Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included]

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 1

If you are a gym owner and tired of managing your gym, don’t feel stressed. This is so, as you can lower your workload by using the best gym management software. With such a tool, you can streamline a variety of tasks. 

As a result, you can save some time and resources. However, gym owners aren’t sure about the gym management software pricing. To help you with this, we have compiled a pricing guide. 

Here, we will discuss the cost as well as the features of different gym management software. So, without any delay, let’s start our guide.

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What is Gym Management Software?

Gym management software serves as a perfect tool for gym managers. It helps to manage and organize the aspects associated with gym business. If designed thoughtfully, the gym management software can handle various essential tasks.

This include:

  • Paperless registration of members
  • Inventory management
  • Communication tool
  • Automated billing 
  • Lead management
  • Staff management
  • Other administrative tasks 

Usually, gym management software is inevitable for a fitness club or gym. A platform like this makes it easy to perform routine operations. For instance, members can access their accounts through customer portals. 

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 2

Figure-1 Gym management software (Image src-techicy)

This allows them to make required changes to their contact details. For instance, payment methods, address, contact number, and type of membership. Also, the web-based software is easy to access. 

Similarly, other extended features enhance the overall user experience. The client can also access such features on his/her smartphone or other like devices.

Not only this, a personal trainer can also take advantage of gym management software. It would be easy to schedule training sessions/appointments and track progress. 

However, the most prominent function of this type of tool is membership management. With such a facility, you can pay more attention to the customers. Allowing you to grow your business and earn max profits. 

How Much a Gym Management Software Costs

Generally, the provider of a cloud-based gym management system charges a monthly fee. However, it may vary depending on number of active clients. 

The availability of additional features also increases the monthly charges. So, you must choose your package wisely. Only go for the software, which offers those features that you need. 

Talking about the average cost, gym management software can charge $125-$200/month. The cost might increase after adding up some extra charges.

If you run a gym or fitness club, make sure to choose the software that offers the most relevant tools. In this way, you can save some amount by not paying for the irrelevant features. 

Price Comparison of Top 20 Gym Management Software

Finding the best gym management software needs careful observation. If you don’t have any clue about the features and pricing, here is what you need. 

Below, we have discussed a range of gym management software and their pricing. 


Mindbody is a popular tool that can elevate a gym user’s experience. This gym management system helps you with scheduling and online booking. 

It also offers personalized text/email campaigns and automated promotions. So, save time and energy by using this simplified solution. 

Talking about the price, this particular gym management software costs you $129/month. However, additional features might increase monthly charges.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 3

Figure-2 Mindbody (Image src-pinterest)


This gym management tool can help you boost your gym business. It offers a range of features i.e. managing things like classes, payments, attendance, and leads. 

PushPress is a viable option to perform day-to-day tasks. It also helps to resolve numerous issues faced by modern-gym owners. The monthly fee for this platform starts from $139.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 4

Figure-3 PushPress (Image src-starterstory)


ClubReady is a great option when you are looking for gym management software. In fact, it’s a leading provider of software that can help you manage your gym-related matters. 

This platform allows you to maintain a paperless record of your members. Besides, it assists you to provide better services to your clients and retain them longer. 

Performance IQ is one of its amazing features. It tracks the performance of clients in real-time. For this purpose, it utilizes the data of individual members and groups.

Similarly, the iKizmet analytics offers a predictive approach. It’s a powerful tool to predict your gym’s growth and introduce improvements. This makes it possible to unlock the best earning potential.

ClubReady didn’t disclose its pricing. However, you can get the latest quote by visiting their official site.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 5

Figure-4 Clubready (Image src-starterstory)


Virtuagym is an all-in-one solution to your basic gym management needs. With this software, you can easily perform different tasks. These include:

  • Scheduling
  • Build training/nutrition plans
  • Attendance monitoring 
  • Performance tracking

You will have all the tools to run your gym efficiently. It’s a cloud-based platform, which is available in multiple languages. 

When it comes to pricing, it may differ. The difference is mainly due to the number of members and features. On average, the price starts from $125 per month.  

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 6

Figure-5 Virtuagym (Image src-softwareadvice)


Glofox is an impressive fitness club or gym management system. It’s a viable choice if you want to save time and increase profits. This software allows you to ensure a user-friendly experience for your clients.

As a result, member retention won’t be a big challenge for you. The availability of automated features is a great plus. It helps you to control your business in a hassle-free manner. 

The key features include: 

  • Membership management
  • Class scheduling
  • e-billing
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring and reporting

This software comes with Mobile App and Web Portal. Hence, members can easily book their appointments and pay their fees. 

The starting fee for Glofox is $129, which may vary depending on your plan.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 7

Figure-6 Glofox (Image src-glofox)

Club OS

Club OS is a clear choice for gym management. It offers highly impressive marketing and gym management solutions. You can automate and streamline your gym-related operations. 

Besides, you can strengthen your relationship with the client. The features include:

  • Automated prospect 
  • Member registration and follow-ups
  • In-house email marketing
  • Personalized messaging 
  • Scheduling

The Club OS doesn’t provide information regarding the pricing. However, you can get the quote by visiting their official website.  

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 8

Figure-7 Club OS (Image src-sourceforge)


WellnessLiving serves as a powerful gym management system. It offers a variety of features to help you run your gym smoothly. The software contains independent tools for your business needs.

A few of the salient features include:

  • Appointments and classes scheduler
  • Email marketing 
  • Reputation Management
  • Payroll 
  • Rewards program 
  • Merchant processing, 
  • Real-time reporting

This platform is affordable, as WellnessLiving costs $39/month.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 9

Figure-8 WellnessLiving (Image src-getapp)

 Zen Planner

If you need a comprehensive gym management system, Zen Planner is a reliable choice. It provides almost everything that you might need to manage your commercial gym. 

It comes up with some serious features. A few of them are as under:

  • Automated billing 
  • Lead conversion
  • Integrated websites
  • Apps for Android and iOs
  • Independent app for staff
  • Workout tracking

In short, it has everything essential to grow and retain your gym members. The pricing details provided by the vendor are as under.

  • Up to 50 members-$117/ Month
  • Up to 100 members-$157/ Month
  • Up to 250 members-$197/ Month
  • Over 250 members-$227/Month 
Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 10

Figure-9 Zen planner (Image src-Zenplanner)


Pike13 is a great choice for gyms and fitness studios. It helps gym owners to manage their staff and members. You can take advantage of its different features including:

  • Enrollments & schedule management
  • Payroll and billing system 
  • Mobile app
  • Easy to access client information 

Pike13 is an intuitive and mobile-friendly platform. It lowers the burden of your administrative tasks. With its mobile app, you can access this software on the go. In addition, Pike13 is an easy-to-use platform. 

So, managing clients and making schedules isn’t difficult anymore. Now, you can create automated and targeted reporting. This gives you an edge over others when it comes to managing your clients. 

Pike13 charges $129 per month for its basic subscription. The pricing is almost similar to other gym management software offering such features.  

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 11

Figure-10 Pike13 (Image src-wpamelia)


With TeamUp, you can ensure an unmatched experience for your customers. This gym management software helps you to connect with other gym owners. 

More than 2500 gym owners around the world can share their experiences and learn. Its unique features keep you closer to your clients. The features associated with TeamUp include:

  • Customer CRM 
  • Class booking management 
  • Automated communication 
  • Customizable apps 
  • Payroll and payment management

These features play a key role when dealing with day-to-day challenges. Even with all these impressive features, TeamUp tends to be quite affordable. 

This software is available for just $59/month.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 12

Figure-11 TeamUp (Image src-getapp)

Wodify Core

This cutting-edge software is a perfect option for gym owners. It comes with top-rated and highly efficient tools. You can streamline operations and keep your members engaged.

Wodify Core has a solution for most of your gym management needs. The product suite also contains an app. Members can sign in with this app and connect with others. 

It’s a great way to keep members connected with their gym. Also, you can grow your business with its built-in features. A few of them are:

  • Client info tools
  • Promo codes
  • SMS communications
  • Lead management
  • Attendance reports
  • User-friendly interface

Wodify Core plans start from $49/Month and go up to $119/Month. The pricing differs depending on the member count and features. 

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 13

Figure-12 Woodify Core (Image src-woodify)


Amilia is an appropriate option for gym owners. This gym management software can help you retain your members. As a result, you can generate more revenue.

This software helps with managing the member registration process. Also, you can allow your members to manage their accounts. Indeed, you can streamline most of your business operations. 

Amilia is cloud-based software, which is affordable and reasonably priced. The basic monthly bundle starts from $99. 

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 14

Figure-13 Amilia (Image src-amilia)


RhinoFit is a user-friendly and powerful tool. This gym management software is suitable for any commercial gym or fitness studio. RhinoFit allows you to streamline your gym operations without any hassle.

Some of the most prominent features of this software include:

  • Scheduling
  • Automated reporting 
  • Easy to access 
  • Member registrations and check-ins 
  • Workout benchmarks

RhinoFit charges $149/month, which is quite reasonable when considering its features.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 15

Figure-14 RhinoFit (Image src-softwareadvice)

My PT Hub

This gym management software is a good choice if you need an affordable tool. It’s simple to use software that helps to manage your gym. 

Your clients can easily create tailored nutrition and training programs. Also, you can track their performance and guide them for improvements. 

My PT Hub is quite affordable, as it charges only $49 for the whole month. But you can check its performance by taking advantage of its 30 Day Free Trial.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 16

Figure-15 My PT Hub (Image src-mypthub)

Club Automation

Club Automation is an advisable option if you want to lower your gym-related workload. This software allows you to drive your gym business online. Its numerous features assist you while managing your gym.

The pricing for this gym management software isn’t available. But you can get a quote by visiting their official site.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 17

Figure-16 Club Automation (Image src-starterstory)


The developers of this software are keen to help gym owners. It would help gym owners to handle their routine tasks at a fast pace. Hence, they can use the time thus saved on other key areas. 

The basic features are:

  • Messaging
  • Scheduling 
  • Workout planning 
  • Reporting
  • Performance tracking
  • Online Payment  

There are three plans depending on the number of active clients.

  1. The Starter Plan-$19/month (Up to 5 active clients)
  2. The Standard Plan-$49/month (Up to 20 active clients)
  3. The Pro Plan-$99/month (Up to 52 active clients)
Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 18

Figure-17 TrueCoach (Image src-truecoach)


IN2 is a comprehensive solution to meet your gym management needs. It has all the features that you can use to manage your staff and gym members. IN2 is a cloud-based platform, which means your data is safe and easy to access.

Below are the four basic plans that you can buy.

  1. Solo Package-$20/Month (30 Active Clients)
  2. Starter Package-$40/Month (50 Active Clients)
  3. Bronze Package-$65/Month (100 Active Clients)
  4. Silver Package-$100/Month (200 Active Clients)
Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 19

Figure-18 IN2 (Image src-in2)


iconnect360 is a powerful software used for gym management. It plays a key role while managing your routine gym operations. You can handle different aspects with less effort. Some of its features include: 

  • Member enrollment 
  • Staff management
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting
  • Online booking  

When it comes to pricing, iconnect360 offers four plans depending on member count. Following are the plans by iconnect360. 

  1. 50 Members-$40/Month
  2. 200 Members-$100/Month
  3. 500 Members $200/Month
  4. Unlimited Members $300/Month
Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 20

Figure-19 iconnect360 (Image src-accessify)


Gymday is a popular gym management tool. The basic aim of this software is to help gym owners while managing their clients and business. You can perform different tasks such as:

  • Creating Email-campaigns
  • Adding/upgrading client info
  • Staff monitoring
  • Managing your clients 

This gym management software doesn’t cost too much, as the pricing starts from just $50/Month.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 21

Figure-20 Gymday (Image src-capterra)


Arbox is a gym management platform, which provides simple operational solutions. You can automate a variety of tasks or operations. These include:

  • Scheduling
  • Staff/member management
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting

Since it’s a cloud-based platform, you can manage your gym while on the go. The pricing plans offered by Arbox start from $79/Month and go up to $199/Month.

Gym Management Software Prices 2021 [Comparison Included] 22

Figure-21 Arbox (Image src-arboxapp)

Final Words

Gym management is a tough and demanding job. The members or gym users might not have an idea about a long list of administrative tasks. The staff of an average-sized commercial gym puts a lot of time and energy when managing a gym. 

So, if you want to throw away most of your worries, just rely on the gym management software. It would help you schedule and manage things by utilizing less time and effort.

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