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Butterfly Gym MachineDefinitive FAQ Guide

A butterfly gym machine is an integral part of the gym when it comes to strength training. With the introduction of various brands in the market, you need to know exactly what you are looking for to find the machine that is best suited to your gym or distribution center.

Our FAQ guide is designed to provide insight into the necessary specifications of a butterfly gym machine that will answer all your questions.

Table of Contents

What is a butterfly gym machine?

A butterfly gym machine is an apparatus used in strength training that targets the pectoral muscles. The machine utilizes your shoulder joints and biceps during the workout, but the emphasis remains on your pectoral muscles. The pectoral muscles are worked in this apparatus and strengthened in isolation from the triceps. 

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Figure 1: Butterfly Gym Machine

What are the different types of butterfly gym machines?

There are two types of butterfly gym machine:

Pec Deck Station: This type features pads for the elbows allowing users to bend their elbows while using the machine.

Butterfly Gym Machine 7

Figure 2: Pec Deck Machine

Fly: This type of butterfly station requires the user’s arms to be fully extended while using the machine.

Butterfly Gym Machine 8

Figure 3: Fly Machine

Please refer to the video below to further understand the difference between the two types:

What is the average price of a butterfly gym machine?

Butterfly gym machines are available in the market starting from $450 to $3000. The price depends upon the brand, build, and weight stacks. Contact Yanre Fitness to receive a price quote for a commercial butterfly gym machine.

What is the average weight of weight stacks in a butterfly gym machine?

Weight Stacks for a fitness butterfly machine can weigh anywhere from 70 – 150 kg depending on the manufacturer. The weight stacks can be adjusted with the help of pins allowing the customers to move from lower to higher weights depending upon their level of tolerance. This allows the machine to be used by various clients and avoids the clutter that free weights would cause.

Butterfly Gym Machine 9

Figure 4: Weight Stacks with Adjustment Pin

What are the average dimensions of a butterfly gym machine?

Length: 131cm, Width: 122cm, Height: 137cm

Space occupied by the butterfly gym machine can go up to a few square meters depending upon the build of the machine. Some machines are designed with a bulkier body while others are more compact. It will be best to contact the seller to figure out the dimensions and space you will need for the machine. 

Should I buy a dedicated butterfly gym machine or the multipurpose one?

Dedicated butterfly machines are more suited for commercial gyms where the users have a specific target in mind when they enter the gym. However, if you are working for a distribution center, you will receive all manner of customers and they may want to buy multipurpose butterfly gym machine. 

Butterfly Gym Machine 10

Figure 5: Multipurpose Butterfly Machine

Should I buy a butterfly gym machine with adjustable handles and seats or not?

For a commercial setting, a butterfly press machine with a versatile handle and seat adjustability is preferred. You will be receiving clients with various body sizes and having adjustable handles and seats will make exercise much more comfortable. The non-adjustable butterfly gym equipment may be cheaper, but it is harder to exercise with them. It also increases the risk of injury which is detrimental to business. 

Butterfly Gym Machine 11

Figure 6: Seat and Weight Adjustment

Do weight stacks are included in the butterfly gym machine or do I need to buy them separately?

Yanre Fitness provides weight stacks with its butterfly gym machine. However, if you require machines without their weight stacks, they are also available in the market. Some advanced users may require additional stacks for their training. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep additional stacks from the same manufacturers to accommodate your customers.

Does the butterfly gym machine come pre-assembled?

Pre-assembled butterfly machines are not available because of shipping costs associated with assembled machines. You will be provided with a user manual with complete instructions about the assembly process. Whether you assemble the machine yourself or get professional assemblers is up to you.

What can be the common problems in a butterfly gym machine?

Halted movement: 

A butterfly chest press must have smooth working, i.e., the handles and pulleys should move smoothly so that the customers do not injure themselves and get the best out of the exercise. 

Materials used during the manufacturing process: 

Worn-out materials can result in damage and possible injury to the clients, which in turn can be bad for your business. While choosing the butterfly chest press, you must look for non-corrosive materials with safety standard qualified lines, etc. 

If you are done deciding about your product, make sure to check for the above two points to ensure that you are choosing the best butterfly gym machine. 

Is it necessary to use weight shrouds for the butterfly gym machines in my gym?

The butterfly gym machine manufactured by Yanre Fitness has a weight shroud. You can use the butterfly pectoral machine without a weight shroud, but the weight shroud does add another layer of safety to your machine.

That layer of safety can be a lifesaver in a commercial setting where your butterfly workout machine will see a lot of wear and tear. Not only that, the weight shroud gives the machine a more aesthetic finish which is pleasing for the customers’ eyes. If your business is more distribution-focused, it is best to have both options available to suit every type of customer.

Butterfly Gym Machine 12

Figure 7: Weight Shroud

What materials should I look for while buying a butterfly gym machine?

Frame: The frame will be made from pipes. 

  • You need to check for pipe thickness, with 3mm thickness being ideal, and the shape of the tubing. 
  • Modern manufacturers go for oval or round tubing. Make sure they adhere to safety standards for the pipes in your country.


  • High-density foam filling within seats is preferred because they last longer and are more comfortable. 
  • In terms of leather coverings, both PU and PVC are feasible, but PVC tends to be more durable. 
  • The support plate should be made of ABS plastic as it is more durable than plywood or iron boards.


  • Since the weight will be connected to the cables; the cable must be strong to avoid breakage while the machine is in use. 
  • In this case, the thicker the cable is, the more weight it will be able to withstand.

For more information regarding the materials you should look for while buying a machine, please refer to our Commercial Equipment Buying Guide in 2021.

Butterfly Gym Machine 13

Figure 8: Butterfly Machine Technical Specifications

Can I have my logo printed onto the butterfly gym machine?

Yes. Yanre Fitness allows you to customize your butterfly bench press with your logo. Please contact us for further details.

Do you offer different color options in the butterfly gym machine?

We offer a variety of colors for the shrouds and the frames of the butterfly chest press machine. For more information, you can reach out to our sales department.


Hopefully, our detailed FAQ guide answered all the queries you might have had about the butterfly gym machine. So, you might now be equipped with the knowledge to buy the machine whether it is for your commercial gym or distribution center. 

Feel free to take a look here to buy our butterfly gym machine. If you still have any queries feel free to contact us. Here at Yanre Fitness, we aim to help everyone!