Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer – Definitive FAQ Guide

Resistance loop bands are worldwide renowned for their training benefits. Manufacturers are up-to-date with fitness trends and improve their loop bands with every production. 

Gym owners must search for the best manufacturers to provide premium quality loop bands. For bulk quantities, wholesale rates are the best options. 

You may have questions about loop bands manufacturers. So we prepared the following guide to help in your research. 

Let’s start.

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What Is the Resistance Loop Band Provided by the Manufacturer?

A resistance loop band provided by the manufacturer is an elastic workout band in loop. This is a fitness strength training tool. Manufacturers provide resistance loop bands in bulk. All gyms and sports centers must offer loop bands as an option for athlete training. 

Resistance loop bands are used worldwide for their low-impact training advantages. A loop band manufacturer provides quality and affordable prices. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 1

Figure 1 Resistance loop band example 

Do the Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturers Produce Other Types of Bands?

Yes. Most loop bands manufacturers produce all types of resistance bands. Big factories manufacture all kinds of gym and fitness equipment. 

They are ideal to equip your gym space with all necessary gear, including resistance loop bands. 

For this reason, many manufacturers afford lower rates at the gear. They produce bulk quantities of fitness equipment at affordable prices.

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 2

Figure 2 Different resistance band types

What Type of Loop Bands Manufacturers Produce?

Manufacturers produce 3 types of loop resistance bands:

Standard Loop Bands

Standard flat loop resistance bands are the most accessible bands. It consists of a continuous band and the resistance is distributed evenly on the band’s surface. It is easy to wrap around a fixed support. 

Standard loop bands are 1 inch wide and 4 feet long.

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 3

Figure 3 Standard loop bands 

Mini-loop Bands

Mini loop bands are smaller and thinner. These bands are delivered in a variety of resistance levels. Mini loop bands are the best way to work the rotator cuffs, ankles and legs. They are compact and easy to store. But they overstretch easier, so it can break faster than other bands.

Mini-loop bands are 2 inch wide and 1 to 4 feet long and the price is lower than other bands. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 4

Figure 4 Mini loop bands 

Power Loop Bands

Power loop resistance bands are thick. They have greater strength potential  that makes them more suitable for advanced athletes. Power loop bands are also more durable, snap-resistant, and build more muscles. 

Power loop bands are 2 inch wide and reach up to 7 feet in length. But their price is higher than other bands. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 5

Figure 5 Power loop band 

What Is the Difference Between the Resistance Loop Bands and Tube Bands Produced by the Manufacturers?

The main difference between the two types is their appearance and how the resistance is distributed. Loop bands provide balanced resistance, while tube bands focus on one spot. 

Loop resistance bands are flat shaped. These can have the same thickness, but different lengths. Also, loop bands have a more even resistance on the entire surface. Its wider size allows resistance distribution. 

Tube bands have a tubular shape. Each end finishes with a handle. focus its pressure on a narrower area. This difference is given by the shape of the band: simple circular tubes. Tube bands are ideal to get stronger hands during pressing and pulling. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 6

Figure 6 Loop bands versus tube bands 

What Are the Features of the Resistance Loop Bands That Manufacturers Invest in?

To provide high quality loop bands, manufacturers invest in the following features: 

  • Raw Materials
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Versatility
  • Design
  • Extra-options
  • Efficiency

Raw Materials

Quality raw materials are the base of any superior loop bands. The most common materials are: 

Latex. Natural fiber, extracted from rubber trees, is made of latex and water. Its superior flexibility and tensile strength make latex loop bands some of the best in the world. 

TPE. This is a quality alternative for natural latex. This is synthetic rubber with similar properties. But this is skin friendly and does not produce any allergy or irritations. 

Fabric. Made of natural fibres and latex or rubber, fabric loop bands are preferred for their softness. Jute or cotton, mixed with some latex layers give elasticity and anti-skid properties. Fabric bands are more suitable for medium to high fitness level athletes.

Each material has specific qualities and offers training advantages. As a gym owner, you must cover a wide category of training necessities. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 7

Figure 7 Latex bands


Today this is a key feature in which manufacturers invest. With superior machinery, they produce more specific, precize, and varied quantities at affordable prices. Computers that design, cut, mix or print loop bands get much of the physical work done. 

Manufacturers gain time and money, both for clients and themselves. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 8

Figure 8 Latex resistance bands production line 


This is quite related to technology. Superior knowledge and machinery lead to new concepts, new materials with new  properties. Innovation in the fitness industry is a key feature of top-level manufacturers. 


Versatile loop bands is a quality all gym owners look for. Thus, manufacturers are keen to produce bands that work for both upper and lower body training. Mixing the loop bands exercises with other fitness gear is also appreciated. 

Many athletes look to vary their exercise. This is to gain more efficiency with less gear.


Most manufacturers consider design important due to its visual impact. Manufacturers produce loop bands from pleasant materials with aesthetic properties. Colors, shape, decorations. They all contribute to a successful loop band design. 

The best part of this process is that the design can be customizable. Manufacturers can design versatile models of resistance loop bands. 


Some manufacturers invest in extras for the bands, such as handle or other supports. These come handy when athletes want to anchor their bands to the doors or fixed points and train hard. 


Manufacturers never overlook efficiency in the resistance band industry. They have a wide range of resistance levels, to satisfy all fitness levels. From light to extra-heavy resistance level, loop bands are the ideal progressive training tool for your gym. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 9

Figure 9 Loop band machinery example 

Do Manufacturers Invest in Anti-snap Technologies for Resistance Loop Bands?

Yes. Commercial quality loop bands manufacturers equip their resistance bands with anti-snap technologies. These ensure the safety of use during training. With an anti-snap feature, the band will not break while training. A snapped band can cause serious injuries to athletes. 

High-end loop bands have anti-snap features included. Reliable manufacturers promote only anti-snap premium quality loop bands. 

What Anti-snap Technologies Are Used by the Loop Bands Manufacturers?

There are few anti-snap technologies available on the market:

Multi-layered Resistance Loop Bands

These loop bands are manufactured of multiple layers of material, such as latex of rubber. The overlapped latex layers create a strong thick elastic band. 

If one layer breaks down, the athlete can notice right away. Accidents provoked by fully break down loop bands are avoided. 

Loop Bands Made of Fabric

These loop bands are made of a mix of materials, including latex. The combination with cloth prevents sudden snapping of the band. The athlete can see the deterioration of the fabric before it is torn into 2 parts. 

There are also other technologies, such as the protection sleeve or reinforced nylon threads. But these are mostly suitable for tube resistance bands. However, some manufacturers cover the latex bands with nylon to protect the skin from irritations. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 10

Figure 10 Multi-layers loop bands

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 11

Figure 11 Fabric loop bands 

Do the Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturers Obtain Certification for Their Fitness Gear?

Yes. There are some certifications necessary to produce quality fitness gear. Loop bands manufacturers normally opt for SGS or ISO. Both are international companies that regulate the standards of quality that mult be respected in a factory. 

If your manufacturer has SGS or ISO certificates, you can be sure of the quality of loop bands.

Yanre Fitness has SGS Certificate and is renowned for its premium quality loop bands manufacture. With modern design and anti-snap loop bands, Yanre is your option for quality at wholesale rates. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 12

Figure 12 SGS Certification for Yanre Fitness 

Do the Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturers Provide Customization Services?

Yes. Many reliable manufacturers provide color customization, according to the resistance levels. They also provide any other logo or slogan printing. 

If you want to confirm the color customization of the bands, contact Yanre Fitness now. 

Is the Price of Loop Bands Negotiable With the Manufacturers?

Yes. The final price of the loop bands can be negotiated with the manufacturers. This depends on the quantity, the features, and the raw materials. The more quality, the more expensive the item. 

For example, for bulk quantities, the final price of a loop band can drop by a third. This means a serious economy to the gym owner’s budget. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 13

Figure 13 Loop bands in bulk quantities 

Why Choose a Chinese Loop Band Manufacturer?

China was once “the factory of the world”. It used to provide massive quantities of small goods, including gym equipment. Over time, their experience grew and today China is one of the biggest goods suppliers in the world.

China is a top level loop bands manufacturer, with premium quality features. There are several reasons to choose a China-based loop band manufacturer:


Chinese factories are large and have mass-production capacities. Their halls host modern machinery that can produce hundreds of loop bands daily. 

Time Saving 

Chinese workers respect work and are devoted. They work fast and good. They deliver in time all orders that are contracted with clients. They can provide samples in a few days, and the final order in less than a month. 

Money Saving 

Chinese manufacturers can save you money. They have access to quality raw materials and provide wholesale prices. With a chinese manufacturer, you can save up to a third of your budget. 

Yanre Fitness is a top-level Chinese loop band manufacturer that provides bulk quantities at affordable prices. We have the technology to deliver quality resistance loop bands, fast and economical. 

Resistance Loop Bands Manufacturer - The Definitive FAQ Guide 14

Figure 14 Yanre Fitness top-level Chinese fitness equipment manufacturer 

Final Words

I hope the above guide has answered most of your questions about resistance loop bands manufacturers. 

If something remains questionable, contact Yanre Fitness support team today.

Now that you know what to negotiate with the loop band manufacturer, it’s time to act.

Need to equip your fitness centre with loop bands in bulk? Choose Yanre Fitness premium quality loop band manufacturer. Contact us now for a quick quote.