Wyda: European Yoga for Nature Lovers


Wyda is the European answer to the Far Eastern yoga tradition. The practice comes from the Celtic druids. Exercised in nature, it should bring body and mind into harmony and keep fit into old age.

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Yoga is thousands of years old. This teaching, which connects body and mind, originated in India. We don’t have to look far east here in Europe to find a holistic philosophy.

Wyda is the name of European yoga, which was already practiced by the Celtic druids as part of traditional European medicine (TEM).

What is Wyda Yoga?

Wyda called the druids – priests, healers and seers of the Celts – their physical and spiritual practice. Teaching has a lot in common with yoga and QiGong and is still actively lived and carried on by only a few families in Ireland and Scotland.

In contrast to the normal Celtic population, the druids reached an advanced age, which, it is said, they owe to Wyda.


Unfortunately, the old knowledge of the Celtic elite has been largely lost, today’s Wyda is therefore not an exact tradition, but rather a reference.

But the basic idea is the same: the exercises, more a movement meditation than sweaty flows, strive for the harmony of body, mind and soul.

In contrast to Indian yoga teaching, Wyda speaks of three energy fields. There are

  1. the vital field (the hormonal system)
  2. the emotional field (feelings and states of mind) and
  3. the mental field (brain function, senses and thought processes).

The aim is to harmonize these three fields through physical exercises, singing and meditation , so that an inner and outer balance is created.

The origin is practiced outdoors, for example on a meadow or in the forest.

Effect and benefits

Tradition has it that the druids practiced Wyda daily. Regular training should boost your metabolism , clear your mind and improve your intuition.

The exercises are gentle and gentle on the joints, so they can also be carried out in old age.

The holistic approach ensures not only physical fitness but also spiritual growth.

In addition, the closeness to nature strengthens an understanding of the environment – an important factor, especially nowadays.

Who is Wyda Yoga for?

Wyda is suitable for everyone who does not want to practice 0815 yoga – especially for people who are close to nature and are interested in spirituality. Anyone who has always wanted to immerse themselves in the history of the Celts or deal with traditional European medicine will be able to identify well with Wyda Yoga.

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How and where can I learn Wyda?

The exercises in Wyda are reminiscent of the asanas of traditional Indian yoga Hatha , but are simpler to perform.

Native animal species once served as inspiration for physical exercises, and meditative sounds are buzzed when they are performed. The body begins to vibrate through these tones so that emotional blockages can be released.

It is best to do Wyda – like the Celts once did – in the great outdoors, here the effect should be strongest. Alternatively, natural products such as stones, earth or leaves can be worn on the body or draped around the training area.

There are Wyda exercises for all times of the day and night, as well as rituals that include the sun and moon.

For beginners, the so-called druid fist offers an easy entry: spread your arms out to the side and stretch your fingers, then move your arms in front of your chest and close your hands into a fist. Now your fists should touch your chest.

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