Olympic Decline Bench


Olympic Decline Bench


Yanre Fitness’ 61A40 Olympic Decline Bench designed with high-grade durability and quality. This machine strengthens your chest and effectively enhancing upper body endurance. It involves challenging loads that are part of most strength training.


Olympic Decline Bench 7

Decline Bench Press, Decline Bench for Sale at Wholesale Price

Have you been on the lookout for high-quality decline bench press at an affordable price? At Yanre Fitness, we offer the best decline bench press machine for your commercial gym.

With over two decades as a world-class self-design gym equipment manufacturer, we at Yanre Fitness are proud to have earned a reputation for excellence in China and across the globe.

Decline Bench Press Basics

What is a decline bench? If you’re on your way to building and strengthening your chest, the decline press machine can be an important part of your routine. It focuses on your lower pectoral muscles for effectively enhancing upper body endurance.

A small group of upper chest muscles is stimulated by the commercial decline bench press. Since the machine involves challenging loads, the decline bench press is part of many workouts for strength training.

The Yanre adjustable decline bench is built to last with stop hooks and easily manipulated adjustments to enable personalized training. Different adaptations can be made to this decline workout bench for a variety of movements. This Olympic decline bench has been crafted to match the standards of professionals while being easy to use for beginners as well.

Features of the Yanre Decline Bench Press

  • Designed for Comfort

The machine enables decline pressing action while avoiding unnecessary external shoulder rotation irrespective of your body type, thanks to adjustments on the roller pad of the foot catch.

  • Built to Last

High-impact, divided wear guards are present to shield the bench and Olympic Bar from damage. These can be easily replaced as well.

  • User-Friendly Construction

Our gym decline bench has been designed with your ease in mind. It enables convenient switching of weights so that you can maximize your workout without any concern about relocating heavy objects when you’re done.

  • Cable Movement

Endurance training in multiple dimensions makes use of natural paths of movement for optimal results while enhancing balance and stability.

  • Convenient Weight Storage

Built-in horns for storing weights conveniently keep the weight plates nearby as you exercise. This allows a wide range of free weight exercise options.

  • Anti-Slip Grips

Hand grips with aluminum end caps help avoid slippage during exercise. These are made from durable extruded thermo rubber that is waterproof and resists wear.

  • Heavy-Duty Finish

Industrial-grade steel tubing joined by welding in every structural part adds to the machine’s durability. This makes it able to bear environmental extremes.

Olympic Decline Bench Specs

  • Main frame adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe All pipes are Q235 qualified.
  • High density foam upholstery, “furniture grade”  PU leather , and integral ABS guard cover.
  • 8mm thick stainless-steel hook plate, 10.8 high strength bolt connection.
  • Equipped with a barbell hanging rod, meet the training needs.
  • N.W.:95kgs/209lbs G.W.:105kgs/231lbs
  • Installation size:1616*1800*1167mm/ 64*71*46in

Bench Press Exercise

Yanre commercial decline bench mainly focuses on the lower portion of the pectoralis majors. It somewhat exercises the upper pecs, front deltoids, and triceps as well. The movement is kept stable by the biceps muscles on the anterior side of your arms. This movement can enhance both mass and strength of your chest while also activating your triceps and anterior deltoids.

The decline bench press exercise requires a bench at a 15- to 30-degree angle downwards. This angulation positions your torso over a downward slope, stimulating your lower pectorals when you lift the weight away from yourself. The upward movement in a decline bench press activates your lower pectorals during arm extension. Furthermore, your triceps and the front deltoids help the movement along. While lowering the weights, the lower pectorals and front deltoids cause flexion of your arms. This is somewhat facilitated by the biceps brachii.

In contrast with other kinds of bench presses, the decline bench press minimizes impact on your back and shoulders. This is caused by the decline angle that transfers the force to your lower pectorals instead, adding to the challenge. Including the decline bench press in your chest exercise routine can sculpt your pecs and give them the definition you desire.

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