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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Olympic Weight Plates China – Definitive FAQ Guide

Welcome to the FAQ Guide! Are you looking for the best Olympic weight plates in China? Then you are in the right place.

This ultimate FAQ guide will assist you in answering all your questions in a very informative and easiest way. 

You can get an idea of this product’s function, types, uses, sizes, costs and other details quickly.

Let’s take a look at this and find all of your question’s answers.

Table of Contents

What Is the Olympic Weight Plate?

An Olympic weight plate is a kind of weight plate that has a 2-inch hole in the middle to pass the barbell. It is made of resilient rubber, which comes in the form of a bumper plate.

And the barbell with weight is used in Olympic weightlifting.

Olympic weightlifting is a movement or sport that includes lifting a barbell with some destined weight on high overhead and letting it fall to the ground.

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Figure 1 Olympic weight plate  

What Are the Features of Olympic Weight Plates?

The Olympic weight plate has some unique features. For example-

  • Standard diameter of 450mm(17.7 inches)
  • 2 inches insert hole diameter
  • High graded bumper plate 
  • Durable
  • Insert type steel disc- zinc plated
  • Weight tolerance (+/- 1 or 2% of declared weight) 
  • A graded coloring 
  • Low odor
  • Low bounce
Olympic Weight Plates China 19

Figure 2 Features of Olympic weight plate

What Are the Types of Olympic Weight Plates?

There are different types of Olympic weight plates. For example-

  • Technique Bumper
  • Rubber-coated
  • Fractional Plates
  • Training Bumper Weight Plates
  • Competition Weight Plates
  • Powerlifting Plates

The reason for subdivision and to summarise all that kind, a simple brief of every type is given below-

Technique Bumper Weight Plate

The primary kind of weight plate is a technical bumper weight plate. This plate is made of a simple and single piece of rubber with no metal ring around the plate.

Technique weight plates are perfect for the beginners in Olympic lifts to introduce them to weight.

The advantages of technique plates are- they are in a small set and typically produce 2.5 to 5 kg weights which are handy to use.

Olympic Weight Plates China 20

Figure 3 Technique bumper plate

Rubber & Urethane Coated Weight Plate 

Rubber coated weight plates are made of extra rubber layers for providing protection, safety and longevity.

It also gives protection to a certain degree to the weight plate and the floor. 

But sometimes rubber-coated weight plate is considered nonstandard Olympic plates.

The grip or the cut into the plate, less surroundings, rubber odor makes them non- standard for Olympic weightlifting.

Olympic Weight Plates China 21
Olympic Weight Plates China 22

Figure 4 Olympic rubber coated and rubber grip plate

Urethane-coated plates are better than rubber-coated plates weight plates as they are more durable, incapable of making any cosmetic or marking error. 

Olympic Weight Plates China 23
Olympic Weight Plates China 24

Figure 5 Olympic urethane coated weight plate

It doesn’t mark the floor or any other equipment, and also doesn’t have any unpleasant odor although made in the same dimension as a rubber-coated plate. 

Fractional Weight Plate 

The fraction weight plate has 0.5 to 2.5 kg discs and sometimes 5kg discs. 

The centre circle has no metal insert, and one can add this on the end without the cuff removed.

The inner circle has a non-moving grip that sticks to the bar and keeps other plates in their place.

Olympic Weight Plates China 25

Figure 6 Fractional weight plate

Training Weight Plate

A training weight plate is an ideal weight plate for Olympic weightlifting and also for powerlifting.

It can differ in depth slightly, but most of the parts keep a similar diameter. Sometimes it can find the exact dimensions of the competition weight plate . 

Training plates generally come with black color or sometimes color-coded by weight.

Olympic Weight Plates China 26

Figure 7 Training weight plate

Competition Bumper Plate 

Competition bumper plates differ from training plates and also all other types of free plates only because of their calibration. 

As International weightlifting competition is set, the plates must have to be accurate to +0.1% & -0.05%. It means that 25kg weight plate production has a 25-gram margin for fault. 

It results in a competition bumper plate to be accurate, and the weight is consistent, So, it precisely matches with the declared weight.

Olympic Weight Plates China 27

Figure 8 Competition weight plate

Powerlifting Weight Plate 

A powerlifting weight plate is made of steel, chromed metal, or cast iron. This weight plate is thinner than all kinds of Olympic weight plates . 

A powerlifting weight plate allows you to add more plates to the bar, and thinner discs help to keep attached with the center of gravity.

This weight plate is used in powerlifting sports or more prime training centers.

Olympic Weight Plates China 28

Figure 9 Powerlifting weight plate

What Is the Dimension of the Olympic Weight Plates?

According to International Weightlifting Federation, there are 10 types of competition or professional weight plates are used-

0.5 kg, 1 kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg.

The rule is- the larger weight discs – 15kg, 20 kg, 25kg discs must have to be fully covered with rubber and have a diameter 450 mm (17.7 inch),  which can be plus or minus 1 mm, collar opening is 50.40mm.

Olympic Weight Plates China 29
Olympic Weight Plates China 30

Figure 10 Dimension- competition or professional weight plate

Commercial use weight plates are in pounds and kilograms, and come with various custom dimensions. There are 7 types of weight sizes available for commercial use-

1.25 – 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb,  25 lb, 35 lb, 45 lb, 55lb,  and then 100 lb.

Olympic Weight Plates China 31

Figure 11 Commercial use weight plate

What Are the Uses of Olympic Weight Plates?

Basically, Olympic weight plates are used in Olympic weightlifting sports or competitions. It is also used for commercial purposes in the gym or fitness centers. 

Commercial gyms use Olympic weight plates for weightlifting exercise as it really works well for abdominal muscle exercise.

But the weight plate differs in standardization and other specifications for commercial uses in the gym and professional uses for sports or competition.

What Is the Difference Between Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates and Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates?

There are some differences between Olympic cast iron and Olympic rubber plates, which are stated below-

Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plate

Material: Olympic cast iron weight plates are made of cast iron, giving solid weights with durability and longevity. 

Weight: Weight ranges from 1.5 kg to 25 kg. The smaller the weight, the smaller the size but not lighter.

Design: This has a tri grip design on the plate for easy loading and unloading. It is also easy to hold and doesn’t drop so easily.

Color:  Finishing comes with silver or grey


  • Fit for heavy lifting
  • Suitable for endurance training
  • 2’’ diameter Olympic weight plates fit for all Olympic bars
  • Weight can also be used for boot camp training or core exercises without a bar
  • Smaller weight takes less space
  • Easy to grip because of tri-grip design
  • Mainly used for-
  •  Strength training
  • Precision training
  • Compound exercises
  • Heavy training
Olympic Weight Plates China 32

Figure 12 Olympic cast iron weight plate

Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate

Material: Olympic rubber bumper plate is made of solid rubber or resilient rubber and rubber protects the weight bar and floor from damage. 

It also has stainless steel in the center ring, which protects the equipment from damages.

Weight: Weight ranges from 5 kg to 25 kg. All weights are the same measurement and diameter irrespective of how heavy the weight plates. 

So it creates more balance and just a similar competition weight plate.

Design: Smart design with rubber-coated and stainless steel center ring.

Color:  Black finishing. Available in many color or color-coded weights for quick and easy identification during weight change.


  • Suitable for endurance training
  • Fit for heavy lifting
  • 2’’ diameter Olympic weight plates fit for all Olympic bars
  • Weight can be used for fallen lifts as a platform.
  • Weight can also be used for boot camp training or core exercises without a bar
  • Mainly used for-
  • Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting
  • Deadlifts
  • Barbell free training
Olympic Weight Plates China 33
Olympic Weight Plates China 34

Figure 13 Olympic rubber bumper plate

What Are the Materials of Olympic Weight Plates?

Olympic weight plates are made of cast iron which is similar to standard weight plates. Then they have a  finishing touch with urethane or rubber coating instead of baked-on paint. 

100% brand new virgin rubber, stainless steel for the center ring, zinc steel, rubber-coated iron, PVC / PVE / rubber cast iron  are used.

Rubber coating tends to be thin, and urethane coating is thick and expensive but more durable. 

Olympic Weight Plates China 35
Olympic Weight Plates China 36

Figure 14 Material of Olympic weight plate (cast iron, virgin rubber, and stainless steel center ring)

What Are the Sizes Available for Olympic Weight Plates?

There are different sizes available for Olympic weight plates. those are given below:-

Olympic plate: Olympic discs have a 2-inch (50.6 mm) diameter hole in the center.

Quality discs are available at fitness industries,  or you can check out Yanre fitness. They fit on  all commercial gym bars.  

Olympic Weight Plates China 37

Figure 15 Different sizes( standard and Olympic) weight plate

Standard plate: Standard discs have a 1-inch diameter hole in the center and aren’t suitable for the Olympic bar. 

Most importantly, standard discs should not be purchased for Olympic weightlifting.

Studio plate: Studio discs are used for group exercise and have a 30 mm small hole in the center. 

These plates are rubber-coated, small-sized. Bright color with a handle and easy to store and identify. 

They sometimes are called studio pump discs, and they are professional body pump discs. 

They are used for group classes for example- body pump, club joy power,  etc. 

Also used in small group training or personal training. They are available in 1.25 – 10 kg weight.

Olympic Weight Plates China 38

Figure 16 Studio discs

Does Olympic Weight Plates Are Unisex?

Certainly, all weight plates and especially Olympic weight plates, are unisex.

The barbell may not be unisex, as they have men’s and women’s different specification barbell. 

They are different, majorly on weight. But weight plates are unisex on different sizes and specifications.

How to Import Olympic Weight Plates From China?

You can contact Yanre fitness through their given contact details on the website. You can call on their number or email them. Also, they have a chat option.

You can know the product details, every bit of product specification and negotiate the pricing. After that,  you can order them or take your time to rethink.

Here is a support guide from where you can get the idea of how to communicate with supplier

What to Check for Olympic Weight Plates Before Buying?

All weight plates are not Olympic weight plates. 

Weight: Olympic weight plates have some specific dimensions published by the International Weightlifting Federation. 

You have to know the published note by IWF before purchasing it.

Commercial weight plate: If you are buying for the commercial gym then you can purchase a different kg or lbs weight plate. 

Professional weight plate: If you want to buy for professional training then you must check the specification like- making material, 2-inch hole diameter, color, weight, etc. 

Product details: Never forget to check the product details out otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong weight plate. As none can work as an Olympic weight plate does for weightlifting or powerlifting. 

Non-Olympic weight plate: Another weight plate named ‘standard weight plate’ is a 1-inch hole diameter which is only used in the commercial gym for weightlifting, workout, or exercise. 

So, set your goal, see what you need, and decide after knowing all the information. You can get to know how to check the quality here-

How Much Do Olympic Weight Plates Cost?

The prices for Olympic weight plates differ from each other depending on the type, generally speaking, it ranges from $1 pound to $15 a pound. Sometimes you can get the used one for $.25- .50 pound.

For price inquiries contact Yanre Fitness.

Are Olympic Weight Plates Customizable?

Of course! You can customize the logo, shape, weight, color all you want. 

Olympic weight plates are color-coded to ease the identification of weight. 

You can get your preference done whatever you want. Just express this to Yanre Fitness!

Olympic Weight Plates China 39
Olympic Weight Plates China 40

Figure 17 Customized Olympic weight plate

Final Words For You

We have tried to put it pretty much briefly about the Olympic weight plates of China. We think you have gotten the answers to your questions from this FAQ guide.

If there are any queries you have, you can contact us anytime with the contact details given below, or send us an email.

Hope you enjoyed reading this FAQ guide, and you can easily decide now which Olympic weight plate you will buy from Yanre Fitness.