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Commercial Recumbent Elliptical – Definitive FAQ Guide

The commercial recumbent elliptical trainer is one of the most popular exercise machines around the world.

The recumbent elliptical offers the same cardio and muscle workout as running does. But with much less stress and pressure on an athlete’s joints. This is what makes this training machine so popular.

Are you looking for a commercial recumbent elliptical supplier? One that delivers superior quality fitness equipment at competitive prices- look no further!

In this FAQ guide, we look at everything you need to know before buying your commercial recumbent elliptical trainer.

Table of Contents

What is a commercial recumbent elliptical?

A commercial recumbent elliptical is a specialized indoor cardio training machine. It offers the same workout as an upright elliptical, but in a seated position.

A recumbent elliptical is also known as a seated stepper. It is a great exercise choice for athletes with injuries or special requirements. This elliptical trainer offers all the cross-training workouts of a traditional stepper. It offers the added comfort of a supported recliner seat.

The unique seated training position is great for muscle rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It is also an excellent workout choice for users who are new to working out or users who have balancing issues.

This fitness machine is an excellent addition to a commercial gym or fitness studio. Yanre Fitness specializes in custom designs and manufacturing of commercial recumbent elliptical trainers. We can assist you in finding the best commercial recumbent elliptical for your gym.

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Figure 1: Commercial Recumbent Elliptical (Image src: Pinterest)

What is unique about a commercial recumbent elliptical?

A recumbent elliptical has extended moveable handlebars. These handlebars offer a unique forward and backward stroke technology. This technology helps for more intense cross-training workouts.

A commercial recumbent elliptical offers a total body workout. All workouts take place in a comfortable seated position. It has a lengthier, lower impact pedaling motion than that offered by a recumbent bike. It mimics the muscle development that happens during a cross fit or running session.

Commercial Recumbent Elliptical 6

Figure 2: Commercial Recumbent Elliptical in use (Image src: Octane Fitness)

Is it expensive to maintain a commercial recumbent elliptical?

No, it is not expensive to maintain a commercial recumbent elliptical machine.

General maintenance and regular cleaning will do the trick.

  • Maintain and clean the elliptical rollers and guide rails often
  • Use a good lubricant on the rails to end squeaks and noises
  • Wipe the edge of the elliptical belt and the space between the frame and the belt edge at least once every two weeks
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any accumulated dust from inside the covered hood

Regular maintenance will ensure that your machine looks good. It will also ensure that it operates at its best functionality.

What is the difference between a recumbent bike and a recumbent elliptical?

There are two main differences between a recumbent bike and a recumbent elliptical. This lies in the machine pedaling motion and the location of the handlebars.

Recumbent bike pedaling motion and handlebars

  • A short circular pedaling motion
  • High pedaling impact
  • Large range of motion
  • Mimics riding a bike
  • Stationary handlebars to the front and side of the user
  • Handlebars designed for support and stability
  • Handlebars do not support any muscle development or arm exercises

Recumbent elliptical pedaling motion and handlebars

  • Long ellipse pedaling motion
  • Low pedaling impact
  • Smaller range of motion
  • Mimics stepping
  • Longer, moveable handlebars to the side of the user
  • Handlebars designed to offer balanced support and a complete upper body workout
  • Handlebars support various muscle development and arm exercises
Commercial Recumbent Elliptical 7

Figure 3: Recumbent bike vs Recumbent elliptical (Image src: Fitness Superstore)

What is the difference between a recumbent elliptical and a traditional upright elliptical?

The seating position is the main difference between these two machines.

The recumbent elliptical offers all the features of the upright elliptical. Only in a seated position.

The recumbent cross-training machine is a great exercise tool. Especially for athletes who prefer a seated position. Or users who have difficulty working out while standing. The pedals are more to the front of the user than beneath the user for a more vertical circular motion.

The traditional upright elliptical allows users a complete cross-training workout while standing.

This training machine is harder on the joints and muscles. It also offers less support than the recumbent elliptical machines. The pedals are beneath the user for a downward circular stepping motion.

Commercial Recumbent Elliptical 8

Figure 4: Recumbent elliptical vs Upright Elliptical (Image src: Walmart)

Where do I find the serial number of a commercial recumbent elliptical?

The serial number of your commercial recumbent elliptical is on the frame side. 

Stand behind your recumbent elliptical

  • Look for the area where the rear stabilizer connects to the base frame
  • Locate the main housing unit on the base frame
  • Look for the area where the plug or electric cable connects to the base frame
  • Your serial number for the recumbent elliptical will be next to the plug unit
  • The number will be on a white or silver-colored sticker

Your elliptical unit’s serial number will always have a series of numbers and or letters. The first three to five numbers state the model of the training machine.

Commercial Recumbent Elliptical 9

Figure 5: Locate Serial number on Recumbent Elliptical (Image src: FitOline)

What should I use to lubricate a recumbent elliptical?

The best lubricant for a commercial recumbent elliptical is a thin, liquid lubricant. It forms a paper-thin layer of protective film between the metal parts of your training machine.

Regular maintenance and lubrication are vital for the following reasons:

  • All commercial recumbent elliptical machines have metal parts and gears
  • These parts grind and move against each other to create the motion of the elliptical
  • If not maintained and lubricated, these parts will wear out and become noisy
  • Results in your machine breaking down after time
  • Regular cleaning and lubrication will extend the life and use of your machine
  • Only make use of a commercial-grade lubricant on your recumbent elliptical
  • Lubricate and clean often to ensure the smooth running of all the parts in your machine

You will find a regular size tube of lubricant with each machine when it arrives from the supplier. Use this lubricant on the deck and belt of your recumbent elliptical machine. This should happen every 150 hours or three months.

Where do I find a power connection on a commercial recumbent elliptical?

Your power connection will be to the front or the side of your machine. This is depending on the model and make of your recumbent elliptical.

Locate the housing unit of your commercial recumbent elliptical. Then you should be able to locate the electrical plug on the side or front of the housing unit.

What are the benefits of a commercial recumbent elliptical?

There are several benefits that a recumbent elliptical trainer offers. These benefits make it an outstanding addition to the machines in your gym or fitness center.

  • The recumbent position makes it an excellent machine for disabled users
  • Most accessible cross training machine for users with wheelchairs 
  • The entire body training session during a seated workout in total comfort
  • Great machine for training users who has back problems or suffer from injuries
  • Excellent training tool for users who struggle with balance during training sessions
  • Good choice of complete body workout for beginner users and senior citizens
  • Front runner in muscle recovery exercises
  • Offer users complete back and lower body support

What are the specifications of a quality commercial recumbent elliptical?

Yanre Fitness manufactures commercial recumbent ellipticals from the best premium-quality materials.

At Yanre fitness we apply only the best materials. This is to ensure machine durability and complete customer satisfaction. The unique design ensures a smooth and effective workout.

Our premium elliptical machines are custom designed. To fit your needs we offer these unique specs:

  • Offers optional computer with LCD and backlight
  • Up to 4 user memory with 12 display programs
  • Measures pulse, heart rate, speed, distance, endurance, fitness
  • Premium control hand-pulse measuring system
  • Self-generating bike with a-grade power system
  • Superior Magnetic Flywheel for better resistance levels
  • 15+ level tension control
  • Hand-Pulse System for Heart Rate Display
  • Can take up to 140 KG
  • Commercial Grade certificate
Commercial Recumbent Elliptical 10

Figure 6: Premium recumbent elliptical features (Image src: Elliptical Features)

What is the warranty on a commercial recumbent elliptical machine?

A premium quality commercial recumbent machine offers a two-to-three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It is advisable to work with a manufacturer who offers a rock-solid warranty. A warranty that covers the frame and all the parts of your recumbent bike.

Ensure that your warranty includes electrical parts and plug points.

Is it easy to assemble a commercial recumbent elliptical?

Yes, it is easy to self-assemble a commercial recumbent elliptical.

Most of the parts are pre-assembled in the factory. Leaving only a couple of large click-in or screw-on connections. The latter are the only parts to assemble in your gym or fitness center.

Follow the clear instructions on the detailed, easy-to-read, step-by-step guide. you will find it inside your elliptical packaging.

How to assemble a commercial recumbent elliptical?

It is important to take note of the below steps when you assemble your recumbent elliptical.

How to adjust the training settings on a commercial recumbent elliptical?

It only takes a few seconds to adjust the training settings on your recumbent elliptical.

How to care for a commercial recumbent elliptical?

Caring for your elliptical trainer has three key areas: Cleaning, maintaining, and lubricating.

Regular care will prevent your commercial recumbent elliptical from squeaking or breaking down. Below is everything you need to ensure for complete care of your machine.


The salt residue from sweat causes white stains and the hardening of materials. It also causes corrosion of metal materials.

It is important to clean all areas to remove all traces of moisture and sweat. Make sure to clean the handles, rails, pedals, console, and pulse sensors.

Wipe these areas with a damp cloth. Soapy water will do fine if you do not have any specialized cleaning products. Do not use harsh chemicals on your machines. It will damage the plastic consoles. And it will eat into the metal parts in your commercial recumbent elliptical trainer.


A recumbent elliptical trainer should receive general maintenance at least twice a month.  Total maintenance should happen at least once a year.  This will ensure that your elliptical machine operates at full function.

Regular maintenance increases the life of your recumbent elliptical machine. It also prevents squeaky noises and friction. Here are some checkpoints for regular and annual maintenance routines:

  • Check, clean, and lubricate the elliptical rails
  • Check all seals and bearings
  • Lubricate all seals and bearings
  • Check and fasten all screws and connections
  • Perform a regular brake control test
  • Perform a regular electrical and functional test


Regular lubrication on your machine is important. This is to ensure long standing use of your recumbent elliptical trainer.

A light, liquid spray lubricant is advisable. Use this during lubrication sessions to reach every corner of the seals and bearings. Ensure that you turn the pedals so that the lubricant can spread all over.

It is important to clean your machines regularly and general maintenance is vital.

The life of your fitness equipment is dependable on how often you clean and maintain it.

What is the wholesale price of a commercial recumbent elliptical?

Commercial recumbent elliptical trainers are available for as little as $2450.

At Yanre Fitness we pride ourselves in offering only the best elliptical trainers. Our custom-designed machines will be great in your commercial gym or fitness studio.

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Final Words

China offers some of the top commercial recumbent elliptical manufacturers. They harbor some of the best fitness equipment suppliers around the globe.

We can ensure you of the best quality. We offer commercial recumbent elliptical trainers at the most affordable wholesale prices.

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