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Wholesale Fitness Band – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for fitness bands at wholesale prices for your gym? Are you athletes asking for fitness bands at training?

You are in the right place. Wholesale fitness bands have several features and functions. You must choose the best option and completely optimize your sports center. 

You may have questions about wholesale fitness bands. So we prepared the following FAQ guide to help your research. 

Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

What are the key features of wholesale fitness bands?

Commercial grade fitness bands have higher quality features such as:

  • Resistance
  • Durability 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Versatility 

Resistance normally refers to the weight that a fitness band offers during training. There are several resistances available, from light resistance to extra-heavy resistance. Normally, the level of resistance is visible by the color code. Each commercial quality fitness band manufacturer will use the color-code system to indicate the level of training. 

Durability is a key feature of any fitness band. It must be high quality to withstand intense training routines, such as gyms or fitness centers. Durability is given by the quality of the raw materials and the manufacturing process. 

For example, the layered construction of the band is more durable but more expensive. Molded fitness bands are paired, take less time and less money. 

However, the wholesale price of the fitness band will ultimately reflect the quality of the product. High-end fitness bands are wear and tear-resistant, flexible, recyclable, and skin-friendly. 

Cost-effectiveness is a must when we speak about wholesale fitness bands. Of course, there may be variations, depending on the manufacturer and the quality. But if you buy fitness bands from wholesale suppliers, you will have a better price offer than from the gym shops. 

Versatility is also important for a gym owner. Fitness bands are one of the most popular fitness training tools in the world. They are available in a wide variety of materials, manufacturing methods, and extra options.

This is a great alternative to training machines and you can satisfy the needs of many categories of athletes. Also, fitness bands are great for many body parts training and provide a healthy workout session. No stress, no pain, no joint problems. 

Wholesale Fitness Band - Definitive FAQ Guide 7

Figure 1 Features of fitness bands 

What are the types of fitness bands?

By their shape, fitness bands come in two main categories, with subdivisions:

Flat fitness bands

Flat bands are single pieces of elastic material. These are great for lower body fitness training. 

The subdivisions of flat fitness bands are:

  • Therapy bands
  • Loop bands 
  • Power loop bands 

Tube fitness bands 

Tube bands are hollow-center fitness bands. For comfortable use, these bands come with handles. The subdivisions of tube fitness bands are:

  • Handle tube fitness bands
  • Clip tube fitness band
  • Ring fitness band

The demand for fitness bands increased in the last few years. They are easy to use, easy to carry, low-impact training tools, and are very versatile. 

Yanre Fitness is an expert in fitness manufacturing equipment, with over 20 years of experience. We can supply all categories of fitness bands, at premium quality. If you want to complete the gym’s fitness bands collection, Yanre Fitness is a trustable and accessible source. 

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Figure 2 Types of fitness bands 

What is the wholesale price of fitness bands?

Wholesale fitness band prices start as low as 1,20 US $ per piece or 6 $ per set. Remember that the price can vary, depending on the manufacturer.

Contact Yanre Fitness now if you want to confirm the wholesale price of the fitness bands. 

Where can I find wholesale fitness bands?

The best place to find wholesale fitness bands are the fitness band manufacturers. They are in charge of the manufacturing process of the bands. The manufacturer is the right person to negotiate with for fitness bands in bulk. 

Some gym owners also collaborate with suppliers. But be aware that suppliers are not always manufacturers too and the final price for fitness bands may vary. 

What factors determine the wholesale price of the fitness band?

The most important factors that determine the final price of the fitness bands are the quality and the quantity.

Quality is often the most decisive part of the wholesale price of a product. High-quality fitness bands are reflected in the higher price for sale. But quality is also determined by the raw materials and the manufacturing process. 

  • Raw materials for fitness bands can be latex, TPE, or fabrics. Latex is a natural material with elastic properties, TPE is a synthetic replacer of latex and fabric is a mix of TPE and latex. Each manufacturing material can be more or less expensive.

Latex is normally more expensive because it is a natural material, with quality features, and eco-friendly. TPE is more accessible as it is a synthetic fiber. It has similar properties to latex material and skin-allergy free. 

Fabric is also a qualitative material, delicate to the skin and it can be both low and high price. 

  • The manufacturing process involves many stages of dealing with the raw product until the final sample is produced. Manufacturers work with multidisciplinary teams of engineers, chemists, and forgers. They make the molds for pouring the materials.

For fitness bands, manufacturers can make them by using the layered construction method. Or they can bond the material pieces together, which is cheaper. After the raw material is processed, manufacturers can also bride the bands or cover them in nylon. 

Manufacturers take the quality control process very seriously. Before mass production is ordered, they provide you with samples. Until the samples comply with the client’s requirements, the process starts all over again. Thus, it is time-consuming and can be expensive. 

Each manufacturing process offers specific physical properties and can influence the final price of the fitness bands.

Quantity is also a decisive factor in the wholesale price of fitness bands. The more you order, the less expensive it will be. 

Wholesale Fitness Band - Definitive FAQ Guide 9

Figure 3 Gym equipment at wholesale rates

What is the length of the fitness bands?

The length of the fitness bands can vary from 30 to 240 cm (1 foot to 8 feet). 

What is the thickness of fitness bands?

Each resistance level of fitness bands has its own thickness dimension:

  • Light resistance fitness bands measure between 35 mm to 55 mm thick
  • Medium resistance fitness bands measure about 75 mm thick 
  • Heavy resistance fitness bands measure between 85 mm to 95 mm thick 
Wholesale Fitness Band - Definitive FAQ Guide 10

Figure 4 Example of fitness bands parameters 

Who is the world’s biggest wholesale fitness band supplier?

China is the top exporting country in fitness bands and any wholesale gym equipment. You will find here a wide variety of fitness bands, at wholesale prices and with customizable features. 

The Chinese manufacturers have the know-how of the industry. They have many years of experience in gym equipment production. You should choose a Chinese wholesale fitness band supplier because:

  • Chinese factories can produce in large quantities
  • Chinese workers are fast and effective
  • Manufacturers provide good quality products at accessible prices 
  • They have both OEM and ODM skills and can custom make any fitness band for you

Yanre Fitness is one of the top Chinese wholesale manufacturers of premium quality fitness bands. We have our own research facilities and self-design equipment to make the best fitness band for your gym and sports centers. We have strict quality control to satisfy all your requirements. 

Wholesale Fitness Band - Definitive FAQ Guide 11

Figure 5 Yanre Fitness OEM and ODM skills 

What should I check before I buy wholesale fitness bands?

There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing your fitness bands such:

  • Material

Check that your fitness bands are made of quality materials. These must come from natural sources and have comfortable physical properties. 

  • Handles 

Check the handles of the fitness bands. There are many types of handles, made of different materials. For a quality fitness experience, avoid plastic as much as possible.

  • Visible seams 

Check if the fitness bands have any visible signs from the manufacturing process. These indicate low-quality manufacturing. Your fitness bands will deteriorate much faster. It’s best to avoid them. 

  • Snap resistant features 

The fitness bands must be categorized as ‘’snap-resistant”. This means your fitness bands are less likely to snap during training. You will avoid unpleasant accidents at your gym. 

  • Non- slip technology 

For quality fitness training, make sure the fitness bands have non-slip technology. This could be a latex grip inserted in the material or any other possibility to prevent sliding. 

Wholesale Fitness Band - Definitive FAQ Guide 12

Figure 6 Checklist of wholesale fitness bands 

What is the lifespan of fitness bands?

The average lifespan of commercial-grade fitness bands is between 2 to 4 months, for intense use such as fitness centers and sport straining units. 

However, you can prolong the lifespan of your fitness bands if you:

  • Do not expose them to direct sunlight
  • Proper store them
  • Clean after each usage
  • Check for any visible wear and tear signs 
  • Make sure your athletes do not overstretch the band

Can I order custom-made fitness bands in bulk?

Yes. Fitness bands can be personalized to ensure a professional look. Bulk quantities are the best choice to ensure a good price.

Yanre Fitness can custom make fitness bands and any other gym equipment. We have a multidisciplinary team of specialists that work from raw materials to logo printing. We can custom make your material, design your accessories, colors, provide special features, and logo printing. 

Final Words

I hope that the above guide has answered the most important questions about wholesale fitness bands.

If something remains questionable, contact Yanre Fitness to clarify all doubts. 

Need to import wholesale fitness bands? Yanre has the best offer, convenient and accessible. 

Let us take care of your order. Contact us now.