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At Yanre Fitness, Design Transcends Aesthetics.

It’s About Functionality.

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Advancing Fitness Technology

Yanre Fitness has channeled over $8M into technology development across two decades:

  • Established an expert-driven R&D center, converging fields from exercise physiology to technological innovation.
  • Unwavering focus on delivering uniquely designed, budget-friendly fitness equipment.
  • Engineered with distinctive movement angles and designs, our strength equipment excels in the professional arena.

Visitors consistently marvel at our manufacturing prowess during factory tours

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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer – Definitive FAQ Guide

There’s a huge market now for exercise bikes especially the commercial-grade ones. And the trend is still growing according to the latest market research by IMARC Group. 

You cannot pass this global phenomenon and better jump the wagon. But before you do, you have to find your exercise bike manufacturer first. And this FAQ guide can help you with that.

We will give you all the options for exercise bikes you can market, the most effective ways in finding your exercise bike manufacture, and how to navigate the distribution of exercise bikes.

So, let’s not wait a minute and get started.

Table of Contents

1. What are the types of indoor bikes exercise bike manufacturers produce?

Exercise bike manufacturers can supply these bikes:

  • Upright Exercise Bike
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Cross-trainer Exercise Bike
  • Air Bike

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright bikes are very similar to outdoor bikes. They take up the smallest space among all types of exercise bikes and work out the same muscles as shopper bicycles do.

Upright bikes are best suited for your clients that don’t have much gym space and cater to occasional cardio exercise. Businesses like gyms in hotels, physical therapy clinics, and fitness areas for corporate establishments can make use of these bikes.

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Figure 1: Upright bike by Yanre Fitness

Recumbent Exercise Bike

It’s the laid-back counterpart of an upright bike. Recumbent bikes feature a large, cushioned seat with pedals farther away to the front and a large back support area. These types of exercise bikes were made for a more relaxed cardio workout.

With these features, the recumbent bike can be used by physical therapy clinics, gyms that have senior members, and nursing homes.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 14

Figure 2: Recumbent bike by Yanre Fitness

Indoor Cycling Bike

Indoor cycles or studio bikes are 90% similar to outdoor bikes. The only difference is it is stationary and can have lots of features an outdoor bike can’t have. It gives a more intense workout because it allows the user to stand up while cycling.

The indoor cycles are great for gyms that offer high-intensity training, peloton, and have members with advanced fitness levels.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 15

Figure 3: Indoor cycle or spinner by Yanre Fitness

Cross-trainer Exercise Bike

The exercise bike allows upper and lower body workout. Cross trainer exercise bikes have movable handles in addition to the cycling action. Some cross-trainers will also allow lockable handlebars.

Cross trainers are good for businesses that have clients aiming for a total body workout. Gyms that offer weight loss and aerobic classes can make use of cross-trainers.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 16

Figure 4: Cross trainer

Air Bike

Air bikes are named so because of their unique air resistance mechanism. Instead of a flywheel, it uses a fan to generate the resistance of the bike. With air bikes, the more you pedal, the harder it gets to keep it running.

That’s why air bikes or fan bikes are used for HIIT training, CrossFit, and other high-intensity workouts.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 17

Figure 5: Air bike by Yanre Fitness

2. What are the exercise bike manufacturer’s distribution channels?

Exercise bike manufacturers use indirect distribution channels to sell their products. That means they use middlemen businesses to get their exercise bikes to consumers. 

Below are the types of distribution channels exercise bikes use:

  1. One level distribution channel – manufacturers sell to retailers and in turn, retailers sell to consumers.
Exercise Bike Manufacturer 18

Figure 6: One-level distribution channel diagram

  1. Two-level distribution channel – manufacturers offer their exercise bikes to wholesales which trade with retailers and then the exercise bikes land to consumers.
Exercise Bike Manufacturer 19

Figure 7: Two-level distribution channel diagram

  1. Three-level channels – manufacturers use an agent to find them buyers for their product. These buyers will usually be distribution outfits or wholesalers that sell to retailers. Only then can the exercise bikes be sold to consumers.
Exercise Bike Manufacturer 20

Figure 8: Three-level distribution channel

In some instances exercise bike manufacturers will sell directly to consumers but with a minimum order quantity set. Exercise bike manufacturers like Yanre Fitness will agree to supply to gym owners, recreational establishments, and other businesses.

Understanding how the manufacturer distributes its exercise bikes is a crucial part of engaging business with them. Distribution channels would also impact the unit price of the exercise bikes, logistics, etc.

That’s why it is important that when doing business, it is better to get it straight from the manufacturer whatever your business nature may be (distributor, retailer, wholesaler).

3. Why should I go straight to the exercise bike manufacturer?

Here’s what you get when purchasing directly from the exercise bike manufacturer.

  • Price Advantage
  • Perfect Solution for Issues
  • More Products to Sell
  • Better Chance of Scalability
  • Quicker Delivery

Price Advantage

Getting a big discount on the price of the exercise bike is one of the major reasons businesses want direct access to the manufacturers of exercise bikes. 

That is because the profit margins and cost for changing hands of the exercise bikes are deleted. You only have to shoulder the raw materials, production, and miscellaneous cost of the manufacturer plus their profit.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 21

Figure 9: Comparison of costs with and without the middlemen

Perfect Solution for Issues

When some things are not quite right with the product, there’s no one better to solve it than the maker. Exercise bike manufacturers know their product best and can give you marketing and technical advice regarding their equipment.

More Products to Sell

You have access to a variety of exercise bikes that the manufacturer has to offer. And at times, exercise bike manufacturers would even give you an exclusive dealership of their products.

Better Chance of Scalability

Another perk of going directly to the exercise bike manufacturer is the potential business growth they can give. Oftentimes, manufacturers would refer their potential clients to their retailers or distribution partners. 

That’s because exercise bike manufacturers want to lessen the entities they’d have to talk to. It’s a win-win situation. Exercise bike manufacturers won’t need more people to handle more accounts and you would have a more profitable business.

Quicker Delivery

When you order directly from the manufacturer, the only timelines you would have to worry about are the production time and shipment schedule. 

Whereas when you’re dealing with wholesalers or distributors, you would have to wait in line with all the manufacturer’s distributors.  Plus wait along with all the retailers who have ordered from your wholesaler or distributor.

4. How can I become a distributor of an exercise bike manufacturer?

Every industry has its own process of admitting distributors so there is not a uniform route to take. However, there are basic guidelines you can use to becoming one.

  • Establish a Business
  • Do Your Research
  • Submit a Distributorship Application
  • Build a Business Relationship With Your Manufacturer
  • Ensure Compliance Regulations Are Observed
  • Market Your Distribution Business
  • Stay Informed

Establish a Business

Before you jump to contacting a manufacturer to offer a business deal, you have to put your business on paper first. Establish an office, find a warehouse, have people on your payroll, and invest in the necessary equipment to manage the distribution of exercise bikes of your manufacturer.

Manufacturers would want to know you can receive and distribute their exercise bikes. Plus, they want to be assured you have the manpower and facilities to do so. Some exercise bike manufacturers would even require proof that you have a warehouse, storefront, or showroom to store and market their products.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 22

Figure 10: 12 Steps on getting your business from the ground up

Do Your Research

No exercise bike manufacturer would want to deal with a company that does not know a thing about their products and the ins and outs of the industry. 

Understand your manufacturer’s needs and work out how it can fit with your business model. Other exercise bike manufacturers would require you to work only with their products. Some would want their distributors to purchase a franchise. And others would allow you to distribute their products along with other exercise bike manufacturers.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 23

Figure 11: Basic workflow of the distributor business

Submit a Distributorship Application

Every exercise bike manufacturer would have a different application process. Your exercise bike manufacturer might only need a completed application, proof of business license, and purchase an initial order. Still, others will require your personnel to train in handling their exercise bikes and marketing them. 

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 24

Figure 12: Sample distributor application form

Build a Business Relationship With Your Manufacturer

To have a better engagement and nurturing business relationship with your manufacturer, you have to know their business better. 

Understand how they handle returns, backorders, expedited orders, and unsold products. Complement it with a business strategy on your end to make the distribution process smoother. 

And always keep the communication lines open. That way, you are well informed of any manufacturing issues, delays, and new product development.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 25

Figure 13: Ways to build your business relationship with your manufacturer

Ensure Compliance Regulations Are Observed

Make sure your business is compliant with all the regulations in your country. Also, the exercise bikes you distribute should always pass the inspections and have the necessary certificates and documentation needed. 

Market Your Distribution Business

Distributing is all about making connections. So, attend trade shows, public events, conferences to find potential buyers. 

Make sure that you ask for the manufacturer’s certifications on their exercise bikes. Include these and any official titles you might have on business cards. This builds credibility with potential buyers.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 26

Figure 14: Ways on how to market your business online

Stay Informed

Always make sure you are in the loop for new products, legislations, trends, and other developments that might affect your distribution business. Being proactive is always better than a reactive approach in business.

5. What type of warehouse will the exercise bike manufacturer require me to have as their distributor?

You need to have a distribution center or rent one to efficiently receive and deliver the bikes from the exercise bike manufacturer. 

You will only need to show the exercise bike manufacturer the contract or Memorandum of Agreement with the DC as proof of having a warehouse to store their exercise bikes.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 27

Figure 15: Distribution process you need to plan and understand

For the distribution center you need, take note of these:

  • Distribution centers are built to the specifications of the items to be stored In them. So you have to select one that fits the needs of the exercise bikes you’ll purchase.
  • Since it is expected that your exercise bikes would not be stored for long in the facility, the distribution center should have the equipment and programs to keep track of the quick-shifting of items.
  • It also has to be strategically located to ports, airports, highways, and conveniently near your target market’s vicinity.

6. How does an exercise bike manufacturer evaluate its distributors?

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 28

Figure 16: Fundamental qualities of a distributor

Manufacturers assess their potential distributors against their:

  1. Management ability – Can you manage well your resources? How good is your business planning, financial management, and are your people well-trained to handle the distribution of the exercise bikes?
  1. Financial stability – Can your company make timely payments? How well is your credit history?
  1. Sales performance – How many exercise bikes can you sell in a month? 
  1. Sales and marketing capabilities – Do you have the right connections to find buyers? Do you understand how to market their exercise bikes?
  1. Local market knowledge – Do you know the buying habits of your target market? Do you know how to find them and appeal to their spending behavior?
  1. Inventory management – Do you have the right people to handle, store and distribute the exercise bikes?
  1. Growth potential – Can your company keep the pace of any potential rise in demand for exercise bikes in your local market?
  1. Overall fit to the business – Does your company fit with the operating mission, vision, and business practices of your exercise bike manufacturer?

These are just some of the criteria your exercise bike manufacturer would consider in evaluating your application as their distributor.

7. What should be my criteria for an exercise bike manufacturer?

Find the exercise bike manufacturer to distribute from with these considerations:

  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Production Capabilities
  • Cooperation With Third-party QC
  • Ease of Communication
  • Ethics
Exercise Bike Manufacturer 29

Figure 17: Qualities you should look for in your exercise bike manufacturer

All these qualities can be confirmed by digging more into the business dealings of the manufacturer. You can do this by:

  • Asking their previous and current clients
  • Researching the company on the internet
  • Doing factory visits
  • Observing how they handle your distributorship application

8. How do I confirm the production capability of the exercise bike manufacturer?

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 30

Figure 18: 3 Important aspects that drive the production capability of an exercise bike manufacturer

There are practical ways to verify the production capacity of the exercise bike manufacturer.

  1. Check the exercise bike manufacturer’s inventory. How much of the raw materials are going out every day? For instance, cranks used in the drive system could indicate how many exercise bikes they can manufacture in a day.
  1. When going on factory visits, have a peek at their factory’s production board. Do they have a tally for their production targets and actual progress? Do they hit their target for the day or for the week? 
  1. Ask for their operation documentation from previous years. There could be planning documents on how they handle anticipated long disruptions in operations like holidays. It’s an indication that they can deliver your exercise bike needs during abnormal operation seasons.

9. How do I find an exercise bike manufacturer?

Look for exercise bike manufacturers for your business through these avenues.

  1. Research the internet. (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  2. Use your business networks. (Business associates, partners, colleagues, friends)
  3. Join domestic and international trade shows.
  4. Ask your local chamber of commerce.
  5. Use the resources in your local small business administration.
  6. Ask for assistance from your trade associations.
Exercise Bike Manufacturer 31

Figure 19: Misconceptions in finding a good exercise bike manufacturer

10. What details do I need for shortlisting my exercise bike manufacturer?

Ask these questions to the supplier before sending your RFQ (Request for Quotation).

  1. What are the types of companies you work with?
  2. Will the exercise bike manufacture sign an NNN or NDA?
  3. Who is responsible for shipping and landing the exercise bike at your address?
  4. What is their minimum order quantity?
  5. How much is your sample?
  6. How long is your turnaround time?
  7. What are the payment terms?
  8. How do you handle delays?
  9. How do you handle returns?

These details are important to know to better decide if you want to deal with this exercise bike manufacturer or not.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 32

Figure 20: Timeline for evaluating and selecting your exercise bike manufacturer

11. Can I still purchase from the exercise bike manufacturer if I am not a retailer?

Yes, you certainly can still purchase with the exercise bike manufacturer even if you’re not  a retailer. However, they will require a minimum order quantity. 

Yanre Fitness, an established exercise bike manufacturer caters to gym owners, physical rehabilitation centers, and other businesses that need bulk purchases of exercise bikes.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 33

Figure 21: Yanre Fitness selection of cardio equipment

12. Can the minimum order quantity of exercise bike manufacturer be negotiated?

Yes, you can negotiate the minimum order quantity of exercise bikes with the manufacturer. However, you need to come up with a viable counteroffer with the exercise bike manufacturer.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 34

Figure 22: Primary tip when negotiating the MOQ for your exercise bikes.

13. What counteroffers can I give the exercise bike manufacturer for a lower MOQ?

Here are some possible counteroffers you can give the exercise bike manufacturer to lower the MOQ of exercise bikes.

  1. Ask first the exercise bike manufacturer if they will accept a lower MOQ. If not, then you need to devise a counteroffer.
  1. Use the “first-time buyer” tactic. Tell your exercise bike manufacturer that you’re a first-time buyer and want to test the market with a smaller quantity.
  1. Order smaller quantities of different types of exercise bikes until you satisfy their asking MOQ. Tell the manufacturer that you will still buy at the asking price of each exercise bike type. But you will consolidate the quantities of each to satisfy the MOQ.
  1. Buy from the excess stock. Some exercise bike manufacturers might have surplus exercise bikes because of canceled orders. They are usually willing to give these exercise bikes up at a much lower quantity.
  1. Pay a slightly higher price per unit for fewer quantities of exercise bikes to be purchased.

14. How do I negotiate successfully with an exercise bike manufacturer?

Here are some tactics and ways you can better negotiate your terms with the exercise bike manufacturer.

  • Come at the Negotiation Table Well-prepared
  • Pitch Counteroffers With Mutual Gains
  • Present Your Company as a Resource
  • Don’t Be Too Eager
  • Layout How You Can Help Them Save Money
  • Have Your Deposit Ready

Here’s how you can effectively use these tactics.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 35

Figure 23: Tips to gain the upper hand when negotiating with your exercise bike manufacturer

Come at the Negotiation Table Well-prepared

Here’s what you have to prepare before the meeting.

  • Understand the basics of distributing exercise bikes.
  • Know the lingo and accustomed processes of the industry.
  • Research on the actual costs of the exercise bike – raw materials, logistics, production, etc.
  • Ask for a list of their previous clients and let them talk about their prices.
  • Understand the supplier’s goals in making the deal. You’ve got a little edge when you know what they want to achieve.

Pitch Counteroffers With Mutual Gains

When you present your company to the exercise bike manufacturer, point out the advantages. And what you can offer to the table as their retailer or distributor. Let them see the dollar signs. Emphasize to the manufacturer that your business is there for the long haul. And what benefits would that give to the manufacturer.

Present Your Company as a Resource

The exercise bike manufacturer and you are on business because both of you want to make a profit. When you understand what the manufacturer wants to happen in doing business with you, you can think of ways to help them materialize that. And in return, your company gains from it. 

A prospect of saving from any aspect of their products and processes is always a gain for manufacturers. So, always find an agreement that can help them save – be it money, time, processing, human resource, etc.

Don’t Be Too Eager

On negotiation tables, it will not be good to give the exercise bike manufacturer the upper hand unless you’ve got something to gain from it. Let them know you are talking to other manufacturers too. And it’s been proven anyhow that those who want it the least usually get the deal.

15. Will the exercise bike manufacturer handle the export/import processing of my order?

No, most exercise bike manufacturers overseas will not be able to facilitate the export and import of your exercise bikes. 

This activity is usually handled by the forwarder or freighter you nominate for shipping your exercise bikes. However, you might need to be involved too in obtaining some of the export documents that will be provided by your exercise bike manufacturer.

Exercise Bike Manufacturer 36

Figure 24: Airfreight import/export procedure

16. What are the export documents that the exercise bike manufacturer needs to provide?

Export documents your exercise bike manufacturer has to provide:

  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Manufacturer
  • Certificate of Origin

17. Can exercise bike manufacturers customize indoor bikes?

Yes, exercise bike manufacturers have the team and capacity to customize indoor bikes according to your specifications.

Yanre Fitness has a competent R&D team to help you with the specific systems you need to add or alter in the exercise bikes.

The level of customization would determine the additional fee for the bikes. You may also need to be prepared to purchase additional equipment for the exercise bike manufacturer. This might be the case if you’re asking for customizations that are not possible with the current production equipment the manufacturer has.

18. Conclusion

These are all the information you need to get started with your new business venture. ‘

To get the ball rolling, you can start your search with Yanre Fitness. The company has been in the business for decades. It also has state-of-the-art R&D facilities to customize your exercise bikes according to your specifications.

Don’t wait and call us now for a quote. Contact Yanre Fitness and you’ll never regret it.