Weight Equipment Wholesale – Definitive FAQ Guide

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What is weight equipment?

Weight equipment is any gadget or machine that is used during physical exercise. In other words, weight equipment is a piece of instruments for use by someone who is in weight training. It helps to increase strength. 

These machines are related to weight lifting exercises. So, it increases muscle strength and loses belly fat.  

Weight Equipment Wholesale - The Definitive FAQ Guide 1

Figure 1: Weight equipment in a gym center.

What are the types of weight equipment?

There are various types of weight equipment. Each of these equipment serves different kinds of outcomes. Here are the types of weight equipment:

  1. Free weights
  2. Weight training machines

Free weights

Free weights are combined with equipment which is used with two hands, usually by lifting or moving the equipment.

There is some common equipment called free weights. Such as:

  • Dumbbells

It is weight equipment with two bars at the end of a handle. It can be used in pairs or in each hand. It works for the non-dominant side of the human body.

  • Barbells

Barbells are a combination of two weight disks at the end of a weight bar. It allows carrying heavier weight.

  • Kettlebells

Kettlebells are the latest addition to free weights. It mainly focuses on strengthening muscle tissue. It is used like dumbbells but works faster.

  • Medicine balls

Medicine balls are usually called weight balls. It strengthens the shoulders and fits the upper body part. It is used in strength training.

  • Resistance band and tubes

It is a different addition to free weight. Resistance bands and tubes are also used for strength training with rubber or plastic bands and tubes. It reduces muscular injuries also.

Weight training machines

Weight training machines are that exercise which is done with a machine. It has three categories of machines. Such as:

  • Stake machine
  • Plate loaded machine
  • Cable and pulley machine

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Weight Equipment Wholesale - The Definitive FAQ Guide 2

Figure 2: Various types of weight equipment

What are the differences between free weights and weight training machines?

There are various kinds of differences. They are mentioned below:

Free weights Weight training machines 
It can be moved by user how they wantIt is fixed
It works faster Gradually works 
Builds musclesBuild muscles with broadening human chest
Easy to handleHard to handle
Comparatively lightweight and small equipmentHeavier and bigger
Can be used in the home gymSuitable for gym center

What are the materials of weight equipment?

Fitness equipment is mostly made of the followings materials:

  • Aluminum 
  • Carbon steel

Such metals are chosen because they are both light and durable.

For example, an exercise bike frame is made with one of these metals. Then it is powder coated and painted to give an attractive finishing. 

Structural materials of such weight equipment are:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Rubber 

Free weights are made from:

  • Iron 
  • Steel 
  • Hard rubber. 

The bar is made from iron or a metal alloy that would ensure durability and the product’s straightness.

What is the necessity of exercising with weight equipment at the gym center?

Physical fitness is a goal and to achieve it, there should be an effective plan. So, to be fit you need to go to the gym center, where weight equipment is the most important part. Here, the necessities of weight equipment are mentioned below:

  • Wide range of effectiveness

Weight equipment provides a wide range of effectiveness while exercising under a training period at the gym center. There, without any equipment, physical exercise will not be the same helpful.       

  • The proper way to exercise

Using different equipment under an experienced trainer is a proper way to exercise to keep fit the whole body parts together.

  • A faster way to achieve the goal

With the weight equipment exercise at a gym center, it is a faster way to achieve their goal easily and in the desired time.

  • Suitable for a beginner

 For a beginner, gym exercise with weight equipment is a good decision for losing weight. 

  • A good way to get motivation

In a gym center, a group of people exercises together. There, a beginner can observe the experienced partners getting the benefits of using weight equipment. He can be motivated then.

Weight Equipment Wholesale - The Definitive FAQ Guide 3

Figure 4: Weight equipment in the gym center

What are the factors considered before buying weight equipment?

Before buying weight equipment, it would be very wise to consider some factors. Because the success of this plan depends largely on the right choice of buying these goods. Here are some factors:

  • Learn about product

The first thing is you need to learn about the equipment you want to buy, the pros and cons of each one. You need to learn about which equipment is used for what purpose and how important they are for specific types of workout at the gym center. 

  • Know the types of equipment

You need to know about actual types of equipment. There are two important categories. The first one includes- treadmills, bicycles, stair steppers, etc., and the second one consists of leg presses, dumbbells, barbells, etc. 

  • List the equipment that your gym center needs

Buy the equipment which you actually need. So list the equipment that your gym center needs and then buy it. For example, if your gym needs the equipment to burn more calories and get rid of body fat, cardio equipment is the one for you. 

  • Find the suitable supplier

After finishing the list of what is needed, decide where you are buying these from. It is a very important part because good goods are durable and effective whereas bad products will lead you to failure. 

Buy from a reputed supplier like Yanre Fitness that sells high-quality equipment. This will ensure you don’t get equipment that is not properly manufactured which could lead to serious harm. 

  • Select the manufacturer wisely

You need to select a reputed manufacturer to avoid bad products. Changing manufacturers, again and again, is not a professional move. So, select a manufacturer that is perfect for your needs and deal with them carefully and you need to have trust in them after knowing all about them. 

  • Buy quality product

After selecting a manufacturer you need to buy a product that is durable, not eye-catching. In a gym center, weight equipment is used repeatedly. So, for the reputation of your gym center and long-lasting use, you should not consider the quality of weight equipment.

Weight Equipment Wholesale - The Definitive FAQ Guide 4

Figure 5: Dumbbells for gym center

What are the essential things to keep in mind while importing weight equipment at a wholesale rate? 

After purchasing weight equipment, you need to import them. So, while importing them the followings you need to keep in mind:

  • Choose light but durable weight equipment which can reduce the shipping cost.
  • It would be wise to buy some samples and then test and validate the product. It is very important.
  • Get permission to import.
  • The important things like selling policies, shipping duration, shipping agency, etc. need to be checked very carefully
  • Check your supplier’s identity and bank account carefully before payment.
  • Carefully handle the custom issue to get your product.

Are all kinds of weight equipment available in China at a wholesale rate?

Yes, all kinds of weight equipment are available for you in China. Nowadays, the Chinese gym equipment industry is growing faster. The following reasons are behind the growth:

  • Consciousness about health and fitness
  • Increasing interest in the young generation
  • Quality product
  • Timely deliver
  • Increasing market demand
  • Interested customer from overseas
  • Availability on internet
  • Partnership with B2B companies like alibaba.com, amazon.com, etc.
  • Advance marketing strategies
  • Trusted manufacturers like Yanre Fitness etc.

The above reasons are behind the growth of the fitness equipment industry. As a result, weight equipment is available at wholesale rates in China.

Weight Equipment Wholesale - The Definitive FAQ Guide 5

Figure 6: Yanre Fitness a Chinese manufacturer of weight equipment 

How to maintain the weight equipment?

Everything needs special care to stay well. When it comes to your exercise products, you need to be more cautious about maintaining them.  Followings are the process of maintaining the weight equipment:

  • Weight equipment needs to be checked regularly to maintain it effectively. 
  • Always follow the recommended weight equipment maintenance procedures that are provided by the manufacturer.
  • Maintenance needs to be performed by an expert. Otherwise, it would be more harmful to your equipment. 
  • Always clean the equipment on a regular basis. It is very important. 
  • Check the manuals which are provided by the respective manufacturer company.
  • Lubricate all equipment moving parts. So, the lubrication will help in preventing rust on your weight equipment. 
  • Always be careful about equipment misuse. This will ruin the equipment very easily. 
  • Examine the equipment regularly. If there are any problems found, you should solve them with an expert.

You can watch this video for details: 

Weight Equipment Wholesale - The Definitive FAQ Guide 6

Figure 7: Maintenance of weight equipment 

How to set up weight equipment at a gym center?

The assembly of weight equipment at a gym center needs to be planned. Like the upper body exercise equipment or lower body exercise equipment should be together at a gym center. 

There will be different corners or rooms where each of this equipment can be put. The cardio exercise will be at a corner, the strength fitness or weight losing exercise equipment will be another corner. That’s how the equipment needs to be assembled at a gym center.

This video will help to to set up your weight equipment at your gym: 

How to find a trusted weight equipment manufacturer? 

Maybe it is very easy to list down the equipment you need or complete the importation process or find a place and set up the equipment at a gym center. But these all will work successfully when you will find a trusted manufacturer and buy from them. To find a trusted manufacturer you need to follow the below-mentioned ways:

  • Search, research about the different manufacturing companies. 
  • Find and talk to any person who knows about these things. Experienced people surely can give you the perfect guideline about this area. 
  • Another amazing way could be Google. It will give hundreds of pieces of information in this regard. It would be very easy to compare and know which manufacturing company is more trusted. 
  • You can also search different people’s reviews about it on business website pages.
  • Different social sites, e-commerce sites also give you a clear understanding of it. 

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Are bulk weight equipment customizable?

Yes, it is customizable. According to gym space, you will need the accurate size of weight equipment. So, you can get quality equipment with customization which can be suitable for your gym center.

From Yanre Fitness, you can get the customizing facility.


Hope you got all of your answers to what you need to know. If you want to get weight equipment at wholesale prices, don’t be late to order your required products for your gym center.

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