables.

The commercial weight machine is a great addition to any commercial gym. Yanre Fitness specializes in custom-designed fitness equipment. At Yanre Fitness we also manufacture the best quality commercial weight machines.

Speak to us for the best quality commercial weight machine for your gym.

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Figure 1: commercial weight machine

2. What are the specifications of a quality commercial weight machine?

At Yanre Fitness we manufacture quality commercial weight machines.

Premium materials and unique custom designs ensure customer satisfaction. It also delivers the best performing machines on the market.

Our premium commercial weight machines offer the below product specifications:

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Figure 2: Quality Multi station Commercial weight machine

3. What are the benefits of a commercial weight machine?

There are three main benefits that commercial weight machines offer. They are muscle specialization, full-body workouts, and advanced training techniques.

Muscle Specialization

  • Offer extra pulley attachments for specific muscle toning workouts
  • Offer close grip bench press exercise with adjustable weights
  • Offer pulley-rope attachment for overhead triceps workout
  • Offer v-bar for triceps push down workout
  • Offer athletes a position to train muscles at three different angles

Full Body Workout

  • Offer complete workout with a core focus on each muscle group
  • Offer leg presses with adjustable weights for legs
  • Offer lat-pull downs for back muscle training
  • Offer calf raises for lower leg and calf training
  • Offer bench press with adjustable weights for chest muscle training
  • Offer upright rows for shoulder training
  • Offer bicep and triceps training with adjustable weights for arm muscle development

Advanced Training Techniques

  • Offer above-average user fat-burning and muscle-building advanced techniques
  • Offer quick change of weights for superset training
  • Allow for many reps without stopping long periods to adjust training weights
  • The pulley-cable weighted system allows for tempo change. This helps to focus on muscle fitness and building.

A commercial weight machine has several pros and cons. Consider these for your gym or fitness studio.

  • Offer a unique style of weight lifting
  • Offer continuous flowing of tension on target muscles
  • Offer a holistic body workout
  • Offer a variety range of motion

4. What are the features of a quality commercial weight machine?

A good quality commercial weight machine should have six prominent features.

Rotatable handlebars that can rotate 360 degrees. This offers a complete workout and full exercise potential.

Full shroud made from durable materials for long-lasting performance.

Quality CNC process that offers users smooth movements with precise traction.

Adjustable poundage settings offer users the benefit to adjust their weights fast. This helps for continuous training.

Semi-elliptical fittings that offer users adjustability for quality muscle fatigue and strengthening training.

Comfortable supported seating with quality padded cushions. This offers complete lower and upper body and back support during training.

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Figure 3: Quality commercial weight machine

5. What is the different type of weight plates for a commercial weight machine?

There are four different types of weight plates

Plain Cast Metal Weight Plates

  • Most popular commercial weight plate
  • Classic styling
  • durable
  • Do not have any sound layered cover
  • Made of raw cast iron

Urethane Coated Weight Plates

  • Weight plates covered in a urethane layer
  • Only available in small weight sizes and pound settings
  • used for increment training

Rubber Coated Weight Plates

  • Weight plates covered with a protective rubber overlay
  • durable
  • To cut noise in the gym
  • Offers protection against rust
  • Do not wear and tear 
  • Limit damage to gym floors when weights drop or roll

Calibrated Steel Weight Plates

  • Made from steel
  • Exact accurate weightage
  • Offers optimal precision and tolerance levels
  • Used during weight-lifting and muscle strength competitions
  • Feature a thin hollow for largest barbell loading

Do your research well before choosing weights for your commercial gym. Make sure to select weights that are supportive of your user’s training needs.

Rubber weight plates are a fantastic option for  gyms. Especially if you are looking for something with a lower noise level. Calibrated steel weight plates offer user precision training. These are great for consistency and accurate weight training exercises.

6. Is it expensive to maintain a commercial weight machine?

No, it is not expensive to maintain a commercial weight machine.

Maintaining your commercial weight machine will ensure continuous use. It also adds to the longevity of your machine and weight plates. It will also ensure that your users have the benefit of a machine that operates at full function. 

Machine Maintenance

  • Perform regular pulley system functional test
  • Check the pulleys and cables
  • Clean and lubricate all cables and pulleys
  • Check all nuts and bolts and fasten connections
  • Check all handlebars and attachments


You must lubricate the cables of your commercial weight machine often. This will ensure long standing use of all your fitness and gym equipment.


Sweat left on your gym equipment can cause corrosion of metal parts. It also causes hardening of seat coverings. It is important to clean your machines daily.

Clean the entire machine to remove all traces of sweat and excess moisture. Ensure you clean the seats, handlebars, and weights. Do not use harsh chemicals on your machines. Wipe off all areas with a damp soapy cloth.

Clean any commercial fitness machine daily after use. Your commercial weight machine should also receive monthly checks and maintenance. This will ensure that your commercial looks good and remains in working condition.

7. What is the difference between free-weight and plate-loaded weight machines?

There are two main differences between free-weight and plate loading weight machines. This lies in the loading method and shape of the weights.

Free-loading Commercial Weight Machine

  • Offer a variety of shapes and weight sizes
  • Manual loading method
  • The user loads plates onto a barbell
  • The user uses hand-held weights for extra training

Plate Loaded Commercial Weight Machine

  • Offer one specific shape in various weight sizes
  • User selects weights by connecting plates to a pulley system
  • The user places weights on a spigot
  • Not handheld weights
  • Adjustable weight and resistance workouts
Commercial Weight Machines 19

Figure 4: Plate loading vs Free weight Universal machines

8. What are selectorized commercial weight machines?

Selectorized commercial weight machines are pin controlled and have stacked weights. 

Also known as the pin loaded weight machine, allows the user of the machine to select how heavy or light they would like their muscle training to be. The user pulls out a pin and moves it up or down the encapsulated stack of weights to select their weightage.

These machines operate on a pulley cable system. The system connects the chosen weightage to the cable for an optimal workout. Adjust positioning of the weights by moving the positioning of the pin in the weight stack.

Commercial Weight Machines 20

Figure 5: Selector-base commercial weight machines

9. What is the difference between a domestic and a commercial weight machine?

There are two main differences between commercial and domestic universal weight machines. This lies in the materials used for the manufacturing and machine weight section.

Commercial Grade Machines

  • Manufactured from durable heavy-duty steel
  • Offers heavy-duty weighted section
  • Offers weights up to 250 Kg
  • Cast steel weights
  • Steel cables

Domestic Grade Machines

  • Manufactured from lightweight materials
  • Offers lighter-duty weighted section
  • Offers weights up to 125 Kg
  • Weights are sometimes filled with sand
  • Lower-grade metal cables
Commercial Weight Machines 21

Figure 6 Domestic Vs Commercial Weight Machine

10. What is the most common finish on commercial weight machines?

Powder-coated commercial universal training machines offer a more robust and more durable finish.

Powder-coated fitness equipment – finished with a powdered paint coating. Manufacturers spray the paint onto a raw metal frame. After the spraying, the entire frame moves into an oven so that the powder paint can bake into the metal frame.

Wet-paint-coated fitness equipment – finished with many layers of wet paint. The paint gets sprayed onto the metal surface. After each layer, the machine left to air dry.

Commercial Weight Machines 22

Figure 7: Powder coated finish on commercial weight machines

11. Do I need to lubricate a commercial weight machine?

Yes, regular lubrication of a commercial weight machine is vital.

All commercial weight machines come equipped with a specialized commercial lubricant. Use this lubricant to lubricate your fitness equipment.

12. Is it easy to self-assemble a commercial weight machine?

Yes, it is easy to assemble a commercial weight machine, yourself.

The detailed user guide you receive explains everything you need to know. The guide comes with your weight machine. It offers clear stipulations in a step-by-step format.

13. How to fix a stuck weight-stack on a commercial weight machine?

You can fix a weight-stack that got stuck on a commercial weight machine in 6 easy steps.

  • Locate the weight machine guide rods
  • Use an alcohol base cleaner to remove excess dirt from the guide rods
  • Lubricate the guide rods
  • Use only commercial grade dry silicone or light teflon spray lubricants
  • Run through and check all cables for wear and tear or damage
  • Ensure cables are positioned properly and aligns with the pulleys

14. How often should the cables be replaced on a commercial weight machine?

The cables on your commercial weight machine should be replaced at least once a year.

Check the cables on your weight machine daily, before each use. Coating that is coming off is a sign of wear and tear. Once the coating is wearing off, the cables will start to show signs of tearing. 

Contact your supplier for new cables and replace before the next use to assure safety of your users.

Commercial Weight Machines 23

Figure 8: Rubber coated cable of a commercial weight machines

15. What is the wholesale price of a commercial weight machine?

Commercial weight machines are available for as little as $2850.

At Yanre Fitness, we pride ourselves in offering only the best fitness equipment. Our premium quality, custom-designed weight machines will be an excellent fit for your gym.

Order your premium quality commercial weight machine in bulk now!

16. How to find the best commercial weight machine suppliers?

Finding the best suppliers of commercial weight machines is easy. The tips below will help you to start the process.

Visit Fitness Trade Shows

Fitness trade shows and industry exhibits are fantastic ways to find fitness equipment. These trade shows invite the best suppliers and manufacturers. They offer premium-grade fitness equipment around the world and display their products.

China hosts some of the largest annual fitness trade shows:

Google Direct Search

Search on google for the exact product you are looking for.

Type ‘commercial weight machine supplier’ into the search bar. This will give you access to the best suppliers of fitness equipment globally. 

Commercial Weight Machines 24

Figure 9: Fibo Exhibition China

17. Who are the top commercial weight machine suppliers in China?

China has some of the best fitness equipment suppliers in the world. 

Yanre Fitness offers custom-designed fitness equipment. Their premium quality commercial weight machines are the best on the market. They manufacture and stock various gym and fitness equipment.

Shandong Fitness offers the promise of good design. Also offer good quality on all fitness equipment.

18. Who do I contact for technical support on a commercial weight machine?

For any technical support on your commercial weight machine, contact our sales support team at Yanre Fitness directly.

Our expert team is always willing and ready to assist you when you need support.

19. Final Words

China has some of the best fitness equipment manufacturers in the world.

At Yanre Fitness we can ensure you of the best quality and service. Yanre Fitness offers commercial premium-grade universal weight machines at the best wholesale prices.

Want to import commercial-grade universal weight machines in bulk from China? Contact us Right now!

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