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Commercial Seated Calf Raise – Definitive FAQ Guide

Have you been checking out for a high-quality seated calf raise machine? And preferably with an affordable price tag? Or are your gym members been on the craze for ergonomic seated calf raise equipment?

However, you have some doubts and questions that need clarification.

Let us clear the air. We will give all the details you need to know about commercial seated raise calf machines. 

In this guide, you will learn the following details about the commercial-grade seated calf raise machine.

Table of Contents

What is a seated calf raise commercial?

A seated calf machine exercises the calves of the lower legs. It requires the calves to lift a certain amount of load while in a seated position. 

Here’s a quick video on how a seated calf raise exercise is done on a machine:

The machine aims to strengthen the cardio and sprinting muscles of the lower leg.

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 7

Figure 1: Commercial Seated Calf Raise Machine by Yanre Fitness

Commercial grade seated calf raise machines are heavy duty. They are specifically made for several and frequent hours of usage.

What are the types of seated calf raise machines?

There are only two kinds of seated calf raise machines. They are classified according to the way the weights are loaded onto them.

  • Plate-loaded seated calf raise
  • Pin loaded or selectorized seated calf raise

Plate Loaded Seated Calf Raise Machine

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 8

Figure 2: Plate Loaded Seated Calf Raise Machine

Plate-loaded seated calf raises use dumbbell plates to add resistance to the machine. The plates have to be loaded by the user manually.

This gives gym members the freedom to use any weight load, from the lightest to the heaviest ones.

Pin Loaded or Selectorized Calf Raise Machines

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 9

Figure 3: Pin Loaded Seated Calf Raise Machine

Pin loaded or selectorized seated calf raises use weight stacks. It has a pin-loading mechanism to regulate the amount of weight for the machine. 

The user has to only insert the pin in their selected load and it automatically loads the weights. But the weight capacity for this machine is standard. It has a set limit on the lightest and heaviest weight it can carry.

What is the difference between a seated and standing calf raise machine?

Seated calf raise machines let users perform the exercise while sitting. In contrast, standing calf raise machines aid the individual in their lower leg exercise while in an upright position.

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 10

Figure 4: Seated Calf Raise

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 11

Figure 5: Standing Calf Raise

Both machines do their job in strengthening the lower leg. But commercial seated calf raise machines are more preferred by users. This is because sitting while exercising is more comfortable than standing.

How to check the quality of a commercial seated calf machine?

Excellent quality seated calf raise machines have these features:

  • Materials Integrity
  • Exercise mechanisms
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustability
Commercial Seated Calf Raise 12

Figure 6: High-end Commercial Seated Calf Raise Machine

Material Integrity

High-quality commercial calf raise machines should be made of heavy-duty materials. The framing must be durable enough to sustain frequent and long hours of use.

It also needs to have high-grade movable parts to avoid having to replace them now and then. This would also ensure the safety of the equipment.

Exercise Mechanism

The movement of the seated calf raise must allow the natural movement of the muscles. In that, it doesn’t hurt the knee joints or ankle of its user. Plus, it must target the calves and nothing else.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed seated calf raises give comfort to the user. Seated calf raise machines should not hurt the muscles but help them relax. 

It must help the individual keep their back and shoulders straight when exercising.


Commercial grade seated calf raise machines should be easily adjustable. They are expected to be used by different users. Thus, its seat pad, thigh pad, and machine settings should be effortlessly changed without a technician’s help. 

What to consider when buying a commercial seated calf raise machine?

Seated Calf Raise Machine Buying Considerations:

  • Space Requirements
  • Affordability
  • Profitability
  • Features
  • Equipment Quality

Space Requirements

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 13

Figure 7: Typical Dimension of a Seated Calf Raise Machine

Seated calf raise machines are space savers. They only take up 7 to 10 sqft of your area. 

Do this to know how many seated calf raise machines can fit in your space.

  • Measure your intended area.
  • Choose a size from 7 to 10 sqft.
  • If you have not yet decided on the type of seated calf raise you want to buy, go for the 10 sqft size. Just to be safe.
  • Add at least 2 sqft of safe distance between machines if you want to store it in your distribution warehouse.
  • If you are a gym owner, add at least 5 sqft. Your users need a little more space when working on the machine.
  • Add the size of your equipment and your equipment safe distance.
  • Get the number of equipment by dividing your space area and equipment space requirement.


Seated calf raise machines are not as expensive as other heavy-duty gym equipment.

Yanre Fitness seated calf raise machines have competitive prices. The machines are manufactured in bulk. An opportunity for you to get more out of your dollars.


The price tag is not the only basis for a profitable product or gym equipment. It should also stay longer to recuperate the capital. 

So, choose a seated calf raise machine that is manufactured with high precision. One that is well built and made of only the most durable materials. A character of Yanre Fitness commercial-grade seated calf raise machines.

Equipment Quality

High-quality seated calf raise machines should have the qualities of Yanre Fitness products. Yanre Fitness seated calf raises are made of durable materials, ergonomic, and user-friendly.


Your chosen seated calf raise should have convenient features. This is what makes the users buy or use your product. 

These features may include:

  • Rubber covered handles
  • Pedals with protection for foot and ankle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safety features

What’s the material used for the seated calf machine’s parts?

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 14

Figure 8: Commercial Seated Calf Raise Parts and Make

For the main frame:

Main frames of seated calf raise machines should be made of high-frequency welded Q235 steel pipes. This type of steel can endure strong vibrations and will not wear out from continued use.

Also, it should be protected with at least 4mm thick ABS virgin material That would protect the equipment from impact and constant movement.

For seat pad:

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 15

Figure 9: Yanre Fitness Seat Pad for a seated calf raise machines

Seat pads for seated calf raise machines must be made of PU leather furniture grade covers. It should also have high-density foam to prevent it from shrinking due to repeated use. 

ABS cover for the seats will protect your seat pads from scratch and wear and tear. Protecting your investment and saving you maintenance costs.

For pedals:

Die-cast aluminum alloy pedals should be used for seated calf raise machines. The material can endure incredible force put through it by the users. Diamond-plated foot pedals are also ideal for the durability of your equipment.

Also, foot pedals must have a protective cover of commercial-grade rubber. The cover would prevent slippage. This is a very important concern for your gym members’ safety. Or if you are a distributor, this would save you from buyer complaints.

For wire cable:

The wire cable that connects the weight stack to the thigh pads should be made of fiber core coated wire. With this type of cable, your machine can carry up to 1400 kg of strength. It must also have a polyurethane coating to protect the cable.

Can the seated calf machine’s seat level be adjusted easily?

Yes, the seat and thigh pads are adaptable to the user’s preferences. It can be set higher or lower depending on their body length. 

Is the seated calf raise machine ideal for tall users?

Yes, the seated calf raise machine made by Yanre Fitness has a secondary pre-start footplate.

The footplates prevent knee flexion for people with longer legs.

How does the seated calf machine absorb shock or vibrations?

There are thick rubber caps that stabilize the machine’s vibrations. The caps also prevent the floors from being scratched or damaged. 

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 16

Figure 10: Seated Calf Raise Machine Rubber Caps

This is a feature that you can market if you have clients engaged in the hotel and recreation business. Because most of the floors in such places are tiled and rubber caps of the machine would protect their floor from being damaged.

Does the plate-loaded seated calf raise come with its weight plates?

No, plate-loaded seated calf raise machines do not include any weight plates. You need to buy it separately. 

Can I use any kind of weight plates for a plate-loaded seated calf raise machine?

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 17

Figure 11: Standard Weight Plates for plate loaded seated calf raise

Yes, you can use any kind of weight plates. Most seated calf raise machines are compatible with standard weight plates. Also, it is good for weight plates with 2” dia. center holes.

But Yanre Fitness plate-loaded seated calf raises are very adaptable. They can fit almost any type of weight plate. So, you don’t have to worry so much about that.

Does the seated calf machine come pre-assembled?

No, the seated calf raises are shipped in parts to save from shipping and export costs. But they can be easily installed with the help of instruction manuals. 

If you’re not good with assembling equipment, you can always use the help of a technician.

What is the maximum weight stack capacity the seated calf machine can handle?

Yanre Fitness seated calf raise machine can carry up to 1400 kg of the weight stack. 

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 18

Figure 12: Weight Stack for Pin Loaded Seated Raise Calf

That’s equivalent to 9 adult gorillas. So, your customers will never outgrow the equipment. It will be profitable for a long time.

How much space does each seated calf raise take up?

The average size of seated calf raise equipment is from 7 to 10 sqft. But you need to add at least 2 sqft for the distance between machines. 

In a 100qft area, you could fit at a maximum, 8 seated calf raise machines. 

How much does the seated calf machine weigh?

A seated calf raise machine could be as heavy as 80 to 100kg (40 – 50lbs). The weight varies depending on the brand and type of seated calf raise machine.

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 19

Figure 13: Plate loaded seated raise calf dimensions and weight

Pin-loaded or selectorized machines are much heavier. They include the weight stack which adds to the bulk and weight of the machine. Plate-loaded seated calf raise machines are on the lighter side. But of course, you need to buy weight plates for it.

How much does a seated calf machine cost?

The seated calf raise machine will cost anywhere from $500 – $1000 depending on the design and type.

Normally, pin-loaded seated calf raises will be more expensive than plate-loaded ones. But it is more user-friendly and has fast weight loading capabilities. 

Where can I find high quality and affordable seated calf raise machine?

China is the best market where you can find high-end commercial seated calf raise machines. And for a more competitive price too.

Commercial Seated Calf Raise 20

Figure 14: Yanre Fitness State of the Art Production 

Among all the manufacturers in China, Yanre Fitness is one of the best. We have state of the art production line that can create durable, yet cost-effective seated calf raises.

Can I use my own logo for the seated calf raise machine?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows you to use your logo in our commercial-grade seated calf raise machines. Just reach out to us to know more details. 


This is all the information you need about the seated calf raise. Now, you are better armed to make a wise informed decision of the commercial calf raise machine you need for your business.

If you have further questions and clarifications in mind, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department. 

And remember, for a high-end commercial seated calf raise machines, you will never go wrong with Yanre Fitness.