Round Yoga MatDefinitive FAQ Guide

Are you starting your yoga studio and need some long-lasting round yoga mats? Or your yogi customers have been bugging you about round yoga mats. But you don’t know where to get them.

You’re in luck! This FAQ guide will have almost all the information you need about round yoga mats. 

We will give you options on your round yoga mats, help you market them, and even train you to find credible suppliers.

Let’s not wait any longer. And get right into it.

Table of Contents

What is the difference between round yoga mats and other mats?

The main difference between round yoga mats from others is their shape and size. Round yoga mats can accommodate all of the bodies of the user. Plus, they can lay on it in any direction.

Round Yoga Mat 1
Round Yoga Mat 2

Whereas other yoga mats usually leave out the arms. And it can only be used on its longer side.

What are the available types of round yoga mats I can buy?

Most commercial round yoga mats are available in synthetic materials.

Types of commercial round yoga mats according to material:

  1. PVC
  2. NBR
  3. TPE
  4. Microfiber

PVC Round Yoga mats

PVC round yoga mats are the most available in the market these days and the cheapest too.

Round Yoga Mat 3

Figure 3: PVC Round yoga mat

However, the chemicals and toxins in the material may irritate some of your users with sensitive health. It can be very slippery too when wet. But the good thing is PVC made round yoga mats are very durable and will last a long time.

NBR Round Yoga Mats

NBR or nitrile rubber made round yoga mats are water-resistant and are extra thick. That’s why they are the most comfortable round yoga mats in terms of padding and cushioning. 

Round Yoga Mat 4

Figure 4: NBR foam for round yoga mats

However, it cannot give the user much traction because of its thickness. And it may stretch a little after continued use.

NBR round yoga mats are recommended for your yoga students on the heavy side when it comes to weight.


TPE is an eco-friendlier rubber because it is recyclable. There are two kinds of TPE round yoga mats.

  • Open-cell TPE round yoga mat

Open-cell TPE mats are very absorbent and soft to the touch. It is also breathable because of its porous characteristic. However, it is less sturdy than closed-cell foams.

  • Closed cell TPE round yoga mat

The closed-cell round yoga mats are harder and firmer. And this gives the round yoga mat a bouncier feel. 

But it is not quite suitable for very active yoga routines. It does not absorb sweat well. Your yoga students might feel sticky after 30 minutes of using it.

Round Yoga Mat 5

Figure 5: TPE Round Yoga mats by Yanre Fitness

Yanre Fitness’ round yoga mats are made of TPE. Their TPE yoga mats are waterproof and very good at repelling bacteria and odor. It also comes in several sizes. So, there is always a round yoga mat for everybody.

Microfiber Round Yoga Mats

 Microfiber made round yoga mats are very absorbent. It also has a very good grip and sticks to the ground firmly.

Microfiber absorbs sweat very well, which makes it more sanitary. Your yoga students or customers would appreciate this feature of microfibers. And is a good selling point if you plan to distribute or sell it in your sports goods store.

Round Yoga Mat 6

Figure 6: Microfiber round yoga mats

But since synthetic round yoga mats may contain toxins and substances that can be harmful to some individuals, they are sometimes mixed with other materials. Or entirely made of organic materials such as:

  1. Natural Rubber Tree
  2. Cork
  3. Cotton
  4. Jute
  5. Hemp

Natural rubber tree

Round yoga mats made of natural rubber tree has a good grip. They are also non-toxic and are biodegradable. Perfect for your customers and yoga students that live up to its ethical practices of the mind.

Round Yoga Mat 7

Figure 7: Natural Rubber round yoga mat


Cork has the characteristic of getting stickier as it gets wet. This is a good quality considering that when your yoga practitioners sweat, they tend to slip.

Round Yoga Mat 8

Figure 8: Cork Round Yoga Mat

However, there is a downside to this. Cork round yoga mats are also very porous and absorb sweat and their smell. So, you would need to regularly clean it for sanitary purposes.


The yoga mats made of cotton are the most used round yoga mats in the past. That is because of its sticky, absorbent, and softness. Ideal characteristics in a round yoga mat.

Round Yoga Mat 9

Figure 9: Cotton Round Yoga Mat

However, as much as they are comfortable, they are very thin, resulting in sore muscles for your yoga customers or students.


 Jute is an eco-friendly round yoga mat that can be a great marketing angle for the environmental lover yogis. 

Round Yoga Mat 10

Figure 10: Jute Round yoga mat

They are biodegradable and have a natural breathable quality. Another great selling point if you’re looking to sell the round yoga mats you purchase.


Hemp has the durable characteristics of PVC, and yet, they are biodegradable. Hemp round yoga mats are made of weaved yarns that have great tensile strength and high elasticity. They are also better in absorbency and warmth than cotton round yoga mats.

Round Yoga Mat 11

Figure 11: Hemp round yoga mat

What should I look for in a premium quality round yoga mat?

When looking for round yoga mats for your gym, consider these qualities:

  1. Thickness
  2. Material
  3. Texture
  4. Durability
  5. Stickiness
  6. Eco-friendliness
  7. Price Range


Round yoga mats can be as thin as 1/16” or as thick as 3/4”. 

Round Yoga Mat 12
Round Yoga Mat 13

Thin round yoga mats are easier to fold and give your students more anchorage to the ground. However, they can also bruise their knees and sore their body.

On the other hand, thick round yoga mats give comfort to your yoga customers but may not give them enough connection to the ground. They can slip while performing complex stability poses.

To solve this problem, you need to have all the thickness range of round yoga mats. That way, you have something for everybody to use. 

Your lightweight students can make use of the round yoga mats on the thin side. And the weightier ones can use the thick range of round yoga mats.


You should also have some yoga mats reserved for those students who tend to be allergic to synthetic material. Have five or six hypoallergenic yoga mats in store for them. 

Recycled jute, cotton, or other eco-friendly yoga mats might just be the kind for your yogis that have sensitive skin or body.

Also, keep in mind that the kind of material dictates the comfort level and usefulness of round yoga mats. So be wise in selecting the material for your round yoga mats.


The best round yoga mats give users much traction on the floor, skin, and mat. Find a round yoga mat that will give this important element to your students.

Also, the texture of the round yoga mat influences how comfortable it can be. There are smooth to rough round yoga mats depending on the material. 

Round Yoga Mat 14
Round Yoga Mat 15

But keep in mind, the degree of smoothness can render the round yoga mats slippery. And rough round yoga mats may also be too uncomfortable for some of your students or customers.


The durability of round yoga mats goes hand in hand with their material. PVC, hemp, and rubber are the most durable materials for round yoga mats.


Stickiness determines how firmly the round yoga mat can ground the user to the floor. This also translates to the stability of your students and their safety when performing challenging balance poses.

The stickiest type of round yoga mats is made of PVC. But PVC round yoga mats will only stick if they are clean. So, as the gym owner, you must see that your round yoga mats are always kept clean to retain their sticky characteristic.


When you have a sports goods center or contracts with various recreation areas in commercial establishments, you know that an eco-friendly round yoga mat is a good selling point.

So, make it worth your while to find environmentally friendly round yoga mats. You have many options, from cotton to jute, hemp, cork, and many others.

Price Range

You must choose the brand and make round yoga mats that will satisfy your budget. You should be able to make a profit out of it.

It is recommended for gyms, recreation areas, and leisure establishments to use very durable round yoga mats. The longer its usability, the better.

While for sports goods centers and retail stores, you might want to stick to round yoga mats that sell more to the public. PVC and eco-friendly round yoga mats are the trends nowadays.

How can I market round yoga mats?

Answer the following questions to better understand how to sell your round yoga mats.

  1. Who will be buying your round yoga mats?
  2. Why would your customers consider buying round yoga mats?
  3. When do people purchase round yoga mats?
  4. How to advertise round yoga mats on social media?

We will discuss these questions further to better understand how to use these questions in marketing round yoga mats.

Round Yoga Mat 16

Figure 16: Yoga Mat market statistics

Who will buy your round yoga mats?

The question looks into the demographics of people who will buy your round yoga mats. They will be people who are:

  • Concerned with their health and fitness
  • From ages 20 to 30
  • Mostly women
  • Have enough income to purchase yoga gears and apparel, and attend yoga classes
  • Looking to relieve stress and gain more flexibility and strength
  • May be serious yogis that seek meditative and spiritual gain
  • Often travelers and have an appreciation of art
Round Yoga Mat 17

Figure 17: Yogis using round yoga mats in studio yoga class

This is just the general description of your target market for round yoga mats. You may want to take a look at the specific demographics in your area. And you will get more accurate data of your local market.

Why would your customers consider buying your round yoga mats?

Purchasing round yoga mats may be the viable solution for a problem. People may be looking to replace or buy a new one for several reasons.

Here are the common reasons why people want to buy round yoga mats:

  • An amateur yoga student would like to buy an affordable yoga mat.
  • Trying to find a cooler and cute yoga mat
  • A softer and breathable yoga mat
  • The current mat may be too slippery
  • The current mat has thinned too much due to continued use
  • The current mat is too smelly
  • Need a mat that can be used in any direction
  • Need a mat for two or more people together
  • It may be a gift

These reasons are your selling points for your round yoga mats. Being a smart businessman, choose round yoga mats with features that solve these problems. 

When do people purchase round yoga mats?

As you know, timing is everything in business.

Peak seasons of round yoga mat buying:

  • January and February

These are the months where the motto “new year, new you” is very rampant. People want to take care of themselves more. And a focus on health and fitness never fails.

  • Summer months

You have to be ready well before summer comes. Months before summer, people want to look good in their bikinis and trunks. They usually get into yoga classes to prepare for the hot outdoor summer fun. 

Round Yoga Mat 18

Figure 18: Practicing yoga in summer on a round yoga mat

  • Late November and December

This is the Thanksgiving and gift-giving season. So, people will be shopping for health and wellness gifts. 

Time your bulk purchases for round yoga mats on these peak seasons. The off months can be your inventory or sales pitch times to gain more customers. 

How to advertise round yoga mats on social media?

There are a lot of ways you can promote your round yoga mats.

  • Take a snapshot of photos in brightly lit spaces. Focus on how the user can make use of the wide space round yoga mats provide.
  • Advertise honestly and with passion. This is the language of yogis. And you have to channel that if you want to attract potential buyers.
  • Give your customers a peek at the beautiful styles of your round yoga mats. Though this might not be the reason they are buying, appearance never fails to attract. 
  • Shot short time-lapse yoga poses with your round yoga mat will engage buyers even more. When they see how they can take advantage of your round yoga mats, they will be persuaded to purchase them.
Round Yoga Mat 19

Figure 19: Round yoga mat in action

You now have a clear idea of how to sell your round yoga mats. So, get busy and think of more creative ways of marketing them.

Can you buy round yoga mats wholesale?

Yes, you can purchase round yoga mats in bulk. Round yoga mat manufacturers give the best deals when it comes to premium quality round yoga mats. 

Round Yoga Mat 20

Figure 20: Round Yoga mats in wholesale

Yanre Fitness is one of those producers of premium quality round yoga mats. You just have to meet our required minimum order quantity to get the discounted price.

How much does a yoga mat cost if you buy it at wholesale price?

When bought in bulk, round yoga mats can range from $10 to over $45 apiece. The price will mostly depend on the material and design of the round yoga mats.

Also, the price might be lowered as the number of your purchase increase. But you can always negotiate with the supplier.

From whom should I buy premium quality round yoga mats in bulk?

Purchase round yoga mats directly from its manufacturer. Only the manufacturers of round yoga mats can give you a discounted price for premium quality round yoga mats. You just have to meet their minimum order quantity. And you’ll get a nice deal with them.

Where do I find credible manufacturers of premium round yoga mats?

China is a very good place to find your round yoga mat supplier. The country has a ton of round yoga manufacturers that produce high quality round yoga mats at a much cheaper production cost.

Yanre Fitness is one of those credible and experienced round yoga mat manufacturers. The company has over 40 patents for its self-designed gym equipment. Plus, it uses state-of-the-art technology to produce its round yoga mats. 

You will never go wrong in trusting Yanre Fitness.

How do I find manufacturers for round yoga mats in China?

Source your Chinese round yoga mat manufacturer thru these channels:

  1. Internet
  2. Chinese trade shows and exhibits
  3. B2B websites
  4. Sourcing agencies


You can use Google or social media websites like LinkedIn or Facebook to find round yoga mat manufacturers. 

Round Yoga Mat 21

Figure 21: Round Yoga mat manufacturer in China internet search

Use keywords such as “leading round yoga mat manufacturers in China” or “premium quality round yoga manufacturers in China”. This will give you searches with recommended lists of factories in China. Pick those ones you see most often in three or four blogs you visit.

LinkedIn and Facebook can also be used to look more closely at the companies. LinkedIn gives an overview of the company, its size in terms of the number of employees and others. Use this information to qualify your round yoga mat manufacturers.

Round Yoga Mat 22

Figure 22: Yanre Fitness profile in LinkedIn

However, keep in mind that there are also scammers and misleading companies on the internet. So be vigilant and perform the necessary verifications.

Chinese trade shows and exhibits

Trade shows and exhibits are the most reliable ways of finding your round yoga mat supplier. The participating companies in these exhibits have been pre-screened by the organizers. 

You can ask questions to the supplier, and it gets answered right away. Also, you will have a chance to see their product and initially check its quality. 

You get to eliminate some of your potential round yoga mat manufacturers at the end of the show.

Here are some of the fitness and health trade shows in China:

  1. The Canton Fair
  2. FIBO China
  3. IWF China
  4. China Sports Show
  5. Super Health Expo
Round Yoga Mat 23

Figure 23: FIBO China Health and Fitness Trade Show


B2B websites like Alibaba connect Chinese businesses all over the globe. You can usually find hundreds of round yoga mat suppliers here. 

Other Chinese B2B websites you can use:

  1. Global Sources
  2. AliExpress
  3. DHgate
  4. Made In China
  5. Chinabrands
Round Yoga Mat 24

Figure 24: B2B websites China

Sourcing agencies

Sourcing agencies will hunt and verify your round yoga mat supplier for you. There are credible and trusted sourcing agencies in China. But there are fraudulent ones too.

When hiring a sourcing agency, make sure it has these qualifications:

  1. Have a well-connected network of manufacturers. It would also be good if their connections are not just confined to one territory in China.
  2. Experienced in factory audits, negotiations, logistics, quality audits of gym equipment and knows a lot about gym equipment production.
  3. Transparent in their client dealings.
  4. Have the integrity to produce unbiased reports of your prospect round yoga mat suppliers.
  5. Can assist you with other matters involving your purchase of round yoga mats.

Your chosen sourcing agent can help you in:

  1. Product Sourcing
  2. Supplier Sourcing
  3. Negotiating with your supplier
  4. Following up orders
  5. Arranging payments
  6. Quality control
  7. Arranging shipment of your purchases
Round Yoga Mat 25

Figure 25: Sourcing agency tasks

How do I search for a reliable round yoga mat supplier in Alibaba?

Use these filters when searching for suppliers in Alibaba:

  1. Trade assurance – Trade assurance is a security feature offered by Alibaba. 

You get a payment or money-back guarantee when:

  • The products you ordered are not shipped on time.
  • The products delivered did not meet quality standards
Round Yoga Mat 26

Figure 26: Trade Assurance Filter in Alibaba

Suppliers pay Alibaba to be added to their trade assurance suppliers list.

  1. Gold Supplier – The Gold Supplier filter in Alibaba gives you a list of all the credible suppliers on the website. They have paid Alibaba a USD 10,000 fee to gain comprehensive methods to further promote their companies. 
Round Yoga Mat 27

Figure 27: Spotting a Gold Supplier of yoga mats in China

The filter eliminates most scammers who just want to get money from you. But this is not a guarantee you would get prime quality round yoga mats from any Gold suppliers. It just assures you that you are dealing with a legitimate company.

  1. Assessed Supplier – Assessed suppliers in Alibaba have been audited by an accredited third-party inspection company. You can even have the reports done by these audit companies such as:
  • Assessment Reports
  • Verified Main Products
  • Verified Videos
Round Yoga Mat 28

Figure 28: Checking the accrediting agency of a verified supplier in Alibaba

How should I pay for my round yoga mats from a Chinese supplier?

Chinese suppliers usually use wire transfers such as Paypal, Western Union, and credit cards Visa and Mastercard. But for larger purchases of more than USD 10,000, you should agree to a payment term drafted in the contract.

The usual payment terms accepted by Chinese suppliers are:

  1. 100% T/T (telegraphic transfer) pre-payment
  2. 30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T payment after QC inspection
  3. 20% T/T deposit, 50% T/T payment after production and passing QC, 30% after delivery to buyer’s country
  4. Letter of credit (L/C)
  5. 100%  T/T payment 2 months after shipment, with no deposit

What are the available sizes for round yoga mats?

Round yoga mats range from 40 inches to over 75 inches in diameter. 

A 40-inch round yoga mat can fit an average four-year-old. And a 75-inch diameter round yoga mat can cover an adult of over 6’ in height. You can even perform group classes on a large round yoga mat. 

How are round yoga mats cleaned?

Clean your round yoga mats according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most round yoga mats are cleaned using mat refresher wipes or sprays right after use. 

For a deep clean of your round yoga mats, follow the instructions in this video. 

You can also use a washing machine to get your studio class round yoga mats cleaned. However, be careful that it’s not agitated too long to prevent it from tattering.

How are round yoga mats stored?

For gyms and recreation areas, round yoga mats are stored in racks.

  1. Wall-mounted mat racks

These are space saver storages for round yoga mats. You need only a wall to screw or hang it. And your round yoga mats can be draped on them neatly.

Round Yoga Mat 29

Figure 29: Wall mounted mat racks

  1. Standing mat rack

Standing mat racks work like wall-mounted ones but only grounded to the floor. The convenience is you can move it to any available space you want it to be.

Round Yoga Mat 30

Figure 30: Standing Mat rack

  1. Mat cart

Mat carts are the same as standing mat racks. It is only that mat carts have two to three hanging lines instead of one.

Round Yoga Mat 31

Figure 31: Mat rack

  1. Multi-purpose storage rack

These types of storage racks are used when you have several yoga gears to keep. You can store them all in one place, including the round yoga mats. But you need to fold the round yoga mats to store them properly.

Round Yoga Mat 32

Figure 32: Multipurpose storage rack for yoga mats and gears

  1. Stylish cabinets

These are customized cabinets specially made for round yoga mats. You can store a minimum of 20 round yoga mats to over 50 pieces. 

Round Yoga Mat 33

Figure 33: Customized yoga storage cabinet

Each round yoga mat will have its cubbyhole for storage. The advantage of this is sanitary. Your users won’t be worried that the round yoga mat their using is not mixed with used ones.

What are the accessories for round yoga mats?

There are many accessories used with round yoga mats when running a yoga studio. Let’s classify them from the must-haves to the nice-to-have accessories.

Must-have accessories with round yoga mats:

  1. Blankets
  2. Blocks
  3. Yoga Chairs
  4. Bolsters
  5. Meditation cushions
  6. Mat cleaning wipes
  7. Tissue papers
  8. Eye pillows (you can use tissues or washable cloth to cover them)
  9. Cattery operated or scented candles.
  10. Essential oil diffuser
  11. Chime, bells, or gong (used during silent meditations)
  12. Incense sticks
  13. Yoga CD’s 
  14. Sound system
  15. Lighting system
  16. Sandbags
  17. Sait lamp

Nice to have accessories.

  1. Exercise ball
  2. Hand towel
  3. Yoga belt
  4. Yoga wedge
  5. Yoga wheel


Sourcing out round yoga mats is not as complicated if you know enough about the product. Hope this guide gave you all that you need to be wiser in purchasing your round yoga mats.

For premium quality round yoga mats, don’t hesitate to call Yanre Fitness. We use high-quality materials partnered with delicate manufacturing procedures. Contact us, and we will give you a fair price for your round yoga mat requirements.