Adjustable Weight Bench


Adjustable Weight Bench


Yanre Fitness’ 61A41 adjustable weight bench is made of high-grade steel which helps you to target and adjust specific muscle groups. This machine offers tons of workouts for strengthening your triceps, glutes, ab, quad and leg.


Adjustable Weight Bench 7

Adjustable Weight Bench, Flat Decline Bench For Sale

Looking for an adjustable weight bench for a commercial gym? Buy the best flat decline bench at our affordable wholesale price right now. At Yanre Fitness, we offer a wide variety of gym machines and fitness accessories, being well-known self-design gym equipment manufacturers across China and worldwide.

Adjustable Bench Basics

What is an adjustable bench? An adjustable bench offers multiple positions – flat and variable decline levels – to cater to all kinds of fitness routines. Decline and flat bench press exercises are powerful movements for mass and strength gains in your chest and upper arms. Supportive rests and padding further offer comfort and stability.

Functions of an Adjustable Workout Bench

  • Bench Press Variations

Our adjustable weight bench offers both flat and decline positions to allow varied positions for bench press workouts.

  • Upper Body Workout

This adjustable gym bench can target your chest’s pectoralis muscles, your anterior deltoids, your biceps, and your triceps muscles for toning and definition.

  • Avoidance of Back and Shoulder Strain

Decline bench press workouts on this adjustable exercise bench are less stressful for your back and shoulders. This is due to the decline angle, which shifts the focus to your lower pecs, working them harder.

Features of the Yanre Adjustable Bench

The adjustable flat decline bench by Yanre has a heavy-duty construction that is meant for commercial use. Its solid frame is built to last, being able to withstand hardcore workouts done with heavy weight for a long duration.

Our adjustable weight lifting bench has an ergonomic, padded design for safe and effective workouts. Flat bench presses and decline bench presses can build the signature bodybuilder’s chest with well-defined pecs. Wheels and handle make our adjustable fitness bench easy to relocate, while high-density foam ensures user comfort. An adjustable footpad position further enables accommodation for different trainers.

Where to buy the best adjustable weight bench? Yanre Fitness can offer you the most durable options.

Commercial Adjustable Bench Specs:

  • Main frame adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe all pipes are Q235 qualified.
  • Equipped with moving wheels and handle, easy and safe to move.
  • High density foam upholstery, “furniture grade” PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover.
  • Foot pad position can be adjusted for different trainers
  • N.W.:55kgs/121lbs
  • G.W.:65kgs/143lbs
  • Installation size:1680*666*608mm/ 66*26*24in

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