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Olympic Bumper Plates China – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you planning to launch a weight lifting training center? But you are new and don’t know where to find the right accessories to start up your dream!

Here, Yanre Fitness tries to deliver quality Olympic bumper plates to its customers. They ensure the best version for their outlets.

They can guide you with beginner tips and provide the best suitable gym equipment. But before jumping into such planning, here goes some information about the Olympic bumper plates China!

Table of Contents

What are the Olympic bumper plates?

The bumper plates are the weight plates that are made of thick and high dense rubber.  The rubbery built-up protects the core (weights and barbell) and avoids damage on the floor by falling. 

The standard diameter is used in all types of weights so that the barbell can be loaded. The diameter and inserts of Olympic bumper plates are consecutively 450 mm and 50.4 mm.

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Figure 01: Olympic Bumper Plates

What are the materials of Olympic bumper plates?

The standard answer is iron that most of the plates are made of. The cast iron (molten) is firstly put into sand for shaping and left alone for cooling to get hardened. 

Later on, plates are colored and put into the oven for baking the paint. It makes the surface harder, as well as avoids scratches and chipping. 

Milled weight plates are made of the same materials but have larger dimensions overall. 

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Figure 02: Materials that build Olympic Bumper Plates 

What is the standard dimension of the Olympic bumper plates?

The standard dimension of the Olympic bumper plates are as follows:

Size: 450 mm with a common sized center 50.6 mm 

Weight: 5 kg to 25 kg

Thickness: 1.25” to 3.5”

What are the different types of Olympic bumper plates in China?

In Yanre Fitness, you can find several Olympic bumper plates with different levels, for example- rubber, fractional, bumper, powerlifting, etc.

Rubber Weight Plates

It is mainly featured for its extra rubber coating to manage protection and durability. The rubber finishing helps to protect the weight plate and floor as well. 

These plates are known as informal Olympic plates because of having a reduced value than the traditional ones. The main reason for being informal is the grips that make easy lifting. 

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Figure 03: Rubber Weight Plates

Technique Bumper Plates

It is one of the first and foremost versions of weight plates made of single-layer rubber with no metal ring inside. These plates are light in weight (2.5 kg to 5 kg) and convenient for beginners.

Nowadays, the demand for bumper plates is increasing because of the growing popularity of Olympic lifting and CrossFit Training.

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Figure 04: The Technique Bumper Plates

Competition Bumper Plates

The Olympic competition plates are unique because of their calibration. The official IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) indicates that the plates must be within +0.1% to -0.05%. For example, a 25 kg plate might have more or less a 25-gram error.

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Figure 05: Competition Bumper Plates

Fractional Bumper Plates

The discs can be ranged from 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg, to 5 kg. There is no metal found in the center, but it is appropriate for your gym. 

It indicates you can add or cut extra discs according to your comfort. Besides, the internal circle has a grip that helps to stick with the bar and avoid movement. 

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Figure 06: Fractional Bumper Plates

Powerlifting Plates

The base of this type of plate is made of cast iron, steel, or molten metal. It looks thinner so that multiple plates can be added to the bar. They are widely used in gym and training centers.

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Figure 07: The Powerlifting Plates

What are the differences between Olympic plates and rubber bumper plates?

In general, you can find different kinds of Olympic plates such as tri-grip weights, bumper plates, etc. Both are Olympic plates but with other characteristics. For instance, a simple differentiation chart is shown here.

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What is the process of importing Olympic bumper plates from China?

If you wish to import Olympic bumper plates from China, you must undergo some facts such as finding the suitable suppliers, avoiding frauds, essential maintenance (shipping cost, price, taxes, etc.).

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Figure 10: The Basic Game Plan

Buying Olympic bumper plates from outside China requires a business visa. To get that, you may need the following documents:

You need to have a business identity. You can communicate with the buyer online and ask for a quotation. 

Besides, the buyer must acknowledge the policy of air freight, sea freight, or courier service while importing equipment from China. 

In air freight shipping, the charge varies based on the weight. The expensive goods require intensive follow-up while shipping which adds more cost. The positive fact is that air couriers provide door-to-door services and are less time-consuming.

In sea freight shipping, the charge fluctuates with weight variance but less than the air freight charge. Besides, insurance costs are mandatory here. 

Port charge, comparatively lengthy shipment, extra packaging, etc., are some terms that should be considered while selecting this medium. 

After reaching the desired destination, local courier services (e.g., DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT,   can lead the package to the exact location. Visit the following link to get more information:

However, Yanre Fitness provides virtual live chat to show the sample though they provide all information about their product on their websites and also interact with clients with any type of queries at any time. 

What is the average cost of Olympic bumper plates in China?

The average price of weight plates is around $1.83 per pound. Based on the types of plates, the price can vary, such as:

  • Coated plates average price: $2.14 per pound
  • Bumper plates average price: $1.95 per pound
  • Cast Iron plates average price: $1.42 per pound

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Olympic bumper plates in China?

Everything has its pros and cons. While buying the right Olympic bumper plates, you can find the key motivators and demotivators on the Yanre Fitness site.


  • Olympic bumper plates are more stable and suitable 
  • These plates provide standard weights
  • They are more versatile than you can realize while using it
  • The highest power rack is designed to fit into 7 feet Olympic bars 


  • Not all Olympic bumpers are accepted in sport or weight lifting competition
  • The wide variety sometimes make the buyers confused 

What are the do’s and don’ts about maintaining Olympic bumper plates in China?

In the fitness center, many people exercise with bumper plates. The plates get dirty eventually after day-long usages, which requires daily cleaning and other maintenance. 

The do’s: 

  • Maintain a rough cleaning once-twice in a week
  • Daily cleaning after day-long usage is necessary 
  • Dry cleaning is appropriate for daily cleaning
  • Put the plates on particular racks
  • Use covers for specific plates

The Don’ts:

  • Do not leave the plates here and thereafter using
  • Do not leave it wet
  • Do not keep it under wet weather, or it will get rusted

For liquid cleansing, warm soapy water is required. Take a soft towel to apply this soapy water on the plates. 

Later wipe the wet plates with a dry towel and leave them for the further drying process. Or put it under sunlight (optional). Or, try to spray on plates to avoid odor or dirt.

How to remove rust on Olympic bumper plates?

As the bumper plates’ main material is iron or metal, there is a chance to get rusted at any time. The rusted plates can be cleaned and turned into their previous version.

To remove rust from Olympic bumper plates-


  • Put the rusted bumper plate on a paper mat, scrub the plate with a wire brush to lose the rust first. 


  • Apply a small number of mineral spirits on the surface of the plate to make the cleaning easier.  This can remove the oily dirt and avoid paint erasing. 


  • Use new paint on the Olympic plates and leave it for 20 minutes. Then apply the second color on the plates for finishing. 

You can follow the video link for details: 

What are the do’s and don’ts about buying Olympic bumper plates in China?

To buy quality Olympic bumper plates, here are some of the guidelines from Yanre Fitness to deliver the message. 

The do’s:

  • Always go for sample testing first
  • Try to visit the supplier before executing any big deal

The Don’ts:

  • Do not get convinced with the negotiation that ‘suppliers can’t take smaller orders!’

In the payment process, both the exporters and importers provide bank accounts from where the transaction can be made. To reduce the fraud acts-

  • Don’t send any payment to any unregistered bank account provided on behalf of the exporters.
  • Don’t send payment to any registered account from a different city that doesn’t match with the company’s city.

Last Notes

Hopefully, this article helped you to set your fitness goals as well as choose the right Olympic bumper plate for your gym center. 

At Yanre Fitness, you can get information about a variety of types of bumper plates, their prices, and others. 

Don’t be late! Find the right product at the right time by visiting Yanre Fitness today.  

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