Standing Chest Press MachineDefinitive FAQ Guide

Developing the chest muscles is important for strength & functionality. A standing chest press machine is the best for this purpose.

It is one of the basic machines needed for a commercial gym setup. 

This FAQ guide aims to provide you with: 

  • All the relevant information
  • Facts & statistics

About standing chest press machines. It is easy to understand & detailed. It will help you evaluate the chest press machines available on the wholesale market.

And focus on the one best suited to your needs.

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Table of Contents

What is a standing chest press machine?

It is a machine used to perform chest presses from a standing position. The muscles being targeted are:

  • Pectoralis – Major & minor (chest)
  • Triceps (Arms)
  • Deltoids (Shoulders)

A standing chest press machine is one of the versions of a machine press. Although all the versions target the upper body.

But each one targets a different muscle specifically.

Standing Chest Press Machine 5

Figure 1 – A plate loaded, standing chest press machine

What are the types of chest press machines other than standing ones?

There are different types of chest press machines. Which include:

  • Standing chest press machine
  • Seated chest press machine
    • Incline chest press machine
    • Decline chest press machine
  • Cable bench press machine

Standing chest press machine:

A standing chest press machine works the pectorals from a standing position. And triggers muscle growth.

Seated chest press machine:

Standing Chest Press Machine 6

Figure 2 – A seated chest press machine

A seated chest press provides the added safety of doing a chest press from a very stable position. The backrest also stabilizes the user during a workout.

A seated chest press machine can be either:

  • Incline
  • Decline

Incline chest press machine:

The weight is pushed upwards at an incline, away from the body.

Decline chest press machine:

The weight is pushed forwards, away from the body.

Cable bench press machine:

This has a cable attached to a weight stack which you can push away from you to isolate the pectorals.

Is a standing chest press machine pin loaded or plate loaded?

Commercial standing chest press machines are usually plate-loaded. There are two varieties available in the market.

Some versions have a backrest while others don’t. Both have no seat & are used standing up.

Standing Chest Press Machine 7
Standing Chest Press Machine 8

Yanre Fitness manufactures a pin-loaded standing chest press machine. Which is similar to other machines but has an attached weight stack.

Standing Chest Press Machine 9

Figure 6 – Yanre Fitness’s pin-loaded chest/shoulder press machine

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What are the parts of a standing chest press machine?

A standing chest press machine is built slightly differently than its seated counterparts. It has a:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 6 – 8 handle grip positions
  • 2 weight horns
  • Attached weight stack (if pin loaded)
  • Backrest
  • Safety stop
  • 2 triceps handles
  • Broad base

*Weight plates not included with the machine.


Commercial-grade machines are constructed from heavy-duty steel. This makes them sturdy & long-lasting.

The steel frame is then either powder or chrome coated. This type of finish makes the standing chest press machines rust & sweat-resistant.

Handle grip positions:

Plate-loaded standing chest press machines have 6 – 8 handle positions. To accommodate users of different heights.

Standing Chest Press Machine 10

Figure 7 – Multiple handle grip positions & triceps handles on both sides

Weight horns or pins:

Each machine has two weight pins to load the weight plates on. These are at the back of the machine. 

Standing Chest Press Machine 11

Figure 8 – Built-in weight horns or pins

Weight load:

As I mentioned above, most commercial standing chest press machines are plate-loaded. But Yanre Fitness manufactures a pin-loaded version. This has an attached & fixed weight stack.

For the plate-loaded variety, Olympic 2-inch plates have to be purchased separately. Or simply use any pre-existing weight plates, you may have.


Unlike a seated chest press machine, the standing version has just a backrest. It provides support while the user is in a standing position.

The backrest is not adjustable.

Standing Chest Press Machine 12

Figure 9 – Backrest of a plate loaded, standing chest press machine

Safety stop:

A standing chest press machine has a safety stop at the back. Which can be easily engaged or disengaged with the back of the foot when in a standing position.

A safety stop spots the weight for you. Thus, eliminating the need for a spotter. It allows you to press more weight safely.

Standing Chest Press Machine 13

Figure 10 – Disengaged safety stop of a standing chest press machine

Triceps handles:

There is a triceps handle on both sides at the back of the movement arms. This is to perform close grip, triceps presses.

Broad base:

A standing chest press machine of the plate-loaded variety has a broad base. This provides stability to the machine when in use.

Standing Chest Press Machine 14

Figure 11 – Broad base of a standing chest press machine

What is the difference between a standing and a seated chest press machine?

Both a standing & a seated chest press machine target the same area of the body. The difference is in the muscles they isolate & strengthen.

The main differences between the two chest press machines are:


  • Standing position
  • Only backrest
  • Backrest not adjustable
  • 6 – 8 handle grips
  • Safety stops at the back
  • Performs chest & triceps presses
  • Weight storage available
  • Mostly plate loaded


  • Seated position
  • Seat & backrest
  • Adjustable seat & backrest
  • 2 – 4 handle grips
  • Safety stops on both sides
  • Incline & decline chest presses
  • Weight storage pegs built-in
  • Mostly pin-loaded

How is a standing chest press machine different from a standing cable press machine?

A standing chest press can be performed by a machine press as well as a cable machine. The differences between the two versions are:

A cable machine press:

Equipment: A cable machine station

Primary muscle: Pectoralis major & minor (chest)

Secondary muscles: Abdominals, triceps, deltoids

The user presses the weight forwards with the help of cables & pulleys. A cable station can be both selectorized & plate-loaded.

The exercise can be performed standing or seated. There is a wider range of motion with a cable machine.

Standing chest press machine:

Equipment: A standing chest press machine

Primary muscles: Chest

Secondary muscles: Triceps, core & deltoids

A standing chest press machine performs the same functions as a cable machine. The difference is that there is less of a learning curve with a standing chest press.

It is relatively safer & has a higher weight capacity. The range of motion is restricted compared to a cable machine.

What are the important features of a standing chest press machine?

The important features of a standing chest press machine, which make it durable & versatile are:

  • High-quality steel framework
  • Powder-coated finish
  • 6 – 8 handle grips on both sides
  • Triceps handles
  • Stainless steel handles
  • High-density foam padding for the backrest
  • Furniture-grade PU leather cover
  • Full shroud (pin loaded)
  • Easy to engage safety stop
  • Few adjustable parts

What are the dimensions of a plate-loaded, standing chest press machine?

A plate-loaded, standing chest press machine is (L * W * H) 153 * 97 * 190 cm (approx.). It weighs about 100 – 200 Kgs or above.

The maximum weight load is approximately 200 Kgs & above. These numbers may vary between different manufacturers.

Why is a standing chest press machine better than a barbell bench press?

Machine vs free weights is an age-old argument. But some qualities make resistance machines preferable to free weights.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn
  • Ground-based
  • Safer due to restricted movement arc
  • No spotter needed
  • Backrest support
  • Promotes good posture
  • Less strain on the lower back
  • Better muscle isolation
  • High weight capacity
  • Simple construction
Standing Chest Press Machine 15

Figure 14 – A standing chest press machine without a backrest

Is a standing chest press machine adaptable?

Yes, it is.

As there aren’t many adjustable parts in this machine. To make it adaptable for users of various heights, 6 – 8 handle grips are built into the frame.

These handle grips will accommodate most users with ease. 

Standing chest press machines are mostly plate-loaded. This means that they have a high weight capacity, to begin with.

Which makes a standing chest press machine adaptable to users of any weight range.

What is the function of a safety stop in a standing chest press machine?

A safety top allows you to self-spot without interrupting your workout. It can be easily engaged & disengaged with the heel of the foot.

Unlike free weights, there is no need for a spotter when using a standing chest press machine.

Standing Chest Press Machine 16

Figure 15 – Engaged safety stop of a standing chest press machine

Are there any add-ons for a standing chest press machine?

Yes, there are.

Add-ons like resistance bands can be used with a standing chest press machine. To increase resistance & to perform different types of exercises.

Resistance bands are a good way to develop balance & coordination.

Some machines come with built-in pegs for resistance bands. All types of add-ons have to be purchased separately though.

Standing Chest Press Machine 17

Figure 16 – Resistance bands used as an add-on for standing chest press machines


A standing chest press machine is an effective & safe replacement for free weights.

If you want to place an order for wholesale chest press machines. Start your search by reading this FAQ guide. You will discover the answers to all your questions here.

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